GH Update Wednesday 1/18/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/18/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn had Alexis meet him at Kelly's, because he needed advice. Molly tagged along. As Alexis asked if Shawn's question had anything to do with him moving, Carly walked in. She asked why no one told her Shawn was leaving. Shawn said he had been planning to leave, but something came up. TJ came downstairs and asked if the women were there to help Shawn get rid of him. Shawn said they were his friends and he introduced them all to TJ Ashford. Shawn explained that he served with TJ's father in Afghanistan. Carly asked if TJ stood for Tommy Jr. TJ asked how she knew that and Carly told him that Shawn mentioned him often. Molly asked TJ what grade he was in. She perked up when she learned they were both freshmen and offered to show him around at school. Alexis knew the principal and offered to call and help get TJ enrolled. Shawn half-heartedly said that would be great. Alexis gave Molly money to buy TJ fries, and the two teens went over to the counter. Alexis went to call the principal. Carly asked Shawn if he would have really left without saying goodbye. Shawn said he wouldn't have left without seeing Josslyn. Then he added that he meant Carly, too. Shawn said he was staying because of TJ. Carly asked about her relationship with Shawn, then dropped the subject. Shawn wished it could be different. “It is what it is” Carly said.

Carly asked what Shawn was going to do about TJ. Shawn wasn't sure how to help the boy. Carly knew it must be a difficult situation for Shawn, since he accidentally killed TJ's father. Alexis returned, then Ewen walked in and asked to speak with her. He told Alexis that he wanted to rent Wyndemere. Alexis said she meant no offense but thought it would be insane to live there. Ewen explained that he had a patient who was drawn to the estate. After hearing Ewen say that he was trying to help Cassandra find her version of normal and hearing him explain that normality was relative, Alexis said he'd be a good fit for Wyndemere and agreed to let him rent it.

Carly said she thought helping TJ would be good for Shawn. She told him to call if she needed help. Shawn wasn't sure how to talk to TJ. Carly suggested getting him into Morgan's school, but Shawn didn't think it would be a good fit. Carly agreed that he didn't seem like the boarding school type. Shawn said he didn't know much about TJ. Shawn brought Carly up to speed on TJ's story. He'd been getting in trouble in home and around town and his mom couldn't handle him anymore. The local law enforcement was giving TJ a break because of what happened to Tommy, but he'd used up all his chances and would have had to go to juvenile detention if he caused any more trouble in his town. Carly assured Shawn that he'd be a positive male influence, but Shawn wasn't sure he could be, because of the nature of his job. He said he'd need to get legal work in order to be a good example. Carly said her mom was in Seattle and they needed someone to run Kelly's. Shawn accepted her offer and thanked her. Carly smiled and said she was glad he didn't freak out like he did when she got him that teaching job. Shawn said she was a good friend and he was lucky to have her. They smiled at each other, then Shawn looked over and met eyes with TJ.

Molly told TJ he was lucky to be staying with Shawn. She shared that he'd helped her out when she was going through a tough time. TJ flippantly asked if she didn't make the cheerleading squad. Molly persevered and said Shawn told her about some of the tough things he experienced in Afghanistan and she said she guessed TJ's dad must have been through the same thing. Molly said she knew Shawn was hurting, but TJ said he didn't care about Shawn's feelings. He asked Molly what she did and she said she read a lot and loved the libraries. She told TJ he'd need to go to the library too because he had a lot of school work to catch up on. TJ declared that there was no way he was going to that school.

