GH Update Monday 1/16/12

General Hospital Update Monday 1/16/12


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At General Hospital, Patrick tells Elizabeth that robin's is worried about her patient. Elizabeth reveals that there is no patient. Patrick protests that Robin said her patient's H.I.V. Meds aren't working, so she went to Africa to see a specialist. Elizabeth isnít sure Robin even went to Africa. Patrick doesnít believe Robin would lie to him. Elizabeth tells him firmly that robin is sick and that the complications she was talking about were her own. Patrick wants to know why Robin didnít tell him. Elizabeth explains that Robin wants to spare him the pain of losing her the way she lost Stone.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Sam if she is sure she is pregnant. She is.

Sonny sits on the floor in his office, touches his side, and finds that he is bleeding.

Patrick and Elizabeth go into a conference room to talk privately. Patrick asks Elizabeth if she is saying Robinís H.I.V. meds aren't working. Elizabeth confirms that Robin found out the morning after the boat cruise. Patrick is upset that Elizabeth is just telling him now, but Liz explains that Robin just told her. Patrick wonders how this could happen, if Lisa messed with Robinís meds. Elizabeth doesnít know. Elizabeth tells him that Robinís doctor gave her a resistance test, and then put her on a different drug protocol, but it didnít work. She reveals that Robin is on her third protocol, but it's too soon to know if it will work. Patrick is confident that it will work because Robin is young and healthy and she has Emma to live for. Elizabeth assures him that Robin intends to exhaust all of her options. She admits that she doesnít know whether Robin went to Africa or not. Patrick asks if and when Robin is coming home.

In the parlor at Wyndemere, Cassandra asks Ewan if his comment that she mustn't get involved with anyone is a warning. He says it is a request. He observes that she is starting to care about Ethan. She says it isnít his business. Ewan suggests that she proceed with caution. She wonders if he knows something about her that he isnít telling her. He wonders if she no longer trusts him. She observes that people act on their own best interests. He tells her that as her doctor, her best interests are his. She is open to the idea that Ethan is right. Ewan says Ethan cannot be an authority after knowing her for a few days. She accuses him of keeping her past a mystery because he is writing a book, but he tells her his book must have an ending. He says heíd need to prove that his methods of treatment actually worked. She tells him that lack of socialization is a flaw in his method. He tells her she needs to stay away from Ethan. She wonders for whose benefit. She concludes that Ewan thinks she is dangerous. He says, the guns, the rifle. She concludes that he thinks she killed someone and lost her memory because she canít handle it. Ewan says itís possible. She asks if the reverse isnít equally possible. Perhaps someone was trying to kill her. He says that is also possible. She tells him that for all she knows, it could have been him.

Ethan is behind the bar at the Haunted Star daydreaming about his lustful afternoon with Cassandra when Lulu comes in and asks him what he is doing. He tells her he was thinking very deep thoughts. She wonders if he was thinking about a con or a woman. He changes the subject and asks if she is going to sell the Star now that she is married. She presumes that a woman that has him distracted and asks if he is dating someone. He tells her no, but she doesnít believe it and demands to know the womanís name. Ethan says, Prudence, the mustachioed cat lady around the corner. She tells him that when his sister grills him about someone who you are obviously serious about, he has to spill. He tells her that if he gets serious about anything, she will be the first to know, and he wonít run off to Brooklyn and get married without telling anyone. She apologizes. He tells her he is just messing with her. After all, Lucky is in Ireland and Luke is in parts unknown. Lulu wonders if Ethan has seen Luke. Ethan tells her he did momentarily bur that he is probably off on another adventure. Lulu concludes that Luke must have been too busy to fit her into his schedule. Ethan advises her not to take it personally. He suggests that she should do her own thing now that she is married. He tells her that Dante is her family now.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that she wanted to tell him about the pregnancy but that Patrick said she should avoid situations that would make you angry. Jason asks her how she feels about it. Sam says she doesnít know and that perhaps that is the real reason she waited to tell him. She says she I didn't want to believe it. He asks if she went to the doctor. She says no but that she took two pregnancy tests and the drug store kind are just as accurate as the ones at the doctorís office. She tells him that she is definitely pregnant.

