GH Update Friday 1/27/12

General Hospital Update Friday 1/27/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Carly walks into Luke's luxurious Metro Court accommodations, a room which he took upon himself to upgrade, for a job well done in getting dirt on Johnny Zacchara (for her). She reminds that it's a room promised in exchange for information on Johnny Z which she has not received.

Carly demands to know what he has done to Johnny. Luke tells her that he gave the Zacchara information to "a friend" who did the dirty work, and that he has kept her name out of it, as agreed. She says that was not part of the deal. Luke reminds her that she wanted Michael safe from the Zacchara's and that mission has been accomplished. Carly looks very displeased.

On the docks, Johnny sits, with tears in his eyes, talking to his mother, Claudia, who he thought was his sister all of his life. Kate walks by talking on her phone, sees Johnny in distress, ends her call and offers to call someone to help him. He declines the offer, and then tells her to ask Sonny what happened, and then makes some comments about Sonny's "fall". Johnny looks into the far distance.

At Sonny's office, he informs Jason that he bought the Sun Street Pier. Jason has concerns since the Zacchara's had their eyes on the place. Sonny tells Jason that he hit them where it hurts and that it's much better than a bullet.

Lulu is passed out at home; Maxie is pounding at the door trying to wake her. When Lulu finally opens the door, she looks and sounds like crap. Of course a worried Maxie tells her such. Maxie is there to beg her to come back to work at Crimson. Lulu stands strong and says she's not going back to work there.

Carly and Luke argue about their agreement and how it went down. Carly says that she didn't want Johnny hurt. Luke says nobody touched him; she has leverage against him and is squeaky clean from the matter. Knowing the "friend" who he provided the info on the Zacchara's to was Sonny, she asks Luke why he did that. He says he was very grateful. Knowing that meant he got paid, she states that he doesn't need to freeload at her hotel. Luke, realizing that his niece has some feelings for Johnny, raises his voice a little and says that he knows it's not about the money. Carly scoffs, and then admits that she likes him more than she thought she did. Luke warns that is a bad idea. Carly asks for the information.

Johnny and Kate are on the docks, chatting about Kate's business. Johnny turns the conversation to Sonny and his weaknesses. Kate accuses Johnny of trying to start a war by attempting to shoot Sonny last week; Johnny says he didn't do that but Sonny retaliated with something he should have left alone and that if he wanted Sonny dead, he would be.

At GH, Patrick and Robin restate their promise to see things through together. Matt walks up and welcomes Robin back; Liz walks up, also welcoming her back, they hug. Matt asks Robin how Africa was. Patrick gives Robin a nod, indicating that it is okay for her to share her HIV status with his brother; Robin reveals that she was not in Africa but was in Seattle seeing an HIV specialist for herself.

Jason asks Sonny if he should be worried about retaliation from the Zacchara's. Sonny reveals that Johnny is not Anthony's son, but is his grandson. He tells Jason that he found the birth certificate that shows Claudia was his mother and that Gino Soleito was his father.

Sam is at her office, Spinelli walks in. He tells her about his side business of being a bookie and reveals this has brought some clientele to their private eye business. SOFOS, Spouses of Friends of Spinelli, he explains are wives of his networking site, FOS, Friends of Spinelli, who have been neglected. Spinelli notices a magazine on Sam's desk, Home Store for Kids and inquires if she's pregnant.

On the docks, Johnny and Kate continue to discuss Sonny. Kate asks if Johnny has had a fight with Anthony and is looking to take it out on Sonny. Johnny says karma is a bitch and he will pay Sonny back.

At Lulu's place, Maxie tries to convince Lulu to come back to work. Lulu turns the conversation to Maxie and what's going on in her life. Maxie says her life is fine and that she has rented Lulu's former room to Spinelli.

At the office, Spinelli, having found the baby catalog, makes sure Sam knows that he will take care of business if she and Jason decide to start a family. Sam expresses her fears of parenthood and reminds that her mother is a Cassadine.

In Sonny's office, he and Jason wrap up their conversation about the Zacchara's when Kate walks in. Jason leaves Kate and Sonny alone. Kate shows Sonny the plans for the restaurant but she's distracted by her conversation with Johnny. She tells Sonny that she saw Johnny very upset and that she offered to help him. Sonny says he (Johnny) doesn't deserve her compassion. She tells Sonny that she asked Johnny what was wrong and he told her to speak to him (Sonny). Sonny says they finished their unfinished business without bullets and changes the subject back to the restaurant plans.