At McCall and Jackal, Jason hovered impatiently over Spinelli's shoulder while Spinelli researched something for him. Spinelli read about the fire at Franco's studio and told Jason. Franco's body had beef found inside and the police had ruled the fire accidental. Jason seemed pleased. Spinelli knew Jason was responsible. Jason thanked him for tracking Franco down and Spinelli said he was happy to help Jason and Sam because they'd been great friends. Spinelli asked if this meant that Franco wouldn't ever affect them again. Jason didn't respond. Spinelli was curious as to why Jason wasn't more relieved that Franco was gone for good. Ethan walked in and apologized for interrupting, but Jason said he was leaving. Spinelli offered to do anything he could to help Jason. Jason said thanks and left. Spinelli pulled up a picture of Cassandra on his phone and told Ethan he knew he was there because of her. Ethan reminded Spinelli that he suggested she'd done something wrong. Spinelli said he only implied it. Ethan wondered if Spinelli was trying to scare him off so he could have Cassandra to himself. Spinelli explained that he was only interested in the mystery surrounding Cassandra. Ethan wanted to help Cassandra by figuring out who she was. Spinelli warned Ethan that digging into Cassandra's past might cause her to retreat, but Ethan said he wouldn't let that happen. Spinelli pointed out that Cassandra might have a husband out there, but Ethan was willing to take the risk.

Sam was at home in bed having a nightmare. It featured her photo shoot with Franco, the baby she saw in the hospital and Franco saying he and Jason were going to be a daddy. She woke up with a gasp. When Jason got home she hugged him and told him about her dream. She didn't recall what happened, but remembered feeling trapped. They sat on the couch and Sam hated feeling so scared and weak. Jason held her close and said she didn't have to be scared anymore. Sam wished they could hold each other like that forever. Sam told Jason that they had to discuss what to do with the baby. She wished she never had the procedure. Jason said not to say that, since she wanted a baby. Sam said she wanted HIS baby. Sam wasn't sure she could carry and love Franco's child. Jason asked if she wanted to end the pregnancy. Sam said she didn't want Franco's baby and didn't know what to do. Sam said she was trying to focus on herself and Jason, but she could feel the baby changing her body. Jason pointed out that the baby could be his. Sam cried that she knew, but she was filled with hate and she felt like she was directing it at the baby. Sam didn't think that was true. Sam asked what they would do if the baby looked like Franco. Sam didn't know what to do and said what if the baby was Jason's. Jason said he'd be the happiest man in the world. Sam sobbed that she couldn't live with the not knowing. Jason said he loved her and would support her decision no matter what. Sam scheduled an appointment for an in utero paternity test. She told Jason the test was very safe and could be done soon. Jason thought it was a good idea to find out what they were facing. They hugged.

At the hospital, Maxie showed Matt the pictures from their photo shoot. She gushed about how well they turned out and told Matt he had a career in modeling. Elizabeth sarcastically said he could model when he wasn't developing groundbreaking treatments and doing surgery. Matt joked that modeling was difficult; you had to stand and smile all at the same time. Maxie told Matt that Kate was going to let them lead the feature and that she said she'd never seen pictures where the models had so much chemistry. Matt liked the pictures and seemed flattered about what Kate said. Liz wasn't impressed. Despite Maxie's attempt to make Liz go away, Liz interjected that she had something to show Matt that would be important to him. A prestigious medical journal had published Matt's work and Liz had a copy. Matt's response to this was more enthusiastic than his response to Maxie's surprise. He called it amazing and thanked Liz. Maxie insincerely said it was sweet of Liz, then leaned on Matt's arm while the two of them read the article together.

Liz explained that she had the journal send her an early copy. Maxie derided the journal's cheap look and lack of glossy pages. Liz told Maxie she was missing the point. Maxie disagreed. She said the journal's layout was just as important as the message and that no one read them because they were poorly designed. Maxie said Crimson's message would reach more people. She and Liz shot barbs at each other about which publications' readership was more important. Maxie's article touched on Matt's research too and while Maxie hadn't remembered any “sciencey” words when she talked to the interviewer, she was sure the readers of Crimson would learn a lot about Matt's efforts to fight cancer. Maxie proudly said she knew exactly what Matt's research was all about. The disbelieving Liz asked her to prove it. Matt asked if Maxie was sure she wanted to do this. Maxie said she talked about his research and what a genius Matt was all the time. She bravely launched into an analogy that likened cancer to an undesirable girl at a party who latched onto a guy and wouldn't go away. Maxie stumbled when she tried to use scientific terms to explain Matt's treatment. Epiphany walked by and filled in one of the words Maxie was searching for. Matt corrected another word Maxie said, while Liz stifled a laugh. Undeterred, Maxie brightly said Matt was going to be famous and she was going to frame the article and hang it in their place. Liz picked up on that and questioned whether Matt was living with her. Liz reminded Maxie that she'd accused her of being afraid to live alone. Maxie said she had reason to feel that way, because she had a stalker. Matt added that a man with hat had been following Maxie. Maxie clarified that it was a fedora. Liz thought Maxie was lying, but Maxie didn't care what she thought. Liz congratulated Matt on his article and said she was proud, then walked to another section of the lobby as Maxie glared at her.