Sonny scoots behind his desk and reaches into his jacketís breast pocket.

Alexis meets Luke at the Metro court. She asks him what the charges are and what evidence they have. He says that isnít why they are there; he just missed her. She admits that she has missed him too because he makes her laugh. She tells him she is double parked so has to make it quick. He is surprised she still has a car. She asks him if he has one. He tells her not to go there and asks her to tell him about her New Yearís Eve.

At Maxieís apartment, she and Matt get dressed for the Woman behind the Man feature. She tells him they will definitely be the hottest couple there. She puts on a prop engagement ring and compliments his tie. He says it goes with her dress and she is the woman behind the man. He says under his breath that he is the accessory behind the woman. She says she is excited. He says he hasnít been this excites since he isolated the compound that inhibits key receptors in cells. She doesnít know what he is talking about. He tells her that it is his research that makes him the msn that she is the woman behind and he supposes she should know something about it. She agrees and hurriedly begins writing notes on her hand as they head out the door.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that she tried to convince herself that it was just stress and came up with every excuse until she finally accepted the possibility that she could be pregnant. She tells him she needs to know how she feels about it.

In Sonnyís office, he calls Jason from behind the desk, but gets his voicemail. He leaves the message that he needs him there right now. He hears the door so he grabs his pistol from the drawer, stands up, and aims. He sees that it is Shawn and demands to know what he is doing there.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth assures Patrick that Robin will come back. Patrick thanks Elizabeth for not listening when Robin told her not to say anything to Patrick. He asks her to tell him what she knows. Elizabeth says that she knows Robin was devastated when she found out her viral loads were unstable. Patrick wonders why Robin would think he wouldnít want to go through it with her. Elizabeth says Robin wanted to spare him the pain. He again wonders why, he asks her what he is supposed to do now that he knows. She says she told Robin that it was unfair to him and that he wouldnít accept her. He asks her what Robin told her to do. She tells him that Robin imagined what it would be like for him and Emma alone. Patrick asks her if Robin asked her to take her place.

At the haunted Star, Lulu tells Ethan about the wedding ceremony and all the Falconeris descending upon them immediately they said, ďI do.Ē She says it wasnít what she expected but it was still nice. Ethan congratulates her on her marriage, calling her, Mrs. Falconeri. She corrects him, Spencer-Falconeri. He says Gesundheit and they laugh. Lulu says she isnít trying to maintain the role as the loyal daughter or anything. She is just honoring her past and my future, and going into the marriage as an equal. He tells her he wishes he could have been there. She tells him he will have to come over to dinner. He wonders if she is cooking. She tells him she has already tried that and is committed to takeout. Lulu picks up a folder and tells him she has been thinking of making some changes to the haunted star, maybe turning it into an art gallery. She says she thinks she would be good at it and asks what he thinks. Ethan says it just came out of left field. Lulu says she likes art, it makes good money, and she is trying to find her passion. Ethan says he thinks it is great and that everyone should have the opportunity to find their passion.

