GH Update Friday 12/30/11

General Hospital Update Friday 12/30/11


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Sam has a nightmare about Franco catching her when she lost consciousness in the shower.

On the way into Kelly’s, Tracy sees Ethan sitting on the ground outside, drinking coffee. She asks him if Luke is inside. He tells her that the last he heard, Luke was on the road. Tracy wonders who Ethan is waiting for. He says it’s more like hoping.

Sonny goes to Kate’s office to pick her up. He asks if she is ready for the New Year. She says yes, but she has a little work to finish. He tells her she looks phenomenal. She smiles. He tells her not to bail on him because she promised to go to the party with him. He says he kept his promise to her. He produces his trumpet from behind his back and reminds her that he promised to be able to blow a clean note by the end of the year. He blows the trumpet, but the note is far from clean. She says it sounds like an elephant is being murdered. He says something must be stuck in it, He asks her to stick her small hand in and get it out. She wonders what he is up to but complies nonetheless. She pulls out a rolled up piece of paper and asks him what it is. He tells her to call it her belated Christmas gift.

Olivia arrives at Metro Court and compliments Carly on the decorations. Carly says it’s all about the details. Olivia says Carly has the details down, now they just need the people to arrive. Carly asks where Steve is. Olivia tells her Steve is in surgery and can’t make it. Carly opines that it is rude to be sick on New Year’s Eve. Olivia asks where Carly’s big hunk of man is. Carly asks what man. Olivia clarifies that she is talking about Carly’s bodyguard that isn’t Max. Carly tells her that she and Shawn are not a couple. Olivia tells her if it is about Jax, she thinks he would understand if Carly moves on.

Carly calls Michael, who is sitting at table in Kelly’s, dressed in his suit, and fiddling with the necklace that he was going to give Abby for Christmas. Carly asks him if he is coming to the party. He asks if she really wants him there. She says she really doesn’t want him to be alone. He says it is hard to celebrate when you’ve lost somebody. She tells him she knows he misses Abby. He asks her if she doesn’t miss Jax. She suggests that they can make each other feel better. She asks him to come and spend the evening with family. He says he will be there and that he is sure it will be a memorable night.

At the Sydney Australia Airport, Jax prepares to board a flight to Los Angeles en route to Port Charles. A one hour delay is announced on the PA.

Jason calls Sam. He asks her if she is ok based on the frantic tone to her voice. She tells him she fell asleep and just woke up missing him. She says she’d like to have him next to her on New Year’s Eve. She asks if he found Franco. He tells her Franco is gone.

Dante sits with Michael in Kelly’s, tells him he heard about Abby, and offers his condolences. Dante asks him if he wants to talk about it. Michael says people die and there is nothing you can do about it, unless there is. Dante is concerned that Michael seems like he wants revenge.

In Kate’s office, she unrolls the paper and sees that it is a sketch. Sonny says it is the plan for renovating the restaurant. She says it looks like their old restaurant in Brooklyn where they went on their first date. She recalls that he burned that restaurant down. She says she thought he was done looking backward, but retro is good. She says it will need with an impeccable eye for design to smooth out the rough edges. She asks him where he will put the fortune-teller machine. He says they don’t need one because he can already predict that next year will be better than the last one. As Sonny and Kate exit her office, Spinelli enters Crimson. Sonny demands to know where his money is. Spinelli reminds him that he said he will find it in due time. He says he still has a few hours left. He then reaches into his pocket and gives Sonny a check for 20 million dollars. Sonny asks him where he got it, but Kate says she doesn’t want to know and ushers Sonny out.

