GH Update Tuesday 1/24/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/24/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly called Luke. He was at the Metro Court and well rested after spending the night in the room Carly comped him. Carly tried to call off the favor she had Luke doing to get dirt on Johnny. To her dismay, Luke said it was too late. Carly demanded to know what he'd done, but Luke hung up instead of telling her. Carly stomped her foot in frustration.

Matt dropped by Maxie's and told her he missed her last night. Maxie reminded him that he didn't invite her out. Matt pointed out that he asked to come over but Maxie said it wasn't the same. She was snippy with him because she felt ignored. Spinelli wandered in wearing a robe and eating a bowl of cereal. Matt was put out when he learned that Spinelli was living there. Maxie snapped that she asked Matt first and he refused. Matt asked Maxie if this was an attempt to make him jealous and Maxie told him the world didn't revolve around him.

Maxie temporarily seemed to soften when Matt asked what would happen if he wanted to change his mind and move in after all. Spinelli piped up that he'd already paid rent and signed a one year lease. Spinelli munched on his cereal and watched Maxie and Matt argue. Matt started laying out his case for why Spinelli shouldn't live there. He told Maxie that he told her moving in was a big step that he might not be ready for. Maxie shot back that Matt turned her down. She voiced her own grievances by telling Matt he disrespected her. Maxie was angry because Matt didn't take up for her when Elizabeth accused her of not knowing anything about his research. She told him it was understandable that she didn't know all the medical terms, because she wasn't in the health field. Matt apologized if she felt that way and said he didn't mean to make her feel bad, but he didn't understand what that had to do with Spinelli living there. Maxie replied that Spinelli believed she was being stalked by the man in the fedora. Maxie was adamant that the man was there every time she opened the door. Matt wasn't convinced. Maxie stormed over to the door and gasped in horror because the man was there.

Spinelli leapt up and raced out into the hallway, and Matt followed. The tall man in the fedora dragged them back inside by the backs of their necks and asked Maxie if they were bothering her. The man also flashed a gun. Maxie was confused about what was going on and the man explained that he was her bodyguard. Anthony hired him because he was concerned Maxie would get hurt now that she was living alone and because the attacker was on the loose. Maxie told him he'd been scaring her and he apologized and said he hadn't realized she'd seen him. Once Maxie told the man that Spinelli and Matt weren't bothering her, he went back into the hallway, telling her to call if she needed him. The relieved Maxie smiled and said she had a guardian. Matt and Spinelli bombarded her with questions about why Anthony was protecting her. Maxie pretended not to know why she was on Anthony's radar. She said she had to go to work and left Spinelli and Matt alone.

Tracy and Anthony were in a room at the Metro Court on the boat. Tracy sweetly asked Anthony if he enjoyed his wedding night. Anthony would have enjoyed it more if they'd consummated the marriage. Tracy grinned and said they never would. When Anthony replied that he might cheat on her otherwise, Tracy encouraged him to spend his whole waking life with other women. Anthony was undeterred and assured her that she'd grow to enjoy the marriage. Tracy reminded him that he blackmailed her. She surmised that he'd married her because he wanted to get the ELQ fortune and she promised him that it would never happen. She also vowed to make Anthony's life miserable, but he wasn't fazed. There was a knock on the door. Anthony answered it. Tracy's jaw dropped when she saw Luke walk in pushing a breakfast cart. Luke announced that they must have worked up an appetite after their wedding night. Tracy looked at him scornfully and Anthony told him to leave, but Luke sat down and helped himself to a piece of bacon. Anthony scowled and told Luke he didn't like people stealing from him. Luke shocked Tracy with the news that he was staying at the Metro Court too. He explained that Carly owed him a favor. Tracy scoffed and said those deals always came back to bite Luke, but Luke said he had teeth too, and they'd see whose were sharper. Anthony learned that Luke paid $50 to the waiter. He paid him back and told him to leave him and his bride alone. Tracy, not wanting to be alone with Anthony, urged him to let Luke stay. She hopefully asked if he was there to tell her that their divorce was a fake, but Luke told her it was real. Anthony decided to let Luke hang out, since he and Tracy were checking out in a couple of hours. He grabbed his coat and said he'd go to Johnny's to get his things. Tracy was shocked when Anthony said they were going to live at the Quartermaine mansion. He leaned in to kiss Tracy and she turned her head so he kissed her cheek. Luke asked if Anthony was comfortable leaving Tracy with her ex and he said he knew she was a woman of integrity.

