GH Update Tuesday 1/31/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/31/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Molly and Alexis went to Kelly's for lunch. Molly asked Shawn about TJ. TJ had talked Shawn into letting him sleep in since he'd spent so much time studying, but Shawn decided to wake him up since Molly was there. Alexis ran into Ewen, who was getting lunch to go. They talked about Cassandra and Ewen said she wasn't making any progress. Alexis wondered why she was drawn to Wyndemere and Ewen said Cassandra liked houses like that in general, but there did seem to be something special about Wyndemere for her.

Shawn brought TJ downstairs. TJ was annoyed about being woken up and the veggie burger Alexis bought him, but Shawn put his foot down and told him to stop complaining. TJ and Molly were going to be studying history. Shawn walked Alexis outside before she left for work to thank her for Molly helping TJ in when she could be spending time with friends. Alexis shared that Molly didn't have an active social life. Shawn hoped it would be a positive experience for both of them. Alexis hoped so, but she was still nervous about Molly spending time with TJ. She asked Shawn to keep an eye on the teens.

TJ was hungry, but didn't touch his burger. When he grumbled that he'd rather have the real thing, Molly launched into a speech about the treatment of cows who were slaughtered for meat. TJ argued that they were just cows, but Molly pointed out that they were living creatures. Molly had become inspired by the subject of animal welfare and was thinking about starting a group at school that would teach the students about healthy eating and offer healthier options at lunch and in the vending machines. TJ thought her ideas were insane and said that was why she only had five MyFace friends. Molly told him he wasn't being very nice to the person trying to help him. TJ said if she wanted to help, she could get Shawn to buy him a tablet computer. Molly told TJ to earn it with good grades. She handed him his copy of the Catcher in the Rye and told him to read the first few pages. She added that the main character reminded her of TJ. TJ flipped through the book, but when Molly quizzed him, it was obvious he hadn't read it. Concerned, Molly gently asked whether TJ knew how to read.

Cassandra and Ethan sat down on the floor of the Wyndemere living room to have lunch by the fire. Cassandra was happy to have some privacy. Ewen was at work and Cassandra believed he was happy to do something besides focus on her frustrating case. Ethan figured Ewen found her more fascinating than frustrating. Cassandra wondered why they were talking about Ewen and she changed the subject by kissing Ethan. Luke walked in and interrupted their moment, to Ethan's dismay. Luke introduced himself and he warned Cassandra that Wyndemere had a lot of ghosts and he listed the people who died there. Cassandra wasn't afraid of ghosts and Luke said Helena wasn't dead. Cassandra was interested in the mystery, but Ethan wanted Luke to stop intruding. Cassandra went to get more food and when she left, Ethan confronted Luke. Luke said he was just trying to get to know Cassandra and he suggested Ethan do the same. Ethan believed he already knew everything he needed to. Luke didn't understand how Ethan could be such a brilliant con but so clueless when it came to women. He reminded Ethan of the way Maya broke his heart and Ethan insisted that that was different. Luke understood the allure of a beautiful woman who was a blank slate for Ethan to make who he wanted to be, but he warned him that people didn't block out happy memories. Ethan didn't think Cassandra was hiding any dark secret; he felt she just didn't know who she was. Ethan said he gave Luke the space to live his own life and he wanted Luke to return the favor.

Luke said he loved Ethan and he was worried, because Ethan wasn't around when the Cassadines were trying to destroy the Spencers. Ethan insisted that that period was over now that the Cassadines were dead or had moved on. Ethan thought it was time to start a new chapter. Luke thought Ethan was taking a big risk by opening his heart to someone he didn't know anything about. He pointed out that Cassandra could remember another life and go back to it. Ethan said he'd learned from Luke's example to live in the moment, then he asked Luke to show himself out and went to find Cassandra.

After Ethan was gone, Luke went into the secret tunnels. Someone snuck up behind him and knocked him out, then stood over him.

Ethan and Cassandra returned to the living room with more food. Ethan was impressed by what she'd put together and said maybe she'd been a cook. Ethan was embarrassed by Luke's intrusion, but Cassandra found him interesting and said he seemed just as drawn to Wyndemere as she was. They talked about the Spencer/Cassadine war and Ethan said he had no intention of picking up the feud, because he was a lover, not a fighter. Cassandra told him to prove it and they kissed.

Delores, Ronnie and Dante were at work discussing the fire at Sonny's pier. Ronnie thought Sonny was behind the arson. Johnny arrived, having been summoned by the cops. They wanted to talk to him about the pier because he'd been looking to purchase it. Ronnie declared that Sonny got what he deserved when the pier burned down and Johnny said “not even close.” Johnny claimed not to know how the fire started. He asked about the attacks on the dancers. While Dante and Delores said the case wasn't closed, Ronnie interjected that the attacker was dead, so the dancers would be fine. As Johnny was leaving, he overheard a tense private conversation between Delores and her husband Eddie. Money was tight and another one of Eddie's construction jobs had fallen through. Eddie felt like Delores held him responsible. Delores told Eddie she didn't blame him and that she couldn't talk about this right now. They said I love you and hung up. Johnny told Delores it must be hard, especially since her rent was going up. She eyed him suspiciously and Johnny explained that he knew her landlord and that the man owed Johnny a favor. Delores assumed Johnny was trying to do her a favor as the start of a bribe and said she wasn't interested. Johnny insisted that he was just stating the facts, then he smiled and walked out.

