GH Update Thursday 1/5/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/5/12


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Jax hides behind a corner, watching. Alexis tells Sonny that she wants to talk to him. He doesn’t want to talk about Jax. She tells hi that now that they know Jax is alive, she wants him to stay that way. She tells him she wants him to give her his word that he won’t try to find Jax and kill him.


At the penthouse, Sam wonders if Jason is still thinking about Michael. She says it must have been tough on him at Abby’s place. Jason says he doesn’t care if Michael takes it out on him; he just hates that Michael thinks he lied to him. Sam thinks keeping quiet to spare someone pain isn’t the same as lying. Molly calls Sam and tells her she has already arrived at Kelly’s for lunch. 


Ewen Keene enters Kelly’s and sees Shawn playing with Wilson. He asks him if he has decided to keep Wilson. Shawn says he is still working out the living arrangements and Wilson still needs more training. Ewen suggests that Shawn have Wilson say at the Veteran’s home where a trainer can work with Wilson and Shawn will have unlimited visitation.


Carly and Josslyn come into Kelly’s. Carly asks Shawn if they can talk. She says she is worried about Michael. 


At Abby’s apartment, Johnny tells Michael that he is sorry to hear about Abby’s death. He says Abby was a good person. He tells Michael to let him know if he can do anything. Michael says Johnny can give him a job.


At General Hospital, Robin compiles a folder of her records. Patrick wonders why she didn’t email “her patient’s” records. She just wants the hard copies. He concludes that it would suck to be half way around the world and find that you don’t have the correct data. She thanks him for being reasonable about her going to Africa. He tells her she can make it up to him by being honest with him.


At the penthouse, Sam suggests that Jason try to talk Sonny down before he goes after Jax again. She thinks Sonny will try to destroy Jax but destroy himself in the process.


Spinelli comes into the penthouse and apologizes for intruding. Jason tells him that he doesn’t have to sneak in and out – he lives there. Spinelli says he thinks now that Jason and Sam are married, he should move out. Jason and Sam try to dissuade him, but he stands firm in his decision.


Dante and Lulu are at Lulu’s apartment that she shares with Maxie, packing her things. Maxie comes in and announces that she is furious with both of them because she had to hear the news of their marriage third-hand from Kate, who Lulu doesn’t even like. Lulu apologizes, but Maxie says that isn’t good enough. She is angry that Lulu didn’t ask her to plan the wedding or be her maid of honor. Dante and Lulu explain that it was a spontaneous decision, and that it was just the two of them and his mother. Maxie concludes that fifty other Falconeris were there too. She is angry that Lulu is moving out. Lulu says she and Dante are going to live together like a normal married couple. Maxie wonders who said they were normal.

At Kelly’s Carly asks Shawn if they can go somewhere to talk privately. Molly asks Shawn when he got a dog. She says Winston is adorable. Shawn explains that Winston is a service dog that will be part of his PTSD therapy. Shawn introduces Molly to Dr Keenan. Carly suggests that Molly dog-sit while they talk.


Shawn and Carly go to the open area behind Kelly’s. Jax watches them, unseen. Shawn asks Carly what is going on with Michael. She tells him that Michael knows about Jax and publicly outed her at the New Years Eve party. She says she tried to explain while everyone else in town attacked her. Shawn says she had good reason to keep quiet. Carly says she was trying to protect Jax from Sonny, but now that Sonny knows Jax is alive, she is afraid he will start all over. 


At Abby’s apartment, Johnny reminds Michael that he already has a job at Sonny’s warehouse. Michael tells him he quit. Johnny suggests that Michael reconsider. Michael says Abby wanted him to have a legitimate job and she died anyway. Johnny reminds Michael that Abby’s death was an accident. Michael says he wants to stop the freak that has been beating up Abby’s friends. Johnny tells him to let the police handle it. Michael doesn’t believe the police will do anything. Johnny says Michael can’t do anything about it, but Michael believes that with resources and an organization behind him, he will be able to get into places that cops can’t go. Johnny asks Michael what his father would say if Michael came to work for him. He wonders if that is the point.

