GH Update Friday 1/20/12

General Hospital Update Friday 1/20/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Liz approaches Epiphany who is about to get on the elevator. Liz offers that she is heading across the street for coffee and asks if Epiphany would like something. Epiphany declines but says someone in examining room 3 might. Liz heads to exam room 3 to find Patrick.

Jax, having just approached Michael (gun drawn) are in an alley, Jax asks what he's doing with a gun.

As part of a business deal, intended to keep Michael out of the mob, Carly and Johnny are making out on his couch. Johnny pulls away.

Sonny is in his office, on the phone talking about the Zacchara's, the Soleito's and Jax. He's trying to gather information on each family, but mostly Jax. As his phone conversation ends, Luke walks in with an envelop he believes holds valuable information for Sonny.

Kate (aka Connie Falconeri), has brought some lovely haute couture designer dresses to Olivia's place, in hopes of breaking the ice between them and to soften the blow with news that she and Sonny are dating.

At Sonny's office, Luke is acts mysterious about the paper he is trying to sell to Sonny, and guarantees it is worth the money. Luke tells Sonny that the information he contains is info on Johnny and Anthony.

In the alley, Michael tells Jax he has the gun "because he needed it for something." Jax treated Michael like a man and did not order him around or demand things of him; he placed blame on himself for leaving to start with. He listened to Michael as he described his trip to scatter Abby's ashes and responded appropriately; Jax came clean about playing dead and asks Michael to cut Carly some slack.

On the couch at Johnny's place, Carly pulls Johnny back to her and they start kissing again. Johnny pulls away again as he says he can't. He gets up and says he's trying to do the right thing and he lets her off the hook for their business deal. Voices rising Carly, in panic mode yells that they have a deal; Johnny yells that she doesn't get it and he will not hurt Michael, he tells her that Michael is in a bad place and is making decisions that will get him killed. She agrees but is now worried that Johnny will join his organization. Johnny swears he isn't going to use Michael or her.

On the party boat, Anthony has made all the preparation for his and Tracy's nuptials, he walks into Tracy's room. Anthony brings Maxie, who he has blackmailed into planning every detail of the wedding with 2 weeks notice. Once Anthony leaves the room, Tracy demands that Maxie get her off the boat.

Sonny asks Luke why he is poking around the Zacchara family business and asks to see the info. Luke says he was doing a favor for someone and hands the info over and Sonny. After seeing the information, Sonny looks very pleased.

As they look at dresses, Olivia and Kate talk about Kate's relationship with Sonny and how they are putting the past behind them and moving forward. Olivia accuses Kate of telling her this to make sure Olivia doesn't get in the way. Kate does not deny this.

At GH, Liz is concerned about Patrick who is scared, sad and angry about Robin not sharing her HIV status with him. Liz listens as Patrick explains his feelings; Liz tries to help him understand that Robin wants to spare him all the worry. Patrick's phone rings, it's Robin; he answers the phone and asks where she is. She says she got stuck but the flight will take off in an hour and she'll be home soon. Robin asks Patrick to meet her at home because she has to tell him something.

On the party boat, Tracy tries wrestling Maxie's cell phone from her in an effort to get off the boat. Hearing the commotion, Game Runner, the ex-con ordained minister friend of Anthony's, the guy who is performing the ceremony to marry Tracy and Anthony asks if everything is okay. Tracy tells him she's being held prisoner, he tells her that God works in mysterious ways and walks out of the room. A very out of breath Tracy tells Maxie that she just wants to have Anthony arrested and their problem will be solved. Anthony walks in with a reminder to both of them, that they will have more problems if that happens. The ladies each realize that he is blackmailing them both. Anthony hurries them along to prepare for the wedding.

Carly and Johnny discuss growing up in a mob family. They come to an understanding; Johnny assures her that Michael will be safe and she does not have to sleep with him to ensure that safety.

Jax and Michael talk about Carly; Michael is angry that Carly didn't tell anyone that Jax could be alive. Jax apologizes for not being there for him and his brother and sister. Michael says he wants Jax to stay. Jax says he can't and explains that Sonny blames him for Brenda leaving and is in danger if he stays; that the only way he could stay is if Sonny is gone. Michael tells Jax that Sonny got shot the other night and his father won't come after him if he talks to him. Jax says he isn't abandoning them but he does not want them, Michael, Morgan and Josslyn to choose between Sonny and him and asks Michael to take care of their family by staying out of trouble.

Sonny asks Luke if what he is reading is a joke; Luke assures it's the real thing. Sonny says he'll wire money to Luke's off shore account for the info. Luke says that's not the only reason he's there; he asks Sonny to keep Dante out of danger so that Lulu wouldn't be a young widow. Sonny agrees and asks Luke about Tracy's wedding to Anthony. Luke walks out saying he has that covered.

Tracy is in her wedding dress talking with Maxie, Anthony comes in with Game Runner, who is ready to perform the wedding ceremony; Game Runner beings the ceremony.

At Patrick and Robin's house, to help Patrick, Liz has just put Emma down for the night. She offers to take the baby for the night, so that he and Robin can talk when she gets home. Patrick declines the offer as Liz begins to tidy up before leaving. Patrick is clearly worried, Liz reassures him and tells him to just love her, they hug and Liz leaves.

Olivia and Kate are still discussing Kate's relationship with Sonny. Kate told Olivia that Sonny was shot in the side. Olivia asks if she's okay; Kate says she's not really. Olivia snaps at her that she needs to tell Sonny how she feels; Kate agrees. Olivia grabs a dress to go try on; Olivia makes a call to someone and says they need to meet, "again." She agrees to meet them at the airport cocktail lounge, she states that she's at a cross roads and the next move might break her (sounds an awful lot like when Brenda wore a wire).

Johnny pours more drinks as he and Carly discuss keeping Michael out of harm's way. Carly asks, one more time, if Johnny will keep Michael safe; he assures he will, with no strings.

Jax pleads with Michael to get rid of the gun; Michael says that he will. Jax asks one last thing, to keep quiet about seeing him; Michael agrees.

As Carly and Johnny sip their drinks they wrap up their conversation with flirtation and assurance that Johnny will keep Michael safe. Carly kisses Johnny before leaving.

Before leaving, Michael asks Jax if he came back for him; he says that he did. With assurance that Michael has a chance to be a good man in spite of how he was raised and who he was raised by. Before walking away, he asks Michael one last favor, to kiss Josslyn for him and tell her that her father loves him. With tears in their eyes, the men part ways.

Patrick sits waiting for Robin to return home, as she opens the door, he goes to her for a much needed hug.

Kate sits in a lounge at the airport, she turns and Jax is standing there.

Johnny is on the phone with someone making sure that they understand Michael does not work for his organization. Someone knocks on the door; he answers it to find a very arrogant Sonny entering his house.

On the party boat, Game Runner asks if there is anyone who objects to speak now or hold their peace. Just then, Luke walks in; Tracy smiles.

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