GH Update Tuesday 1/10/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/10/12



Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

As Carly rushed up to Sonny's doorstep, Jax peered around the corner of the house, watching her. Sonny opened the door and Carly stood inside the open doorway and demanded that they talk about Michael. Sonny responded to the intrusion by blaming Carly for Michael's problems. Carly stood by her decision not to tell anyone that Jax was alive and she told Sonny that deep down, he was grateful that she prevented him from doing something he regretted. She told Sonny that for some reason, Michael considered what she did a betrayal. “Maybe because it was,” Kate said, as she descended the stairs, wearing Sonny's dress shirt. Carly looked annoyed. She exchanged barbs with Kate, then she and Sonny continued arguing, with the door open, in Jax's earshot. Sonny wanted Carly to leave and come back tomorrow, but Carly refused. Sonny pointed out that there was nothing they could do to get through to Michael tonight.

According to Kate, it was audacious of Carly to expect Sonny to drop everything to clean up the mess she made. Carly ordered Kate to stay out of it and said that she and Sonny were going to work together to help their son, whether Kate liked it or not. Sonny told Carly not to speak that way in her home. Kate said she was immune to Carly's insults, then she left the room. Carly said she didn't care about Kate, but Sonny thought the look on Carly's face when she saw Kate said otherwise. Carly said she was there because Michael was hurting, and wasn't interested in the latest “bimbo” in Sonny's bed. Sonny asked why she wanted to co-parent now, when she sent Morgan away without telling him and lied about Jax. Carly wanted to focus on the present instead of rehashing their past disagreements. Carly was nearly in tears as she yelled that Michael asked Johnny for a job. Sonny was alarmed, but he told Carly he'd handle on his own, since Michael didn't want her in his life. Carly refused to be forced out of Michael's life, but Sonny wouldn't change his mind. He yelled that Carly should be grateful that he was going to fix the problem she created. He firmly said goodnight and pointed to the open door. Carly left and Sonny slammed the door shut.

At the Zacchara house, Johnny was stunned when he saw Anthony and Tracy's engagement announcement in the paper. Anthony gushed about Tracy falling in love with him, but Johnny said he knew his father blackmailed her. Anthony said this marriage would be beneficial for everyone involved, including Johnny. He clarified that it would be good for Johnny for the family to be connected to the Quartermaines. Johnny reminded Anthony that none of this would have been possible without Skye and asked if she'd be would be at the wedding. Anthony said no, because it would be an intimate affair. Johnny asked about Luke and Anthony said he didn't ask Tracy about him. Johnny didn't think women like Tracy liked men like them and he was incredulous when Anthony told him how happy Tracy had been when he proposed. Anthony believed that Tracy enjoyed the attention he was showering her with; he advised Johnny that women liked men who could protect, provide and take charge when necessary. Johnny reminded Anthony of what happened to Gino, and he warned Anthony to be careful when it came to Tracy.

Carly called Johnny and told him he only had a short time to take her up on her offer. “Where and when?” Johnny asked with a smile.

Ronnie, Dante and Delores were at work. Ronnie was razzing Dante for having gotten married without telling him. He told Dante that he still owed him the chance to throw a bachelor party. Michael walked in and was disgusted by what he heard. He told them off for joking around while the person attacking strippers was still out on the streets. Dante let Michael look through the file on the attacks. The attacker grabbed the women from behind and had recently become bolder by attacking someone during the daytime. Delores said she was very invested in finding the attacker and Ronnie added that Michael was being unfair for saying otherwise. Michael snapped that it was unfair that Abby was dead because he tried to protect her from the attacker. Dante said it wasn't Michael's fault, but Michael disagreed and blamed himself and the cops for Abby's death. He spat that they probably thought the women deserved to be attacked. Delores said Michael couldn't be more wrong. Michael relented and said as a woman, Delores might care, but he asked her if she really thought her fellow officers did. Delores was silent. Dante reminded Michael that they had other cases, and Ronnie told Michael that if he wanted more manpower on this case, he should tell Sonny to stop committing crimes. Michael vowed to do something about the attacker. As Michael turned to walk out, Dante followed and asked what he was planning. Michael said he was going to get justice for Abby and her friends. Sonny called Michael, but he didn't answer.

