GH Update Thursday 12/29/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/29/11


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

The mysterious woman in white watches Ethan sleeping on the sofa at Wyndemere.. He has left her a note with the question, ďWho are you?Ē

Tracy visits Lulu at chez Falconeri and tells her that Luke sent her a message. She asks Lulu to tell him it wonít work. Lulu doubts Luke would listen to her. Tracy shows her one of the loose diamonds she received on Christmas. Lulu accidentally drops it into the pot she is cooking in.

Dante visits Sonnyís office and tells him he canít accept $100k from him. Sonny assures him the money is from legitimate sources. Dante doesnít want to owe Sonny. Sonny says he wouldnít. Dante asks him if the money is a way to buy a place in Danteís life. Sonny asks him if that would be so bad. Sonny said they were fine at Kristinaís party and now he has done something to piss Dante off. Dante says he isnít refusing the money out of spite. Sonny tells him he is going to find out who shot Dante last September and take care of the situation. Dante predicts that someone will disappear whether he is guilty or not. Dante says someone always pays. He got a bullet in his back, Michael got a bullet in the head, and Morgan lost Jax as a father figure. Sonny reiterates that he had nothing to do with what happened to Jax. Dante says he knows better; he arrested Sonny that night. Dante starts to clutch his chest and sits on Sonnyís desk for support. He tells Sonny that he is fine.

In Jasonís penthouse, Michael tells her that he saw someone who looked exactly like Jax at the airport. He asks her if she thinks itís possible that Jax could be alive. She tells him that she doesnít know what he saw because she didnít see it. He opines that he may have subconsciously wanted to see something positive to make him feel better. She tells him she doesnít want to talk about Jax; she wants to find a way to help Michael feel better. Michael says it would be better if Jax had somehow survived the plane crash.

At the triage at General Hospital, Maggie welcomes Elizabeth back to work. She asks how Aiden is doing and how the family Christmas went. Elizabeth tells her the family Christmas didnít happen because Lucky left to find another miracle.

Ethan wakes up with a start. He looks at his notepad and finds the response, ďNo oneĒ written on it. He says aloud, everyone is someone and he bets she is someone special. He writes on the notepad, ďnext time., wake me up.Ē He picks up a box on the cocktail table and pushes it into the room behind the bookcase. He turns his attention to the picture of Laura, asking it if it is amusing to watch him stumbling around in the dark. He asks if he is like his father. Ethan hears a loud noise behind him and calls out that they can come out; he wonít bite. Alexis comes with Molly in tow, saying they wonít bite either. She tells him they are there to return Stefanís books. Molly wants to borrow some more. Ethan asks Alexis if she is checking up on him. Molly eavesdrops as Alexis tells him she is curious about his mystery. He tells her he doesnít have anything new to report. She tells him she wants most of whatever he finds.

In Sonnyís office, he pours Dante a glass of water and says Dante doesnít seem fine to him. Dante winces as he sits in a chair and tells Sonny it has been happening since the surgery. Sonny says it doesnít sound like what is left of Danteís lung is doing too good. He offers to call a doctor or take him to the hospital. Dante says Sonny sounds like a concerned father. Sonny says he is, even though he wasnít invited to Danteís wedding. Dante says his mother was the only person they invited and the other Falconeris showed up based on insider information since his cousin was the only priest who could perform the ceremony on short notice. Dante gasps for breath. Sonny asks him if he is sure he is ok. Dante says he is. Sonny says he is glad Dante got married back home in Bensonhurst. Dante says a lot of people said they saw Sonny in Bensonhurst. Sonny tells him it wasnít business related. He says Dante went back to work too soon and the money would give him time to recuperate. Dante asks him to take back the check and understand why he canít accept it. Sonny says whether he takes the check or not, they are still family. Dante tells him he has enough family.

At Dante and Luluís apartment, Lulu fishes Tracyís diamond out of the pot. Tracy sarcastically says she always wanted a garlic-encrusted diamond. She wonders what Lulu is doing anyway. Lulu asks if Luke send the diamond. Tracy says she assumes so since it mysteriously arrived with a note written on the back of an invitation to a New Yearís Eve soiree at the Metro Court. Tracy says she should ignore it because it always costs her a bundle when she falls for one of Lukeís schemes. She says she is tired of all the mystery and unpredictability in her life. Lulu says she thought Tracy liked that Luke is a challenge and that he keeps things interesting. Tracy says Luke divorced her and asks if she is supposed to wait for him to change his mind.

