GH Update Tuesday 12/27/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/27/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Lulu and Dante got home, he picked her up. Lulu worried that he'd hurt himself, but Dante insisted, and he carried her over the threshold. They kissed, then noticed a gift basket from Olivia. Dante was a bit disconcerted that his mother let herself into their home, but Lulu thought the gift was a nice gesture. Dante asked if Lulu had any regrets. Lulu said while it had taken her awhile to agree to get married, she was completely satisfied with her decision. They kissed, then Lulu said she'd put the gifts away while Dante read the note that came with them. Dante opened the envelope and learned that it was from Sonny. He gave them his best wishes and a check for $100,000. Dante and Lulu were stunned. Lulu wondered if it came from Sonny's legitimate business. Dante knew the money could help a lot, but he wasn't sure if they should keep it. Lulu said it was his decision, but Dante reminded her that they made choices together now. Lulu thought the answer would depend on whether or not he wanted a relationship with Sonny. Dante said it would be easy to say no. Lulu asked him to tell her how he really felt.

After Dante went to work, Olivia dropped by. She'd hoped to drop off some more things before Dante and Lulu returned. They hugged and Olivia made sure Lulu was okay with the Falconeris being at the wedding. Lulu was happy to get the chance to meet them. Olivia told her she'd meet the rest later. She rambled about the two Theresas in the family, one who was kind and the other who was unpleasant to be around. Lulu told Olivia about Sonny's gift and her and Dante's dilemma. Olivia began to regret telling Sonny about the wedding. She said it was just like him to throw money at things that intimidated him. She explained to Lulu that Sonny wanted to be in Dante's life, but he knew that Lulu despised him. Lulu said she'd wasn't going to forgive Sonny for shooting Dante, but she wouldn't do anything to prevent Dante from having a relationship with Sonny if he wanted to. Olivia told Lulu her and Dante's mutual respect and consideration meant they'd have a happy marriage. Lulu hoped so and said she'd never seen a happy marriage. Olivia had seen several and said respect, honesty and one person knowing how to cook was all it took. Lulu sighed, since she wasn't very good at cooking, but she really wanted to cook their first meal as a married couple. Olivia was delighted and hugged her.

Lulu tried her hand at an Italian meal, then gave Olivia a taste. Olivia grimaced and tried to be polite about it. Lulu tried some and retched then panicked because the bad taste meant she couldn't serve it for dinner. Olivia said to just order a pizza and open a bottle of wine.

Kate walked into Crimson for the first time since her trip to NY. She was talking sweetly to someone on the phone. She told the person she was glad she'd stopped by Chicago to see them on her way back to Port Charles, because being with them put her in a better mood. Kate was startled to find Sonny sitting in a chair. She hung up and he said he was there to apologize. Kate seemed unfazed. She said she understood that business could get in the way at times, and she mentioned that she had a photo shoot later. Sonny revealed that he'd called the hotel to see if she wanted to get together on Christmas and he'd learned that she'd already checked out. Sonny was curious as to where she'd been all this time. Kate vaguely said something came up. As she talked with Sonny, she busied herself with various tasks around the office. Sonny wanted to get together that night to give Kate a Christmas gift. Kate smiled and said the trip was more than enough. Sonny asked Kate why she was being distant, and he asked her to give him a couple of seconds. Kate apologized and gave him her full attention. Sonny thought their relationship had progressed while they were in Manhattan. He planned to make sure they continued on that path by committing to being open with Kate. Kate thought that was commendable, but she wondered about the timing of Sonny's decision. Sonny said he was going to need Kate in his life if he was to keep improving himself. Sonny said she'd helped him patch up the past and she could help him in the present if they were going to have a future together.

