GH Update Monday 1/30/12

General Hospital Update Monday 1/30/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Robin warns Jason that they are not sure about the verdict regarding his brain injury. He tells her he does not want to be worried about it and without an answer he’s not going to assume the worst. But she tells him she has to care about what happened. If not for himself, for Sam.

Sam is with Spinelli and appearing to be having pains associated with the pregnancy.

Lulu discovers that she might be following in her father’s footsteps with alcohol abuse and goes to talk to Luke who asks her if she is blaming him for what she’s done. She clarifies that she is not blaming him for her actions. She is responsible for what she does.  She realizes that she only intended to have one drink. but one turned into more and more. She knows that Dante and Olivia and Tracy and Maxie are all concerned about her.  And she indicates that her father doesn’t even know who she is anymore.

At the hospital, robin tells Jason she knows that he is used to living his life on the edge. But now it’s not just himself. He is married and must have Sam and their baby to think about. In response to that, Jason asks her if she is not simply worrying about him in order not to have to deal with her own situation. But she clarifies that all she has been doing is worrying about her own situation and remembers she went so far as to ask Elizabeth to take her place with Patrick and Emma.

Sonny asks Kate/Connie if she really was in San Francisco like she said she was. He tells her that since they are getting back together, he wants things to work out and for there to be mutual trust. She tells him that she also has to take a leap of faith knowing that he is in danger with the life he leads. She tell shim that she is very busy with her work and her life, but when she is “in” she is really  in and intends to honor her commitment. But he indicates to her that he’s gotten threats from Anthony Zacchara. He indicates that she could be a target, but he believes more than likely, it’s his kids that they threaten first.

Carly goes to visit Johnny and knows that he is not ok. He is drinking alone but tells her that he is ok and she need not stay with him or worry but she tells him she does not want to go anywhere until she knows he is ok. He tells her that he does not want to get her involved in his situation. But she wants to know what happened that caused him to be in this bad place. He tells her there is nothing she can do.  But she tells him maybe there is.

Maxie asks Elizabeth that her secret is with her new doctor friend. She tells Elizabeth she knows what she is doing. She is after another man. She is throwing herself at somebody else’s boyfriend. Elizabeth tells her that she has work to do and they can continue this conversation later. She leaves Matt alone with Maxie and tells him that she knows that he is leading Elizabeth on. Not far away Robin tells Jason that there are potential risks to his brain swelling that’s going on now. Anything could happen and he needs to realize that he could be in danger. She asks him when he first noticed that something was different. He tells her the night of his honeymoon.

Spinelli returns with food for Sam assuming she’s having cravings. She tells him he need not worry. When his phone rings, she urges him to answer it. It’s Maxie. And as soon as she hears that he’s making Sam a priority over her, it appears she hangs up on Spinelli.

Lulu tells Luke that she needs a father who can tell if his daughter is turning into a drunk. She is concerned about their family history. He tells her that he knows about the genetic predisposition with his father himself, Lucky and now her. But she tells him she is not blaming genetics. She needs for someone to tell her straight if they think she has a drinking problem. It seems everybody is worried about it except for her father. He knows all too well what it’s like to be accused by everyone of having a drinking problem and that is why he is not ready to lecture her since he’s heard it himself throughout his life.

Sonny tells Connie/Kate that he got into a brawl with both Johnny and Anthony although he does not tell her the details. He smirks when he tells her that he really put them both in their place with a really shocking revelation. She then tells Sonny that maybe someday he should just forget about dealing with people like that who can only put his life in danger. But he tells her that he wants to talk about them and their restaurant that will give the competition a run for its money. And he tells her they both need to forget all about Connie Falconeri and see her only as Kate Howard.

Johnny tells Carly he does not know why she is concerned about him. They are not sleeping together nor defined as friends. But she knows that Sonny has some sort of “master plan” that hurt him. He does not want to tell her what happened although she urges him to tell her what has caused him to be in so much pain. He then gives her a copy of his birth certificate that reveals that Claudia is his biological mother and not his sister. Carly is shocked to find that out and asks if Sonny brought that to him.

Luke reflects with his daughter about having a lifelong marriage with John Barleycorn and the people all around who “only intend to help” with they step on one’s toes with concern about their drinking. She tells her father that when she stopped looking at him, she had to look at herself. That scared the hell out of her. That is why she started drinking. She was afraid of what she might find. Luke admits to his daughter he does not know what is going on with her. But he knows that he does love her. She tell shim she was so determined to find a way for him to come back home. He tell s her he just wasn’t ready to come back at the time. She reminds him that he made her choose between the man she loves and her father.