Maxie hugs Spinelli, excited that he found Sonny’s money. She says she knew he would. She asks if he regained his hijacking skills. He says he channeled some of his skills into other arenas. She asks him why he is being so cryptic. He rephrases to say he has upgraded technologically. He says it is now time to upgrade aesthetically. He holds up a bag and announces that that is why he is there. He asks if she has plans tonight. She tells him she is already going to Metro Court with Matt. He says he wasn’t asking her for a date, he needs her help for a special project. He asks her to help the Jackal become a lion. He shows her the ties he brought in the bag and says he is in need of appropriate neckwear. He tells her they are all awful but they are very Spinelli. He says New Year, New Jackal. She says he is already fine in his geektastic glory, but she can spruce him up a bit. He asks her if he wants old school, hipster, or Hollywood glam. He says the last one is likely to generate positive reviews. She wonders who is doing the reviewing. He says the new crowd he has been associating with. She is appalled that he has been associating without telling her. She asks who the crowd is and if it is guys or girls. He tells her it is one woman who says it is as if they have known each other for lifetimes. She asks him if there is an attraction. He says he thinks it is mutual and directs her attention back to styling. She asks where they met. He says how a guy like him meets a woman of style and refinement is an age old question. Maxie concludes Spinelli is trying to make himself over because this woman doesn’t think he is cool enough. She hands him a tie. He recalls that he wasn’t cool enough for Maxie. He thanks her for the tie and says that if it has the desired effect he will buy 5 more. Spinelli begins to make is way out when Maxie orders him to wait. She says she should tie it for him because girls don’t like disheveled guys. She pulls him close to her by the tie, but instead of trying to kiss her, he hugs her, wishes her a happy New Year and departs. Maxie angrily calls Matt and tells him she will be late because something came up that she needs to follow up on.

Ethan holds Tracy’s diamond up to the light and tells her that the clarity is amazing and that it is nearly flawless. He asks her if Luke gave it to her. She asks him who else would play mind games like that. Ethan asks her what Luke wants. She tells him Luke wants her to meet him at the Metro Court but hoped to avoid a scene. Ethan observes that she is good at making them. She says she is through being Luke’s patsy. Ethan says he thought she loved Luke’s games. She tells him Lulu already tried that. She says Luke divorced her so it is over. Ethan supposes Tracy should go to the Metro Court and tell him. He says he hopes Luke shows up. Tracy says that if he doesn’t, it will be a clear message that he doesn’t care, just like the person Ethan is waiting for. Tracy storms off.

Inside Kelly’s, Michael asks Dante how he could possibly get revenge when Abby was killed in a construction accident. Dante says Michael tried to keep Abby away from the guy that has been attacking dancers, but going after him won’t bring Abby back. He says they are working on the case and they will find him. Michael notices Dante twisting his ring and asks if it is a wedding band. Dante acknowledges that he and Lulu were married on Christmas Eve in a small ceremony. Michael says he is glad Dante and Lulu made it work. Dante says he is sorry. Michael tells him not to be. Michael raises his coffee cup and toasts to a happy and successful marriage ‘til death do they part.

At the Drake house, Patrick is carrying Emma. Robin wonders why he isn’t dressed yet, noting that the babysitter will be there soon. He tells her that Emma reminded him that he promised her ice cream for the last night of the year and chocolate chip pancakes for the first day of next year. He invites Robin to call him a sucker. She says she doesn’t mind that he is a sucker for their little girl. Patrick invites her to join them for whipped cream, but she declines and stays home. As soon as she is alone, she calls a car service to schedule a ride. She looks at travel tickets Patrick bought her and says to herself, it would have been s great trip.

On the telephone, Sam asks Jason what happened to Franco. Jason doesn’t want her to worry about it. She asks him if he is coming home, and he says as soon as he can. She says if Franco is gone, they should just let him be gone. Jason says she knows it isn’t that simple. She says it can be that simple for tonight, since it is New Years Eve. He says they never dared about the holidays. She says it matters to her now. She says she just wants one night that they can forget about everything and just be together. She asks him to come home to her.

Patrick and Emma return home. Patrick goes upstairs to get ready. Robin sits Emma down for a talk. She tells her that she needs her to know that her mommy loves her. She asks her to be a good girl for daddy because daddy will need her.

Tracy goes to Metro Court and asks Carly if her no-good uncle made a dinner reservation. Carly sarcastically wishes Tracy a happy new year too. She tells her that she hasn’t heard from Luke but directs her to a table that is reserved in her name. Tracy scoffs, turns around, and heads toward the table, only to be greeted by Anthony Zacchara. He asks if she was expecting someone else. She mentions the arrival of the diamond, to which he responds, he is an incurable romantic. She tells him to forget it, turns on her heels, and storms off with him following close behind.

