GH Update Tuesday 1/17/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/17/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth was at work. She left a voice mail for Patrick offering to be there for him if he wanted to talk. Matt walked up; Patrick unexpectedly took the day off and Matt was there to cover for him. Liz said she thought Patrick might be feeling sick and overwhelmed by taking care of Emma. Matt pointed out that Liz was juggling two kids and a job, but Liz admitted that she had some rocky days as well. Matt asked if she was still seeing Ewen. Liz replied that she wasn't involved with anyone. Matt told Liz about Maxie asking him to move in and turning her down because he wasn't ready. Liz asked if he wasn't ready ready for commitment at all or committing to Maxie. Matt paused and before he could answer, Ewen walked over and asked Liz to do something with him. He took her to the supply closet and said he could tell from her eyes that she'd been upset recently and he wanted to help. Ewen had her close her eyes and pretend she was in a magic elevator that could transport her to any time or place. Liz thought the exercise was weird, but Ewen encouraged her to give it a try. Ewen asked her where she was imagining they were. Liz looked at peace as she said they were here. She told Ewen there wasn't any place she'd rather be. Liz explained that her friend's health crisis had made her appreciate how lucky she was and that while she wanted her life to improve, she didn't want a different life. Ewen said most people liked the fantasy of imagining a different life, but Liz said if you go back in time, nothing changes and if you go forward you miss what's in front of you. Liz opined that people had to make the best out of what was given to you. Ewen declared that his work was done, and he left the supply closet.

Lulu went to the police station and had breakfast with Dante. They had a wonderful time and Lulu declared that marrying him had been the best thing she'd ever done. Lulu told Dante she was looking into a possible job but she decided not to tell him what it was until she made her decision. Lulu shared that she was worried because Tracy was marrying Anthony. Dante thought the marriage was a ploy to make Luke jealous, but Lulu disagreed. She told Dante that Tracy hadn't been returning her calls. Lulu sighed and lamented being sucked into her family's issues again, but Dante told her it made sense to be concerned about the woman who'd been like a mother to her. Lulu was concerned that Anthony might be blackmailing Tracy. Dante offered to look into it, but Lulu thought they should wait until Tracy called her. Lulu realized it was time for her appointment. She kissed Dante goodbye and left. Delores arrived and asked how Dante's breakfast was. Dante said good and offered her a bagel he'd saved for her. Delores had already eaten. She told Dante she had a plan to catch the attacker. She knew about a new psychiatrist that was in town and wanted to have him interview the victims. Dante wasn't convinced it was a good idea, but he agreed to try it since they didn't have anything else to go on. Delores told Dante she'd already set up the meeting. Just then, Ewen arrived and introduced himself.

Ewen looked over the file and said he thought the the attacker was desperate for recognition. He believed that the attacks would continue to escalate until the attacker felt he'd been noticed. Ewen also thought that the cases had more in common than all the victims being dancers, but he wasn't sure what else tied the attacks together. Delores and Dante allowed him to take the copy of the files and get back to them. Ewen left. Dante wasn't sure that Ewen's insight would be useful.

Ewen went back to the hospital and told Liz her eyes seemed softer and she seemed calmer. She thanked him and he walked away. Matt overheard and asked what that was about. Liz thought it was a compliment. Matt still didn't like Ewen because he hadn't been upfront with Liz about being her doctor when she was in Shadybrook. Liz explained it away as a lie of omission and said Ewen helped her a lot, including this morning when she was upset. Matt hadn't noticed that something was bothering her. Liz said she hadn't wanted him to worry, but now she was okay. Matt told her she could always come to him if she was upset. Liz thanked him, then she smiled slightly as she stared across the room at Ewen.

Epiphany walked up and asked Matt why he was there. Matt told her about filling in for Patrick. He tried to charm Epiphany, but she was not receptive to his attempt to make her laugh. She walked away and Liz walked over to Matt with a smile on her face and a book in her hands to show Matt. Matt was eager to see it, but before he could, Maxie walked in and happily said she had something even better to show Matt.

