GH Update Wednesday 1/11/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/11/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Dante told Delores that the suspect in the attacks, D'Onofrio, had already called his lawyer. Delores said it was like he knew he was going to get arrested. She asked if she could sit in on the interrogation, because the case meant a lot to her. Olivia dropped in to bring Dante some leftovers from the Metro Court. Dante thanked her and said he and Delores were going to work through lunch. Olivia shot Delores an icy look and a fake smile. She then made small talk with Dante and made sure to mention that Dante was in love with and married to a beautiful woman. Delores knew Olivia was doing it to send a message that Dante was off limits. She excused herself to see if the suspect's lawyer was there. Dante told Olivia that he and Delores were just coworkers. Olivia snapped that that's what they all say until you find “her” hanging all over “him.” Dante realized that Olivia wasn't talking about him anymore.

Olivia admitted that she was talking about Steve. She told Dante about finding Steve with his arm around Maggie. According to Olivia, Steve said it was innocent and she believed him, but she was certain that Maggie hadn't just come to town to practice medicine. Dante didn't think Maggie's motives should matter if Steve was a standup guy. Olivia explained that she and Steve were in a no strings sort of relationship and she didn't think she had the right to expect him to be exclusive. Dante suggested that Olivia might want more from Steve than she was saying. Olivia grudgingly admitted that Steve meant a lot to her and that she'd feel hurt and disrespected if he started seeing Maggie. Delores returned, but Dante asked her to hold on so he could finish talking to Olivia. Dante told Olivia to be honest with Steve. Olivia was reluctant to tell Steve she wanted something deeper, because she was afraid of looking like a fool if he didn't feel the same way. Dante replied that Steve would be the fool if he didn't realize how wonderful she was. After Olivia left, Delores told Dante that she wasn't sure they had the right guy. She explained that some of the evidence didn't fit and that the witness's statement was shaky. Delores also thought the fact that all the victims used to take dance classes at the same studio was relevant to the case. Dante got a phone call; the suspect's lawyer was there. Dante agreed to let Delores sit in on the interview.

At the hospital, Maggie called Steve over to show him some pictures her patients drew. Johnny walked up and greeted Maggie, then asked to speak to Steve in private. Maggie left, and Steve told Johnny he had to stop showing up and demanding his attention. Johnny warned Steve that he was in no position to turn him down. Johnny made an offhand comment about Steve's love of pretty doctors. Steve told Johnny to leave Maggie out of it. Johnny insisted that Steve give him the referral. Steve claimed it wasn't that easy, but Johnny threatened to tell everyone about the man Steve killed in Memphis and how Maggie helped cover it up if Steve failed to come through. Johnny walked away, leaving Steve unnerved. Maggie and Steve met up again in a hospital office. Maggie showed off some of the self portraits her patients drew. Both she and Steve found it inspiring that the children drew themselves smiling even though they were very ill. Steve wished he had that sort of imagination.

He then told Maggie that he thought it was a mistake for her to be there and he urged her to leave town and practice at a more prestigious hospital where she could shine. Maggie pointed out that he was working there, but Steve explained that he had ties to the city and the hospital. Maggie thought she was making a difference at GH and declined to leave. Sounding serious and concerned, Steve said she'd be better off elsewhere. Maggie told Steve that she knew this conversation didn't have anything to do with him thinking her skills were being wasted there. She thought Steve was afraid of presence creating tension in his relationship with Olivia. Maggie said she knew Steve brought her there to make sure she kept his secret and she promised to be discreet about it. Steve said he was concerned that the two of them working in the same place would raise suspicions and that someone would dig up their secret. Maggie didn't think that would happen. Steve said he just didn't want things to end badly for her. Maggie didn't understand why he brought her there to protect himself, but now he wanted her to leave for her own protection. She asked why he cared.

Steve gently but firmly held Maggie by the shoulders and said Memphis was a long time ago and he wanted to put it behind him. He let her go and said it was a mistake to bring her here. Maggie smiled and asked if it was because seeing her made all the old memories of what they had and what it eventually turned into come flooding back. Steve was adamant that what they had was over. Maggie said “then this won't matter” and she kissed Steve deeply. Olivia walked up and saw them through the window of the door.