Sonny and Kate arrive at Metro Court. Sonny wonders what Anthony is doing there. Kate tells him to forget it. Olivia and Lulu see them. Olivia hugs her cousin and wishes her a happy new year. She holds out Lulu’s hand and asks if they have seen hr daughter-in-law’s beautiful wedding ring. Kate agrees that it is beautiful and congratulates Lulu. Sonny welcomes her to the family and tells her if she needs anything… She cuts him off telling him that she and Dante are fine. Sonny excuses himself to get drinks.

Anthony follows Tracy onto the elevator and says that when you give a lady a diamond you expect that she won’t run away from you. She asks him how many times she will have to tell him no. He tells her that it isn’t about repetition; he simply doesn’t believe she means it. She tells him that she doesn’t want her following her home. Suddenly, the elevator stops. She asks him how he made it stop. He calls it fate and says he was just standing there admiring the scenery. Tracy begins banging on the elevator doors and screaming for help. He reminds her that there is a party going on upstairs so he will be the only person that hears her screams. She orders him to stand in the corner away from her. He complies. She concludes that eventually someone will realize they are stuck in the elevator. He says that by then he will have gotten what he came for.

At the party, Olivia observes that now that Dante and Lulu are marries, they are quasi-related, like cousins-in-law. Carly says she can’t wait for that barbeque.

Michael comes into the party. Carly goes over to him.

Dante comes into the party and finds his bride at the bar. He comes up behind her and without turning around, she tells him to watch out; her husband is a cop. Dante says he doesn’t have to know. He kisses her neck. She turns around and says she was afraid he wouldn’t make it by midnight. He tells her that nothing would have stopped him from starting the New Year with her.

Carly hugs Michael and tells him she is glad she made it. She says she didn’t want him to be alone on New Year’s Eve and that she can’t imagine what he is going through. He agrees that she cannot, takes a glass of champagne off a passing tray, taps it with a utensil and asks for everyone’s attention. He says he wants to start the night out by toasting their hostess Carly. He then says he isn’t sure what last name she is going by these days. He asks her if it is not still Jacks. She looks at him, confused. He says this night is a tribute to his mother, a woman who despite her many accomplishments, manages to put her family first. He says she is a glowing example of going after and getting what you want, no matter who got in the way, pointing out the Metro Court as an example. . He encourages everyone to clap for Carly. Everyone reluctantly complies, except Sonny, who just stares. Michael says it is a shame that her partner in the Metro Court, Jax can’t be there. He says they miss him very much and asks his mother if she doesn’t agree. She agrees that they do.

Lulu begins to look uncomfortable. Dante looks concerned.

Michael continues that it was a terrible tragedy when Jax’s plane went down and plunged into the harbor. He opines that no one could have survived a crash like that and that it didn’t help them in the grieving process that Jax’s body was never found. Again, he asks for his mother’s agreement. She asks him what he is doing. He says it is a toast.

Sonny tells Michael to leave with him. Michael refuses, saying he is still talking to Carly. Michael asks Carly to confirm that Jax is dead and never coming back. He asks her why she isn’t answering. He asks her to tell all these people that Jax is dead. Then he says she can’t say it because it isn’t true; he isn’t dead. He says Jax is alive and she knew it all along. He tells her to admit it.

Dante offers to take Michael home; Michael says he isn’t going anywhere.

Alexis goes up to Carly and demands to know if Jax is alive. Carly remains silent. Michael says he saw Jax at an airport, but Carly wants him to think it was just his imagination and that his grief for Abby was messing with his head. Carly asks if they can talk about it at home. He asks if she means the house that Jax built for her. He asks her how she could have lied to them.

Sonny tells Carly to answer Michael. Carly quietly tells Michael that she thought she was doing the right thing for the kids.

Alexis demands that Carly answer the question. Carly yells, “I don’t know!” Michael says she sounded pretty sure when she was with Shawn.

Sonny yells at her not to dare stand there and lie to their son. He tells her to say something if she knows Jax is alive. She yells back that she has had no contact with Jax; she has not heard from Jax. She reveals that two weeks after the crash, their yacht went missing. Dante asks her if she reported it to the police. She admits that she told the harbormaster that she sold it. Michael observes that that was another lie. Carly said that if Jax was alive and took the boat, she couldn’t let Sonny find out. She wasn’t going to let him finish the job. She says if Jax wanted to disappear, she was no one to stop him.