Anthony was on a boat sitting at a table piled with breakfast foods. Tracy burst into the room and demanded that Anthony release her. Anthony claimed they were on a pre-wedding vacation, but Tracy pointed out that he kidnapped her from her office and had taken her miles away from the shore against her will. Tracy promised not to testify if Anthony let her go. Anthony said no bride would testify against her husband, so they'd need to get married as soon as possible. To Tracy's disgust, Anthony called her “Angel” and tried to charm her. Tracy spat that Luke used that name for Laura. Anthony had a change of heart and decided to call her Venus, since Angel didn't fit her. Tracy told Anthony she knew he was dangerous and wasn't falling for his quirky routine. Anthony told Tracy she reminded him of his first wife, Dominica whom he had to divorce because she wanted to run his organization. He said he'd thought things through and he believed that he and Tracy would be good together. Tracy said she didn't want anything from Anthony, but he reminded her that she wanted his silence. Tracy said that since Anthony claimed the money she took from Gino was his, she'd pay him back with interest instead of marrying him. Anthony tried to assure Tracy that the marriage would make her happy, because he was going to be the perfect husband. Tracy said that while she used to think three or four of her husbands were the worst mistakes of her life, she'd rather be with any of them than Anthony. Anthony cheerfully said their mutual hatred was out in the open, so there was no where for the two of them to go but up.

Anthony feasted on his meal and said his stint in Pentonville had given him appreciation for the little things like good food. Tracy tried to convince Anthony to pull into a dock so she could stretch her legs, but Anthony knew she'd try to escape and refused to let her go ashore until they were married. Tracy got fed up and said to get the wedding over with. Sounding annoyed, she asked if they were going to the Dominican republic or hiring a justice of the peace. Anthony noted that she hadn't mentioned Vegas. Tracy snarled that she never wanted to go there again. Anthony brought up her wedding to Luke and Tracy said Luke had only tricked her into thinking they were married. Anthony began to trash Luke. Tracy said for all his flaws, Luke was extraordinary and she wouldn't listen to Anthony malign him. Anthony wondered if he should be jealous and Tracy spat that she'd never take Luke back. Tracy became resigned to marrying Anthony and suggested that they keep the false sentiment out of it and get married at City Hall, but Anthony revealed that they were going to get married on the boat.

At Kelly's, Shawn heard a noise and crept downstairs, baseball bat in hand. He was startled to see an African American teenager having breakfast. Shawn recognized the boy as TJ and asked why he was there. TJ asked Shawn why he had a bat, instead of the gun he usually shot people in the back with, the way he'd done to his TJ's dad, Tommy. Shawn called the boy's mom, but she didn't answer. TJ revealed that he'd hitchhiked to Port Charles from four states away, because he thought Shawn owed him after killing his dad. Shawn tried to calm the angry teen down. Shawn admitted that he felt bad about accidentally killing Tommy and that he thought about TJ and his mom all the time. Shawn urged TJ to have some respect for the sacrifice Tommy made by dying for his country instead of using it as an excuse to get into trouble. TJ revealed that his mother said he could either stay with Shawn or go to military school. TJ was adamantly against the second option after what happened to his father.

Wilson walked downstairs and Lulu ran after him. She was trying out being a dog walker. TJ stared as Lulu and the dog left. He told Shawn that she was hot. Shawn said he couldn't take TJ, because he was leaving town soon. TJ rudely told Shawn to change his plans and Shawn told him as a fourteen year old, he had no right to be giving people orders. TJ asked if he was going to dump him in military prison. Shawn replied that it was a school, and he told him about Morgan, who was enjoying his military school. TJ threatened to run away rather than go to a military academy. Shawn said while he didn't owe TJ anything, he'd do anything he could to make up the debt to his father, including putting up with TJ. Shawn told TJ to go upstairs and shower and get some rest. TJ asked about using the computer and TV and Shawn refused to let him use the laptop but said he could watch TV. “It had better be HD” TJ grumbled to the exasperated Shawn. TJ went upstairs and Lulu returned with Wilson. She enjoyed the walk and said she might open a pet boutique. As Lulu left Kelly's she sneezed loudly.

By the time Lulu returned to the police station, she was breaking out in hives. She told Dante about her short stint as a dog walker and said she'd have to quit, because she'd learned she was allergic to dogs.

