GH Update Wednesday 12/28/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/28/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu was at the loft feeling down because the meal she made was inedible. She grumbled that she and Dante were going to have to live off of take out, which would require a lot of their money, unless they cashed Sonny's check. Playing devil's advocate, Olivia asked if it would really be that bad to take a gift from Dante's father. Lulu said she'd go to Carly or Nik if she needed money. Olivia told Lulu that just because Sonny was a gangster didn't mean he couldn't do something purely altruistic. Lulu on the other hand, was convinced that Sonny was trying to use the check to ingratiate himself to Dante. Olivia reminded Lulu that Dante wasn't the sort of man who could be bought. Olivia believed Sonny was trying to offer Lulu and Dante the one thing he had that they might accept. She felt that he was terrified to ask for a place in their lives while empty handed. Lulu said after all Sonny had done, she thought they had the right to refuse him. Olivia agreed, but said that Sonny was Dante's father and that wouldn't change. Lulu asked if Olivia wanted Dante and Sonny to have a relationship, and Olivia said she did hope they could put their opposing careers aside and form a bond. Lulu didn't think that would ever happen. Lulu admitted a part of her might selfishly hope Dante would keep Sonny away so she wouldn't have to deal with him. Lulu acknowledged that it wasn't her decision to make though. Olivia encouraged her to be honest with Dante about her feelings and to listen to how he felt. Dante came home and Olivia said she was just leaving. She promised not to pop in all the time like an old neighbor they used to know.

Olivia hugged and kissed Dante, then left. Dante told Lulu he was just there for dinner, then had to go back to work. Lulu smiled and said when he tasted the food, he might wish he'd stayed at the station. They sat down for a candlelight dinner, and Lulu kept making disparaging comments about the meal. Dante politely ate and tried to convince her that it was good. He complimented the pasta and Lulu sighed that his mom made it. Dante told her to let him know if she ever found Olivia overbearing, and assured her that from now on, she came first in his life. Referencing Sonny, Lulu said Olivia wasn't the problem. Dante mentioned that he'd seen Sonny earlier that day, but didn't get the chance to bring up the money. Lulu asked if Dante had made a decision about it.

Lulu and Dante did the dishes while Dante recounted the way Sonny just walked into the evidence room while he was talking with Delores. Dante said Delores was already concerned about Sonny being his father, and now he'd made it worse by casually entering what was supposed to be a private part of the station. Dante told Lulu about Abby's death and Sonny asking him to catch the person attacking strippers to give Michael some sense of closure. Lulu thought it was good that Sonny was attempting to work within the law instead of sending his men after the attacker. Dante added that Sonny wanted him to visit sometimes. Lulu casually asked why. Dante was impressed that she wasn't passing judgment. Lulu explained that while she'd always have issues with Sonny, she accepted that he was Dante's father. Lulu said that while she didn't like the idea of them bonding, she'd support it. Dante didn't think he and Sonny were going to bond. Lulu said she just wanted to be there for him, the way he'd been there for her during her family drama. Lulu said Sonny was reaching out, so the least Dante could do was talk to him.

At the hospital, Patrick stood nearby, while Maggie chewed out a coworker over the phone. As Epiphany walked by, Maggie asked her if anyone at the hospital cared about the patients. Epiphany warned her not to ever imply that she or her nurses weren't devoted to the patients again. Patrick listened with an amused expression. After Epiphany left, Maggie told Patrick that she wanted to bend the rules to make a young cancer patient feel more comfortable. Maggie explained that she'd rather have a bullet through her head than become the type of doctor who obediently followed the rules. Patrick thought that was harsh, but Maggie believed complacency was the first step to being an average doctor. Patrick understood her frustration and said he used to be the same way, but it was difficult to be like that when you had a lot to lose. Maggie spotted Epiphany and made amends with her. Epiphany told Maggie she'd talked to the pediatric nurses and gotten them on board with her plan.

