GH Update Wednesday 1/25/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/25/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan let himself into Wyndemere and tried to avoid Cassandra when he saw her rushing up to him, but she cheerfully grabbed his hands and told him to take her someplace. Ethan was hesitant because Ewen wouldn't approve and he was concerned about complicating her life. Cassandra countered that Ewen didn't control her life and she declared that she and Ethan were now in a “complication free bubble.” After some flirting on Cassandra's part, Ethan gave in. Cassandra quickly scribbled a note for Ewen and told Ethan to hurry before Ewen returned and made her stare at ink blots. They raced out the back door, just as Ewen entered the front door. Ewen called out to Cassandra, then he found her note. It said “IC ME taking a break.

Dante and Delores were at work having a conversation when Michael walked in and interrupted to grill them about the attacker case. They still didn't have another suspect. Michael believed they let the real attacker go, but Dante and Delores maintained that Chuck didn't appear to be the attacker and that they had nothing to hold him. Michael loudly suggested that someone who wasn't concerned with the rules might do a better job solving the case. Dante tried to calm Michael down. He noticed that Michael didn't look well and gently suggested that he might be obsessed with the case. Michael admitted that the thoughts of the case kept him up at night. Dante reminded Michael that the attacker didn't kill Abby. Michael asked Dante if he had any idea how hard it was to go home to an empty house. Dante invited him to come to his place and stay as long as he wanted, but Michael brusquely said he had plans. Dante urged him to let the police handle the investigation, because it was what Abby would want. Michael pointed out that he didn't know Abby but Dante was certain that she wouldn't want him to ruin his life. To Dante's frustration, Ronnie walked in and joined the conversation by saying they let the attacker go free. He also impugned Delores as an officer. The three of them argued about whether Chuck Donofrio was guilty. Dante asked Michael to wait, then he took Ronnie aside and told him to be careful about what he said around Michael, because he was in a bad place. Ronnie snapped that if Michael couldn't hear such things, he shouldn't be at the station. Dante turned around and Delores told him Michael said he had plans and left.

Dante resumed his lecture to Ronnie about watching what he said in Michael's earshot. Dante added that Ronnie should treat Delores with respect instead of maligning her in front of civilians. Ronnie condescendingly talked about how nice it was that he was defending her. Olivia walked in and Ronnie told her she must be proud of how Dante defended the women in his life (her, Lulu and Delores). Ronnie adopted mock chivalrous act and asked Delores to talk with him elsewhere. Delores snapped “Don't talk to me like that,” then she and Ronnie walked away. Olivia pointed out that Delores and Lulu wore the same perfume; she seemed to think this was significant. Dante had already noticed. Olivia asked about the fight he had with Lulu. When Dante said there hadn't been one, Olivia told him she assumed there was something wrong because Lulu was drinking wine with breakfast. Olivia thought Dante should know. Dante said Lulu was a bit stressed and he didn't see why it was a big deal that she drank a glass of wine to unwind. Olivia urged Dante to pay attention to Lulu and not ignore this. Dante asked if she meant the way Steve was ignoring her? He told Olivia to focus on her life and let him focus on his. Olivia agreed to back off. Dante said he was curious about whether she'd talked to Steve about Maggie. Olivia said she got it and they'd both handle their own personal lives from now on. Delores returned and busied herself at a desk. Olivia told Dante not to say she didn't warn him about both of his partners.

Olivia went back to the station after Dante was gone, ostensibly to get the gloves she left behind. Delores gave them to her, then handed her the scarf she left too. Olivia chuckled that she was forgetful, but Delores said she knew Olivia was creating reasons to drop by and check up on her and Dante. She assured Olivia that both of them were married and that she had no interest in Dante. Olivia made a bet that Delores liked it when Dante stood up for her, but Delores said she didn't. She told Olivia that it made it more difficult for the other cops to accept that she was just as capable as anyone else. Olivia was impressed that Delores wanted to make her own way in life. Before Olivia left, she advised Delores that the perfume she was wearing was all wrong for her. Delores laughed and shook her head.

Tracy was at the Metro Court on the phone ripping into someone from ELQ for giving Anthony access to something. She made it clear that he wasn't even allowed to be in her private bathroom. Lulu was still job searching. After Tracy hung up, Lulu told her she'd been trying to reach her. Tracy put on a happy expression and said she was fine. Lulu invited her to sit and have a glass of wine. She did and during the chat, Lulu figured out Tracy married Anthony. She asked about the wedding and Tracy told her to tell Maxie it was a nightmare. Tracy admitted that Anthony blackmailed her into marriage and she told Lulu how Luke showed up and sped the wedding along. Tracy said she'd been trying to stall the wedding, but she had to get married because it was better than the alternative. Dante dropped by and gave Lulu a quick kiss. Lulu told him about Tracy's wedding and encouraged Tracy to tell Dante the whole story, but Tracy didn't want to. Dante told Lulu about his conversation with Olivia and apologized if she made her feel uncomfortable. Lulu said it was fine and told Dante not to worry. Dante said he wasn't. He told her about his run in with Michael and Lulu urged him to go find him. They kissed and he left. Tracy was curious about why Olivia and Dante were talking about Lulu drinking wine.

