GH Update Wednesday 1/4/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/4/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Robin woke up on her couch just as Patrick got home from work. He noticed that Robin's luggage was downstairs and asked if she was planning to tell him where she was going. Robin said she was going to a conference in Africa because she hoped she'd learn something to help her patient. Robin looked uncomfortable when Patrick praised her for being so selfless that she'd drop everything and travel across the world for a patient. Then, he told her about Jason and Michael's accident. Patrick revealed that Jason was worried about Robin and he asked if there was something he should know. Robin explained it away by saying Jason was just being protective. Patrick wondered if Jason noticed that Robin was tense. Patrick noticed it too and he thought it was because of Lisa. Robin said there were some things that happened that night that she couldn't stop remembering. Patrick encouraged her to try and move past it so things could go back to normal. He asked if she wanted her job back and Robin said their ordeal with Lisa taught her that she'd rather be home with Emma. Patrick pointed out that she was about to go out of town. Robin said she had to. Patrick said this trip wasn't just about her patient. He told Robin he thought she was worried about her own HIV status.

Robin seemed to be about to come clean, but Patrick interrupted, because he thought he knew what she was going to say. He assumed that Robin was feeling guilty for leading a healthy life while other people with HIV did not. Patrick said Lisa was gone and he promised not to let anything come between them again. They hugged and Robin looked upset. Patrick said he had to go back to work. He wanted to drive Robin to the airport in the morning, but Robin said she didn't want their last moments to be spent in traffic. Patrick asked Robin call him as soon as the plane landed. Robin said she was flying to Nairobi and would get there in the middle of the night NY time, but Patrick insisted that she call so he could know she was safe. They kissed and Patrick went upstairs to shower before work. Robin called the doctor she was seeing the next day. Robin was actually flying to Seattle, not Nairobi.

Kate and Olivia bumped into each other at the Metro Court and had a frank and friendly talk. Olivia said she'd left the night before because Sonny and Carly's argument bothered her. Kate blamed Carly, prompting Olivia to remind her that Sonny was a full participant in the fight. Kate still felt that Carly caused the brunt of the issues, but Olivia pointed out that Sonny was the one who tampered with the plane. They both agreed that Michael didn't deserve to deal with lies on top of all the other things that had happened to him. Olivia mentioned that she read that the thing you do on NYE will be the kind of thing you do for the rest of the year. Kate hoped not; otherwise she'd be spending a lot of time with Carly. Olivia pointed out that if Kate and Sonny got together, Carly would be a part of her life, because Carly and Kate had children. Olivia also revealed that their relatives had seen her and Sonny together in Bensonhurst. The concerned Olivia warned Kate to be careful with Sonny since their last attempt at a relationship ended with her getting shot. Kate defensively said this time wasn't like last time.

The conversation turned to Olivia's relationship with Steve. Olivia explained that she'd backed off because Steve freaked out when he thought she might be pregnant. Olivia told Kate that she mistook her dizzy spells as a sign that she was pregnant. Kate was concerned about Olivia's health and Olivia said that the dizzy spells were caused by ventilation problems. Kate asked Olivia if she and Steve were using protection and she mildly chided her for almost ending up in the same position she was in when she got pregnant with Dante. Olivia said this wouldn't have been the same. She pointed out that she was no longer a naïve teenager and Steve wasn't a young gangster. Olivia smiled as she said she and Steve had real feelings for each other and had a good thing going. She added that Steve even told his old girlfriend that. Kate grimaced when Olivia shared that Steve convinced Maggie to move to Port Charles, and she told Olivia that she was the one who should be careful and concerned about her relationship. According to Olivia, she was glad not to be tied down to anyone. She said Steve would have been a great father, but she was happy she wasn't pregnant. Olivia said Steve was nice and normal. Kate wondered if the real reason Olivia didn't want to get more serious with Steve was that he wasn't dangerous enough for her. Olivia insisted that wasn't it. Kate said Olivia put her life on hold for Dante and now it was time for her to do something for herself. Kate said she just wanted Olivia to be happy. Olivia wondered if Kate was pushing her closer to Steve to keep her away from Sonny. She assured her that all Sonny was now was Dante's father and that there was no chance of them getting together again. Olivia said she had to get back to work, then she was meeting Steve. Kate mimicked Olivia's mother and told Olivia to always use protection. Olivia burst out laughing, then went back to work. Kate unpinned her hair and let it fall to her shoulders.