Kate was at Johnny's garage picking up her car. Johnny expressed surprise that Sonny let her come there, but Kate replied that Sonny didn't make the rules for her. Kate was displeased when Johnny responded that Sonny could be pretty controlling. Johnny flippantly refused to sing Sonny's praises. Carly walked in as Kate said she didn't think Sonny would be an issue. Carly piped up that Kate should have thought about that before she slept with Sonny. Kate said she had no complaints. She took a shot at Carly about her being single, then left. Johnny reminded Carly that she was supposed to meet him las night. Carly's excuse was that she didn't have anyone to watch Josslyn. When Johnny asked why she didn't call, Carly said it was a complicated situation because she liked him and found him attractive. Johnny replied that the feeling was mutual. Carly smiled and added that she wasn't in a committed relationship. Johnny wondered why she was stalling and asked if it was because of Shawn or Jax. Carly said Jax was her husband on paper and Shawn was just a friend.

While Johnny was looking forward to being with Carly, he told her that she was free to back out at any time. Carly said she just wanted to make sure he'd kept up his end of the bargain by steering clear of Michael. Johnny admitted he'd seen him briefly at Sonny's. Johnny told Carly that Sonny had summoned him and ordered him to stay away from Michael. Johnny thought Carly had gone to Sonny and told him about their deal so Sonny would put a start to it. Carly admitted that she'd told Sonny about Michael going to Johnny for a job, but not about their deal. Carly said she just wanted to keep Michael safe. Johnny suggested that Michael would be safer working for him than for the Soleitos or his father. Carly knew Michael would cut her out of his life for good if he found out about the deal. Johnny promised not to tell anyone. Johnny leaned in to kiss Carly, but she pulled away. She said the deal was still on, but she had to make some arrangements first. Once Carly was outside, she called Luke. She told him she didn't want to hurt Johnny; she just wanted to keep him away from Michael. Luke told her that beggars couldn't be choosers. Carly reminded him that he wouldn't get free room and board at the hotel if he didn't come through for her.

Inside the garage, Johnny polished a gun.

Sonny called Michael into his office and showed him his bullet wound to prove it was too dangerous for him to be working with the Zaccharas. Michael asked if it was bad and Sonny said it just missed a vital organ. wasn't convinced that the Zaccharas were responsible. He didn't understand why Sonny made assumptions about their guilt, but didn't want him to jump to conclusions about the guilt of the man Michael thought was the attacker. Sonny tried to convince Michael to stay out of the mob, but Michael insisted that it wasn't Sonny's decision. Sonny didn't want to argue. He dropped the subject and asked if Michael was sleeping. Michael hadn't been; he dreamed of Abby every night and lost her all over again every morning. Sonny understood and assured Michael that time would help. Michael asked about the shooting.

Kate was walking in as Sonny said he'd gotten shot an hour after talking with Johnny. Kate was stunned and upset. She bombarded Sonny with questions about what happened and felt so shaken that she had to sit down. Sonny said he was fine and he was just glad Kate wasn't there, so she didn't get hurt. Kate asked about the police and Sonny said he wasn't going to tell them. She asked who did it and Michael told him about Johnny being there just before it happened, but Sonny clarified that they didn't know who was responsible. Kate asked when he was going to tell her about being shot and Sonny said he hadn't been going to. Michael chimed in that Sonny liked to protect the people he cared about, whether they wanted him to or not. Kate asked if Sonny was planning to keep his distance until his wound healed. Sonny asked Michael to leave so he could talk to Kate. Before Michael left, Sonny asked Michael to remember what he said, but Michael said he could take care of himself.

Kate asked Sonny why he'd keep her in the dark if he wanted to have a relationship with her. Sonny said he was afraid that Kate would think the violence was starting over again and be scared off. Sonny explained that this was what his life was like and that while he'd do his best to keep Kate safe, he couldn't promise that she would be. He said he didn't want to lose her and asked if this was going to change things. Kate assured Sonny that she'd gone into this with her eyes open and that she wasn't going to leave him. Once the tension was gone, Sonny unbuttoned his shirt and let Kate see his wound. He gently asked her to sit down and relax. Kate said she wasn't so fragile that she'd faint at the sight of his blood, but Sonny asked her to humor him. Kate buttoned Sonny's shirt and asked him not to get shot in the future. Sonny cracked that he paid other people to get shot at, then he kissed Kate. Kate smiled. Sonny said things were okay. “Is it?” Kate asked in a serious tone.

Michael was wearing gloves as he carried his gun into an alley. He stuffed the gun into the trash and hurried away. Awhile later, he returned and retrieved it, then stuck it into the waistband of his jeans.

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