Maxie complained to Matt that he let Liz make her look bad. Matt said Liz was just trying to see if Maxie understood the article. Maxie asserted that not knowing “lab geek” words didn't mean she didn't understand it. Matt asked if she meant lab geeks like him. He told her she couldn't pronounce the word because she didn't care about his article or research. Maxie insisted that it wasn't true. Matt added that she cared about Crimson and the crisis of the day. Maxie maintained that the man with the fedora was a serious thing. Matt made light of it, but the upset Maxie was adamant that it was real. Just then, the man walked by. Maxie saw him, but by the time Matt, he was gone. To Maxie's dismay, Matt became exasperated with her and implied that she was lying. Matt asked why anyone would be following her. Sounding panicky, Maxie vaguely rambled about accidentally setting something in motion and inviting in a dangerous person that she wouldn't save if he was drowning if she'd have known how much trouble it would cause. Matt replied that he had no idea what she was talking about. Maxie said he didn't need to. She begged him to move in with her, but Matt told her to talk to her dad if she was so worried. When Maxie insisted that Mac couldn't know about this, Matt shrugged. Maxie said she'd find someone who did care, then she stormed off.

Kate rushed into the Metro Court, ordered a glass of wine, then rested her head on the bar. It was clear that she was upset and on edge. Sonny walked in just after her and asked if she was drinking because of him. Kate snapped at him for following her even though she told him she needed some space. Sonny explained that he was worried because she'd left so quickly. In a testy tone, Kate whispered that it made no sense for him to worry about her, when he was the one who'd been shot. Kate was furious when Sonny said it wasn't a big deal. She told Sonny that moments like this were the reason she broke up with him when they were teens. Kate said she was sick of having her stomach in knots over Sonny and she didn't want to do it anymore. Sonny asked if she was breaking up with him. Kate ranted about what it was like not to be sure if Sonny was going to live out the day. Sonny apologized, but Kate spat that he wasn't sorry enough to change. Kate wondered aloud why she'd gotten involved with him again. Sonny said all he could do was try his best to keep her safe. “This isn't about me, you freaking idiot!” Kate exclaimed. She burst into tears and said she couldn't be a gangster's girlfriend anymore.

Kate walked away and Sonny followed her. She'd stopped crying. Sonny tried to make light of his wound and told Kate that people got hurt all the time. Kate took issue with the way Sonny marginalized getting shot. She accused him of deflecting in order to convince her that she didn't have the right to feel angry scared, a little guilty and confused. Sonny didn't understand why she felt guilty. Kate believed that none of this would have happened had she not tried to play savior. She said it was partially Olivia's fault for going to Kate's office and demanding that she help Sonny. Kate said she wasn't equipped to deal with Sonny's lifestyle. Sonny said she'd been able to do what no one else could, but Kate said she couldn't do it anymore. Sonny thought they could fix things, but Kate disagreed. Kate felt guilty for leading Sonny to believe they could make the relationship work, then realizing she didn't think she could accept his life.