Alexis asks if the only proof is a stolen boat and a sighting in an airport. Carly admits there has been some activity in his foreign bank accounts and that his mother never called. She believes Jax’s mother would have reached out to Josselyn if Jax were dead. Alexis concludes that Carly believes Jax is alive but didn’t tell anyone and let them all think he was dead. Loosening his tie, Sonny says she did it so he would take the blame.

Jax sits in the airport looking at a picture of Josselyn on his phone. He tells her that daddy is on his way.

At the Drake house, Robin tells Emma that wherever she is, she will always be thinking of her and her daddy. Patrick comes down, dressed in his suit, ready to go. Robin takes out the video camera and records the three of them saying, “Happy New Year.” She tells Patrick that she has never been happier. Patrick sits on the couch to wait while Robin puts Emma to bed.

On the phone, Jason tells Sam that he wants to start the new year off right too, but part of that means ensuring that she will never have to deal with Franco again. She says that right now all she is interested in is being with him. He says he has to finish it. She asks him to let it go just for tonight. She emotionally asks him please to be with her tonight. After a few minutes of begging him to come home, he finally relents and says he is on his way home.

Ethan calls out to Maxie as she charges towards Kelly’s, but she doesn’t acknowledge him. He says “good talk” as she goes inside. She goes over to Spinelli’s table and demands to know where his lady friend is. He asks her if she is following him. She says she forgot to give him a tie pin. He says he appreciates her gesture. She says that apparently it doesn’t matter since his mystery woman didn’t show up, if she exists. He asks if she is suggesting that he invented her. She says it is suspicious that he didn’t tell her the lady’s name. He says he is not altogether comfortable with where the conversation is going. She asks why not, after all she tells him about her relationship with Matt. He notes that she sometimes includes excruciating details. She tells him to stop deflecting and tell her who the mystery woman is. He asks her why it is so important to her.

Ethan is still sitting on the bench outside Kelly’s, drinking coffee and waiting. He drains his cup and puts it on the bench. He stands up, clutching his jacket around him and asks himself what he is doing there. He picks up another empty cup from the bench and writes on it, “Looking for No One,” and stands it up on the bench. The woman in white watches him unseen as he walks away.

On the Metro Court elevator, Tracy frantically punches buttons and tells Anthony not to think she would degrade herself with him on a hotel elevator. He asks her if that is how little thinks of him. She tells him maybe less. He apologized for being so aggressive in pursuing her, but assures her it is only because he holds her in such high regard. She sarcastically concludes to him that that must be why he is blackmailing her with Gino Salido. Anthony tells her that was just a way to woo her. He says that given her history, she would appreciate the effort. Beginning to hyperventilate, Tracy tells him that he doesn’t know her. He tells her that as much as he would love to share a night with her, he shouldn’t have gone after it that way. She tells him she has been telling him he is wasting his time. He notes that she has not mentioned if she likes the diamond. She says she sees they have moved on to bribery. He asks her if the men in her life have damaged her so badly that she can’t accept a gift. She repeats that he does not know her. He asks her if she recalls the note he left her said he has the setting. He reaches into his breast pocket and retrieves a small box. He opens it to reveal a ring. She tells him he can’t be that deluded. He drops to one knee and asks her to marry him. She looks at his, jaw gaping, as if he has lost his mind.

At the party at Metro Court, Sonny tells Carly to look at her son and see what her lies have done. She tells him she isn’t going to fight with him when their son needs both of them. Michael tells her not to hide behind him because she is the one that made them grieve someone who isn’t dead. Carly says this isn’t about Jax; its about Abby. Michael tells his mother not to say Abby’s name after the way she used her. He says when he came home from scattering Abby’s ashes, he was looking for something to hold onto, wanting her to tell him that Jax was still alive, but she lied to him. Carly says she was protecting Jax.

Sonny says the only way to blame him was to make everyone think Jax was dead. Carly reminds Sonny that he chased Jas around that night in the storm, he fired a gun in Robin’s house, and he tempered with the plane. She says if Josselyn had been on that plane she would certainly have been killed.

Alexis says there is no justification for what Sonny did, but this isn’t about what Sonny did; it’s about what Carly did. Carly knew for months. Carly tells Alexis that if Jax had wanted her to know, he would have called her or sent her an email. She said all she did was support Jax’s decision to disappear. Alexis stands there, dumbfounded.