Dante noticed Delores and Johnny talking and told Delores not to let Johnny get to her. Ewen dropped by with a profile he'd put together on the suspect. Delores, Ronnie and Dante gathered to listen. According to Ewen, the attacker was a white 25-40 year old male who wasn't originally from Port Charles. Ewen believed the attacker was a student of human nature who worked with people outside their homes and who was attacking strange women because he had difficulty with women in his personal life. When Delores piped up that the profile didn't describe Chuck Donofrio, Ronnie started an argument with her, because he still felt Donofrio was guilty. Ewen added that he'd read Donofrio's file and didn't think he was the attacker. Ewen said the attacker was cunning enough that no one knew he had a violent side. He told them that they could be standing right next to the attacker and they wouldn't even know it. Ewen offered to help interview the suspects. Ewen's became confused and he said he lost his phone at the coffee shop, then he left to go get it.

Ronnie thought the profile was worthless, but Delores and Dante thought it could be helpful. Once Ronnie left, Delores shared that she was frustrated that they didn't have any leads. Dante knew this case reminded her of her sister's. Delores admitted that was true. She'd been young when her sister was murdered, but she had to grow up fast afterward. Dante gently warned Delores not to let this case become about getting revenge. Delores reminded him that he'd been on several cases that he was personally involved in. Dante said it almost cost him Lulu, but Delores countered that they worked it out. Dante wanted to know more about Delores since she knew so much about him. Delores said there wasn't much to know, but Dante said he was putting his life in her hands, so he wanted to learn more about her. He suggested that they and their spouses get together some time. Delores didn't look happy about the idea, but she said sure. Then she quickly rushed off.

Sonny was at Pozzulo's talking to one of his employees on the phone. Sonny didn't care about the pier, but he told the person to step up security at the other warehouse. Carly burst in and confronted him about going after Johnny. She felt that Sonny's “cheap shot” at Johnny would put their kids in danger. While Carly was furious, Sonny was calm. Sonny didn't think the Zaccharas would go after his kids, but he vowed to make them pay if they did. Carly wanted Sonny to stop doing things that provoked people, because Michael had already been through enough when he'd gone to Pentonville. Sonny countered that what happened in Pentonville was because of Franco, not him. Carly told Sonny he was making bad choices without regard to the pain it caused people and now he'd hurt Johnny. Sonny said he'd told Johnny the truth, as Carly should have when it came to Jax. Carly said they both knew Sonny would have killed Jax if he'd known the truth. Sonny felt that he wasn't any different than Johnny, but Carly disagreed and said Johnny was compassionate. Sonny said he had no compassion for the man who tried to kill him, but Carly countered that there was no proof it was Johnny. She asked Sonny why he would tell Johnny that Carly was his mom. Sonny wondered when she and Johnny became friendly enough to share secrets like that. Carly said Johnny had been kind to her, so she was concerned for him. Sonny brought up the kiss she gave Johnny, but Carly said it was none of his business. Sonny pointed out that Carly was in his business right now. Carly said she wanted to stop him from making a bad choice.

Sonny thought that Johnny was manipulating Carly. Carly disagreed. She said Johnny didn't want to endanger Michael by letting him into the business and that he wasn't into exploiting people. She added that if he were, he'd have taken her up on her offer. Sonny asked what offer and Carly looked down and said one that would keep Michael out of Johnny's business for good. figured out what was going on. Carly admitted that there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect her kids. “Nothing or no one, apparently” Sonny said. Carly spat that she didn't know why he cared, since he was in a doomed relationship with Kate right now. Sonny said Carly didn't know Kate, but Carly countered that no one knew the real Kate. Carly believed that there was no way that Kate could live up to Sonny's expectations and she thought Sonny was only with her because he liked the challenge. Sonny changed the subject back to Johnny. He insisted that what happened was none of Carly's concern.

Carly wanted Sonny to leave Johnny alone. She told him how betrayed she felt when she learned that she was adopted and she came to town and did her worst. Sonny pointed out that her worst was sleeping with her mother's husband and here they were in 2012 and Carly was still doing the same thing. He thought this proved that she, not Sonny, was the one who wasn't learning from her mistakes. Carly said she'd learned that there was no reasoning with Sonny. Sonny had thought Carly would be glad he didn't use violence to solve his problem. Carly shot back that Sonny still blew Johnny's life apart and provoked the Zaccharas. Sonny maintained that he was just the messenger, but Carly accused Sonny of not caring what happened to their kids as long as he won the war. Alexis walked in and asked what was going on with the kids. Carly left after telling Sonny to tell Alexis what he'd done.

