GH Update Tuesday 1/3/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/3/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth noticed Ewen lounging on a stretcher and stopped to chat. He asked if she minded working the holidays and Liz said that it was for the best. She explained that Lucky had “gone Luke” and left his family and that Cam was acting out because he blamed her for Lucky's absence. Liz sighed that her new year was off to a bad start. Ewen replied that it depended on how she looked at it. When Liz was confused about what he meant, he invited her to hop up on the stretcher with him so he could explain. Liz wasn't sure about it, but Ewen convinced her, and she climbed up and laid down next to him. He had her look up at the ceiling and tell him what she saw. At first she just saw the ceiling tiles, but when he showed her how to squint and turn her head a certain way, she realized that the tiles looked like stars. Ewen urged her to name her own constellations. Liz called one Elizabeth the Survivor and another Camus Major – the Angry child. She went on to say that Cam was angry because his father and brother weren't there.

Sounding sad, Liz named another one for Jake. She told Ewen that she failed him. Ewen reminded her that everyone made mistakes, and that while Jake was gone, she could still hold onto his memory. Matt walked up, and appeared to be leery about why Liz and Ewen were lying on a bed together. Ewen left after he got a call from ShadyBrook about a missing female patient. Liz explained that Ewen was teaching her to adjust her perspective. Matt was still skeptical and Liz said his tone made it clear that he'd benefit from the exercise. The two of them climbed on the stretcher and Liz tried to teach him to play the game but Matt didn't get it. They talked about the year and both agreed it hadn't been the best. Liz suggested they start smaller and try to find one good thing per day to be grateful for. Liz was grateful she had a good job, that her sons got to spend so much time with her grandmother and for her health.

The woman in white saw a cup of coffee sitting on a bench. “Looking for No one” was written on it. She picked up the cup and smiled.

At Kelly's, Maxie noticed the woman in white from Wyndemere standing outside. She assumed that she was Spinelli's date. In a snippy tone, Maxie described her a luminous. Spinelli seemed intrigued by her and dreamily replied “the niveous one.” Maxie was curious when Spinelli didn't go outside and greet her. Spinelli tried to come clean about not knowing the woman, but before he could, Maxie jumped to the conclusion that he was holding back because he didn't want the woman to know he and Maxie had been together. Maxie became very annoyed and offended. She reminded Spinelli that she never hid him from Matt, then she decided to go outside and confront his “date.” Spinelli tried to stop Maxie, but it was no use. To his relief, when Maxie got outside, the woman was gone. Maxie arrogantly said the woman left once she saw the competition. Spinelli reminded Maxie that as she was seeing Matt, she wasn't the competition. Maxie still didn't like the woman or her fashion sense. Sounding jealous, Maxie told Spinelli that she had to go, because she had a date with Matt and she wasn't sure why she even came. Spinelli reminded her that he insisted on coming. Maxie replied that she was leaving now. “Have fun, and good luck with your little date” she said before flouncing off.

After Maxie left, Spinelli spotted the woman put another cup on the bench. He discreetly took a picture of her with his phone.

Ethan walked up to Kelly's and noticed the empty coffee cup, then he saw the woman in white. At 12 AM on New Year's, she suddenly kissed him, then tried to run away. Ethan stopped her and kissed her again, but she pulled back and raced off. Ethan grinned.

After Jason accidentally hit Michael with his motorcycle, they both laid unconscious and bloodied in the snow. Jason came too and rushed over to Michael in a panic. Michael woke up just as Dante walked up. Michael knew Carly never kept things from Jason and so he immediately ripped into Jason for not telling everyone that Jax was alive. Jason tried to explain, but Michael didn't care what he had to say. Michael got up and rushed off, with Dante following him.

