GH Update Friday 1/6/12

General Hospital Update Friday 1/6/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli enters Kelly's Diner, before sitting at his own table, bids a gracious greeting to Ethan, who's sitting alone at a table. Each distracted by hopes for a glimpse of the same mystery lady (Windermere's (silent) Woman in White), exchange brief, polite conversation about Lulu and her new nuptials.

Monica approaches Liz somewhere in GH. The room appears to be an employee locker room (surroundings include sinks, soap, mirrors, lockers, a red phone, and a shower, which is in use). Monica questions Liz about some lab work she needs for a patient. Liz tells her the lab said it will be in tomorrow. Monica calls Liz out on her nonchalant attitude, then abruptly turns the conversation to the fact that Liz checked herself into ShadyBrook Sanitarium, that Lucky left town and that she (Liz) turns to Jason in crisis. Liz assures General Hospital's Chief of Staff that she's perfectly in tact. As Monica instructs Liz to find someone else to "rescue" her, a freshly showed Ewen steps from around the corner in nothing but a towel (yummy).

Back at Kelly's Diner, Patrick sees Robin's sitting at the counter reading some papers; he kisses her on the cheek and asks what she's doing here, looking at her will.

At Jason and Sam's place, Jason leaves a message for Sonny to call him so they can discuss the "situation with Jax". Sam tells him that Sonny won't call because he knows Jason just wants to tell him to leave Jax alone. Sam's phone rings, it's Michael calling to apologize for unloading on her. She tells him it's okay and that she's there for him then asks him to talk to Jason. Michael tells her he's going to take action and hangs up. Sam sees Jason tense up and asks what's wrong. Hand balled into a fist, Jason stares (he's not looking good).

Sam takes Jason's fist and says it feels like ice. Jason blames himself for almost killing Michael and is distracted by Franco's games; he goes to the closet to get his gun. Sam asks what he's going to do, he tells her Spinelli can find Franco and once he stops Franco, they can move on.

At Kelly's, Patrick & Robin discuss her will in a fun, cute married couple kind of way, bantering about silly family moments they've had. They head off to visit Emma at the hospital day care, before Robin leaves for the airport; they pass between Ethan and Spinelli who are still distracted with their individual desires to see Windermere's silent mystery lady.

Spinelli looking at the pic on his phone, of the Woman in White, Ethan looking at the hand written message, from the same woman, bump into one another. Pardoning one another from the collision, they go their separate ways.

In the GH locker room, Ewen, not being an official doctor on staff, excuses himself for making use of the showers; now sporting an unbuttoned collared shirt along with the towel covering his lower body.

Monica offers him a permanent job. The gorgeous Aussie doc says he will discuss it with his superiors at ShadyBrook. Monica exits, but not without reminding Liz to have the lab work she needs on her desk tomorrow by 10 am.

Ewen observes Monica's attitude toward Liz and vice versa. He tells Liz he's not sure about working for someone who "uses her position to carry out personal grudges". Liz explains they have a bit of history but defends Monica in a "pitch" to have Ewen join the staff at GH. Dr. Matt walks in, smirks, and asks if he's interrupting.

Jason revisits the road where Michael walked into the path of his motorcycle the other day. As he is visualizing what happened, Michael walks up and asks why he's there.

Spinelli arrives at Maxie's place. A newlywed Lulu's packed and semi-packed items of belonging are all over the place. Maxie immediately launches into babble about a lamp that belongs to Lulu and that she's being left alone now that Lulu married Dante. Spinelli politely interrupts to say he's there in response to her ad about a room mate.

At a GH nurses station, Robin approaches Monica to ask if Liz is working on that floor. Monica tells her Liz is in the locker room then asks if she has talked with Jason. Robin says Patrick has run all the tests and they are waiting on results. Monica states her concern about Liz latching on to Jason again, considering they just lost a child together. Robin concedes how awful it must be to find out you had a grandson you'll never get to know and reminds Monica that it was Jason's decision to keep quiet about that fact. She assures Monica that Liz will be too busy to bother Jason. Robin walks off to go find Liz.

Tracy walks up to Monica asking why she was summoned. Monica says she wanted to meet where Edward wouldn't overhear them talking. Monica shoves the front page headline news of the society section in Tracy's face. "Tracy Quartermaine and Anthony Zacchara to Marry". Monica tells Tracy that after all of her "digs" about Jason being in the mob, here she is, front page news, marrying into the mob for a second time. The look on Tracy's face... Priceless.

On the road, standing together, Jason moves to place his hand on Michael's shoulder, he steps away. Jason tells Michael he was just trying to figure out what happened. Michael, angry with himself for Abby's death and angry at Jason for not speaking up about Jax (possibly) being alive, lashes out. He tells Jason that he walked out into the street and got hit, people pay for their choices. Jason tells Michael that he's not trying to control him. Michael says that he tried to control Abby and it got her killed.

Sam is in the alley, looking at the tag left by Franco.

Maxie and Spinelli discuss his interest in moving into the room that Lulu has vacated. She says she doesn't thing it's a good idea. He says he has a tolerance for her quirks and would make a good room mate. She says it will be awkward when Matt comes over and she doesn't want to take the chance that their feelings would get hurt. He tells her the cards are on the table and he leaves her to think about it. A few minutes later, a knock on the door. Anthony Zacchara is at the door.