At the Zacchara house, the jovial Anthony was talking to Johnny about Tracy being his wife and family in general. When Anthony referred to being Johnny's father, Johnny exploded at him and told him they both knew that wasn't true. At first, Anthony pretended not to know what Johnny meant, then he asked if he heard this from Sonny and he accused Sonny of making things up to drive a wedge between him and Johnny. Johnny pulled out the birth certificate, told Anthony he knew Gino Soleito was his father and demanded that Anthony tell the truth. Anthony claimed it was a forgery, but Johnny told him about going to see the records clerk. Anthony said the time surrounding Johnny's birth was a blur, but this enraged Johnny even more. He grabbed Anthony and grilled him about pimping Claudia out. When Anthony said Claudia snuck out to meet men on her own, Johnny grabbed Anthony's scarf and started to strangle him with it. He let Anthony go, but lamented not killing him. Johnny was hurt and angry about what Claudia had gone through because of Anthony. Sounding upset and sincere, Anthony maintained that Claudia enjoyed the power that she could wield over men. According to Anthony he'd set up the encounter between Claudia and Gino, because he knew Gino liked young girls and he needed something on him. Anthony claimed that it wasn't supposed to go as far as it did, but Claudia chose to take things to the next level. Anthony said Claudia craved danger and that she was destined to meet a bad end. He told Johnny that's just who she was. Johnny fought back tears and yelled that she was his mother and he never knew it.

Anthony cried that he was sorry, but Johnny didn't accept his apology. Anthony said he sent Claudia away to keep her from telling Johnny the truth. He said that Claudia wasn't ready to be a mother. Johnny didn't understand why Anthony let Gino get away with it. Anthony said Gino had something on him. He added that Claudia made the decision to sleep with Gino to get proof of what he'd done. According to Anthony, Gino offered him cash and favors to keep things quiet. Anthony claimed that he was going to punish Gino by killing him right after he got the money, but Tracy beat him to it and took the money meant for him. Johnny said now he understood that Anthony hated Claudia because she failed him. Johnny said Anthony didn't get the money and he got stuck with Johnny as a reminder. Anthony told Johnny he was wrong. He called Johnny the miracle heir he always wanted. Johnny reminded Anthony that he tried to kill him. Anthony sobbed that he was out of his mind. Johnny said now he knew why Anthony hated him so much. Anthony said he never hated Johnny. He explained that what happened drove him over the edge. Johnny said Maria gave his life for him and she wasn't even his mom. Anthony said Maria knew he wasn't thinking straight. He said if Maria had lived, she might have been their salvation. Johnny didn’t think they deserved saving. Anthony said he'd done a lot of wrong things, but he'd never been wrong about Johnny. He told him that it made no difference how they were related; everything Anthony had done had been for Johnny. Anthony was heartbroken when Johnny coldly told him to get out and threatened to kill him if he ever returned. Anthony said it didn't change anything and that the empire was still Johnny's. Anthony walked to the door, took one last look at Johnny and left. Once Johnny was alone, he broke down sobbing.

Jason went to McCall and Jackal looking for Sam. When he found her there, they hugged and he reminded her that the doctor ordered her to rest. Sam couldn't relax because she kept thinking about the paternity test results, which they'd be receiving next week. She'd come to work hoping it would take her mind off it. Jason noticed the newspaper with Franco's picture on it. He hoped she wasn't thinking about him and she said she was doing her best. Jason realized she hadn't eaten so he decided to go get her something. They embraced and Jason stared at the picture of Franco as he promised Sam they were going to be okay. Sam said she knew. Sam called the hospital and asked about test results. When she hung up, Jason asked if the baby was his and Sam told him she called about his results, but they weren't back yet. Jason said his results didn't matter – he was fine. Sam was afraid that Jason's rage attacks were caused by something neurological. She reminded him that if this was their baby, it would need him. Jason comforted her and said he wasn't going anywhere. They talked about Michael and Jason said he'd been avoiding his calls. Sam told Jason about Michael having a gun and planning to go after Chuck. Jason kissed her head and left to find Michael.