Sonny hung up his phone and told Kate Michael wasn't taking his calls. Kate hugged him and tried to assure him that Michael would never join a rival organization. Sonny wasn't so sure. He told Kate that Michael was grieving and angry with him for not letting him into the business. Sonny was certain that Johnny would take advantage of him. Sonny said he wasn't sure how to approach his son now that he was an adult. Kate advised him to trust that he did a good job raising Michael and just let things be. Sonny said you couldn't do that when it was your child. He explained that he and Carly inadvertently made Michael's life hell when he was a child and that as Sonny's son, Michael had access to very dangerous things that most people didn't. Kate looked uncomfortable and said she'd leave so he could call Michael again. Sonny gently told her not to use Michael as an excuse to pull away from him. Kate got dressed and Sonny wanted to talk about the stage of their relationship and they had a relaxed, flirtatious conversation. Kate didn't want to complicate things. She said right now they were friends with benefits. Sonny remembered that she said that before, when they were teens, just before she left town. Kate apologized for hurting him and Sonny said it was nothing compared to her almost dying because of him. Kate smiled and said she didn't and they were here now. She hoped Sonny was okay with the way things were. Sonny said he'd take it for now. They kissed, then Sonny walked her out. Kate pointed out that now that Carly was sure to tell everyone that they were together. She asked Sonny if he was ready to go public. Sonny enthusiastically said yes. They kissed again and Kate left.

Jason and Sam were at the hospital. The worried Sam asked Jason to hold her and they hugged. Jason assured her that he was okay, but Sam disagreed and said neither of them were fine. To Sam's frustration, Jason tried to explain away his health issues, but Sam was adamant that Jason's fits of rage and his recent tendency to zone out and disconnect from his surroundings were not normal.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Robin told Patrick that she was worried about Jason and that she wished he'd be more upfront about his symptoms. Patrick replied that Jason wasn't a big talker, which is why he got concerned when Jason insisted that Patrick needed to talk to Robin about what she was going through. Robin said she was just projecting about her patient and said she went to talk to Jason because she knew Patrick would call her on it. Patrick didn't mind Robin's close relationship with Jason. Patrick felt that,in a way, their friendship was the best thing that ever happened to him, because he wouldn't have met Robin if she hadn't brought him in to do Jason's operation. Robin thought that was romantic. They kissed, then they went and talked to Jason and Sam.

Despite Jason's attempts to convince everyone he was fine, Robin and Patrick discussed his symptoms with the concerned Sam. Sam told them that Jason hadn't been sleeping. Robin asked if Jason might have passed out while he was on his motorcycle before the accident. Jason swore that he didn't. Sam told the doctors about Jason zoning out. Robin recalled Jason doing that at the jail too and she said Jason couldn't hear her. Jason said he could hear Robin, but his mind was occupied by something he didn't want to discuss.

Patrick left, and Robin advised Sam to monitor Jason and write down his symptoms. Jason didn't think it was necessary, but Robin urged him to stop covering and cooperate with them. Sam left to take a phone call, giving Robin and Jason a chance to speak privately. Robin hoped he wasn't mad at her. Jason shrugged and asked if she was mad at him. Robin wasn't and she appreciated that Jason had kept her secret even though he disapproved of what she was doing. Robin told Jason that Sam was terrified and she asked Jason to take it easy for her sake. Patrick returned with Jason's results. They were inconclusive. Jason said he knew the cause and it had nothing to do with medicine. Patrick said he'd need to run more tests. It was time for Robin to leave for her flight. Jason hugged her and quietly said he knew she'd find what she was looking for. Robin urged Jason to cooperate with Patrick and get tested..

Robin walked to the elevator and looked at her ticket to Seattle as Sam asked Jason where Robin was going. Jason said Africa. Jason promised Sam that he'd follow Patrick's orders. In a serious tone, Sam said she had to tell Jason something. Jason had some things to take care of first and told Sam they could talk at home, once he was finished and able to give her his full attention.

Patrick stopped Robin before she left and suggested they have a quickie in the supply closet. Robin laughed and said she didn't have time, but she promised that they would when she got home. They hugged and Patrick said he missed her already. They gave each other several quick kisses. Robin told Patrick that Elizabeth was available if he needed help and she asked him to send Jason's test results to her. Patrick asked her to call and skype as often as possible. They kissed again and Robin left.

Jason went to the elevators and Patrick privately reminded Sam to make sure Jason didn't get angry. Sam agreed to do what she could. Patrick then went to Jason and told him these tests had to come before his job. Jason said he understood. Patrick walked away. Jason called Spinelli and told him to search for Franco now.

Sam went to the nursery and met a new mother. The woman pointed out her baby through the glass window and said her name was Bella, which meant beautiful. Sam teared up as she looked in at the baby. The woman asked if she had kids and Sam said not yet. The woman said once she held Bella she realized having a baby was the most wonderful thing in the world. Sam watched with a pained look as the woman went inside and held her baby.

Maxie was panicky as she fumbled with her keys outside her apartment. She heard a noise and pulled out a taser and threatened to zap the person if they came any closer. It turned out to be Lulu, who was perplexed by Maxie's mood. They went inside and Maxie lectured Lulu about the dangers that faced women. Lulu said she knew, because she was married to a cop. Maxie ordered Lulu not to bring up her marital status right now. Maxie said she was worried about the attacker, even though she wasn't a stripper, because she was hot, toned and capable of being a stripper if she wanted to be. Lulu cautioned her to be careful with her taser, lest she end up in jail for assaulting someone with it. Maxie spat that if she did end up in jail, she was sure Lulu, the bad excuse for a friend, wouldn't bail her out or visit.

