GH Update Monday 1/23/12

General Hospital Update Monday 1/23/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At General Hospital, the Dr. Steven Webber and his friend Maggie talk about Charlotte’s dramatic recovery.

Robin returns home from work tired after putting Emma to bed. Patrick is also home and reminds her she previously told him she wanted to talk to him. She then tells him she wanted to tell him all about the conference but he can tell that she is hiding something form him. He tells her he knows she was not at a conference, he tells her. She was with a patient.

Sam is with Jason at the hospital after finding out she’s pregnant and not knowing if Jason is the father or if she’s having Franco’s baby. They agree that they will keep the pregnancy a secret until they know.

Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri meets with Jax and remarks how he had people fooled into believing he died. But he reminds her that if it were up to Sonny, he really would be dead.

Sonny goes to find Johnny Zacchara with an envelope telling him he’s come to bring him the pages of his life story. Johnny does not want to discuss this with him. But Sonny smirks revealing that he now knows some things he never before knew about Anthony’s son.

At the hospital, Maggie talks about how Steven has performed a plastic surgery miracle. She reminds him that they used to work together. She knows he’s going to meet with Olivia later.

Patrick asks Robin if she could just tell him what happened that she does not want to tell him. She then admits that she just found out that her HIV meds stopped working and that she found out for the first time, the day after Lisa died which was months ago. He demands to know why she didn’t tell him. She admits she did not know. She was afraid she’d lose what they had to do knowing how hard they’ve worked to be happy and with their daughter. She wanted to be able to enjoy Christmas together. He asks her why she had to keep a secret and doesn’t she realize that he’s her husband and she must tell him things like that. She didn’t want to cause this to happen to his life. But he reminds her that this is their life and she cannot shut him out and doesn’t she trust him? He asks what she did when she found out. She replies that she was not there. She was in Seattle. She lied about why she went there but did not want to worry him for no reason. She started a second round of meds and hoped they would work. But she found out they did not. She intended to get it under control on her own. She has seen Dr. McCabe’s research and has had great results with his patients in Africa. He has almost prevented HIV from happening. She doesn’t know what will happen but they will know in a few weeks for sure.

Luke is ready to attend the wedding of Tracy and Anthony Zacchara.

Johnny Zacchara tells Sonny he already knows that his “father” is a sick bastard. He is not proud of being Anthony Zacchara's son. But Sonny is about to enlighten him to something he’s never known regarding his birth certificate and the fact that Anthony is not his biological father. He looks at it and asks Sonny if this is supposed to be some kind of joke. Sonny replies that he is not laughing. It’s real.

Jason and Sam talk to the Ob-Gyn doctor about the procedure that could determine whether Jason or the “other man” (whom they don’t want to know) is the father. But, she warns them, there are risks to the procedure which include miscarriage. Jason does not like that but Sam protests that she has to know.

Tracy hesitates to go through with the wedding. Luke reminds her and Anthony that this is her 9th wedding and 8 of the previous ones were illegal. Tracy does not want to participate in any of the “festivities” of the wedding when Maxi wants to “loan” her a garter belt and be her maid of honor.

The document that Sonny wants to show Johnny reveals that Gino, instead of Anthony, is his father. Johnny is not impressed that somebody not a lot better than Anthony is allegedly his father and asks Sonny if he went through with this ridiculous scam to have him believing that, get his guard down and enable Sonny to take over his territory. Sonny tells Johnny maybe he thought Johnny deserved to know the truth. Johnny tells Sonny he believes it’s crap and probably concocted from Spinelli's computer. But Sonny “affirms” that it’s legit and from the Bronx. But Johnny reminds Sonny that he did not do his research well enough to scam him assuming that Johnny was born in the Bronx. Sonny needs to try further north. But Sonny tells Johnny he needs to wake up and know that his father (Anthony) has been feeding him lies since he was born. Johnny tells Sonny he knows Sonny just wants to drive a wedge between him and his father. Sonny then reiterates to him that Anthony is not his father. Johnny then asks Sonny just what his angle is in all of this and why does he care?

Jax and Kate/Connie are talking about her prospective future with Sonny and she tells him he need not worry. Sonny has “come a long way”. Jax tells her that is so not true. Sonny has completely lost it recently. But she tells him that Sonny was merely out of control after Brenda left him but that has changed. He does not buy that and tells Kate/Connie he’s surprised that she does not follow in Brenda’s footsteps and get enough sense to be rid of Sonny. She clarifies to him that Brenda simply decided that her child would not be safe if she was with Sonny. But he tells her if she gets into another relationship with Sonny, Kate Howard, the rich and successful woman will no longer exist. And she will just be another “trophy” on Sonny’s arm. She tells him she appreciates his concern but has learned from her mistakes. He tells her apparently not if she’s still defending him. She reminds him that when Carly believed he died, she turned all of her kids away from Sonny. He tells her he’s glad they had enough sense to do that. And tells her he knows she won’t listen to him and can do whatever she wants. But he tells her he has a “business proposition” for her.