Sonny went by Michael's. Michael tried to turn him away, but relented after Sonny asked him to let him help the way Michael helped him. Michael was packing up Abby's things. Sonny gently said he didn't have to do that right now. Michael snapped that unlike Jax, Abby was definitely dead and there was no sense holding onto hope. He shared that he'd been having flashbacks to seeing her body. Michael thought that the only way he'd get better is if he got a job in the business to keep his mind off of Abby. Sonny still refused to let Michael join the mob. Michael yelled that he'd tried to follow the rules to keep himself and Abby safe, but it did no good. Sonny told Michael there were other things he could do. He also promised to take care of the person attacking Abby's friends. Michael wanted to handle that himself. Sonny warned Michael that being in the mob meant your enemies would hurt your family to get to you. Michael said he'd already hurt Abby and Claudia. Sonny said that Abby's death was an accident and protecting Carly and Josslyn didn't make him a killer.

Sonny maintained that it would be a bad idea for Michael to go after the attacker. Jax walked up to Michael's door, which was opened a crack. He was able to hear the conversation inside. Michael asked Sonny if he'd have stopped going after Jax. Sonny said that was between him and Jax; he promised that whatever happened would not touch Michael or his siblings. Michael told Sonny it was his life and if Sonny wouldn't help him get into the business, he'd find someone who would. Sonny refused to bring Michael into the business because he wanted him to have a better life. When Michael said it was his decision, Sonny shot back that he was going to run his business as he saw fit and he was never going to hire Michael.

At their home Sam and Jason talked about the accident. Jason still felt guilty about it and wanted to go see Michael. Sam decided to go too. She went to get her coat and Jason picked up Jake's toy motorcycle. He remembered playing with his Jake, Jake's death and accidentally hitting Michael. Upstairs, Sam kicked the pregnancy test under the bed, then went down and joined Jason.

When Jason and Sam got to Michael's, Michael invited Sam in and coldly told Jason he wasn't welcome. Sonny thought Michael was angry with Jason because of the accident and told him Jason didn't mean for it to happen. Michael informed Sonny that Carly told Jason that Jax was alive. Sounding hurt and angry, Michael asked Jason how he could make Morgan and Josslyn grieve Jax. Sam interjected that Jason loved Michael and must have had his reasons, but Michael thought there was no excuse. He also didn't understand why Sam would defend Jason since he lied to her about Jax too. Jason explained that he didn't know Jax was alive until Carly came to Hawaii. Michael didn't care; he still thought Jason had a duty to tell the truth as soon as he found out. Sam reminded Michael that Jason had been focused on the other thing that happened in Hawaii. Jason said he knew Michael wanted to go to New Zealand alone to scatter Abby's ashes. Michael screamed at him not to say Abby's name. Jason wished he'd been there waiting for Michael when he came home. Michael said if Jason wanted to help, he could convince Sonny to let him join the business. Jason said he thought Michael liked the warehouse. Michael growled that he also liked being with Abby, but things changed. Michael felt that he no longer had a reason to plan for a crime-free future. He brusquely thanked them from coming and said he'd call them if he needed anything, then he shut the door.

Sonny told Michael to get a hold of himself and realize he needed to stay out of the search for the attacker. Michael swore he was just as capable as Sonny's men. Sonny added that Michael was also smart enough to know he was too good for the mob life. Sonny said he and Carly wanted better for Michael. Michael disagreed and said Sonny was lying to him, just like Carly did. Michael thought Sonny considered him too weak to be in the business. Sonny thought Michael was lashing out at him because he was grieving. Michael demanded that Sonny get out. Sonny attempted to calm Michael, but Michael screamed at him to leave. Sonny walked out and down the hall. Jax stepped around the corner and followed Sonny.