Michael says that what Carly did is let Morgan cry himself sick and let Josselyn wonder where her father is. Carly says she thought she was doing the right thing for her kids. He tells her that she put her kids through the pain of losing someone they love over a lie. Michel storms off. Carly calls out to him to wait. Sonny tells her to let him go. Carly yells at Sonny not to touch her.

Dante goes after Michael.

Olivia announces that the show is over and tells everyone to mingle.

Prescott Floyd tells Diane that he knew there would be fireworks and that he should clear out space on the front page. Diane warns him not to print anything that he can’t prove.

Kate suggests to Sonny that they get out of there. Carly asks Kate to do just that. Kate gets right in Carly’s face and demands to know why Carly why she doesn’t apologize to Sonny, calling her a lying bitch. Carly yells back that Kate should be grateful that she tried to save Jax. Sonny can’t believe that Carly let everyone think he killed Jax as an excuse to take Morgan away. Carly says she didn’t want to have to tell Morgan that Jax was dead again after Sonny kills successfully kills him. Sonny follows Carly, yelling that she pushed this too far. He gets in her face and yells that she can screw with him but she can’t mess with his kids. She says she did the right thing and she would do it again. She tells him that she might be a liar, but he is still a killer.

At the Sydney, Australia airport, Jax’s flight is ready for boarding.

Michael, walking in the dark, steps over a barrier into the street. Headlights blind him. Tires squeal.

At the drake’s house, Robin goes into the living room and tells Patrick that the babysitter texted her that she suddenly has plans for tonight. She notices that Patrick is asleep on the couch. Laughing, she takes off her shoes and climbs on top of him. He holds her. She tells him that she thought they needed to go to a big party, but the people she loves the most are right here. They say they love each other and tell each other happy new year as they lay in each other’s arms on the sofas.

At Kelly’s, Maxie tells Spinelli that she doesn’t want to see him get hurt because he is very naïve when it comes to love. He asks her who said anything about love. She says she assumed because he isn’t casual about relationships. He agrees that he is either all in or all out. She asks him who the woman is, where they met, and what kind of woman stands a man up on New Year’s Eve. He says he could ask Matt the same question. She says they are in an established relationship so it is different while Spinelli and “this woman” are just… Spinelli asks her not to disparage her. Maxie asks him how she could when she doesn’t even know that she looks like. Spinelli haltingly says she is blonde. Maxie says, “Like me?” Spinelli looks over Maxie’s right shoulder and adds “quiet.” Maxie says that isn’t like her. Spinelli adds, almost ethereal. Maxie asks if he means like starlight, a fairy, or one of those will-o-the-wisp things. Finally she asks him what he is looking at. She turns around and sees the woman in white standing outside Kelly’s window and asks if that is her.

At the penthouse, Sam checks the calendar in her phone, counts six weeks, and realizes she is late.

At the Metro Court, Sonny accuses Carly of trying to turn everyone in his life against him by making them believe he did something that he didn’t do. She corrects him that he turned everyone against him, firing guns, trying to push people off balconies. Kate says Sonny might not have lost control if he knew whether Jax was alive and he might have had people willing to help him. Sonny tells Kate that Carly will never admit she is wrong. Carly says she wishes she could have told the boys but that would have forced them to choose between protecting Jax and lying to their father. Sonny concludes that she thought she was being noble by lying to them and sending Morgan off to a glorified prison.

Lulu goes over to Olivia and asks her why someone doesn’t stop Carly and Sonny. Olivia says no one can stop them when they get like this and that it makes her sick

Alexis demands to know where Jax is now. Carly says she won’t say in front of Sonny. Kate says Carly is painting Sonny as a remorseless killer just to justify her lies. Carly says Sonny is a remorseless killer! Sonny says that at least he doesn’t run away from and leave his children without a father. He asks what kind of man does that. Carly says the kind of man that knows Sonny is going to kill him! He puts his finger in her face and demands to know where Jax is. She calmly responds with, “Screw you,” and walks away. He calls after her, it doesn’t matter; Michael will tell him.

Michael is laying on the ground in the snow. Someone else is laying there too. A motorcycle is on its side next to the second man. The man turns out to be Jason.

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