After Epiphany left, Maggie and Patrick chatted about it being good to be in her good graces. Patrick mentioned that Epiphany wasn't fond of him, but she adored Robin. Maggie asked if Patrick found out what had Robin so upset the other day. He told Maggie that Robin was worried about and HIV+ patient. Maggie told Patrick Robin had shared her HIV + status with her. Patrick said Robin had been lucky because she was healthy. He mentioned that his normally camera shy wife had him take several pictures of her over Christmas. Maggie asked if Patrick ever found the perfect gift for Robin and Patrick told her about buying land for their dream house. Maggie was impressed. Patrick smiled and said Robin inspired him. Maggie got paged and Patrick decided to join her. They joked around as they walked away.

Johnny and Anthony ran into each other outside Kelly's. Johnny asked Anthony what he knew about the attempt on Jason's life and grew suspicious when Anthony knew all the details. Anthony said knowledge was power, and sometimes one had to pry power from the cold, dead hands of those who possessed it. Sonny walked up and asked if Anthony tried to kill him or Jason. Anthony pretended not to know what Sonny was talking about. Sonny growled that the hit men shot his accountant, then he accused Johnny and Anthony of talking about it just now. Anthony innocently said he was just imparting wisdom to his son. He took a swipe at Sonny about Sonny's first born turning out to be a cop. Sonny snapped that at least his first born wasn't a psychopath. Johnny took exception to Sonny referring to his sister that way. Sonny told the Zaccharas to man up and come after him on their own instead of using the Soleitos to target him. Johnny denied being involved, but according to Sonny, Johnny was lying again, just like he lied when he claimed not to be behind Kate's car trouble. Johnny maintained that he was only being a good Samaritan when he helped Kate. Sonny mentioned that Johnny had also stolen one of his routes and he warned Anthony that Johnny's behavior was suicidal.

Sonny told the men that he knew they were using the route to move the same drugs someone planted in his warehouse on the night Dante got shot. Johnny swore he had no reason to shoot a cop. He told Sonny that he'd turn the shooter over to him if he could, but since he couldn't, Sonny should consider Dante a casualty of war. When Sonny claimed not to be at war, Johnny told him that the Five Families were looking to move in on his territory. Anthony attempted to share an adage from The Art of War about enemies being a resource with Sonny, but Sonny snarled that it didn't apply to a rabid dog.

Sonny taunted Anthony about having to take orders from Johnny now that he was in charge. Anthony said he was fine with his retirement. He explained that he never wanted to go back to jail and be separated from his orchids or from the delicate flower who'd stolen his heart. Sonny asked if he was talking about Tracy, and he snickered. Anthony shot back that Sonny didn't understand how difficult prison could be, because he let his underlings like Jason and Michael, go in his place. Johnny told Anthony to back off, but Anthony replied that Johnny had been kind to Sonny's son and his stripper girlfriend. Anthony mused that he hadn't seen Abby around in awhile. Sonny stunned them with the news of her death. Sonny told Johnny Michael never would have sent Abby to the place where she was killed if Johnny was doing a good job running things. Johnny didn't think his dancers getting attacked was his fault. Sonny told Johnny to do something about the attacker if he wanted to be in charge. He then warned them that he planned to take the shipping route back.

After Sonny walked away, Johnny asked Anthony to tell him he didn't have Abby killed. Anthony swore he wasn't involved, but he thought Abby's death could be beneficial. He told Johnny that they could capitalize on Michael's pain and vulnerability. Johnny told him to leave Michael alone. Anthony assured Johnny he wouldn't do anything. Smiling brightly, he told him he was focused on putting together a New Years celebration for Tracy, and that he and Tracy were going to take things to the next level. Johnny shuddered. Anthony reminded Johnny to make sure he found another cop willing to work for them, then he strolled off.

Delores met Johnny at Kelly's. She was leery about why he set up the meeting and asked why he suddenly cared about his strippers. “Dancers” Johnny corrected. Delores disagreed and said he was exploiting the women. Johnny argued that the human body had been on display for thousands of years. He told Delores that they were both committed to finding the attacker. Johnny smiled and said the two of them had an understanding. Delores believed she'd caught onto Johnny's game and figured this was about him seeing her in the evidence room. Johnny smirked and asked if she was in there to hide something or find something. Delores decided to end the talk and started to leave. Johnny stopped her and asked her how long she'd loved music. He got her to soften a bit by telling her about a childhood memory of his mother playing the piano.