Behind Kelly’s, Carly tells Shawn that someone has to get Sonny under control. Shawn supposes lots of people are probably trying. He says he feels badly that she came under attack since he asked her to keep the secret. Carly tells him she knows Jax wanted to stay under the radar; otherwise, he would have been in contact with Josslyn and Morgan. She says she tried to explain that to Michael, but he wouldn’t listen to her. She says it seems that Michael is so hurt by losing Abby that he now feels he has nothing to lose.


At Abby’s apartment, Michael tells Johnny that his father doesn’t want him to join his organization. Johnny wonders why he would join the competition. Michael feels it is time to step out from under his father’s shadow. Johnny says that would be like spitting in Jason’s face. Michael thinks Jason is too invested in protecting him to live his own life. Johnny asks what he is missing. Michael reveals that Carly and Jason knew Jax was alive and didn’t tell him. Johnny asks him what that has to do with coming to work for him. Michael says Sonny and Jason don’t have confidence in him and won’t give him what he needs to stop the attacker. He says that last time Jason made a pretty hard sell, so he must think Michael has potential. Johnny reveals that Michael’s real potential is as leverage over Sonny. Michael says this is Johnny’s chance to get it.


At the Metro Court, Alexis says she doesn’t want Sony’s word because it is meaningless. She wants to go get a bible and swear on it that he will leave Jax alone. Sonny warns her not to ask questions that she doesn’t want the answer to. She tells him that at the party, she blamed Carly and defended Sonny. She asks him why she should defend him when what he does is indefensible. He asks her what she is going to do about it; resign? She concludes to him that she can’t because he blackmailed her. He tells her she knew what she was getting into. She tells him that if he touches Jax, she will tell Kristina that getting her into Yale by strong-arm methods was his idea.


Mac enters the Metro Court lobby and tells Sonny and Alexis that the investigation into Jax’s death has been closed since Jax is apparently still alive.


At the penthouse, Sam leaves for her lunch date with Molly. Spinelli asks how Jason’s New Year was. Jason said it could have been better. Jason wonders where Spinelli is moving to; Spinelli doesn’t know yet. Jason says they need to find Sonny’s 20 million dollars. Spinelli informs him that he has already repaid Sonny. Spinelli changes the subject when Jason asks him if he found the money in the offshore account.


At General Hospital, Patrick tells Robin that he knows she is still worried about Lisa. She says she hopes that going to Africa will help her gain perspective to help her get over it. He asks her to confirm that they love each other too much to keep secrets. She says they do and adds that she doesn’t want him to feel responsible for what happened to Lisa. He says he knows it bothers her that Briggs didn’t kill Lisa. He says he knows it was self-defense. She says she knows he didn’t have a choice. He says he knows she had to do everything she could because Lisa was trying to kill her. Robin is shocked that he thinks she killed Lisa. He says he knows she did because she saw the wrench lying next to her. Robin says she thought Patrick killed Lisa. Patrick tells her he never saw Lisa again after she left the stateroom. Robin remembers him picking up the wrench. He says he picked it up and threw it overboard because he thought Robin killed Lisa. They are both relieved to know that the other didn’t do it.


At Maxie and Lulu’s apartment, Lulu asks Maxie how they are not a normal married couple. Maxie says they got engaged, unengaged, re-engaged, re-unengaged, and then got married on a whim in Bensonhurst. Lulu says it was romantic. Maxie wonders what is romantic about a wedding without guests, pictures, music, bridesmaids, dancing, and flowers. She asks Lulu which designer she wore. Lulu reveals that she wore a white off-the-rack dress. Maxie asks Lulu how she could do that to her. Lulu says it wasn’t about her. Dante tries to escape to the car, but Maxie stops him and asks him if he realizes how instrumental she was in getting Lulu to say, “Yes.” Lulu can’t believe Maxie is trying to take credit for the marriage. Maxie asserts that she gave Lulu great advice. Lulu says Maxie gave not-so-great advice, too. Maxie tells Lulu to go ahead and move out but not to come back when she and Dante have their first fight. Dante observes that Maxie is acting as if she and Lulu are breaking up. Maxie says it is kind of like a break up because she is losing her best friend.