At Wyndemere, Ewan tells Cassandra that if he had wanted to kill her, he would already have done it. She asks if she should be grateful that she is alive. They discuss the possible ways he could have done it. She tells him that if any part of it were true, then perhaps the real motive is to help her forget.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Sam how she feels about the pregnancy. She asks him if they will be able to get through it. Jason says all he knows is that he loves her. She tearfully tells him sheís dreamed of the day that I would be able to tell him that they were having a baby, but I never thought it would be like this. Jason says Franco is gone and just being married to her is the best thing in his life, the only thing that's made any sense. Sam concurs, but wonders what they will do.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth tells Patrick she would never even think of taking Robinís place. Patrick says obviously Robin isnít thinking clearly. He wonders why she would even suggest it. Elizabeth says if something were to happen to Robin, she wants to make sure that he and Emma are okay. Patrick wonders if Robin thinks they will just be together and forget about her. Elizabeth says Robin wants him to have a friend. She explains that Robin is afraid that Patrick would keep it all inside and put on a brave face for Emma so she wanted him to have someone to talk to who understands the challenges of single parenthood. Patrick says it is crazy. Elizabeth agrees, but says Robin said that she couldn't focus on finding a treatment if she knew her family wasn't taken care of. Patrick says Robin told him to go to Elizabeth if he needed help with Emma, and that they should hang out. He concludes that she was laying the groundwork. Elizabeth says Robin called it preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Patrick asks her why she didnít tell him as soon as she knew. Elizabeth says Robin promised her that she would tell him before she left. He wonders why he didnít see the signs. She tells him no one saw them. Patrick says his wife is out there somewhere for weeks, sick and scared, and can't come to him. He takes out his phone. Elizabeth asks him what he is doing and he tells her that he is calling Robin to tell her to come home. She tells him he canít do that.

Matt and Maxie enter Maxieís apartment after the Woman behind the Man photo shoot. Maxie tells Matt that she canít believe that he almost passed out. He protests that it was hot underneath those lights. She says she was hot too. He concludes that she has better circulation. Maxie says she told him to move around, shift positions, and stretch in between shots. He protests that he is not a model. She tells him it isnít brain surgery and he tells her that that is the first time she has been right about anything medical-related all evening. He chides her for not remembering anything he told her about his work. She blames him for ruining her crib notes by spilling water on her hand just before he almost fell to the ground. She tells him he ought to thank her for pinching him before he fell on his face. He concedes that she did keep him from making a fool of himself. He tells her that she can also thank him for prompting her during the Q&A. They kiss. She agrees that he was sweet and charming. They recall the photographer saying they have good chemistry. They kiss again and she brings up the subject of him moving in.

At their table at the Metro Court, Alexis tells Luke that New Yearís Eve was a nightmare and that she shouldnít have let Diane make her go. Luke says he heard the Corinthos family got into a fight. Alexis says it was more like a bitch-a-thon. She asks if Lulu told him about it. He says he read about it. She concludes that he reads Diane's gossip column.
She concludes to him that if he reads the column then he must know that Tracy is planning to marry Anthony Zacchara. She asks him what he thinks of it. Luke says he would never stand in the way of Tracy's happiness. Alexis sarcastically says he is very convincing. He tells her that he and Tracy are not married anymore; they had different ideas about what marriage is supposed to be, so it was only fair for him to let her out of the deal. She asks him if he asked Tracy what she wanted. Luke says Tracy could have refused the divorce. Alexis says sometimes women don't like to go begging after a man who makes a religion out of his independence, who disappears without warning, who commits crimes with impunity, and philanders at will. Luke says Tracy used to like him as he was and didn't want him to change. He says Tracy knew he was a challenge. He admits that he stole from her and cheated on her, but insists that Tracy liked it and expected it. Alexis asks him if it ever occurred to him that Tracy was willing to take him any way that she could get him or that maybe she guards her heart because she was afraid he would break it, which he did. She asks him if he isnít glad he invited her here. Luke rolls his eyes.

In Sonnyís office, Shawn helps Sonny to sit down. Sonny winces and says he is ok. Shawn tells him he is lucky that he was hit on the side and the bullet went right through, but he should have it checked. Sonny says gunshot wounds have to be reported to the cops. Shawn asks him if he plans to sit here and bleed. Sonny asks why Jason sent him instead Max. Shawn tells him Jason didnít call him; he came to tell Jason that he is resigning. Sonny says itís his lucky day and tells Shawn to go, but that he didn't see anything. He says he wants to make them think their shooter is better than he is. Shawn asks him if he knows why someone would come after him now. Sonny says he thought Shawn quit. Shawn says he doesnít want to leave Sonny lying in a pool of blood on his last day. He tells Sonny he is going to look around and goes out into the hallway.