In the GH locker room, as Ewen makes his exit he asks Liz to let him know if she has any more input about the staff position. Surprised to hear there's an open position, Matt asks about it. Liz advises there's a position in the psychiatric department and Monica offered it to Ewen; Ewen leaves. Matt pokes fun about Ewen, he makes finger painting jokes and ceiling tile jibes. Liz defends Ewen's style as unconventional but effective. Matt walks away referring to Ewen as Dr. Dundee.

Sam is inspecting the tag left by Franco, trying to get it's underlying meaning, nitrogen, oxygen, calcium, carbon, elements of a human being. She recalls when Spinelli relates it to "the bond to the creator". Then flash back to Franco's CD message, "I believe we have achieved the ultimate in conceptual art." Sam takes a pregnancy test from her jacket pocket and looks at it.

Jason tells Michael that Abby's death was an accident. Michael says that she wouldn't have been there if he didn't send her there and that he was following Jason's example. The example that his mom, his dad and Jason are all guilty of, sending the kids away to protect them. Angry, Michael says he's not a kid any more and if they won't see that, he'll find someone who does; lashing out that if the three of them can't see that he's not a child any more he'll work for someone who won't treat him as such. Concerned, Jason asks what he means. Michael says he can work for the Zacchara's. Jason does his best to discourage Michael from making this decision, reminding him that it's a dangerous business and that he would be going against his father. Michael says it might benefit his father...

Maxie is shocked and frightened to have Anthony Zacchara at her door. He enters and beings his psycho babble about how she owes him a favor implying that she may be the person who killed Dr. Lisa. He describes a tasteful, expensive wedding reception, which he expects her to plan for him and Tracy's wedding on Friday the 13th.

At Kelly's Diner, Tracy interrupts Garrett Floyd (current media mogul, former Mayor of Port Charles) to demand that he retract news of her engagement saying that she's not engaged. Floyd says Anthony disagrees. Tracy threatens to sue and says Anthony is insane; she then tries to bargain for Floyd to pull the edition. Floyd, quite amused, says he'll be doing more on the subject and leaves. Tracy makes a call to the office saying she's on her way. As she exit's Kelly's she bumps into Spinelli who notices her distress and offers assistance. She asks him to hack into the paper to change tomorrow's headline. He tells her that he no longer has those cyber skills; Tracy walks off with no use for him.

At Windermere, Ethan calls out to his mystery lady and goes looking for her in the secret passage way. Ewen walks in the room where Ethan just was, apparently looking for the same woman.

In the GH break room, Patrick and Robin are talking by the coffee machine. Robin says she's looking for Liz to ask her to look in on him and Emma. Patrick's pager goes off and he has to leave, he asks Robin to promise to find him before leaving for the airport.

Matt and Liz enter the break room. Matt mentions that he thought Robin was leaving for Africa, she confirms that she is in a little while. He asks a couple of questions which Robin deflects saying she will get with him when she gets back but that she wants to talk to Liz about helping Patrick and Emma while she's gone. Matt heads out leaving Liz and Robin to their talk. Robin turns to serious conversation with Liz about being there for Patrick. She confides that her HIV status is unstable and she's going away to try to get it under control.

At Windermere, the Woman in White arrives with a bag she places on the table; she hears something and leaves the room quickly. Spinelli enters, announcing gracious greetings and apologizes for scaring her away. He opens the secret passage door and goes inside.

At Maxie's place, Anthony completes his business request (threat) for her to organize his wedding requests and leaves. Upon hearing she has a week to plan the event, Maxie moves into plan B.

Jason advises Michael that the Zacchara's will use him; Michael says he'll be on the inside. Jason tells him he's throwing his life away and reaches out, begging him not to do business with Johnny. Michael walks away saying it's his choice.

Sam arrives home; she takes her pregnancy test upstairs, leaving the box downstairs.

At GH, Liz and Robin talk about Robin's HIV treatment. Robin tells Liz that she's on her 3rd protocol and that she knew there was a problem after the incident with Lisa. Liz realizes that Patrick has no idea and Robin says she knows it selfish but she didn't want sadness over the holidays and she's glad she's hiding it from them because she feels strong enough to do what is necessary.

At Windermere, the Woman in White comes out from her hiding spot; Ethan enters the room startling her. He tells her he can't stop thinking about her and asks for her name. Spinelli enters from the secret passage way, providing a polite greeting, before realizing Ethan is in the room. Ethan asks if he knows her, startled to see him there, Spinelli says he does not, just that he has seen her from a distance and has a digital picture of her on his phone. Just then, Ewen walks in and announces that the lady is his patient.

Sam, giving herself a pep talk about whatever the pregnancy results will be, sits on her couch, picks up the test to read the results.

Robin and Liz discuss what Robin fears, that Lisa may have tampered with her HIV meds. Robin suggests that if Patrick finds out he will feel guilty. Liz tries to encourage Robin to tell Patrick what's going on. Robin begs Liz to help her, as her friend, she's trying to match her friend with her husband so that she can leave and deal with her unknown journey.

Exiting the 10th floor elevator, Maxie runs into Matt and Patrick. Maxie pulls Matt to the side to ask him to move in with her.

Jason walks up to Patrick, practically in a panic, asking for Robin as he passes out.

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