Sonny said the Zaccharas weren't a threat and that Carly was just overreacting, but Alexis wasn't convinced. She reminded him that as his lawyer, she had to know what he was doing. Sonny asked if the cops had told her about the pier fire. They had. Sonny asked her if she could make the problem go away. Alexis asked if he was trying to make her quit. Sonny didn't think she would. Alexis pointed out that she had before. She told Sonny that she had a right to know if Kristina was in danger. Sonny reminded her that he had people keeping an eye on the kids at all times. Alexis revealed that she knew Sonny had called Kristina earlier; she thought it meant that he was concerned about her. Sonny said he just wanted to see how she was doing. Alexis said it would be a shame if Sonny went through all he did to get Kristina into Yale for nothing. Sonny said he'd do it all again because he'd die for his kids. Dante walked in and said he could prove it by leaving the Zaccharas alone. Alexis thought Dante was there as a police officer and said she'd need a moment alone with her client. Sonny told her that he'd invited Dante. Alexis left and Dante started to warn Sonny not to retaliate over the pier. Sonny said this wasn't about Johnny. He told Dante he had an offer for him that he couldn't refuse.

Tracy was at ELQ. She tried to reserve a two bedroom suite at the Metro Court on Anthony's credit card, but it got declined. Anthony walked in carrying a flower. Tracy ranted at him about not wanting to stay on the boat anymore and about his card being declined. She demanded that he give her money to rent the room and wistfully said Luke could have gotten the room comped. Anthony said he brought other things to the table, such as Tracy's freedom. Johnny walked in while Tracy was complaining about not being able to rent a room. He was still on edge. Johnny revealed that he'd cut Anthony off financially, meaning he now had nothing. Anthony was glad to see Johnny, but Johnny said he was there to see Tracy. Johnny stunned Tracy with the news that Anthony was his grandfather and Gino Soleito and Claudia were his parents. He let Tracy know that as a Soleito, he intended to collect the money that his biological father left behind. Anthony told Johnny not to be greedy, but Johnny said the money Tracy took from Gino was belonged to him. Anthony apologized to Tracy for Johnny's attitude, then asked her for some privacy. Tracy said she needed a drink anyway and left.

Anthony warned Johnny that the Soleitos would rather shoot him than share their fortune with him. Johnny felt that he could handle a hostile family after growing up with Anthony. Anthony said the difference was that he cared about Johnny. Johnny reminded Anthony that he had dirt on him – that he'd shot Dante. Anthony pointed out that he knew Johnny planted drugs in Sonny's warehouse. Johnny wasn't afraid of Sonny, but he thought Anthony should be. Anthony said he was trying to make allowances for Johnny, since he'd had a big shock, but he wanted him to remember that if it weren't for Anthony, Johnny would be dead and that could still happen if he wasn't careful. Johnny didn't buy that Anthony cared about him. Anthony said he'd been protecting Johnny his whole life, but Johnny yelled that Claudia and Anthony's wife Maria protected him. They argued again about what Anthony was thinking when he shot Johnny. Anthony claimed he was out of his mind, but Johnny thought Anthony was acting clearly at the time and that he hated him because he was Claudia's son. Anthony warned Johnny to think very carefully about how he used this information. Johnny cryptically said he had and he had big plans for Anthony. Tracy returned with a drink in her hand. Johnny said he should give her his condolences on her wedding, instead of congratulations, then he left.

Spinelli was pacing around an interrogation room at the police station after being called there by Mac. Mac walked in, looked at Spinelli in disapproval and sighed “what is she thinking?” When Spinelli asked if he meant “Maximista” Mac went off on him for using nicknames for everyone; he was annoyed Spinelli was living with Maxie and accused him of moving in to wear her down. He warned Spinelli that Maxie was off limits. Mac was worried for Maxie. He said Maxie had been avoiding him and he surmised that it was because she was doing something he didn't approve of, like dating Spinelli. Mac told Spinelli that the happiest day of his life had been the day Maxie didn't marry him, because that meant she wouldn't be forced to spend the rest of her life listening to his incomprehensible babble. Spinelli pointed out that he was the one who didn't marry Maxie, because he knew she wasn't ready for that commitment. Spinelli maintained that he and Maxie were just friends, but Mac told him everyone knew he still wanted her back. Mac told him that Maxie was with Matt now. Mac wasn't crazy about Matt, but he thought Maxie was trying to emulate Robin and he was convinced that Matt was a definite improvement over Spinelli. Spinelli defended himself by saying unlike Matt, he wasn't egotistical, he saw the good and the bad in Maxie, he'd always put her first and he'd never take her for granted. Mac threatened to lock Spinelli up if he ever told Maxie about this meeting, then he told him to leave.

Carly went to Kelly's and chatted with Shawn. Shawn noticed she was upset, but Carly said it was just the usual. Shawn admitted he was struggling to figure out how to help TJ. He knew it must be hard for TJ to have his life turned upside down and he wasn't sure he could provide the right environment for him. Carly told him he was doing a lot just by being there for TJ. While Shawn was upstairs getting his phone, Carly canceled her lunch order and called to check on Johnny. Shawn came downstairs and heard her leaving the message just before she left the diner. Carly didn't realize Shawn overheard her.

Johnny was just getting home when Carly called. He noticed it was her, but let it go to voice-mail.

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