Sonny apologized for mishandling the shooting and said next time he'd do things differently. Sonny said he didn't call her because he was afraid she'd panic and leave him. He promised to keep her informed in the future, but Kate wasn't sure that was true. She told Sonny that he minimized things to get what he wanted, which was her at the moment. Sonny said it wasn't just at the moment. Kate added that she was already traumatized enough by this shooting that he didn't want to know about the next one. Sonny tried to sweet and charming to change her mind, but Kate said that while she kept letting herself fall under his spell, it wouldn't work forever. Kate said they were both to blame. Kate told Sonny she cared about him and liked being with him but she had priorities and a reputation to uphold. Sonny pointed out that he'd never interfered with her work. Kate agreed, but said he might someday or that one day he might need her when she wasn't there. Kate gently told Sonny she couldn't make him the center of her life. Sonny said he wasn't asking her to.

Sonny reminded her of the confrontation they had with the lady at the park in Benonhurst. Kate was still annoyed that the lady had been so rude to Sonny. Sonny admitted that some of the things the woman said were true. The reason Sonny brought it up was because he noticed how Kate beamed when the woman said Kate's mother was proud of her. Kate smiled and said she missed her mom, and she regretted realizing that she didn't have to leave her whole family to be successful. Sonny said they all had regrets. One of his regrets was spending so much time focusing on the past. Sonny said his point was that he was proud of who Kate had become and would never ask her to compromise herself or sacrifice her career for him. He just wanted to have a little part of her life. Kate didn't know if it was practical and asked what if one of them needed more than that. Sonny asked if she wanted it to be like it was when they were teens and they avoided each other and stayed off of each other's property. Kate hadn't known he'd gone to those lengths to avoid her and found it preposterous. Sonny explained that he did it because he was afraid she didn't want to see him, but Kate shot that down and said he did it because he was too busy with all the other girls. Sonny said they left things unresolved last time and he didn't want to leave things that way again and always wonder what could have been. Kate replied that she didn't want to pretend him getting shot was normal or to be a target. Sonny talked Kate out of breaking up with him right now. Kate got Sonny to agree to give her space to give their relationship some thought. Sonny left.

Olivia walked into her living room and found Steve looking out the window. She hugged him and reminded him that it was late, but Steve said he didn't want to leave yet. They'd spent the night together and Steve smiled as he said Olivia had been more enthusiastic than usual last night and this morning. Olivia noted that he seemed more relaxed now. She believed he'd been stressed out over work. Steve said he tried not not to bring it home, since he had her there waiting. They kissed. Olivia broached the subject of their relationship and said that what they had going was nice, but the hospital paged Steve before she could finish her thought. He apologized, but Olivia told him not to say sorry for having to go save lives. When Steve lamented going back to work in the same clothes he'd worn the day before, Olivia suggested leaving a change of clothes at her place. When Steve said he'd have to call a cab because his car was in the shop, Olivia offered to give him a ride. Steve asked what she was going to say earlier, and Olivia said they could discuss it later. They kissed.

Olivia and Steve arrived at the hospital giggling about Steve wearing the same clothes as the day before. Maggie overheard them. There was some tension between the two women, but they were polite to each other. Maggie thanked Steve for coming in. Olivia realized that Maggie was behind the emergency page. Olivia was horrified when Maggie explained that she needed Steve to consult on a five year old burn victim. Olivia hugged Steve, then he and Maggie left. Olivia started counting to keep her composure. Liz noticed and asked what was going on. In strained tone, Olivia said she was choosing to believe that people were basically good and that Maggie wasn't using a severely injured five year old girl as an excuse to stay close to Steve. It was clear that Olivia was trying to convince herself that this was true. Olivia continued to count as she walked to the elevator. Steve stopped her and said he was going to be awhile. They chatted a bit about the little girl, then just as they kissed goodbye, Maggie called out to Steve.

Matt talked to Liz about how she'd been the biggest supporter of his research and the first person he told about it. Liz grinned and said she was honored to be his first. She tried to make him feel better about Maxie having other interests, but Matt said Maxie couldn't even pretend to care and now she wanted him to just drop everything and move in with her. Matt didn't understand Maxie sometimes.

Maxie went to see Spinelli at his office. He was staring at a picture of Cassandra. Maxie made a snide comment about it. Maxie said she reconsidered and asked Spinelli to move in.

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