Sonny told Kate about Abby's accidental death. He said he sort of wished it had been a mob hit, so he could identify with Michael. He explained that if someone had caused Abby's death, Michael could ease his pain by getting revenge. Sonny said that when you had kids, you wanted to take away their pain. Kate looked uncomfortable and said since she didn't have kids, this wasn't the subject for her. Sonny said she'd accomplished helping him with his childhood demons, so helping him fix Michael's pain should be easy. Kate said he couldn't fix this; a part of Michael would hurt forever. She told Sonny that you never got over losing your first love. They appeared to be nearing a kiss when the phone rang. Sonny decided to go so she could get back to work. Kate apologized for not helping, but Sonny said just listening to him did a lot of good. He asked her to stop by his place after work if she could. As soon as Sonny left, Kate burst into tears. She called someone and asked them to help keep her from making a huge mistake, then she asked when she could see the person again.

Carly had recently returned home from visiting Morgan. She spoke with him on the phone about a skiing trip he was going on with a friend's family. Shawn walked in and after Carly hung up, she thanked him for accompanying her to see Morgan. Shawn said it was his job. Carly tried to delve into Shawn's private life by wondering aloud where he'd rather have spent Christmas. She pointed out that it would have been nice for him to get away after his PTSD attack. Shawn, who was focused on leafing through a newspaper, said he'd been dealing with it for a long time and was fine. Carly continued to try and get Shawn to open up, but he was insistent that they drop it. He said in his line of work, he didn't have time for baggage. Carly said she knew he thought he might make a mistake if he got too close to her. Shawn said it was nothing personal. Carly told Shawn that he could still be happy. “Prepare to fall in love,” she said as she ran upstairs. Carly returned with a dog, which she'd adopted from a shelter. Shawn began to pet the dog as Carly gushed about Wilma, and how strong and playful she was. Shawn rubbed the dog's belly and told Carly that “Wilma” was a boy. Carly cheerfully said they'd call him Wilson. Shawn warned Carly that owning a dog was hard work. Carly said she knew. Shawn softened and said Josslyn would love him. Carly replied that Wilson was for Shawn, not Josslyn. She happily said she decided to get him a dog when she realized how the service dog helped him. Carly thought she'd done a great thing by saving a dog and helping Shawn at the same time. Shawn was appreciative, but said he couldn't take the dog. Wilson started to growl.

Sam sat down in a restaurant booth, and noticed a baby doll. She asked the waitress about it and was shaken to hear that a tall, dark haired man left it behind. Her fears were eased when Patrick returned to retrieve the doll. He thanked Sam and told her Emma would have had a tantrum if it was lost. Patrick said tantrums were part of what made parenting bittersweet. Patrick joined Sam in her booth and they chatted about the great Christmas he had. He asked Sam about her first Christmas as a married couple and Sam said they had a nice, quiet day. Patrick recalled that he and Robin weren't married on their first Christmas together. He and Sam laughed about Emma's birth coming before the marriage. He asked Sam if people had been badgering her about having kids. When Sam said no, Patrick apologized for his lack of tact. He then brought up the point that Jason hadn't had a follow up appointment and he told Sam to drag him into the hospital if she had to. The waitress returned with more coffee, but Sam requested a tea instead. Sam said she admired Patrick and Robin's ability to overcome the damage that Lisa caused. She asked what their secret was. Patrick chuckled that there wasn't one. He explained that the marriage had been in a downward spiral until they decided that what they had was worth saving, for the sake of their whole family. According to Patrick, he and Robin realized that the key was being honest with each other.

Robin went by Jason's house. She told him she'd sent her test results to an expert who told her that there was no way to know whether the new drug protocol she was on would work. Robin believed it was necessary to be prepared for the worst. Jason thought it sounded like she was giving up. Robin said she wasn't, but she knew she'd lucky to live for so long with HIV, when Stone only lasted a year after his diagnosis. Robin worried that the new drugs wouldn't work and she was frustrated that she'd never recover. She apologized for venting, but Jason told her not to be sorry for being angry. He urged her to tell Patrick so he could help her find ways to cope. Robin asked if Jason would change his mind and help her disappear. Jason apologized, but said no. He offered to help in any other way and Robin asked him to go get a check up. Jason insisted that he was fine, but Robin countered that she knew him well enough to know that wasn't true. Jason changed the subject by telling her to tell Patrick the truth. Robin explained that she didn't want to burden Patrick with trying to keep her spirits up. Jason told her to consider how Patrick would feel if she disappeared. He told her that leaving would be cheating her family, not sparing them.