On the rooftop Steven and Maggie are talking about their history as partners in crime while they make paper airplanes.

Robin tells Patrick she is going to be ok. They have to believe that. He tells her hat he cannot imagine why she kept this secret and did not want him to help her. She replies because she knows he would have wanted to fix something that cannot be fixed. She protests that she just wanted to do the right thing for her family and tells him she needs to be prepared for what his life will be like for him if she gets sick. He tells her he will be there for her. She tells him it’s not that simple. She remembers watching Stone getting sicker and sicker and she does not want that for him or for Emma. He tells her she does not get to make that choice. He wants to be there for her. She tells him she doesn’t want him to remember her as just a fragment and a terrible worry. He assures her that they will get through this but tells her he needs to know one thing. Did Lisa mess with her prescription? She admits yes. He then concludes that this is his fault. She then concludes that this is the very reason why she wasn’t about to tell him the truth. He tells her that he knows she’s been going behind his back talking to Elizabeth thinking she will take her place for Patrick and talking to Jason because he knows how to “make people disappear”. And Patrick asks her why she has not trusted him. He is her husband. What does this say about their marriage?

At the hospital, Elizabeth knows that Jason is running some tests about something that he is not sharing with anybody. She tells him she didn’t mean to pry but has just been worried about him recently. He tells her he’s asked to get the test done because he simply needs some answers.

Johnny tells Sonny he bets Sonny has some twisted plan to take Johnny away from his father because Sonny might be afraid that Michael is pulling away from him. Michael seems to know he’s not a Corinthos, may not want to be a Corinthos and it’s possible Michael might be considering becoming a Zacchara. Hearing that, Sonny demands that Johnny watches his mouth. He tells Sonny he knows Sonny is upset and has frustration and anger that Michael would rather work for his enemy than for him and will not fall in line the way Sonny wants him to. So Sonny is coming with him with this bogus story to get into Johnny’s head so that he would question his life like Michael is questioning his. Sonny is confident however, that he is onto something. It says that Maria was not his mother. And he now knows how it was that Claudia was so protective of him. He is not Claudia’s brother. He’s Claudia’s son!

Robin tells Patrick she was afraid of having him lose her like she lost Stone. But he tells her that Stone’s story does not have to be hers. She must believe that she is doing to beat this and that he is going to be with her every step of the way. He tells her that they are going to do this together. No more secrets. They must now do everything from now on, together. Ok? Shea agrees. The cry together and hold each other.

Elizabeth talks to Jason about how she could see how worried Robin was about her fate. And they wonder how it was that Robin wanted to keep a secret from Patrick and want Elizabeth to take her place and be Emma’s mom. Sam then comes out after her procedure and Jason asks how it went. Sam said it was ok. The doctor confirms that they have sent both of their DNA samples to the lab and they should have the results in a few more days.

At Tracy’s and Anthony’s wedding, she cannot answer if she takes this man to be her lawfully wedding husband. Luke stands beside them and knows that Tracy will not go through with it. But she does to his surprise and shock.

Olivia interrupts her boyfriend’s time with Maggie and wonders what they have been secretly talking about or planning. He tells her that the beauty of the game is that it’s not just about curing the sick. It’s about treating the soul. She opens up the paper airplanes that they wrote about their fun history together. But he kisses her and assures her that he is committed to her.

Jax asks Connie/Kate if they have a deal. She agrees to continue to work with him and be his friend even though they disagree about Sonny. He has to catch a flight and hugs her good bye. But he urges her not to tell anyone she saw him.

Sonny gloats to Johnny, sarcastically telling him he may “look on the Brightside”. He’s not a Zacchara the way he wanted. But he now knows about his sister’s secret. He’s not implying that Anthony would knock up his own daughter but he does know that he pimped Claudia out to his business partner. Sonny goes on talking when Johnny pulls out his gun and demands that Sonny shuts his mouth. But Sonny asks him why he needs to do that unless he’s afraid of the truth.

When Sam returns to Jason, he asks her if she wants to stay there. She tells him no way. She just wants to get home and curl up on the couch in his arms. Elizabeth wishes them well and tells them she hopes they get the “results soon”. Wondering what Elizabeth might have found out while talking privately to Jason, Sam asks her what results. Elizabeth replies the results of Jason’s test.

Robin and Patrick hold each other on the couch and affirm that things will have to go their way so that they can get through this. And we see their wedding picture on the mantel piece.

Luke and Maxie take pictures of Tracy and Anthony at their wedding. And we clearly see that she is not happy. Anthony calls her Venus and reminds her that what is his is hers and what is hers is his.

Alone at the place where she’s met Jax, Connie/Kate gets a call from someone demanding her time and assistance with something. She is not happy that they have taken her away from what she wants to do.

While Johnny pulls the gun on Sonny and tells him he better get out, Sonny continues to talk about how Anthony has wanted his “son” to believe lies throughout his life. He needs to face up to the truth and he may throw the document away if he wants, Sonny tells him because he (Sonny) has many copies. Sonny then leaves. Johnny sits alone in the room not knowing what to say or do.

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