Anthony told Luke he'd kill him if he dropped by uninvited again. Luke made a sarcastic remark and Anthony snarled that no one liked a smart-ass, then he left. “I do” Tracy replied and she motioned for Luke to sit down next to her. He quickly did and asked to see the ring. Tracy showed it off and Luke said it was real. Tracy and Luke reminisced about the expensive Luke purchased to propose to her with. Tracy had been sure he'd conned someone for it and was touched that it was real. Tracy called it the best surprise of her life. Both sadly admitted that they regretted the way things turned out. The two of them lounged on the bed and ate breakfast. Luke asked if she really hadn't slept with Anthony and she retched and said no. Luke reminded her that it had taken her awhile to warm up to him, but Tracy told him not to compare himself to Anthony. She said that while Luke was infuriating, frustrating and exasperating, he was also intoxicating and irresistible. Luke smiled and said thanks, but Tracy said she was still angry with him for not stopping the wedding. Luke said there were armed guards on the boat, but Tracy grumbled that he could have tried for old times sake. She dreaded going home. Luke made light of it, but Tracy was very upset. She castigated herself for getting into this mess. Luke told her he was sure everything would turn out just fine.

Lulu was at the Metro Court restaurant job searching on her laptop. Kate noticed and offered her her old job at Crimson, but Lulu turned her down because she wasn't passionate about fashion. Olivia was behind the bar. She and Kate exchanged lighthearted barbs about the other's fashion sense, then Kate walked over to the elevators and ran into Sonny. Olivia walked over to Lulu and asked if she and Dante were fighting. Lulu said no and when she asked why Olivia would think that, Olivia pointed out that Lulu was drinking wine for breakfast. Lulu explained that she was trying it on Carly's recommendation and that it was almost lunch, but Olivia was still surprised by it. Lulu got a bit defensive and asked if Olivia never had wine with lunch. Olivia dropped it. They talked about Lulu's job search and Olivia suggested she work there at the hotel. Lulu wasn't sure she'd be good at it, but Olivia thought she could handle it after working for “the Ice Queen.” Olivia asked her about the Haunted Star. Lulu admitted she was keeping it because she knew that's where Luke would go if he ever came back. Lulu did know Luke was back in town but she said he was avoiding her. She said Ethan told her not to take it personally. Olivia knew it was easier said than done, but Lulu said she was used to it. Lulu was surprised to learn that he was at the hotel in a room Carly gave him. She wondered what that was about.

Lulu admitted it might be a little early to be drinking wine, but she explained that she was stressed out by the job search. Sounding concerned, Olivia asked if it made her feel better. Lulu smiled and said she was being a shrink. Olivia said she was butting out. She had to go elsewhere in the restaurant, but before she left, she told Lulu that while she had wine at lunch, she never had it alone.

Kate told Sonny he looked good for someone who'd recently been shot. Sonny was feeling great. Sonny and Kate hadn't seen each other in a few days. Kate said she'd done some thinking and decided she wasn't going anywhere; she just wanted Sonny to stay safe. Sonny assured her that he was taking all the necessary precautions. Kate asked if he still thought it was Johnny. Sonny smiled and said he'd taken care of everything. Kate didn't want the details. She mentioned talking to Lulu and Sonny told her about Dante turning down his wedding gift. Kate understood why he'd do that. Sonny was thinking of doing something for Dante and Lulu and asked Kate to dinner that night to help him plan. Kate declined because she was going to San Francisco on business for two days. Sonny suggested that they go together, but Kate said she'd be swamped with work. Each gazed into the other's eyes and Kate promised that he'd be the first person she called when she returned. Sonny noticed that Kate seemed tense and she blamed it on work. She promised to make things up to him after dinner and to call him. After a quick kiss, Kate left. Sonny made his way over to Lulu and sat down at her table. Lulu told him Dante wasn't there, but Sonny said he wanted to talk about Kate. He asked if Kate had a favorite place to stay in San Francisco. Lulu told him the name of the hotel and room number. Sonny said he appreciated how happy Lulu made Dante. Lulu seemed uncomfortable, but she said thank you, then Sonny left. Lulu sipped more wine.

