GH Update Wednesday 2/1/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/1/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu went by Crimson. Maxie was pleased to see that Lulu had fixed herself up. Lulu added that she wasn't having wine until dinner. She was grateful that Maxie had lectured her about it the other day. Maxie reminded Lulu that her job was still available. Lulu asked what kind of mood Kate was in and Maxie said she was very happy, thanks to Sonny. Lulu was thinking about asking for her job back, but she had second thoughts after Kate briefly popped out of her office and ordered Maxie to fire another one of the employees. Spinelli walked in carrying a huge bouquet of flowers for Maxie. Maxie read the card “Maximista, thanks for last night” and said she loved Spinelli and hugged him. Lulu looked confused. She took Maxie aside and warned her not to use people or lie, then she left. Maxie and Spinelli talked and revealed that the flowers were the first step in a plot to trick Matt into thinking they were falling for each other to make him jealous. Maxie appeared to be oblivious to the fact that Spinelli's feelings were genuine. She complimented him on looking at her so adoringly and said it was very convincing. Then she literally shoved him aside so she could get to the phone and put the plan in motion by calling Matt.

At Sonny's office, Sonny told Dante he wanted to donate money to build a pulmonary wing on the hospital in Dante's name as a wedding gift. Sonny was hurt when Dante told him to build whatever he wanted as long as he left his name out of it and to stop trying to use him to buy redemption. Sonny said he just wanted to give thanks to the hospital for saving Dante's life. Dante countered that he got shot at Sonny's warehouse, but Sonny didn't think that mattered. Dante accused Sonny of using his donations to whitewash his sins. He told Sonny he could just get them a small gift like a pasta maker if it was about the wedding. Sonny wondered if Lulu was behind this, but Dante said she wasn't. Dante asked if Sonny realized how difficult it was for him to have his name connected to Sonny's. Sonny maintained that he and Dante were a lot alike and he reminded him that they got along before they realized they were related. Dante suggested that he was a good liar, but Sonny thought their connection had been genuine. He told Dante that he knew family meant a lot to him. Dante agreed that was true but said he was a cop and he'd never cover up a crime for a relative. Sonny pointed out that he covered for Michael the other day, and Dante wondered when Sonny would expect him to do the same for him. Dante explained that his gut told him that Michael didn't shoot Donofrio and that he wanted to make sure Michael never went to prison again, especially after playing a role in getting him locked up the first time. Sonny applauded what Dante had done and saw it as an example of family loyalty. Dante thought Sonny always played the family card when it would benefit him.

Sonny said he was just trying to make Lulu and Dante happy. Dante said the best thing Sonny could do for him was retire from the business and just be his father. Sonny asked if Dante would consider quitting the force and when Dante said no, Sonny suggested that they put their careers aside and just be a family. Dante liked the idea in theory, but didn't think it would work out in reality. Kate walked in and although Sonny asked Dante to stay, Dante said they'd said all there was to say and he left. Kate asked if Dante was there about the shooting. Sonny said Dante didn't know about it. They hugged and he told her about Dante turning down his second attempt at a wedding gift. Sonny said she could make him feel better by having dinner with him, but Kate said she was going out of town. Sonny asked if she was avoiding him, and Kate pointed out that she was there now. Sonny wanted to send flowers to wherever she was going, but Kate said she'd be in business meetings the whole time, so she wouldn't be able to enjoy them. Sonny asked where she was going and she said West Palm Beach. The expression on Sonny's face made Kate ask if he didn't believe her. Sonny said believed her; he just cared where she was going. They kissed and Kate promised to call him, then she left. Sonny called one of his men ordered him to follow Kate and let him know where she went.

At the hospital, Matt caught Elizabeth snooping through Jason's file. Liz admitted that she shouldn't get involved, but she was worried about Jason's health. She said she felt like they'd always have a connection due to Jake. Liz said she knew Jason could take care of himself, but she was feeling overwhelmed by all the pain and loss around her. She brought up losing Lucky and now this. Matt offered to be there if she wanted to talk. Ewen walked up and asked Liz if it was time for another trip to the supply closet. Matt was taken aback and Liz told him about Ewen having her pretend to be in an elevator that could take her anywhere she wanted. Matt wasn't impressed with Ewen's methods, but Liz believed it helped her. Matt stepped away to take a call – it was Maxie telling him to come to Crimson. Matt said he was at work, but he agreed to come when Maxie said it was important.