Robin tells Jason maybe it’s a good thing that he’s been experiencing these symptoms for a while and it means it’s entirely possible that this is as good as it gets. He, again, does not want to worry. But she urges him to realize that they must be proactive. They should run more tests. And if the swelling does not go down, they might need to do another surgery, but he tells her that that is out of the question.  He cannot be out of commission for weeks or mothers. Not far away, Sam goes to register for an appointment. She first identifies herself as Samantha McCall but then remembers her name is now Morgan. Elizabeth notices her and can clearly see that something is going on. Sam seems stressed and does not want to talk about it.

Sonny talks to Connie/Kate about the pasta he remembers that his friend Giorgio the chef made. They talk about how great the food was that they remember.  They are happy together but Sonny knows   that she has a secret that she is not telling him.

Carly tells Johnny that he must realize it’s entirely possible that Sonny used his “connections” to falsify the birth certificate. But he tells her that he confirmed it by asking Anthony and getting the truth out of him. He tells her hat throughout his entire life everybody lied to him. She tells him that Michael could say the same thing about her. He tells her that is entirely different. She did that in order to give her son a better life. She asks why Claudia and Anthony lied. He replies because Anthony was under Gino’s thumb. The only way Anthony could prevent Gino from carrying out his threat was to threaten to expose him for knocking up Anthony’s teenage daughter. So Anthony was forced to keep the secret for him. Johnny tells Carly he realizes she has every right to hate Claudia after what she did to Carly. But he loved her. She was his sister who was there for him and he sat by and watched Anthony treat her like crap. She was just a kid when all of this started. And if the one person who she counted upon had been there for Claudia, she might still be there. Carly then tells Johnny she is so sorry. He asks her what she is sorry for.

Luke tells Lulu that he’s stayed away from her in order to protect him. He tells her that Lucky, Ethan and Tracy have already been as damaged from his as they can be. But there is still hope for her. She tells her dad that all she wanted was for him to be there. He tells her he could not even be there for her mother. She asks if he believes that she is weak like her mom.   He tells her that Laura was not weak and neither is she. Laura had a break down due to being pushed beyond her limit. He knows that Lulu loves so deeply and that is why she is like her mother.  Lulu then tries to rationalize with her dad but cuts herself. He rushes to help her. She then cries and asks her father what is happening to her. She finally has a man who loves her. So why is she so lost? He holds her and she cries on his shoulder.

Sam comes to face Jason and the medical staff at the hospital. He asks if she is ok, knowing that she may not be.  Elizabeth tells Matt (the doctor) that he needs to realize that he will have to face Maxie. He tells her that she has to get along with Maxie. But she tells him she has tried but if Maxie thinks there is something going on between the two of them, it’ s up to him to set Maxie straight.

Maxie tells Spinelli she knows that Elisabeth is coming on to her boyfriend. She is over Lucky and ready to sink her teeth into her next victim. She asks how a guy who cures cancer can be so clueless. She tells Spinelli she knows that he might have the perfect idea. He does in fact suggest that maybe the best way to beat Elizabeth at her own game is to make her jealous. He tells her that he knows how to help her with a scheme she might like to carry out.

Lulu cries and tells her dad he has to stop staying away from her because he’s afraid he’s going to hurt her. Whether he likes her or not, he is her dad. that he did as little damage as possible. He knows he is nobody’s hero. But she tells him she has seen everything and knows about him. He tells her that all he has ever wanted from her is for her to put her life together just the way she wants it to be. She tells him she wants to keep in contact with him. He tells her that even if they have their issues and even if he doesn’t always understand or tells her things she may not want to hear, she must always know that he will always be there for her. She then tells him she thinks he would be better if he were still with Tracy. Luke then indicates that his daughter just brought up something he does not want to hear. He reminds her that Tracy has chosen of her own free will to marry Anthony Zacchara. She tells him he needs to know that Tracy is not happy with that decision. She tells him that she believes she is happy to have married the man of her dreams. But she doesn’t know what her future holds.

At the hospital, Jason asks Sam why she went to the hospital by herself and did not tell him. She then wonders why he suddenly showed up at the hospital. But he does not want to answer that and tells her they need to just go home.

Johnny tells Carly he knows what Claudia put her through so he does not expect Carly to feel sorry for Claudia. She tells him that he must realize that he knows who he is and that is more important that what is on the birth certificate. He does not want to talk to her about his issues. But she tells him she wants to help him. And she will stay there as long as he needs her. In response to that, he tells her she might want to be careful what she wishes for.

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