Diane went to McCall and Jackal, because Spinelli called her. She was on cloud 9 because she'd just written a great new article. Diane shared that she sort of missed practicing law and making impossible things happened. Spinelli inadvertently offended her by asking if she meant winning cases when her clients were clearly guilty. Diane said Sonny wasn't guilty, prompting Spinelli to laugh out loud. She clarified that he wasn't guilty when he was on trial for killing Claudia. According to Diane, she found being a lawyer less enjoyable after Michael was sentenced to prison in part because the judge was fed up with her her courtroom theatrics. She now preferred being a writer and being in control of her own universe. Spinelli smiled thinking about how nice it would be to have that power over their own lives. Spinelli revealed that he wanted Diane's advice on how to win Maxie back. He told her about trying to rekindle Maxie's feelings for her by asking to move in with her and about trying to make her jealous by telling her he was seeing someone. Spinelli grinned and said his second plan worked because Maxie did seem perplexed when she found out there was a woman in his life.

Spinelli admitted to Diane that he didn't really have a girlfriend and he explained that his interest in Cassandra was more professional than personal. Diane thought getting involved with an amnesiac was a bad idea. She also advised Spinelli to quit with Maxie while he was ahead, because he wasn't cut out at being deceptive. Spinelli argued that Maxie and Matt weren't right for each other and that while Maxie thought Matt was the man she should be with, they didn't have pure uncontainable love. Diane said that while Spinelli thought of love that way, not everyone did. She warned him that the sort of love he described was often fleeting because people grew and changed. She used herself and Max as an example. Diane explained that she could tell Max wanted to settle down, but she didn't, so she ended things. Spinelli softly said he was willing to conform to Maxie's wishes, but Diane told him that sometimes relationships just didn't work out. Spinelli said he'd rather have his heart broken than to give up too soon. Diane patted his face gently, then left.

Lulu dropped by ELQ to talk to Tracy. She'd seen the wedding announcement in the paper and was horrified. Tracy said it was false, but that Anthony proposed. Lulu asked if he used the ring Tracy thought was from Luke. Tracy denied thinking that and said she was practical enough to accept that Luke divorced her and it was over. Lulu warned Tracy that it would be a mistake to marry someone she didn't love. Tracy appreciated her concern but said she could take care of herself. Tracy changed the subject to Lulu's search to find her bliss. Lulu hadn't found anything that fulfilled her yet. Tracy thought the thing Lulu was looking for was probably staring her in the face. She offered Lulu a job at ELQ, but Lulu thought she'd be terrible at it. Lulu said Kate offered her her job back, but she was holding out for the right opportunity. Lulu urged Tracy to do the same and hold out for the right guy. Tracy didn't want to hear it, but Lulu persisted and said she knew Tracy loved Luke. Tracy said that ship had sailed and that even if she had a slim hope of reconciling with Luke, it didn't matter because no one knew where he was.

Maxie went to the Zacchara home to get Anthony's input on the wedding details. Anthony told Maxie to handle it and said he hired Maxie because he trusted her. Maxie reminded him that he blackmailed her. She felt stupid for thinking that dealing with Anthony wouldn't backfire. Maxie tried to convince herself that the police solved Lisa's murder, but Anthony told her that they both knew the real killer was still out there. Maxie didn't want to hear anything else about it and changed the subject back to the wedding. Anthony wanted Maxie to choose music that would make Tracy see that he was classy and he chose rare orchids for the flowers. Anthony wanted traditional vows and said he loved the line “til death do us part.”

Tracy arrived just as Maxie was leaving. Anthony gushed about the upcoming wedding, but Tracy looked like she was going to be sick. Maxie told them that Crimson was sending a photographer to the wedding, but Tracy refused to allow the press to be there. Maxie left and Tracy told Anthony that the wedding was off. Anthony protested. He told Tracy they were soulmates and had a lot in common, like the knowledge of her funneling dirty money into ELQ. Tracy faked having the sniffles and tried to use that and several other things as an excuse to postpone the wedding. Anthony had an answer for all her objections, until Tracy said they couldn't get married on an unlucky day like Friday the 13th. Anthony agreed that it would be a bad idea to start their marriage off that way. He said he'd have Maxie reschedule for the next date that the chapel was available. Tracy pretended to be okay with this and started toward the door. Anthony wanted a kiss, but Tracy said she didn't want him to get her cold. Tracy left. Once she went out the door, she showed her disappointment. Anthony, on the other hand, was in a great mood and wandered around alternately humming the wedding march and making sounds of explosions, while pantomiming slitting his throat and shooting a gun.