Luke asks Alexis where she got all this insight Tracy. Tracy figures it come from being enamored with people who have been emotionally unattainable, so apparently she and Tracy prefer guys who make their lives miserable. Luke says his marriage to Tracy was a scam, but he never intended to make her miserable. Alexis says itís never his intention to make anyone miserable, but he always does. She tells him that if he lets Tracy marry a psychopath like Anthony Zacchara, then he is not the man that she thought he was. Luke asks if she is suggesting that he come swooping in at the last moment like Zorro. Alexis says she is suggesting that he goes to get two dozen roses, bring them over to the Quartermaines, get down on his knee and grovel. She tells him to then take a picture so she can put it in her wallet as a memento. Luke says if he chooses to intervene, he will need more than good intentions and romantic platitudes. He will need leverage. Alexis asks him if he thinks it is a game and he tells her nothing, especially love, is free. Alexis tells him to go talk to Tracy and tell her how he feels because Tracy has put her heart on the line for him and he can do the same for her.

Alexisís Cell phone rings she tells Luke that her car is being towed and she hates him. She gets up and rushes off.

At Maxieís apartment, she tells Matt that she isnít trying to pressure him, it is just that she is an attractive woman living alone and she doesnít want to attract unwanted attention. Matt says he has every confidence that you can handle any jerk that catcalls. She says what about the fedora guy that has been stalking her. Maxieís cell phone rings. She goes over to the other side of the room to take the call. She asks Anthony why he never called to finalize the flower arrangements. She asks if the bride was a victim of an accident. She agrees to rearrange things, and asserts that this makes them even. Matt asks what that was all about. She tells him she is working on a hush-hush wedding for a V.I.P. couple. She redirects the conversation back to him moving in. he says he thinks she is just lonely and missing Lulu. Maxie admits that she does miss Lulu, but on that she doesnít miss having her stuff strewn around. Matt says if he moved in then it would just be his stuff in her way. She tells him that she is nervous living there alone in this neighborhood. He tells her that he wants her to be safe and protected, but moving in is a big step. He would have to give up his apartment, and they would have to understand that they want to take the relationship to the next level. Maxie says moving to the next level was always a possibility. Matt says he wants it to be for the right reasons. Maxie says she wants it to be for the right reasons, and then she screams, Oh, my god! There's the fedora guy! Look! Look! Look! He's right there! Matt looks out the window but doesnít see anyone. She swears he was there. Matt says he has to go to work. Maxie says he has to believe she isnít making up the fedora guy in order to get him to move in. Maxie says she is not being paranoid; she doesnít feel safe. Matt tells her to lock the door behind him and that he will call her as soon as he gets off work. Matt leaves Maxieís apartment, not noticing the Fedora guy standing three feet away, watching.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu says in a feigned British accent, ďLulu Spencer-Falconeri, curator of the Star Gallery.Ē Ethan suggests ďHaunted GalleryĒ with occult-themed art, dungeons, and demons. Lulu thinks he has been spending too much time at Wyndemere. He tells her that he works there now as a caretaker. Lulu recalls his fascination with the painting of Laura at Wyndemere. He tells her that since then, he has become even more intrigued. He tells her that the grounds are amazing and that there is a breathtaking library. Lulu doesnít buy it. Ethan admits that he needed a change of direction and a change of scenery. She asks him if he is living at Wyndemere. He says she sounds like Luke, except that Luke lectured him about the dangers that lurk at Wyndemere. Lulu says the place is creepy and she doesnít know how Nikolas stayed there so long. Ethan says he knows, but he is enjoying himself. Lulu tells him to remember that the Spencers and Cassadines have a long, bloody history. Ethan says that war has long been over and everyone who was involved is either dead or has moved on. He says that what is left there is entirely new. He says he feels like Magellan exploring unknown shores, wondering what will=l come up next.