At the hospital, Steve found Maggie lying on a bed in the hallway. The diseases that her young patients were dealing with was overwhelming her. Maggie invited Steve to sit with her, but he declined and said she should probably get back to her rounds. Maggie told Steve that the holes in the ceiling tiles looked like stars. Steve asked if this was one of her weird techniques for getting patients to get their minds off things. Maggie replied that it helped them open up their minds. She asked Steve when's the last time he tried it. Steve preferred to stick to more traditional methods. Maggie thought it was a good idea for every doctor to try things that were out of the ordinary, but Steve said he'd pass. Maggie told Steve that a new psychologist recommended staring at the ceiling and now everyone was doing it. Steve didn't think it was a good idea to follow the crowd or to spend time imagining things. Maggie asked when Steve got so old. “I think you know” Steve said, in a serious tone. Johnny walked in and said he needed to talk to Steve. Steve said he was on duty now, but Johnny wouldn't allow Steve to brush him off. Johnny asked Maggie to give them some privacy. When she left, Johnny threatened to divulge Steve's secret if he didn't cooperate. He also told Steve he knew Maggie helped cover up what Steve had done. Johnny wanted Steve to give him a referral.

Steve refused to get involved, so Johnny asked him to consider how Olivia would feel about his secret. Johnny cared about Olivia and knew she still thought Steve was a good person. Referring to what happened, Steve said it had only been one isolated moment in his life. Johnny pointed out that that moment could destroy everything Steve worked so hard for, then he said the choice was up to Steve. Johnny smiled and said he was going to see if Maggie was free for drinks. Johnny thought she was attractive and figured he could make progress with her by seeming mysterious and sort of dangerous. Steve warned Johnny to stay away from her. Johnny's easy demeanor instantly changed to a threatening one. He told Steve he was in no position to be making demands. Johnny ordered Steve to get him the referral, then he got on the elevator.

Maggie returned and was pleased to see that Steve was lying on the stretcher and staring at the ceiling. She asked what “Johnny Handsome” said, and Steve told her Johnny was unstable, like the rest of the Zaccharas. He told Maggie to stay away from him. Maggie thought it was cute that Steve was being possessive. Steve corrected her and said he was being protective. Maggie climbed onto the stretcher, laid next to Steve and asked if he could see the stars. Steve only saw ceiling tiles. Maggie encouraged him to use his imagination. She gazed upward and said she saw Memphis. Steve smiled as Maggie described their old city. He began to imagine the city too. They reminisced about the time they snuck into a secure building in order to take in the view of the city, then stared deeply into each others eyes. Maggie whispered that it was a perfect night. Steve told Maggie she was a brilliant doctor, but what they had was in the past. Maggie told him to relax. She said she knew he brought her there to keep her quiet but that didn't mean she didn't miss the city or what they had. She wistfully said she still thought about the night on the roof and how things could have turned out differently. Steve said he'd been selfish and he apologized for not considering that bringing her to town would dredge up her old feelings. Maggie started crying. She said it was okay, but she couldn't help but wish there had been a different outcome. To comfort her, Steve put his arm around her, and she curled up next to him with her head on his chest. It was at this moment that Olivia entered the hospital and saw them.

Sonny went to the Metro Court and hugged Kate. He told her that Michael was lashing out and that he couldn't get through to him. Kate advised him to be consistent with him. She added that now that Michael was an adult, he was going to do whatever he wanted. Kate urged Sonny to focus on himself right now and suggested he cook her dinner tomorrow, since he found cooking relaxing. Sonny agreed to do it, as long as she promised not to back out at the last minute. Kate promised and they kissed. Kate promised to wear something “stare-worthy.” She and Sonny laughed, then Kate left for work.

Jason and Sam went back home. Jason worried about how to help Michael. Sam thought Michael would come around once he calmed down and thought things through. Sam felt that Carly had been right to keep quiet about Jax being alive, to protect him from Sonny. She thought that Michael would come to feel the same way in time and that he'd forgive Jason, too.

Johnny went to Michael's and said he got his message. Michael invited him in and said they had a lot to talk about.

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