At Abby’s apartment, Johnny advises Michael that it is a bad idea to make decisions when driven by anger and grief. Michael says he has nothing to lose. Johnny says Michael is coming to him for all the wrong reasons. He says Michael is impulsive and emotional and that facilitates mistakes. Michael insists that he is focused. He says he wants to stop the attacker before he strikes again. Johnny says Michael’s judgment is off. Michael thinks Johnny is underestimating him. Johnny says Michael is a liability to anyone he goes to work for. Michael wonders who Johnny is worried about. Johnny says he s at war with all the rival families and Michael is at war with his own family.

Behind Kelly’s Shawn advises Carly not to give up on Michael. He concludes that Michael is taking out his anger about Abby on Carly. Carly asks him how she is supposed to get Michael through this. Shawn suggests that she calmly and rationally explains to Michael why she didn’t tell him about Jax. Carly observes that she doesn’t do calm and rational. She thinks she just needs to hope and pray for a miracle. Shawn is confident that Carly will find the words. He says he is sorry he wasn’t there on New Year’s Eve. Carly and Josslyn leave.

Shawn goes back inside Kelly’s and asks Molly how she and Wilson got along. Molly says Wilson is amazing. Shawn says he is patient too because it is time for his walk. He thanks Molly for taking care of Wilson, takes the dog and leaves. 

Molly returns to her table. Ewen picks up some pictures and gives them to her, saying she dropped him. She asks him if they are of Russian royalty. She confirms that they are her mother’s family. He asks if he is English and he corrects her that he is Australian. She says his accent is far more exotic than her American accent. He opines that his accent is not as exotic as Russian or Greek. He asks is she is interested in her family heritage. She says she is, but she doesn’t know who the people in the album are or where they are from. Ewen says they are from Bara – the Northwest Wind. Molly is confused. He tells her of an old aboriginal tale that says a spirit child in brought in on the northwest wind and hides in the tall grass until it finds a woman, enters her body, and forms a human child. Molly wonders if the spirit is good or evil.

At the penthouse, Jason concludes that the $20 million that he gave Sonny wasn’t Sonny’s missing money, but that Spinelli found a different $20 million and gave it to Sonny. Spinelli confirms it. Jason asks how. Spinelli reveals that he has discovered that he has a talent for predicting the outcome of sporting events. Jason concludes Spinelli made the money betting on games, but Spinelli clarifies that other people did the betting; he just gave them advice, and in return they gave him a percentage or a gift, most of which he donates. Jason concludes that Sonny’s money is still out there. Spinelli tells him that he received a 20 million dollar reward and since he owed Sonny the same amount, he turned it over to him. Jason wonders who rewards him. Spinelli explains that confidentiality is part of being an F.O.S. He explains that “Friends of Spinelli,” is an intricate network of people that provide anything he needs, like video footage, data, and information. Jason concludes it is all the information he used to obtain on the computer. Spinelli confirms that he now uses his phone to obtain the same information from anonymous contacts. He says that so far, he has received everything he has asked for. He says if someone were looking for something or someone, it would certainly be found. 

At General Hospital, Patrick concludes to Robin that this is why married people should communicate with each other. Patrick says he figured Robin would tell him eventually so he didn’t want to push her. Robin said they both had motive and she didn’t want to see Patrick go on trial for murder.  Patrick agrees that there was enough circumstantial evidence against him, but he didn’t want to say anything and incriminate Robin either. Robin wonders what really happened. She hopes it wasn’t Maxie or Matt. Patrick says he found Robin about 10 feet away from where she said she fell and hit her stairs. They conclude the killer must have seen Lisa dragging Robin and then dropped the wrench next to Robin. Patrick says he tossed the wrench overboard and pocketed a napkin in case her fingerprints were on it and then burned it. Patrick concludes that Robin kept saying Lisa won because she thought Patrick did it. He says now that they know they are both innocent, they can move on from Lisa. She promises that they will focus on their future when she returns from Africa.

