GH Update Friday 1/13/12

General Hospital Update Friday 1/13/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Cassandra and Ethan pull away from a kiss. Cassandra reveals she feels she's being hunted; Helena lurking (dagger in hand) in the secret tunnels of Windermere, listening to their conversation.

Jax is in a room, talking on the phone. He's revealing to his mom that people know he's alive. He bids her a good bye and picks up a gun.

In Sonny's office. With Michael's ex stripper girlfriend tragically and suddenly dead by a terrible accident, he focuses his anger toward the stripper killer on Abby's behalf. Sonny is half panicked over how his son is behaving. Michael yells at Sonny to handle the stripper killer or he will.

At home, Sam leaves a voice message to Jason's cell phone, pleading for him to come home now. Once finished with her message, she hangs up and looks toward the desk at the papers laying on it.

Jason enters Franco's studio, his gun aimed at Franco. He asks Franco why he let him find him. Franco's cryptic answer angers Jason further. Franco begins babble about possibilities that his demise being the start of something worse for Jason.

At GH nurse desk 10th floor, Patrick approaches Epiphany asking if there are messages for him (he's waiting to hear from Robin). As she answers the phone, Epiphany hands Patrick his messages. Not seeing one from Robin he asks if that's all there is. Having answered the phone at the desk, Epiphany quickly places the call on hold to deal with Dr. Drake's rushed request for more messages. She launches into a lecture for Dr. Drake to check his private cell phone for additional messages then gets back to work. Liz walks up and asks Patrick if he's okay. Patrick states his concern that he has not heard from Robin. Liz says Robin has a lot on her mind and he agrees but wonders why his wife has not taken the time to call.

At Windermere, Ethan and Cassandra get to know each other. She reveals that she is lonely but it passes and she eventually finds comfort in herself.

Sonny states his understanding that Michael wants to do anything to lessen the pain of losing Abby. He tries to convince Michael that it's not his fault. Michael says he wants to find the guy killing the strippers and wants his father's help to kill the guy and toss him in the harbor. Kate walks in, having heard Michael's outburst and says, "So much for keeping him out of the business."

At home, Sam is unfocused; she's in a daze, thinking back to the day she took vows with Jason. She says a prayer to please let her baby be Jason's.

His gun pointed at Franco, Jason looks and listens to Franco's words, not understanding anything he says. Franco's puzzles and riddles anger Jason to pull the trigger, shooting Franco in the shoulder, another, point blank bullet, directly in the heart. Franco's life ends with "if I die you will never know... you'll never know..." Jason yells at him, "Know what?" It's too late.

At the casino, Luke is on the phone trying to find out where Helena is.

At Windermere, Helena is in the secret passages listening in on Ethan and Cassandra's private conversation. Cassandra broods about not knowing who she is and imagines being someone different every night. Ethan plays along in the fantasy and tells her that maybe she's a beautiful princess. Before long they kiss.

Having arrived at Sonny's office, Kate is disturbed to see Michael so angry. Michael is going off and asks his father how he would feel if someone attacked Kate. He makes it clear that if his father does not help him kill this guy who's killing strippers, he will do it himself. Once Michael storms out, Kate states her concern to Sonny.

In the secret passage at Windermere, Ethan and Cassandra are kissing, she pulls away teasing that he's just after sex. Walking back into the room near the fireplace, he assures that's not the case. Cassandra and Ethan start to kiss and end up on the floor near the hot fireplace. Well you know what happens next...

Standing behind the bar, Luke is still on the phone, putting his feelers out to find Helena.

Kate tells Sonny that he can't live Michael's life for him and can't guarantee that his kids will be safe. Sonny says he wants his kids to have a better life than he had and that Michael is not doing that; he blames himself for raising him. Kate tries to distract Sonny with discussion about the restaurant; Jax is inside hiding, listening.

At Sam's place, she's on the phone trying to find Jason. Michael knocks on the door; he offers Sam a PI job to help him find the guy murdering the strippers. He tells her his name is Chuck DeNavio and that the cops had him but let him go. Michael tells Sam that he wants her to find him so that he can kill the guy. Sam lectures him that if he ends up in jail that Jason will not be able to help him. Michael storms out.

Jason is driving, clenching his left hand. Franco's studio is burning.

At the GH 10th floor nurse station, Patrick is walking up to the nurse station while checking his phone for messages. Epiphany jokes about it from her earlier lecture. Liz asks if he's heard from Robin. The phone rings and it's Robin finally checking in. She keeps it brief and tells him she has to go to a seminar.

Sonny and Kate talk bout having a clean slate while Jax listens in. Sonny tosses away the keychain holding his childhood memories of being an abused child; he tells Kate that he's falling in love and wants to have new memories. They kiss.

At Windermere, sporting after glow, Ethan and Cassandra continue getting to know one another. Ethan offers that they go away sometime. They are interrupted by an urgent text message from Luke summoning Ethan. Cassandra requests that Ethan keeps their romantic encounter private. He agrees before leaving.

Ethan arrives at the casino to hear Luke's proposition. Luke says he wants Zacchara secrets and he's trying to help Carly. Ethan says poking into Johnny's family could be bad for him. Luke says Skye knows all about the Zacchara's and needs Ethan to charm her. Ethan reveals that he has his eye on Cassandra, Luke is curious.

At Windermere, Ewen pays Cassandra a visit.

Jax is on the phone with someone, outside Sonny's Restaurant / Office; he's making a plan to make a move on Sonny. Inside, Kate is on the phone with Maxie and Sonny, like a teenage boy, is messing with her. Kate ends her conversation, pulls her hair down, puts her arms around Sonny, they share a quick peck on the lips and she announces she has to go.

Michael buys a gun in an alley.

Ewen starts by reminding Cassandra that they had a bargain. She states that they have a doctor / patient relationship. She points out that he has dictated rules that he expects her to follow without question and it is not an equal relationship. Ewen says he's trying to help her and that she's becoming lax. She says he's becoming obsessive. He tells her that she can't afford to be seeing anyone. She yells that their sessions are going nowhere. He warns her to please stay away from Ethan, that there could be consequences. Cassandra accuses that he says that like he knows what the consequences are.

Luke and Ethan talk about Ethan's interest in Cassandra. Ethan assures it's not serious but eludes that she could be his soul mate; he also reveals that she's a patient at Shady Brook. They giggle over the notion but, before leaving, Luke warns that nothing good comes from Spoon Island.

At GH, Liz approaches Patrick. Patrick says he knows something is wrong with Robin, that he can feel it. Liz breaks her promise to Robin and tells him that Robin's HIV levels are unstable.

Jason arrives home, Sam hugs him, relieved that he's home. Jason tells her Franco is out of their lives forever. Sam tells him that she is pregnant.

Sonny is in his office closing up for the night. The phone rings, he answers it, a gun shot hits the lamp on the desk, and Sonny hits the deck.

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