Alexis picked Molly and TJ up at school, then they went by Kelly's to drop TJ off. Molly told Shawn that she'd help TJ catch up on his school work. TJ was cynical about the way everyone was so eager to help “the runaway.” Alexis reminded Molly not neglect her own studies, and Molly grumbled that she'd have plenty of time to tutor TJ and do her own work since she had no social life. Alexis disagreed and when Molly pressed it by pointing out that she had five MyFace friends, one of them being Alexis, Alexis shooed her. Molly and TJ went to the counter while Shawn and Alexis sat at a table. Shawn told Alexis that as a former science teacher, he could help TJ with math and science if he listened to him. Alexis thought he'd come around, but Shawn wasn't sure TJ would be able to overcome Shawn killing his father. Shawn was glad TJ had a friend like Molly. Alexis was afraid TJ would be a bad influence on her. Alexis said Molly was easily lead and she was worried that TJ would pull her onto the wrong path. Shawn said he wasn't going to let TJ use his difficult past as an excuse to ruin his life and that he wouldn't let him hurt Molly. Alexis knew she was being overprotective, but she explained that she wanted to be cautious because Kristina got involved with a boy who had a lot of issues. Shawn wanted Molly to spend time with TJ and help him if Alexis didn't mind.

TJ logged onto MyFace and was surprised to see that Molly was telling the truth about her friends' page. He told her that maybe she was the one who needed help. Molly was embarrassed and annoyed, but TJ wouldn't drop it. He told her it was weird for your mom to be so involved with your life. Alexis walked over to see how they were doing. Both teens pretended everything was going smoothly.

Ethan walked into Kelly's and Molly went and gave him a hug. She was just about to tell him how

Kristina was doing when Cassandra joined him. Ethan introduced them. Molly was intrigued by Cassandra, since she'd been living in the tunnels of Wyndemere. Molly started telling Cassandra about her family owning the place and about the family album she found there. Cassandra was very friendly and interested in hearing all about it. Alexis made her way over to the group and sent Molly back to study. Alexis said Cassandra must be Ewen's unusual patient. She apologized, but Cassandra said she'd rather be unusual than dull. Alexis was sure that she was never dull. Cassandra admitted that she didn't know if she had been. Ethan said he did and he was up to the challenge. Alexis thought he sounded like a Spencer.

Molly went back to tutor TJ, but she was distracted by Ethan and Cassandra laughing and flirting. TJ asked what was up and Molly told him his sister almost dated Ethan. She was glad Kristina wasn't there to see Ethan with another woman.

Cassandra didn't think Alexis liked Ethan spending time with the “looney bird.” Ethan told her to forget about Alexis and remember that this was their uncomplicated day. Ethan suggested that they go to an arcade. They went back to Wyndemere after the carnival. Cassandra won a stuffed bat. She and Ethan hugged and giggled while Ewen stared at them in disapproval. Cassandra handed Ewen the stuffed bat, then claimed she was going upstairs to change. In reality, she hid around a corner and eavesdropped. Ewen asked Ethan what game he won and Ethan said Cassandra won the toy at the shooting gallery. Ethan was amazed that Cassandra easily hit every target. Ewen was well aware that Cassandra was skilled with a gun. He told Ethan that he had her try several different activities in hopes of jogging her memory. It was clear to him when he first saw her with a rifle that she'd had a lot of training. He told Ethan that this should make it clear to him that he was potentially playing a very dangerous game.

Alexis went to see Sam. She'd planned to drop off the earrings Kristina borrowed from Sam, but she forgot them. Alexis shared that she'd been forgetful lately and even forgot Molly's name the other day. Alexis also felt very hot even though Sam insisted that it wasn't hot in there. Alexis told Sam about Molly tutoring TJ and TJ stealing a car. Sam asked if he was joyriding and assured Alexis that it was a normal thing for teen boys to do. Alexis said she could tell something was going on with Sam, and even though Sam denied it Alexis sensed that something was up. Realization dawned and Alexis said she knew “that look.” She asked Sam if she was pregnant.

Molly tried to show TJ a math problem, but he wanted to talk about Molly's MyFace page. TJ said he had a few hundred friends on his page and none of them were his mom. Molly said she got it; she was a loser. TJ asked how someone like her found out about parties. Molly said she didn't. “Maybe because no one wants your mom to show up” TJ said. Molly sighed in exasperation. To Molly's horror, TJ modified her page so Alexis couldn't see what Molly's friends were posting. Molly was convinced Alexis would find out, but TJ pointed out that she wasn't even there. He told her if she ever got a life, now she'd be able to live it without Alexis spying. Shawn walked over and the teens quickly closed the laptop. He asked how the homework was going. While looking at Molly, TJ said the problem wasn't easy, but he knew he could solve it.

Jason came in and asked Shawn if he'd seen Michael. Shawn hadn't. Jason asked about Sonny's shooting and Shawn said he'd gone to the restaurant to resign. He told Jason about TJ and said now he had even more of a reason to resign. Shawn confided that it was tough to raise another man's child.

Outside Kelly's, Jason left a voicemail for Michael.

Dante happened upon Michael in an alley, kneeling over Chuck Donofrio's body. Michael had a gun in his hand and Chuck had a gunshot wound to the chest. Dante raced over and moved Michael aside, then checked on Chuck. He was dead. Michael didn't have any reaction.

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