Maxie and Lulu struggled to do yoga exercises. Lulu was trying to find her passion and since it wasn't cooking, she'd decided to give yoga a try. Lulu asked Maxie about her roommate search. After Maxie got a dig in at Lulu for abandoning her, she told her about Spinelli's interest in moving in. Maxie explained her reasons for turning Spinelli down. She told Lulu that Spinelli was seeing a blonde girl, but she wasn't his girlfriend, because Maxie wasn't into “new age” relationships. Lulu pointed out that Maxie wasn't in a relationship with Spinelli anymore. Maxie excitedly told Lulu about asking Matt to move in. lulu thought it was kind of soon for that, but Maxie said they'd been together for months. Lulu asked what he said. The phone rang and Maxie took the opportunity to dodge the question by answering. It was Anthony calling to see how she was coming with the wedding plans and to ask if she got his message. Maxie kept her side of the conversation vague so Lulu wouldn't suspect anything. She told Anthony she got the message and that the wedding planning was coming along fine. Anthony was glad to hear it. He told Maxie that he and Tracy were fated to be together and that Maxie owed him the perfect wedding after he made the Lisa Niles case go away with Briggs' confession and suicide. Maxie replied that she never asked for that to happen, but Anthony didn't see it that way. Maxie looked worried when Anthony warned her that he wouldn't react well if she disappointed him. He hung up.

Lulu did a pose lying on her back and raising her legs over her head. She asked Maxie who the wedding was for and Maxie vaguely said a high profile client who often made the headlines. Lulu got stuck in her pose and screamed for Maxie's help.

Outside Kelly's, Carly glanced around, then let herself into the closed restaurant. Moments later, Jax appeared and looked inside. Shawn walked downstairs and startled Carly. They had a short, friendly chat. He thought she was there to see him, but Carly insisted that she hadn't known he'd be there. Shawn explained that the thermostat was broken, so he'd come downstairs to fix it. He asked if Carly wanted to help, but she declined since she wasn't a mechanical type. Shawn went into the back to get to work. Carly went and looked out the window, while Jax hid.

Johnny arrived. He was curious as to why Carly chose Kelly's. Carly said her family owned the place. Johnny asked if they were going upstairs. Carly wanted to lay out the terms first. Johnny wondered if she was stalling. He reminded her that she agreed to his terms and he agreed not to hire Michael. Carly smiled and Johnny kissed her. Shawn walked out and saw Carly wrapping her arms around Johnny's neck. “Don't mind me” Shawn said, to alert them to his presence. Johnny said he now realized why Carly chose to come here, but he didn't seem bothered by it. Carly smiled and said maybe another time. Johnny asked Carly to be his date to Tracy and Anthony's wedding. Carly didn't realize they were getting married. She said no, because she didn't like Tracy or Anthony and because her and Johnny's arrangement wasn't about socializing. Johnny said he'd call her tomorrow to choose another place, then he left.

Shawn asked if that had been for his benefit. Carly replied that he was the last thing on her mind. She said Shawn made it clear that he wasn't interested in her personal life, so her dealings with Johnny weren't any of his business. Shawn didn't trust Johnny. He speculated that he might be planning to use Carly to get revenge for Claudia's death or to get to Johnny. Carly said Johnny might find her attractive, which she knew would be hard for Shawn to understand since he felt nothing for her. Shawn said he never said that. Carly said maybe she liked Johnny and maybe it felt nice to be pursued after being rejected. Shawn said his job was to protect her and Carly snapped that he'd done it well, but now he no longer had to do that. Shawn pointed out that the Zaccharas were unstable. Carly said maybe she liked crazy, but Shawn thought there was something else going on. Carly said Shawn was the one who wanted to keep things professional and she didn't need his input or advise. Shawn dropped it and went upstairs. Carly called someone and reluctantly asked for their help.

Michael went to Johnny's to talk to him, but found Anthony there instead. Anthony said it was too bad a nice, bright girl like Abby died. Michael reminded him that he framed Abby, but Anthony said it was just business. Michael vented about the lack of progress the police were making in finding the attacker. Anthony poured Michael a drink, but he refused it. Anthony said he was sympathetic that Michael couldn't get justice. Michael said he planned to get it on his own. As he turned to leave, Anthony invited him to stay.

Dante, Delores and Ronnie got to work on the stripper case. They realized that all the victims had taken dance lessons and decided to follow up on that lead. Ronnie did some research and said he thought the attacker was someone named Chuck D'Onofrio. Ronnie went to interview a possible witness. Lulu hobbled into the station and told Dante she'd stuck out on her search for a passion and wasn't going to be a yoga instructor. They hugged.

Sonny called Michael again and left a message that he loved him and that he wanted to work things out. He found a woman's glove and picked it up and walked away from his window. There may have been someone watching him from outside.

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