Delores put her guard back up when Johnny noted that she must have had a lonely Christmas since her husband was out of town on a construction job. Delores told him off for delving into her personal life. She reminded him that he'd caused drama by leading Olivia to believe she and Dante were seeing each other. Johnny swore he'd made an innocent comment about and Dante having drinks. Growing impatient, Delores reminded Dante that they were supposed to be there to discuss the attacks. Johnny affirmed that he wanted to help. Delores asked him to give her all the information he had on his workers. Johnny replied that in exchange, he wanted to be kept in the loop about the investigation. Delores balked and said she wasn't going to give that information to a criminal. Johnny wondered if she didn't trust him because he was a suspect in Lisa's death. He pointed out that the case was over now and Briggs confessed. Delores revealed that she didn't think the first mate was the killer. Delores declared that this meeting had been a waste of time and she left. Johnny called a contact and told them to dig up as much information as possible about Delores.

Robin was taken aback at Jason's vow not to get checked out until she told Patrick that two of the HIV protocols she'd been on had failed. Robin warned him that he was putting his life at risk, but Jason said he was willing to if that's what it took to get her to be upfront with Patrick. Robin asked Jason how he'd feel if Franco hurt Sam. Jason wondered where that came from and Robin reminded him that Lisa was the reason her medication stopped working. She knew Patrick would blame himself. Jason replied that while Robin couldn't stop Patrick from blaming himself, she could let him help her. Jason got a phone call about a possible Franco sighting. Robin noticed that he was clenching his fist. After he hung up, she gently took his hand and told him that his involuntary clenching could be neurological. She urged him to get his check up, if not for himself, for Sam. She asked if Jason would go if she promised to tell Patrick. Jason paused and said yes, but not right away, because he had to get Franco first. Robin insisted that Jason go to the hospital tomorrow, whether he got Franco or not. Jason tried to protest, but he was stopped by a knock at the door. He let Michael in. Robin gave Michael her condolences on Abby and told Jason she'd see him at the hospital. Jason replied that he'd try, and Robin left.

Michael asked about Sam and Jason said she was working. Michael was curious as to why Jason hadn't asked him about New Zealand. Jason replied that he figured Michael would bring it up if he wanted to talk. Michael was grateful; he said unlike with the others, he didn't have to pretend to be comforted when talking to Jason and Sam. Jason said he was glad Sam had accompanied Michael to Chicago and that they'd talked. Michael realized he must have heard them, and said Jason knew Sam told him what Franco did to her. Jason didn't know, but he was glad to hear that Sam opened up to someone. Michael understood that it was difficult to do that after you were violated. He asked Jason how he was doing. Jason angrily said he wanted to kill Franco, then he suddenly knocked some books off a shelf. Michael gently told Jason that his outbursts were the reason Sam couldn't talk to him. Jason told Michael he might have a lead on Franco, and he couldn't let him go. Michael argued that it wasn't the right way to help Sam. He told Jason that while he was out chasing Franco for revenge, Sam would be left to deal with her issues alone. Jason didn't think Michael could understand. Michael disagreed and said Sam needed to feel support, but all Jason could offer was rage. Robin called from the hospital and asked if Jason was on his way in. Jason responded by asking if she'd held up her end of the bargain, but Robin said that wasn't an answer. Jason said he had to go. He hung up and grabbed his coat. Michael told Jason not to lose focus on what mattered. He said that he'd give anything to have Abby back, and he warned him not to let Sam slip away. Michael's words seemed to hit home. Jason left.