Tensions ran high inside the Metro Court. Carly smugly told Sonny that Michael would never tell him where to find Jax. Sonny countered that Michael would never want to see Carly after the lies she told. Carly maintained that Michael's earlier outburst was fueled by his grief over Abby, but Alexis interjected that Michael was angry because Carly lied to him about her husband. She added her belief that Carly didn't divorce Jax because she was a gold digger. Carly swore that she was trying to protect Jax from Sonny and said she thought Alexis would be grateful. Alexis replied that Jax and Sonny wouldn't have been in this predicament if not for Carly pushing Jax into the divorce and custody suit, then bringing Sonny into it. She yelled that Carly was the worst thing to happen to the men. Carly reminded everyone that it was Sonny who did several reckless things, culminating in tampering with Jax's plane. Carly blamed Sonny's dangerous behavior on Brenda. She turned to Sonny and dared him to admit what he'd done, then she accused everyone else of pretending not to realize Sonny didn't care about anyone. Sonny shot back that he did care about his children, but Carly didn't, since she lied to them and sent Morgan away for no reason. Lulu asked Diane to step in and calm things down, but Pres was enjoying the drama and he didn't want it to stop.

Carly asked Alexis to explain the reason she sent Morgan away. Alexis believed Carly did it out of spite. Carly thought Alexis was being hypocritical and pointed out that she'd kept Kristina away from Sonny. Alexis reminded Carly of all the times she said that was the wrong thing to do. Alexis pointed out that Carly supported Sonny's actions when they were together. Kate yelled at Carly for not doing anything to help Sonny through his episode. Carly thought Kate should be glad, since it gave her a chance to try and fix Sonny. Sonny told Carly she deserved the pain she was going to feel when she lost Michael. Alexis added that it wasn't Sonny's fault Michael was fed up with her behavior. Carly asked who Alexis was to judge her, then she wondered aloud what Sonny must have on Alexis to make her work for him again. Carly concluded that Sonny was blackmailing Alexis. Alexis insulted Carly and they began to argue about why their relationships with Sonny ended. Carly accused Alexis of being jealous that Sonny left her for Carly. Alexis countered that Sonny left Carly because she was a bitch. Kate got into the argument and Carly called her pathetic for going back to Sonny after he caused her to get shot, then quickly moved onto Claudia. Sonny told Carly to leave Kate alone. Carly laughed derisively and asked if Kate was his “true love.” She named the other women Sonny claimed were his true loves and said he got a new one every time the other women ran away from him after they realized who he was. Sonny told Carly to just bring Morgan home so he could repair the damage and Carly accused him of trying to benefit from his children's pain again. Lulu yelled at them to stop and said Dante called and said there had been an accident.

Sam was shocked when she realized she could be pregnant. Franco's words to Jason “We're going to be a daddy” rang in her ears as she jumped up and rushed out of her apartment. She returned with a pregnancy test and took it into the bedroom. Jason called and told her about the accident and asked her to meet him at the hospital. Sam agreed and raced out, leaving the pregnancy test in plain sight.

Tracy and Anthony were still stuck in the Metro Court Elevator. Tracy flatly refused Anthony's marriage proposal. Anthony complained that she could at least appreciate the effort he put into getting down on one knee. Tracy asked if his knee hurt, and Anthony assumed she cared, until she added to his pain by kicking him, then screaming for someone to free her. Anthony wasn't fazed. He calmly threatened to turn her into the police if she didn't marry him. According to Anthony, the money Tracy stole was meant for him and she owed him interest on it. Anthony promised to forgive the interest once they wed. Tracy spat that this was extortion, but Anthony didn't see it that way. He announced that the wedding date was already set and all Tracy would have to do was show up and be ready to cuddle. Tracy was appalled when Anthony said he'd put an engagement announcement in tomorrow's paper. She swore she'd never marry him, but Anthony was confident that the wedding would take place and that they'd be happy together. The elevator lurched and Anthony was pleased when Tracy instinctively reached out and held him to steady herself. He said he appreciated her enthusiasm, but they had to restrain themselves until the wedding. Tracy snarled that it wasn't enthusiasm, but Anthony was sure that she enjoyed being in his arms. Tracy was sickened when Anthony crowed about how much fun their wedding night would be. The elevator doors opened and the two parted ways.

