GH Update Thursday 1/26/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/26/12


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the PI office of Jackal and McCall, Sam wonders why Alexis thinks se is pregnant. Alexis supposes it is a mother's instinct and asks if it is true.

Dante finds Michael standing over the dead body of Chuck Donofrio in an alley. Michael swears he didn't do it. Dante says it doesnít look good after Michael's tirade at the police station. Jason observes from behind a building.

In his office, Sonny talks on the telephone ordering flowers for Kate. Anthony Zacchara comes in, escorted by Max, and tells Sonny to try orchids. Max offers to get rid of him, but Sonny says he was expecting him. 

At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy drinks and rehearses what she is going to say to her father about Anthony. Luke interrupts her, saying he loves it when she calls him "daddy."

Ethan is playing cards by himself at the Haunted Star when Elizabeth drops by. He offers to take Cam out sometime or maybe teach him to play poker. Elizabeth says Lucky already started teaching him so Ethan is welcome to pick up the lessons as long as he doesnít teach him too many ways to cheat. She admits that the more she tries not to think about Lucky, the more it sneaks up on her.

At Jackal and McCall, Sam admits to Alexis that she is pregnant. Alexis puts her head out the window to cool down. Coming back inside, she hits her head on the window frame. She tells Sam she is happy that she is going to be a grandmother.

In the alley, Michael tells Dante that Donofrio was already dead when he got there. Dante tells Michael to get out of there. He says that as far as he is concerned, Michael was never there. Michael leaves, as does the unseen Jason, before Padilla and Dimestico arrive on the scene. Ronnie, seeing who the victim is, says karma is a bitch and concludes to Dolores that justice has been served.

In Sonny's office, Sonny says it is ok to leave him and Anthony alone. Anthony says he doesnít need to be armed when he can kill Sonny with his bare hands. Sonny tells him not to kill the messenger and calls him "grandpa.Ē He says Anthony should be happy to have that lie lifted from him. Anthony tells Sonny he could have come to him and negotiated instead of going to Johnny. Sonny says it wasnít hidden very well. Anthony concludes that someone must have told Sonny about it. Sonny says he can't wait to find out if the Soleitos or Johnny gets to Anthony first.

Johnny sits in his apartment staring at the birth certificate naming Claudia and Gino Soleito as his parents. He picks up his pistol. A tear runs down his cheek.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan apologizes to Elizabeth for criticizing her relationship with Lucky. She tells him that some of what he said was valid. He is still sorry about being mean about saying it. He tells her that Lucky told him that he will always care about her. She tells him that sometimes hearing that makes her feel better and sometimes it makes it worse. She says she knows that when Lucky comes back, he won't be coming back to her. Ethan tells her that he can tell when people are trying to convince themselves of something they donít believe.

Tracy observes that Luke is following her around a lot for an ex-husband. Luke says he just doesnít want to miss the show and that he canít wait to see the look on Edward's face when she tells him he will be sharing a home with Anthony Zacchara. Edward comes in thumping a newspaper and asks her if the story in it is true and that she is married to the mob again.

In the alley, Ronnie announces that Donofrio took a single bullet to the heart and that his wallet and watch are missing. He determines that it was likely a mugging and says the Vaughn's dancers can rest easier now that he is off the street. Dolores still doubts that Donofrio is the attacker.

Michael goes into his apartment and is startled to discover that Jason comes in behind him. Jason tells him that he saw him, Dante, and Donofrio's body in the alley and that it is only a matter of time before the cops trace the bullet back to his gun. Michael says the cops werenít doing anything. Michael says Jason going after Franco for what he did to Sam is no different.

At Jackal and McCall, Alexis says it seems as if she just had her babies and now Sam is married, Kristina is in college, Molly is growing up, and soon she will be alone. She asks Sam if she is happy. Sam says in a serious tone that it just came as a surprise and itís a little overwhelming. Alexis says this is what Sam has always wanted so she asks what the problem is. She wonders if Jason isnít excited about becoming a father.

At Michael's apartment, he tells Jason that he wanted to protect Abby's friends. Jason wants to know if Michael shot Donofrio while there is still time to clean up. Michael says he didnít do it.

At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy explains to Edward that she was under duress. Luke says Tracy goes for the powerful types. He also tells her that Skye sends her regards. He wonders where Anthony is.

In Sonny's office, Sonny tells Anthony that Johnny thought he was lying until he saw the birth certificate. Sony asks Anthony if Johnny is much like his real father, Gino Soleito. Anthony says Johnny is the Zacchara heir and Anthony's family. Sonny observes that Claudia was Anthony's family too, but he turned her over to another man who was twice her age. Anthony says it was a business decision. Sonny says he now knows Anthony hated Claudia because he didnít want Johnny to find out. Anthony says Claudia was a spiteful bitch. Sonny advises him not to let Johnny hear him saying that about his mama. 

Johnny gets drunk in his apartment. He begins throwing every orchid in the place onto the ground, shattering their planters. He then moves onto breaking furniture and screaming. 