Maxie hung up and triumphantly said “operation jealous boyfriend begins!” Spinelli cheered, but didn't seem as enthusiastic about it as Maxie. Maxie freshened up her makeup, then as soon as Matt walked in, she put on a little show, touching Spinelli and telling him how funny he was. Maxie pretended she didn't notice Matt. Spinelli left and Maxie had Matt sign a release for his photos for the Woman behind the Man story. Maxie apologized for the thing with Spinelli earlier and said they were just friends, even though Spinelli wanted more. Matt, who didn't seem bothered in the least, said it was fine. Matt canceled their date that night because he had to work. Maxie said it was alright; she'd just hang out with Spinelli instead. Matt said okay and gave her a quick kiss on the head and left. Maxie smiled about her plan. When Spinelli returned, Maxie told him their plot was working perfectly. Spinelli asked if she and Matt were going to dinner and Maxie said he had a patient to see, but she wasn't upset because she thought Matt was definitely jealous.

Liz and Ewen talked about her struggle to overcome her anxiety brought on by Jason's illness. She shared that she was doing calming things like painting with the supplies Ewen bought her for Christmas. She asked if he'd been painting, but he said not in weeks. Ewen thought he was getting obsessed with one of his patients cases. Liz asked if he was using his techniques, but Ewen said he couldn't get them to work on himself. Liz asked about the patient, but Ewen couldn't share due to doctor patient confidentiality. They talked about Liz again and Ewen said it was clear that she'd made progress. Ewen said he liked looking at artwork as a way to stay centered. He told her about a new exhibit that he thought she'd like. Liz thought he was offering to go with her and said she'd love to see it. She seemed confused when Ewen told her the hours that the exhibit was on display and told her to try to make it. He walked away.

Matt went back to the hospital. His patient consult postponed their meeting. Matt pulled up Maxie's number on his phone, but didn't call her. Liz walked over and they talked about the meeting. Matt explained that he thought his research might be able to help the patient and he was disappointed that the weren't meeting tonight. She cheered him up, then Matt said he hoped Ewen wasn't the one who put her in such a good mood. Liz said he was. She smiled and said Ewen was unconventional even though he wasn't spontaneous. “Want to go to dinner?” Matt asked.

TJ and Molly were at Kelly's. TJ ignored Molly and played his handheld game. Molly took it from him and urged him to admit he had trouble reading. TJ seemed embarrassed and wanted to drop it, but Molly kept gently pushing him to tell her the truth. She assured him that lots of kids were in his position. Shawn walked over and Molly made up a lie so he wouldn't know what they'd been discussing. Shawn praised Molly's academic abilities and Shawn made a sarcastic comment about it. Once Shawn left, Molly picked up the subject again. At first TJ reacted badly, then he admitted that words looked jumbled and backwards most of the time. Molly encouraged TJ to tell someone and get help, but TJ refused. He shared that the kids at his old school got made fun of for needing extra help, and besides, he didn't think he needed an education. TJ figured he'd have Molly do all his homework for him. Molly said no way. She promised not to tell anyone about TJ's issue on the condition that he let her teach him to read.

Lulu arrived at Kelly's and she and Shawn made small talk about Wilson. Dante walked in and he and Lulu sat down to a meal. Dante told her about his talk with Sonny. Dante didn't like the idea of his name being etched next to Sonny's at the hospital. Lulu pointed out that it would be helping a lot of people, but Dante thought Sonny was using Dante's desire to help people to manipulate him. Lulu said it was Sonny's twisted but sincere way of trying to build a relationship with him. Lulu said maybe Sonny was trying to build the kind of relationship with Dante that Luke and Lucky had. Dante said it was different; Lucky and Luke had happy memories from Lucky's childhood to fall back on when their relationship got rough. TJ interrupted their talk by greeting Lulu as “hot dog-walker.” Dante and Lulu were surprised by TJ's nerve. Shawn rushed over and scolded him and sent him away, then apologized. He filled them in on TJ's father's death and his struggle to help the boy. Shawn said Molly had been great with TJ. He just hoped TJ wouldn't blow it. After Shawn left, Lulu got Dante up to speed on her job search. She hoped she could find a position that fit her soon. Ewen arrived and stopped at their table. Dante introduced him to Lulu and Ewen said he believed that the attacker had a long history of beating up women and had attacked people in the city he lived in before coming to Port Charles.