Carly, Sonny, Kate, Dante and Michael went to the hospital. Carly and Sonny rushed to Michael but he didn't want to talk. Dante took him in to get checked out. Kate looked uncomfortable while Sonny and Carly resumed their fight. Sonny told Carly to admit the accident was her fault. Carly said she wasn't admitting to anything until he admitted to trying to kill Jax and promised not to do it again. Jason walked in and Carly rushed over to him and cried about Michael pushing her away. Jason revealed that Michael was angry with him too. He assured Carly that Michael was only acting this way because of Abby and that he'd come around if they were patient with him.

Patrick arrived and took Jason into a room for a check up. Patrick told him that Robin was worried, and he was confused when Jason replied that he was worried about Robin too. Before Jason and Patrick could talk, Sam walked in and hugged Jason. Patrick sent her out so he could examine Jason.

While Sonny talked to the doctor, Kate told Carly that the best way to help Michael was for her to leave. Carly refused to leave her son and said that Kate was the one intruding, just like she did when Michael was shot. Kate snapped that she was there to lend her support, which was something Carly was incapable of. Kate blamed Carly for Sonny spiraling out of control. Carly laughed and said Sonny spiraled out of control because that's who he was. Sonny returned and said Michael would be fine, so Carly could go be with Josslyn. Carly said she was staying.

Carly threatened to turn Sonny in to the cops if Jax so much as cut himself shaving. She also ordered him to stay away from Michael. Sonny spat that Michael was done with her and so was he. He and Kate left.

Michael placed a phone call and had a cryptic conversation with someone about setting up a meeting.

Dante met up with Lulu at the Metro court, which was now empty except for them. They kissed and he said that Michael and Jason would be fine. Dante shared that he was worried that Michael would lose control now that he lost the stability Abby provided. Dante said he tried to put himself in Michael's shoes, but he couldn't imagine what life would be like without Lulu. Lulu said instead of trying to imagine that sort of pain, they should be grateful and count their blessings. Dante was surprised to hear her being so positive. Lulu said Dante showed her how to look on the bright side and believe in happy endings. She said now she was living one. They kissed then talked about their New Year's resolutions. Lulu wanted to “find her own bliss.” She joked that it wasn't going to be cooking. Dante told her not to be so hard on herself about that. He told her he hoped she could find something that fulfilled her.

Lulu wondered what they'd do if her job didn't pay a lot. Dante said they could live off his income and Lulu joked that perhaps they should have taken Sonny's check. She apologized but Dante wasn't offended. He said it was a lot of money and he wondered why he was so desperate to prove his beliefs that he'd turn it down. Lulu thought what happened tonight was a good example of why. She was very disturbed by the way Sonny and Carly ripped into each other. She said the fact that Jax was alive meant nothing. Dante agreed and said he shouldn't fall for Sonny's “caring father” act. Lulu said Sonny was his father, so Dante was free to make the choice to see him, but she thought owing Sonny money would complicate things. Dante said Lulu was smart, beautiful and perceptive. Lulu asked about his resolution. Dante resolved to love her, to be grateful that they were married and to make this the best year of their lives. Lulu asked him to dance. They kissed and danced.

Sam and Jason went back home. Jason said he told her there had been nothing to worry about, but Sam urged him to take it easy until the test results returned. Jason wondered if he'd been wrong to leave without talking to Michael. Jason had wanted to tell Michael that he only found out about Jax when Carly came to Hawaii. Sam didn't think that would make a difference to Michael at this point; she thought Jason had been wise to let it go for now. She also didn't think Jason would be able to get through to Michael while he was so upset about Abby. Jason was still shaken about the way Michael just walked out into the street. Sam was glad Jason didn't get hurt in the accident. Jason said he was fine, then he asked Sam how she was doing. Sam sighed and leaned against his chest. Jason said his chase for Franco almost cost him Michael. He promised Sam from now on their lives were going to be about them, and that he was giving up the search for Franco until he had a solid lead. As he hugged Sam, he saw the pregnancy test.

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