In Jasonís penthouse, she tells Michael that she hates that Jax isnít in his life any more. Michael says Carly must miss him too. She admits that she mostly misses the life they could have had together if they had been able to make it work. Michael wonders why they couldnít make it work. She admits that sometimes she didnít put her husband first and that Jax deserves better than that. Michael notes that Carly still speaks of Jax in the present tense, as if he is still alive. She says itís a habit. Michael asks her what she would if Jax really is alive and walked through the door right now. She doesnít want to speculate. She gets upset and asks Michael to let Jax go.

At General Hospital, Maggie tells Elizabeth that it isnít always a bad thing when men go chasing windmills. Sometimes they realize where they are and where they should be. Elizabeth wonders if Maggie is hoping that will happen with Steve. Maggie is surprised by Elizabethís bluntness. She tells her that it has been a long time since she and Steve were close and they have both moved on. Elizabeth says she was hoping she and Lucky could give it another chance even though they have done terrible things to each other. Maggie asks Elizabeth if she ever found out who the mystery man is who pulled her out of the water.

Ewan and Shawn enter the hospital, discussing the doctor who has been working with the service dog Shawn met the other day. He suggests this doctor could do wonders with Wilson too. Shawn tells Ewan that Wilson isnít really his dog; he was a gift from his employer but he isnít in a position to care for a dog. Ewan says Shawn and Wilson can take care of each other. He says that in exchange for being fed and walked, Wilson can provide loving, calming companionship and that it has shown to be helpful in PTSD cases. Shawn says neither of them can afford the complication. Ewan wonders if he is still talking about the dog.

In Jasonís penthouse, Michael apologizes for upsetting Carly. It says itís just that no one ever found his body or proclaimed him dead. She says she canít think about that right now. She wants to focus on helping Michael move forward. She tells him he hasnít come to her house to get his Christmas gifts and wonders what he is doing for New Yearís Eve. He says he isnít doing anything for New Yearís and the only gift he is interested in is the one he was going to give Abby. He says he and Abby canít be together anymore but it doesnít have to be that way for Carly if Jax is still alive. Carly cries. Michael asks her if Jax were to walk through the door right now, would she be able to forgive him for everything that has happened. Carly perceives that he isnít really talking about Jax, he wants to know if she can forgive Sonny. She tells him that Sonny is the reason Jax isnít with them, his life would be in danger if he did come back, and that it is too much to move on from. He asks her how she found it so easy to move on with Shawn.

At Dante and Luluís apartment, Lulu asks Tracy if she wants to help her. Tracy laughs at the thought of helping in the kitchen. She asks Lulu what her science project is. Lulu says she is teaching herself to make a hole-cooked meal for her new husband. Tracy chokes on her wine and asks Lulu if she said ďHusband.Ē Lulu reveals that she and Dante got married in a small ceremony on Christmas Eve. Tracy congratulates her and says not inviting Luke was probably smart. Lulu says now she wants to master the cooking thing. Tracy opines that it is dated and unnecessary. Lulu says itís new to her and that maybe she will like it eventually. Tracy doesnít think Lulu is the type. Tracy tastes Luluís sauce and promptly gags on it, and rinses her mouth out with wine. She tells Lulu that if this is who Dante needs her to be, then she is in trouble.

Dante decides itís time to leave Sonnyís office. Sonny wonders if Dante is going to tell Lulu about their visit. Dante says Lulu already knows and supports him in whatever decision he makes. Sonny says he understands that Dante and Lulu want to live in their own bubble right now, but he advises his son that the real works has a way of seeping in. Dante tells Sonny that he struggles with the idea of him every day. Is he being sincere or lying to his face? What does he owe him? What does he expect? Sonny says he doesnít have the right to expect anything. He just hopes that he can be part of Danteís life as something other than an enemy.

In Jasonís penthouse, Carly tells Michael that she and Shawn are not together. Michael says not yet, but it is obvious where things are going. Carly says it isnít his business. Michael says Carly took Shawn to Hawaii and then moved him in with her. Carly says Shawn is protecting her and Josselyn. Michael throws up his hands and says he canít think about anyone else right now. Carly says she knows, but he will. He tells her not to say that. He wonít jump from relationship to relationship like she does.

At GH, Shawn tells Ewan that he should go check on Ewan. Ewan observes that for a guy that claims not to care, he seems like he does. Ewan says he understands that after going through trauma it is hard to let someone in. Shawn says there isnít much room in his life to let anyone get too close. Ewan asks him if he means get close or get in at all. Ewan says Shawn probably has been hurt before and has probably lost people that meant a lot to him. Shawn says every single one.