Johnny went to the hospital that issued the birth certificate Sonny gave him. The woman verified that it was legitimate. Johnny's father was Gino Soleito and his mother was Claudia. When he got home, he was still reeling over the truth about his parentage. Carly knocked on the door and called out to him. Johnny ignored her at first, then opened the door. Carly immediately noticed that he wasn't himself. Johnny poured a drink and said he wanted to be alone. Carly said she just wanted to thank him for being decent the night before and staying away from Michael without a price. Johnny said it was no big deal, but Carly disagreed. As Johnny downed another drink, Carly gently tried to figure out what was wrong. Johnny asked why she cared and Carly said she was just trying to return the favor and be nice. Johnny recalled the time she dropped by his place with a blender because she wanted something. “Everything's negotiable. Everybody's got a price, right?” he said. Carly asked if he'd had a run in with Anthony or Sonny, then she hesitantly added Luke to the list. Johnny asked why she'd bring up Luke and Carly made up an excuse.

She brought up being grateful about him turning down Michael again and Johnny snarled that he got it and told her to get out. Instead of leaving, Carly sat down next to him and told him she cared. Carly said she helped his kid. Johnny pointed out that Michael wasn't a kid, but Carly said parents always saw their kids as kids. She talked about the power of a mother's instinct and how it made you do desperate things. Johnny said people could do anything when they had no choice. “Like making a deal to sleep with you?” Carly asked. Johnny said he didn't realize it was such a bad thing, as he gulped down another drink. Carly talked about the way a parent's love could transcend anything. Johnny replied that he had no experience with that. Carly said she was sure Anthony wasn't a typical parent and Johnny told her about him shooting at him and his mother taking the bullet. Carly told Johnny to do things differently than Anthony when he had kids, but she told him not to get too hasty. Carly offered to be there for Johnny if he wanted to talk, then she left. Johnny pulled out his birth certificate and stared at it. Anthony came in and called Johnny “Son” and told him he missed the wedding. Johnny called him and SOB and told Anthony to never call him his son again.

Jason went to see Robin and asked how she was doing. Robin said she felt fine, all things considered. Robin told him he was right not to help her disappear and to urge her to tell Patrick. She told him that she'd filled Patrick in. Jason was glad to hear that she and Patrick were good. Robin told Jason the doctor in Seattle put her on a new drug protocol but it would be a few weeks before she found out if it was working. Robin talked about Liz telling Patrick the truth. Robin told Jason how supportive Patrick had been and how he wanted them to deal with everything together. She asked how Jason was and he claimed he was fine, but he began to clench his fist again when Robin talked about Franco's death. Robin called his attention to it and disagreed that he was fine. Jason hadn't realized he was doing it. He admitted that he was still getting angry too, but he didn't feel sick. Robin thought there might be a medical explanation and urged him to take it easy until the other test results came back. Jason didn't want Robin to worry about him, but Robin said she cared about him too much not to. Robin didn't understand why Jason was so angry now that Franco was gone and couldn't hurt them anymore.

Sam was at her office when Michael arrived to hire her. He wanted her to track down Chuck D'onofrio, the suspect in the attacks and find proof that he was guilty. Michael showed Sam his gun and implied that he was going to kill Chuck if the cops didn't arrest him. Michael hoped that if Sam found proof that Chuck was guilty, the justice system would go easy on him (Michael). Sam asked where he got the gun, but Michael wouldn't tell her. Sam refused to help him when he wouldn't tell her what was going on. Michael's voice cracked with pain as he said Abby was everything to him. Sam understood but told Michael that he couldn't become a vigilante. Michael told her about being turned away when he went to Sonny and Johnny looking to use their organizations to track Chuck down. Michael said he was going to stop Chuck if no one else would. He picked up a newspaper that was running Franco's death as front page news and asked Sam if that wasn't what Jason did to Franco. Sam said they couldn't know that Jason was involved in Franco's death, but they did know Jason wouldn't want Michael to go after Chuck. She didn't think Michael would feel better if Chuck was found and Michael admitted that was probably true, but he thought it was a start. Sam urged him to see that Abby's death was an accident, but Michael still blamed his attempt to protect Abby and his distracting her by talking to her on the phone, and the attacker for Abby's death.

Michael sniffled as he talked about how hard it was to go on without Abby. He said he didn't want a future if Abby wasn't going to be there. Sam told him that Abby would want him to go on with his life. Michael replied that Abby wouldn't want her friends to be attacked, but Sam countered that Abby wouldn't approve of him having a gun and going after the attacker. Michael said he was going to get rid of the gun. Sam offered to do it, but Michael said he needed to do it himself. He asked her to find Chuck. Sam asked if he was sure he was guilty. Michael said he was sure enough that he wanted to kill him. Michael admitted that he wasn't objective and said that's why he needed Sam's help.

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