To Robin's relief, Jason arrived for his check up. He told her that he was ready to get some answers, but before he could be seen, he got a phone call that confirmed Franco's whereabouts. Robin begged Jason to stay, but he insisted on going after Franco. He promised her he'd be back, then he got into the elevator. Jason reminded Robin to keep up her end of the deal, then the doors closed. Robin spotted Patrick and prepared to tell him the truth. She asked if he remembered their plan to make Christmas special. Patrick believed Robin was about to yell at him about leaving Emma's doll at the restaurant. He interrupted and told her he saved the day and found the doll. Robin was glad and said she wanted to make Emma as happy as possible before life messed things up. Patrick urged Robin to be positive and said they wouldn't let things get ruined. Robin got a page. It was obvious that it was about her, but she said it was about a patient. Patrick tried to give her a goodbye kiss on the lips and was confused when Robin turned her head and kissed his cheek instead.

At Carly's, Shawn told Carly that while Wilson was a nice dog, he couldn't accept him. Shawn believed that he didn't have what it took to be a good dog owner. Carly countered that he was wonderful with Josslyn, but Shawn pointed out that he didn't take care of Josslyn on a daily basis. Carly thought Wilson would be good for Shawn and she encouraged him to embrace the chance to have something meaningful in his life. Shawn insisted that his life wasn't set up for a dog, but Carly told him to adjust. Shawn wondered why this was so important to Carly. Carly replied that if Shawn could open his heart to the dog, everything could change. Shawn suddenly decided to take Wilson for a walk, but Carly leapt in front of him to stop him from leaving and gave him an impassioned lecture. She told him that she knew he wanted a connection. Shawn argued that the connection had to be right for both of them. Carly said she'd seen him let his guard down and she knew he wanted to bond with someone. She wondered if he just didn't want to connect with her.

Carly told Shawn he was sending her mixed signals about his interest in her. Shawn quietly asked what she wanted. Carly was emphatic that she wanted to know what he wanted. As she began to forcefully tell him this, Shawn impulsively reached out and pulled her into a deep kiss. He suddenly let her go and quietly saying “no, no, no.” He tried to explain, but Carly believed he didn't want her. She had enough and told him not to explain, because she didn't want or need anything from him. “Carly” he said, before Carly cut him off. She told him to stop saying her name over and over because it reminded her of... “Jax?” Shawn said, finishing her sentence. Carly said no, but Shawn persisted and reminded her that Jax was her husband, Josslyn's father and he was still out there. Carly spat that Jax hadn't contacted her, then she told Shawn not to use Jax, but to be upfront about his lack of interest. She told Shawn that Franco was gone, so he could move out now. Carly said she had a NYE party to plan and she intended to move herself and Josslyn into the Metro Court. Carly turned to leave. Shawn argued that it was a bad idea, but Carly said she didn't ask him. Shawn wanted to ask Jason, but Carly said it was her decision. Shawn asked about Wilson, and Carly said she was going to keep him and Shawn would have his pride to keep him warm at night. Shawn asked if she was firing him and Carly replied that she was dismissing him. “Doesn't feel good, does it?” she asked, before walking out of the room.

Sonny was pleased when Dante dropped by his office. Dante started things off by telling Sonny that he couldn't enter secure parts of the police station again. Sonny promised to call in the future. Dante let Sonny know he'd looked into the case on the attacker. Sonny smiled when Dante said he and Lulu got his wedding gift, but his face fell when Dante returned the check and said they couldn't take it. Sonny offered to prove that it was legitimately earned, but Dante said it wasn't about that. Sonny asked if they didn't want the money because it was from him.

Shawn had a heart to heart with Wilson. He told the dog that he'd never met anyone like Carly, but sometimes no matter how much you wanted something... Shawn trailed off. He wondered if Wilson would be a good therapy job. Then he told Wilson that he was going to find him a good home where he'd be loved. Shawn referred to himself as “screwed up” and said he'd seen enough pain and was trying to do the right thing before he got sucked in too deep, if he hadn't already.

Carly went to Jason's to talk with Michael. She asked him about the lavender field in New Zealand and Michael said it was beautiful, just like the picture Abby cut out. Michael told Carly that he could have sworn he saw Jax at the Auckland airport.

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