At Kelly’s, Molly asks Dr Keenan to tell her more about the spirit baby legend. He says it is very long and could take hours. Sam comes in and says it will have to wait until another time because Molly is hers for the next hour. Molly introduces Sam to Dr. Keenan and tells him that Sam just got married so they hope she has a baby soon. Sam shushes Molly. Molly apologizes and tells Dr. Keenan that she sometimes says too much. Ewen excuses himself and goes to sit at the counter and check his emails.  Sam tells Molly that the last thing their mother needs is another daughters falling for some Australian guy. Molly protests that Dr. Keenan has to be thirty. Sam says older. Ancient. Molly says he is still interesting and funny and the fact that he is helping Shawn makes her like him even more. Sam picks up the photo album and asks Molly if that is what she wanted to show her. Molly tells her the album contains generations of Cassadines back to the 1800s. Sam wonders who they are. Molly was hoping Sam would know. Sam says Molly is way more interested in family history than she is. Molly thinks it is fascinating because everyone in the pictures had a full, eventful life.  Sam says they were probably tortured and miserable. Molly thinks that makes them more intriguing. Sam is surprised Alexis let Molly have the album. Molly confides that their mother doesn’t know she has it. She shows Sam the button she found on Spoon Island. She says it means someone has been there, perhaps Elizabeth’s mysterious rescuer. Sam says it might be Nik’s and Elizabeth may have made up the stranger because she was a little delirious. Molly says Sam is down-to-earth. Sam asks Molly to stay innocent and imaginative. Molly says she may be too innocent. She says some of her friends have changes since entering high school and now talk about boys and sex.  She says that sometimes they do more than talk. Sam entreats Molly to stay as she is. She says she is envious that Molly’s life is uncomplicated.   Molly says Sam has an amazing life with Jason.

Jason says Spinelli is a computer genius and wonders how he can do the same thing with a phone.  Spinelli suggests a demonstration. He tells Jason to assign him an obscure task. Jason asks for surveillance footage of K-world on Grove from last December 12. Spinelli enters his query and within seconds has a response. He tells Jason the world is literally at his fingertips. He tells Jason that he is confident that he could find Franco if Jason wanted him to. 

In the Metro Court Lobby, Alexis sobs. Mac says all he said was that Jax is alive. He wonders if she is crying because she is happy. She isn’t sure why she is crying.  She says she missed Jax. Sonny says it is too bad Jax can’t be bothered to call her. Alexis shoots back that it is because he is hiding from Sonny. She says it is Sonny’s fault that Jax is lost and alone. Mac doubts that Jax is lost or lonely. Sonny doubts that Jax is alone. Prescott sees Alexis crying and asks if she is alright. Sonny tells him not to ask. Prescott tells her he was hoping for an exclusive. Alexis tells him she doesn’t want to go out with him. She tells Mac she doesn’t want to go out with him either. She says she just wants everybody to leave her alone. She cries some more. Prescott tells her he didn’t mean an exclusive relationship, he meant an exclusive interview for his newspaper for a follow-up article: “Jasper’s no Ghost.” Alexis sobs. Sonny asks her what is really going on.

At Abby’s apartment, Johnny tells Michael that his truce with Sonny is shaky and that they have had a few incidents. Michael says Johnny’s father initiated them. Johnny says Anthony is a loose cannon and he doesn’t need another one. He says he understands grief and wanting the world to pay but hiring Michael would upset the balance. Michael asks what if it was upset in Johnny’s favor instead of waiting for Sonny to get the upper hand.  

Carly rushes into Abby’s apartment calling Michael’s name. She stops in her tracks when she sees Johnny and demands to know what he is doing there.  

At Maxie and Lulu’s apartment, Maxie asks Lulu what she is supposed to do without her, who she will come home to and whine to about Kate.  Lulu says Maxie can call her.  She asks who she will watch late night movies with in bathrobes and fuzzy slippers and who she will talk to all night when she has a problem. She concedes that she can call Lulu then, too.  Dante and Lulu both insist that Maxie will be fine. Maxie wonders who will share the rent. Lulu says she will pay it until Maxie finds a new roommate.  She tells her in the meantime, to enjoy having the place to herself. Dante takes some boxes out to the car.  Maxie and Lulu say they will miss each other. Lulu says Maxie was the best roommate and her best friend. Maxie says she is happy for Lulu and Dante. She asks if the wedding night was different. Lulu says it was better.  Maxie says she is thrilled and says Lulu can come back when she and Dante fight. Lulu doesn’t think that’s going to happen. They hug. Lulu takes her suitcase and leaves. Maxie calls Matt and tells him she has a surprise for him.