Robin and Jason continued to go back and forth, with her telling him to take care of his health and get a checkup for his loved one's sake, and Jason telling her that it would be a mistake to leave her family. He brought up his recent accident and said that the people who cared about him got the chance to talk to him before the surgery in case he didn't make it. He told her Patrick deserved that chance. Both of them kept deflecting by bringing up the other person's issue. Robin believed Jason's rage attacks were neurological in origin and said she wanted to help him while she still could.

Robin said while it might not seem that way, she was trying to stay positive. She explained that it was difficult because as a doctor, she knew all the ways things could go wrong. Robin said the only thing she could do was take care of her loved ones, including Jason. She pointed out that Jason could snap and hurt someone he cared about, like Sam. Jason didn't believe that would happen. He told Robin he knew that his rage wasn't because of the surgery. Robin asked some questions and learned that Jason hadn't told Sam about the depth of his rage. Jason explained that he didn't want to worry her. Robin pointed out the parallels between her situation and Jason's. She reminded him that he'd implied that he'd tell Patrick if she didn't, and she asked how he'd feel if she told Sam the truth about him. Jason said Sam knew there were business related things he couldn't tell her. Robin protested that this was about his health, not about his business. Jason replied that he'd go in for a checkup if Robin told Patrick the truth.

Dante went to work and caught Delores looking through files in the evidence room. When he demanded to know what she was doing, she was sarcastic with him. Dante told her to drop the attitude and reminded her that she wasn't allowed in the evidence room. Delores defensively said she was trying to do her job and investigate the cases that the other detectives were letting languish. Dante announced that he'd checked up on her and learned that the people at the other precincts where she worked thought highly of her, but she kept putting in transfer requests before she moved up the ladder. Dante revealed that he knew about her sister, Rosa. She'd been murdered and the killer was never found. Delores was furious that he'd dug into her past. Dante maintained that as her partner, he had the right to know these things, but Delores refused to discuss it. Dante threatened to tell Mac that Delores broke into the evidence room. Delores snarled that her sister wasn't murdered, she was left to die in an alley in order to send a message.

When Dante said he wanted something in exchange for keeping quiet about her being in the evidence room, Delores assumed he was propositioning her and glared at him with revulsion. She spat that men were all the same, and she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her bra, then reached for Dante's jeans. Alarmed, Dante swatted her hand away and said said he didn't want to sleep with her; he just wanted her to keep him informed and let him help her in her search. Sonny walked in and was taken aback. Delores buttoned her blouse while Sonny explained that he wanted to congratulate Dante on his wedding. Delores was surprised to learn Dante got married. Sonny asked for a moment alone with Dante and once Delores got Dante's okay, she left. Dante told Sonny that him dropping in to chat could hurt his career. Sonny said he didn't want to make him upset, he just wanted to congratulate him. Dante appreciated it. Sonny suggested he come to his office sometime to talk as father and son. Dante said maybe then he asked Sonny why he decided to drop by right now. Sonny said he needed Dante's help. He told him about Abby and asked him to be there for Michael. Dante agreed to reach out to him. Sonny added that he wanted Dante to try and catch the man who attacked Abby's friends.

After Sonny left, Dante and Delores talked about the attacks. Dante asked if there were any leads, and Delores said no, because the women had been grabbed from behind. She wondered why Dante suddenly cared, and began to rant about uncaring cops until Dante reminded her that they were on the same side. Delores apologized and said she was known to overreact. “You're telling me” Dante grumbled. Then he told Delores that he'd back her up if anyone gave her trouble for being in the evidence room. Delores warned him that they weren't going to bond over this. Dante told her to relax. He touched her shoulder and started out of the room. Delores congratulated him on his marriage. Dante studied his ring and thanked her, then left. Delores rushed back to the evidence boxes and pulled out a picture of something.

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