At Wyndemere, Helena lurks in the shadows watching Ewan and Cassandra. Ethan tells Cassandra that this is why he doesn't like her with Ethan. Cassandra concludes it is because she is questioning things. She says she knows he doesnít tell her everything. Ewan says he tells her what he should and what he can. She supposes the rest is up to her imagination. He observes that her imagination is more vivid than reality. She concludes that he is saying it is all in her mind. She tells him that conversations with him always go in circles and she needs a friend like Ethan to speak freely with. Ewan asks her what makes her so sure Ethan is her friend. He observes that she is a beautiful, mysterious, young woman, and Ethan is a bit of a rogue. Cassandra says that's part of the attraction. Ewan says it is dangerous ground. She says attraction is desirable. She says he has been exposing her to a range of experiences, hoping that they trigger a memory, Ethan is a new experience, so who knows what might be revealed. They hear a noise. Ewan says it is probably Ethan. Cassandra says the house and tunnels are filled with mysterious noises. Ewan says he has to go but will check the tunnels on his way out, unless she wants to come with him. She sits on the sofa and pouts defiantly. He asks her to be careful. She says, ďAnd you, Doctor.Ē Ewan observes that there is something in the way she says that that leads him to believe that she didnít have respect for authority in her true life.

Jason and Sam sit down on the couch at the penthouse. Jason says they wanted a baby. She says not this way. He tells her they canít undo what happened, they just need to deal with it. Sam says she should have gone to the hospital and had a rape-test kit done. Jason tells her she doesnít have to worry about Franco again. Sam says they can survive this. They have to remember that they are strong enough. Jason asks her, even if it's Francoís?

In the conference room at General Hospital, Elizabeth tells Patrick that Robin needs to do this her way. Patrick says No; he is her husband and he is not going to do nothing. Elizabeth says he needs to try. Patrick asks her if this is okay with Elizabeth. She says no; that is why she told him. Patrick says he is calling Robin. Elizabeth asks him what he will say. Patrick says he will tell her that it is ok, it will be fine, that they will do it together, that he knows the truth, and that she doesnít have to hide it anymore. Elizabeth asks, then what? She asks if he think she is going to change her mind. Patrick says he doesn't know what she's robin will do, but he has to do something. He and Emma need Robin. Elizabeth says Robin loves him and Emma more than anything in the world and that everything she has done is to spare them. Patrick says Robin doesn't spare her husband when she's sick. Elizabeth says Robin is not giving up; she just chose not to worry him. She says that when Robin comes home, they will pray that she has an answer because that's all they can do.

Patrick calls Robin. He says he is sure she is busy, but he just wanted to hear her voice. He tells her that he misses her and hangs up

At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that she canít bear the thought of having Francoís child, but she also canít imagine the alternative. Jason says he will support her in whatever she decides. She asks him how he honestly feels. He says he doesnít know. She asks him if he would be able to raise Francoís child. Jason just sighs. Sam says she knows. She says the two of them were together almost every second of their honeymoon so logically, the baby is Jasonís. She puts her head on his shoulder and says they just have to hope and pray it's true.

In Sonnyís office looking at the bullet, Shawn asks Sonny if he pissed anyone off today. Sonny says he told Johnny to stay away from Michael. Shawn asks if the Zaccharas are making overtures, but Sonny reveals that Michael went looking for a job. Shawn says Michael didnít take it well when he found out Carly let him think Jax was dead. Sonny tells him not to act like he knows Michel because Michael doesnít trust him either, Shawn observes that the bullet is 9 millimeter, small, but enough firepower to get the job done. He observes that Johnny or Anthony would have made sure. Sonny says it could have been a warning. Shawn says it could be the work of amateurs.

Jax goes into a hotel room talking on his cell phone. He says it has been a little complicated and he hasnít been able to accomplish what he came here to do so it looks like he will have to stay a little longer.

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