At Kelly’s, Ewen listens in as Sam tells Molly that she and Jason are fine. Molly says they are the perfect couple because they have so much in common and compliment each other well. She adds that they are passionate and that she would be disillusioned about love if they were ever to break up. Sam promises that they never will. Molly asks Sam what she thinks about the button. She hoped that Sam’s P.I. experience might give her an idea where it came from. Sam says it probably came off someone’s coat or Jacket.  Molly thinks it looks old fashioned. Sam says that doesn’t mean it is actually old. She says it is a mystery for Molly to solve. Molly would rather have the real story. Sam has to go and offers Molly a ride. Molly wants to stay at Kelly’s a while longer. Sam pays the bill. Ewen says it was nice meeting her and tells her to take care of herself. Sam gives him a confused look and says she will. Sam leaves Kelly’s.

At the penthouse, Spinelli asks Jason if he should have the FOS look for Franco. Jason says he will need proof because he promised Sam he wouldn’t do anything without a solid lead.  He says he will let Spinelli know if he decides to go that route.

At Abby’s apartment, Johnny tells Carly that Abby was a good person and a friend so he just came to offer his condolences to Michael.   Carly sarcastically says that was thoughtful of him. Johnny says he will leave Carly and Michael alone, but Michael stops him and says Carly will be the one leaving.  Carly says they need to talk. Michael tells Johnny to stay. He tells Carly that he has heard enough and that she can go. Carly says she knows Michael is angry with her but ask him to consider for a moment what Jax wanted. Michael accuses Carly of not caring what Jax did or didn’t want.  Johnny suggests that they take a step back. Carly says she is trying to talk to her son. Michael says that after months of silence, she wants to talk now. Carly says she didn’t want to put Jax in danger. Michael concludes that she lied. Carly asks him to ask himself why Jax didn’t call or come back. Michael says Carly doesn’t get to play God with him or with Jax. She yells that she didn’t have any proof. He yells back for her to get out. She goes, slamming the door behind her.

Johnny tells Michael he needs to think seriously about what he is doing. Michael insists that he has, and says he wants a job. Johnny tells him that if he comes to work for him he will alienate every relationship he ever had. He asks what Abby would want. Michael asks what Claudia would have wanted.

Shawn and Wilson return to Kelly’s after their walk. Ewen asks how Wilson’s training is going. Shawn says Wilson is smart will be ready to serve someone soon. Molly concludes that Shawn isn’t planning to keep Wilson. He tells her that a dog is a big responsibility. She offers to take Wilson on his walks and dog sit when her mother lets her. She says Shawn and Wilson are lucky to have each other. Shawn explains that he doesn’t stay in one place long until he goes someplace else to help someone new. He says his job in Port Charles is completed. She suggests that he stay here with Wilson until he figures out where he is going next. She notes that he has made a lot of friends who will miss him if he leaves.  

Sam returns to the Penthouse and sees Spinelli holding some of his belongings. She asks if he has already packed. He tells her yes, and he will send for the rest of his things when he has an address. She says she will miss him. He says he is comforted in knowing that they still have a business together.  Spinelli turns to Jason and thanks him for taking him in, giving him a home, and being a friend. Jason thanks him for everything too. Spinelli tells him if he changes his mind about the other thing, to let him know. Spinelli departs the penthouse. 

Sam wonders what Spinelli is up to. Jason begins to tell her about Spinelli’s cell phone network, but Sam cuts him off and says, “F.O.S.” Jason says Spinelli offered to fond Franco. Sam tells Jason that she doesn’t care if he goes after Franco as long as it isn’t now.

At Abby’s apartment, Michael reminds Johnny that he killed Claudia but Johnny always held Sonny responsible. Johnny says he was. Michael says that while Abby may have died in an accident, the guy that has been beating up her friends is responsible and she deserves justice. Johnny says Michael wouldn’t be the one getting justice. Michael tells Johnny that if he isn’t going to help him, then he has other people to call. Johnny tells him not to call any of the rival families. Michael says he won’t have to if Johnny will have him in his. Johnny tells him it is not a game.  Johnny agrees to think about it and tells Michael not to do anything without calling him first.  Johnny exits Abby’s apartment. Carly is waiting for him. She demands to know what she has to do to keep him away from her son.

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