Carly discovers Johnny at the docks. Carly asks Johnny what happened, Johnny says she should ask what's going to happen, then, with a smile, he presses a button which causes an explosion. Carly is shocked.

At GH, Liz, Matt, Patrick and Robin stand together as Robin finishes telling a shocked Matt that she's on a new round of protocol meds for her HIV. She reveals that she didn't tell anyone because she panicked but will be open about it now. Matt says he's sorry to hear this. He and Patrick walk off together, talking about a patient. Robin apologizes and thanks Liz for helping her and for being such a good friend.

Patrick and Matt discuss Robin's HIV status, Patrick reveals that Robin had asked Liz to take her place if something were to happen to her.

At their office, Spinelli and Sam talk business. They talk about how they are now specialists to spouses who think they're being cheated on. Spinelli tells Sam that he's moving in to Lulu's old room, with Maxie.

Maxie and Lulu continue their conversation about Spinelli moving in and how it's convenient while Lulu rifles through the refrigerator looking for something to drink. She grabs a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and heads over to the couch as Maxie rambles on. Maxie stops and asks her friend why she's having wine so early. Lulu asks why so many people are hounding her about drinking and points out its afternoon and not so early. Maxie points out that she's sitting at home, in pajamas pouring a glass of wine and that it's a problem.

On the docks, Johnny explains, to Carly, that he just blew up the King Street Pier, which he was negotiating a purchase on but Sonny snatched it up. Carly yells that he's starting a war and that his sister would have wanted him to move on. Before walking away, Johnny says he wanted to keep the peace but Sonny didn't and that he will break Sonny or die trying.

At his office, Sonny and Kate discuss the King Street Pier explosion and how Sonny feels that it was Johnny, since he was sitting on the docks. Sonny changes the subject and asks if Kate got the flowers he sent her.

Lulu picks up her glass of wine and states that just because she has some wine does not mean she has a drinking problem as Maxie previously implied. Maxie picks up her glass of wine, walks over toward the kitchen, puts her glass down and brings the trash can over to Lulu. She pulls out 3 empty wine bottles from the trash to help her friend see how much she is drinking. Lulu says it's not what it looks like, Maxie says she's lying to herself and walks out the door.

Sam and Spinelli discuss his decision to room with Maxie. Sam figures out that Maxie first asked Matt to move in, that Matt turned her down, so she turned to Spinelli, in hopes of getting Matt jealous. Spinelli expresses that doesn't care, he just wants to be close to her and has a little hope that maybe it will lead to more.

Jason arrives at GH; he asks Patrick if Robin is around that she asked him to come to the hospital. Patrick says she got home last night then asks why Jason didn't tell him about her HIV status. Jason tells Patrick that Robin had to tell him in her own time. Patrick tells him that she didn't tell him but Liz did.

Elsewhere in GH, Liz and Matt are walking together; they are talking about Robin's HIV status and how Robin asked Liz to take her place. Matt asks if she would be with Patrick if something ever happened to Robin.

Back to Jason and Patrick, Robin walks up greeting the two men; Patrick's pager goes off and he has to leave. Jason asks Robin if she's okay, she says she's fine but that he isn't.

At the casino, Luke is on the phone with Skye assuring her nobody will know that she provided the info on Johnny Zacchara and has wired money to her account for the info, they end their conversation. Lulu walks in wanting to talk. Luke politely asks what she wants to talk about. Lulu grabs a bottle of wine, pours some into a glass, drinks it up and throws the glass into the wall and says she wants to talk about that.

Sonny and Kate are still in his office discussing her business trip, which she is being secretive about.

Johnny arrives home he picks up the birth certificate that shows Claudia is his mother. As he puts flame to it, someone knocks on the door. He tosses the partially burning paper to the ground, stomps it out and answers the door; it's Carly. He tells her she shouldn't be here, she storms in yelling at him for blowing up Sonny's warehouse, pointing he's a mess and asking for trouble. She tells him that she isn't going to leave him alone in this condition. He pours a glass of brandy, opens his door to kick her out. She asks why he won't let her help. He looks at her, moves closer and kisses her.

Sam and Spinelli talk about a client that Sam has been doing some work for. Sam suddenly gets cramps that have her doubling over.

At GH, Jason tells Robin that, other than his hand he's feeling fine. Robin tells him that his test results reveal there is something wrong.

As Matt tells Liz that she doesn't have to be in a relationship out of obligation (referring to Liz taking Robin's place if something should ever happen to Robin), Liz states that she wasn't planning to. Standing near by, Maxie overhears.

Jason gets a call which requires him to address the explosion at the pier; Robin warns that if he leaves, he may be risking his life.

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