TJ agreed to let Molly teach him to read if she convinced Shawn to get him a laptop or a tablet. She refused. Molly gave him the book and told him to read aloud. He haltingly read a few words. Molly said she had an idea and she rushed out. Once the coast was clear, TJ reached into Molly's bag, pulled out her laptop and started using it.

Jason got home after going for a ride. He idly practiced clenching and relaxing his hand. Sam thanked him for letting her sleep in. she'd had a restless night worrying about the paternity test. Jason suggested they go up to the cabin for a few days for a change of scenery. Sam wondered if he was trying to distract her or himself. When Jason asked what she meant, Sam asked why he'd been at the hospital. Jason told her about getting his test results and about the swelling on his brain. When Sam asked about treatment options, Jason tried to keep it vague, but Sam pressed him to tell her whether or not he'd need surgery. Jason admitted it was a possibility. Sam was frustrated that they didn't have any concrete answers. Sounding upset, she told Jason how she almost thought it would be okay to have a miscarriage yesterday and asked if that made her a bad person. Jason said no. Sam was also worried that this might be their last chance to have a child.

Jason hugged her and suggested that they put their worries aside and do whatever Sam wanted. Sam joked about skydiving but said she was feeling nauseated and bloated. Sam said she'd embrace the changes her body was going through if this was their child. Jason made Sam lunch. Sam worried about what would happen if the baby wasn't theirs. Jason said he'd love her no matter what and they hugged. Sam showed Jason some baby accessory catalogs Alexis sent her. Sam wanted to order a book about taking care of babies, because she didn't know anything about kids. Jason said she didn't need it because he knew a lot from taking care of Michael. Sam agreed that he was right; she only needed Jason. They leaned in for a kiss, but the phone rang and interrupted them. It was Dr. Lee, who said the paternity test would be in tomorrow.

Tracy was moping at ELQ. Edward walked in and asked how married life was. Tracy said “like a plague.” When Edward talked about how intolerable it would have been for him to share a home with Anthony, Tracy dropped the bomb that she and Anthony were moving into the east wing. Edward was pleased when Michael arrived. Michael was there to pick up Abby's things. Both Tracy and Edward gave him their condolences and said they liked Abby. Tracy felt bad she'd sent her to Chicago, but Michael said it wasn't her fault. Tracy said the deal they were going to give Michael at ELQ never materialized. Michael gave them some tips on how to save it and promised to write something up on it. He also gave them a stock tip about an undervalued company that would be a good buy, before leaving. Edward was surprised and impressed. Michael returned with Abby's belongings and showed them the picture of Abby and Michael that she'd kept on her desk. Edward offered Michael his job back and Michael said he'd think about it. Once Michael was gone, Tracy told Edward to accept that Michael didn't want to work there. Edward refused to give up hope. He thought Michael had potential and would be an asset to the company.

Mac left a voice-mail for Maxie. She hadn't been returning his calls and he told her they needed to talk. Alexis overheard and told him if it made him feel better, Kristina wasn't calling her either. She chalked it up to the girls asserting their independence, but Mac was concerned, because Maxie had a history of making poor choices. He grumbled about her boyfriend and living arrangements and Alexis said Matt was a nice guy. Mac asked if Alexis would rather choose a babbling idiot or a self centered doctor. Alexis said it wasn't her choice or Mac's. She reminded him that people love who they love. Mac didn't like either of Maxie's potential loves. He said while Matt looked good on paper, he didn't think he'd ever put Maxie first.

The two of them found common ground talking about how hard it was to let go of their kids. Alexis said she'd read that you learned to let go by focusing on someone else you're interested in. “Someone?” Mac asked. The flustered Alexis quickly said “something.” Mac said maybe he was interested in a person. He was clearly talking about her. Alexis dodged the comment and pulled out the release she needed signed. It was paperwork that would declare the investigation on the pier fire closed so Sonny could have it demolished. Mac asked how things were going with her and Sonny. Alexis asked why and Mac said he didn't want a conflict of interest if... Alexis cut him off because she thought he was suggesting that she was going to sleep with Sonny again, like she did the last time she represented him and she was adamant that that wouldn't happen. Mac clarified that he just wanted to know if Alexis would be free to join him for a drink. Alexis got flustered again and rushed out without giving Mac an answer.

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