At Jackal and McCall, Sam tells Alexis that she and Jason want to have a child more than anything. Alexis says that itís good that she got her wish so she should be happy about it. She tells her that being a mother is the best thing in the World. Sam asks Alexis not to tell anyone yet because she and Jason want to make sure everything is ok before they announce it. Alexis says it is obvious that something is bothering Sam and she advises her to let it go and embrace the pregnancy because it will be the best time of her life. Alexis leaves to pick up Molly.

At Michael's apartment, Jason asks Michael if he realizes how easy it would be for the cops to ship him back to Pentonville, whether he did it or not. He asks why Michael didnít come to him. Michal says he was still angry about Jax. Jason says that is no excuse. Michael says Jason was busy with Franco so he decided to get a gun and handle it himself. Jason asks where the gun is now. Michael just says it is somewhere that no one will find it. He promises that he didnít kill Donofrio. Jason says it worries him that Michael wanted to.

In the alley, the coronersí department removes Donofrio's body. Ronnie goes back to the station. Dolores and Dante doubt that this was a mugging and are not lost on the irony that he was just cut loose from the dancer attack charges. Dolores predicts that the real attacker will lay low for a while, but that eventually another dancer will end up in the E.R. Dante wants to find him before that happens.

In sonny's office, Sonny tells Anthony that he would do anything to protect his children. He wonders what Gino gave him in return for keeping quiet about Johnnyís paternity. Anthony says it is none of Sonny's business. Sonny protests that Claudia was just a kid. Anthony reminds Sonny that he hated Claudia. Sonny says that even Claudia deserved better than Anthony. Anthony tells Sonny that he had no right to do what he did. Sonny says Anthony had no right to let Gino violate his daughter and get away with it. Anthony says Sonny doesnít let anyone hurt his children and that those are words to live and die by.

At the Haunted Star, Elizabeth tells Ethan that sometimes her life seems like a country song. He wonders if she would take Lucky back if he wanted to get back together. She says she would like to think that she would approach it rationally, but she would probably jump into his arms instead. Ethan wonders if true love exists. She tells him that she knows t does, but that it doesnít keep people from making mistakes or breaking up. He wonders if she will find a new man, but she says that for now, she is going to focus on what makes her happy. She beats him in a hand of Whist and leaves, with Ethan demanding a rematch.

At the Quartermaine estate, Alice comes into the parlor laden with suitcases. Edward says he told her to pack lightly. He tells Tracy that he asked Alice to pack a few of her things since she will be moving in with her new husband. Tracy then drops the bombshell that Anthony is moving into the Quartermaine mansion. Edward says over his dead body. Tracy reminds him that it is Monica's house. Edward says Monica wouldnít want him moving in either. Luke gives Tracy a gift of a bridle crop. Edward tells Alice to take Tracy's suitcases to the honeymoon suite because he thinks she and Anthony will appreciate the privacy.

In Sonny's office, Anthony says he is the only father Johnny has ever known and that they are still connected by blood. He says Johnny is the only family he has left, while Sonny has four kids. Sonny asks him if he is making a threat. Anthony says he is just observing that Sonny has a lot to lose. He says Sonny hurt his kid, so he will have to choose one of Sonny's. He rules out Kristina and Morgan because they are away and asks Sonny if he wants to choose between the cop and the one that wants to work for the Zaccharas. Sonny tells him to leave while he still can.

In Michael's apartment, Jason apologizes for keeping the secret about Jax. He tells Michael he wants to get back to being a person that Michal can trust and be honest with. Michael says he knows Jason didnít know about it until he was in Hawaii and that at the time he was dealing with Franco so he understands that he didnít have  chance to tell him about Jax. Jason tells him that Carly didnít keep the secret to hurt him. Michael says he realizes now that no one is to blame for Abby's death and that sometimes, bad things just happen. He says he is going to try to honor Abby's wishes. Jason leaves. Michael cries as he looks at the calendar that Abby gave him with February 15 marked as "Date with Abby."

Jason goes to Jackal and McCall. Sam asks him if he talked to Michael. He tells her that he found Michael standing over a dead body with a gun in his hand, but that Michael swears he didnít do it. Sam wonders if anyone else knows about it. Jason reveals that Dante knows, but he is sure Dante will protect Michael. She asks about the gun. Jason tells her that Michael said he ditched it, but he didnít press for details. He says he thinks Michael is doing better and asks how she is doing. She tells him that she told her mother that she is pregnant but didnít tell her anything else because they don't know if the baby is his. He tells her that he loves her no matter what.

At Sonny's office, Max asks what Anthony wanted. Sonny says it doesnít matter because he isnít going to get it. He asks Max if the men are ready. Max says they are. Sonny says it is time to take back what is his.

Anthony goes to Johnny's penthouse and wonders why Johnny is there instead of at a meeting about acquiring a warehouse. Johnny says he isnít acquiring anything. Anthony sees that Johnny is drunk. Johnny says the more appropriate question is why Anthony is there after Johnny told him he would kill him if he ever saw him again. Anthony supposes Johnny won't do it with the garden shears he is holding. Johnny says they got the job done. Anthony sees his orchids in shreds on the floor. Johnny says it hurts to see something you cherish destroyed like that, but that is what Anthony did to Claudia. He says Claudia, his mother, was the only person who ever loved him. Anthony asks him if this is how Johnny is getting even. Johnny tells him they arenít close to even.

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