Carly met with Luke at Kelly's. She thanked him for coming back and Luke said he'd always amend his schedule to help her; for a price. Carly confided that she'd gotten into some trouble. She told him about Michael's troubles and said the two of them had a misunderstanding. Luke said he knew she lied about Jax being alive. He read it in Diane's column. Carly said she turned to Luke for help, because unlike Sonny, he wasn't a hypocrite. She told him about offering herself to Johnny in exchange for him not hiring Michael. While Carly was willing to go through with it, she didn't want to if she didn't have to. Carly wanted Luke to find something she could use to blackmail Johnny into leaving Michael alone. Luke was up for it. He stalled before naming a price and Carly asked him to tell her what she had to do to get out of sleeping with Johnny. Just after she said this, Johnny walked in and smiled at her. He said hello to Luke, then went and sat at the counter. Luke was impressed that Johnny didn't show his hand. He thought this was because he didn't want Sonny to find out. Carly didn't think Sonny would care about her deal with Johnny. She added that she wouldn't care if it did bother Sonny. Luke didn't believe her.

Carly was rattled by the way Johnny kept glancing over at her and smiling. Luke finally told Carly that he wanted a suite at the Metro Court and free access to the restaurant, spa and bar (in case he wanted to entertain). Carly agreed and told Luke to work fast because she couldn't hold Johnny off forever. Once the deal was made, Luke got up to leave. He bumped into Maxie on his way out and dropped his newspaper that contained the wedding announcement. Maxie nervously rambled about Luke coming back into town at the wrong time. Maxie noticed his newspaper and said that he must know. Luke casually affirmed that he did.

Johnny sat down at Carly's table. He wondered about the intense conversation she had with Luke, but Carly said it wasn't any of his business. Johnny hoped she wasn't backing out of their deal. Carly pretended she was looking forward to it. Johnny told her he was going to give her the ride of her life. Carly smiled and said Johnny would see that she was full of surprises.

Lulu went to Kelly's and Maxie noticed that she had a flyer. Maxie asked about it, but Lulu said it was nothing. Maxie told Lulu about Luke being back. Lulu was certain that Luke wasn't back for something good.

Tracy went back to ELQ. Someone sneaked up behind her, put a cloth bag over her head and dragged her off.

Ewen let himself into Wyndemere, waking Ethan, who was napping on the couch. Neither of them had seen Cassandra, the woman in white since she ran off earlier. Cassandra was hiding in the secret passage eavesdropping on them. Ethan wondered why Ewen wasn't alarmed that Cassandra was missing. Ewen explained that Cassandra had only been gone twelve hours, but in the past she'd disappeared for twelve days. Ewen said Cassandra was socially curious and that he wouldn't be surprised if she was watching them right now. Ewen said he met Cassandra in the Northwest and had followed her all over the country and abroad. Cassandra had a habit of squatting in empty mansions When Cassandra came to Ewen for the first time, he thought she wanted his help figuring out who she was. He believed that she must have suffered a traumatic experience. Ewen had exhausted all his resources trying to learn her identity but hadn't found anything; all he knew about her was that she often wrote the letters “I M C.” Ethan told Ewen about the notes he and Cassandra had left each other and how she called herself “no one.” He also told Ewen about the note she wrote that said “No one gets lonely.”

Ewen noticed Laura's portrait and her resemblance to Cassandra. He told Ethan that when Cassandra disappeared the last time, he'd researched all the empty mansions in the area and found Wyndemere. Ewen hoped to rent it and stay there for as long as Cassandra wanted. Ethan offered to put him in contact with Alexis. Ewen asked if Ethan would mind him staying there. Ethan said no, but it seemed like he was a bit put out. Ewen asked Ethan to let Cassandra know he was looking for her, then he left. Once Ewen was gone, Ethan let Cassandra know that he knew she was there. She came out and Ethan said he was enthralled and wanted to know everything about her. Cassandra tried to run off, but when Ethan asked her to stay, she agreed on one condition. Ethan guessed that she wanted him to keep his distance. Cassandra spontaneously kissed him. Ethan was falling for her. He told her that he didn't even know her but he wanted to be near her. He asked why she was drawn to Wyndemere, but Cassandra asked him not to ask. Ethan encouraged her to open up to him now that they were alone. He asked if she was hiding from someone. Cassandra didn't know, but it was clear that she was scared. Ethan noticed and asked if she knew the name Helena Cassadine. The camera panned to the secret passage and revealed that Helena was inside listening to them.

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