Epiphany brings in test results for Dr. Worth. Maggie asks her to call her ďMaggie.Ē Epiphany says the jury is still out. Maggie asks Elizabeth if she should be worried. Elizabeth tells her she should see how Epiphany treats doctors she doesnít like. Maggie says she is still trying to figure out who is who. Elizabeth asks if that includes ďCrazy Nurse WebberĒ who thinks she was rescued by some mystery man on the beach. Maggie says that maybe it is because she spends so much time with kids, but she believes anything is possible. Elizabeth tells Maggie that she doesnít know her history with Steve, but he is a good guy and he is happy with Olivia. Maggie says sheís got it and agrees that Steve is a good guy Ė the kind thatís hard to find. Maggie goes to do her rounds. Elizabeth turns around, bumps into Ewan, and has a flashback of her rescue. She thanks him for the paint set he gave her for Christmas and tells him she has started painting again. She reveals that for some reason she has kept up the rent on her studio for all these years and is considering using it again. He tells her that we all have another version of ourselves that we suppress so we can tend to the mundane aspects of life. She tells him that his shirt is buttoned wrong so he unbuttons it and re-buttons it properly. He says he does that frequently and that it comes from thinking too much and not paying attention. She says it could be that or living alone.

At Wyndemere, Molly emerges from the library carrying a stack of books up to her chin. Alexis says Molly canít wander off like that or she will give her a heart attack. Molly apologizes and says she loves the atmosphere there Ė it is so Wuthering Heights. She suggests that they move there. Alexis tells her not to even think about it. Ethan tries to rush them out, but Alexis tell him to go ahead because she wants to look for some papers there. Alexis tells Molly to pick five books from the stack. Molly stuffs a photo album into her backpack while Alexis snoops through the box Ethan left for the woman in white.

In Jasonís penthouse, Michael apologizes to his mother and tells her he doesnít know what he is saying. She tells him it is ok; he is grieving and he can grieve in whatever way he needs to grieve. She tells him that she is there for him whether he needs a shoulder to cry on or a punching bag. She gives him an invitation to the soirťe at Metro Court on New Yearís Eve and asks him to think about it. He says he will think about it but no guarantees. Michael leaves.

In Sonnyís office, Dante says he doesnít think of Sonny as his enemy. He says he know Sonny regrets shooting him, but that Sonny still doesnít understand that it would have been wrong even if Dante hadnít turned out to be his son. He tells him it isnít right to shoot an unarmed man. It isnít right to shoot a cop. Sonny says Dante was raised by good people who taught him to see the world in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, but he looks at the world in terms of survival. Dante says Sonny is well past survival; he could retire and live comfortably for the rest of his life. Leaving his children is not appealing to Sonny. Dante concludes that Sonny would rather leave everyone at risk. Sonny notices that the conversation has gone full circle. He says all he wants is to meet in the middle, have dinner, talk Yankees, and not focus on cop and criminal.

Ethan calls Alexis from Kellyís and asks her to call him back if he needs to know anything before her goes back to Wyndemere. He sees a woman standing outside Kellyís door, but when he runs outside, she is gone.

At Wyndemere, Molly sees Alexis looking through a box and asks what she is looking for. Alexis says she is just checking to see if the place has termites, not as looking for ghosts. She hears a noise and tells Molly they should get out of there. Molly shows Alexis a button she found and wonders if it belonged to a prince or a pirate.

At GH, Ewan, with his shirt buttoned correctly now, retrieves his missing-buttoned jacket from Elizabeth. She admits that she has been thinking about coming to see him professionally. He says he will be ready. He asks her to paint something that is important to her in the meantime.

At Dante and Luluís apartment, Lulu tells Tracy not to worry, she is not changing herself so that she can be Danteís wife. Tracy asks her if she is sure. Lulu says she is just trying to figure out what her thing is. She observes that Tracy didnít try to change Luke. Tracy asks her to look at how it turned out. Lulu isnít sure its over between Luke and Tracy. She predicts that Tracy will go to meet Luke Metro Court and work it out. She tells him she will meet Luke, but will tell him that she wonít be his mule for his stolen diamonds and that she is through with him.

In Sonnyís office, Sonny asks Dante to join them at Metro Court as a united front for Michael while he is dealing with Abbyís death. Dante says he and Lulu will be there for Michael. He asks Sonny to take back his check and not give him any more checks in the future. Sonny says he will do something with the money that Dante would approve of.

Shawn goes to Jasonís penthouse and finds Carly there. Carly tells Shawn that Michael thinks he saw Jax at the airport when he went to New Zealand to scatter Abbyís ashes. Michael returns to Jasonís penthouse to overhear Carly telling Shawn that it was hard for her to keep from Michael that there is a chance that Jax is still alive.

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