GH Update Friday 12/23/11

General Hospital Update Friday 12/23/11


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Cameron is playing with a wrapped gift in Elizabeth’s living room and asking what is in it. She tells him he has to wait until morning so he should get to bed so Santa can come in the night. Cameron says Santa is for babies, there is no Santa. Just as Elizabeth is opening her door to Ewan, Cam tells Elizabeth that dad left she Elizabeth is a liar.

At Robin and Patrick’s house, Robin thanks Brenda over the phone for giving her Dr Makeba’s phone number because if anyone can help with her patient, it is him. They wish each other Merry Christmas. Robin and Patrick wait for Emma to fall asleep, predicting that this will be the best Christmas of their lives.

Lulu enters a small chapel followed closely by Dante. She is afraid the chapel is a little too formal. Dante introduces her to his cousin who will perform the ceremony and she feel a little more comfortable. Dante reminds her that this is her last chance to back out. She tells him to shut up and marry her. Olivia comes rushing in, scolding Dante for only giving her an hour’s notice. She gushes about this being the happiest day of her life and starts rattling off a laundry list of Falconeris that should be arriving at any minute. Dante tells her she has to call them and cancel because it is supposed to be just Olivia Lulu and Dante. Olivia is surprised that Lulu doesn’t have anyone to stand up for her. Lulu says Dante is all she needs. Tommy, the priest-cousin, leads Lulu to a room where she can change her clothes. Olivia pins a boutonnière on Dante’s lapel and tells him how happy she is that he grew up to be a man who respects women. He says he owes it all to her. Olivia says he was born with a heart of gold and that she has been waiting for this day since the day he was born. She tells him that if he and Lulu emulate the love and respect that Olivia’s parent’s showed each other, then they will be happy forever. He hugs his mother and tells her to call Aunt Cece. She complies, while advising him not to underestimate the importance of family.

Robin and Patrick wrap presents to put under the tree. Patrick suggests they open one tonight. Robin says that if Emma has to wait, so does he. He says he doesn’t want to open one; he wants to give her one to open. He hands her a flat package. She opens it and sees that it is some sort of legal document. She tells him she doesn’t understand. He says it is a land deed for property to build their dream home on. She starts to cry.

At the Quartermaine Estate, Tracy bellyaches about the damned carolers outside. Edward says it is a Christmas Eve tradition. Monica thinks it’s lovely. Tracy observes that there are more suicides this time of year than any other. Monica says she might consider it if Tracy doesn’t shut up. Alice comes in and announces that dinner will be served soon. Monica wonders if Jason has called. Edward concurs that Jason’s recent behavior is a cause for concern. Monica says Jason needs a check up because he hasn’t had one since his surgery. She says she doesn’t know where his recent rage is coming from but it is very unlike him. Tracy observes that it is very like a Quartermaine.

At Jason’s penthouse, Sam asks Jason if he remembers getting a scrawny tree last year and then getting deluges with company before they were able to decorate it. He asks her if she wants to go get one this year. He’d rather stay in. They declare their love for each other. He assures her that everything will be ok. They tentatively kiss. She tells him nothing will ever come between them and she wants to spend Christmas reaffirming that. He gives her a small wrapped box. She opens it and finds a ceramic phoenix. Jason says he had been thinking about what Robert Yee said about the phoenix being able to turn bad luck in to good. He tells her that is her. She loves the gift. She gives him a small wrapped box. He opens it and finds a ceramic dragon. She observes that the phoenix and dragon are meant to be together.

At the Quartermaine house, Alice wonders what happened to everyone. She remembers that they all used to be happy at Christmas. Edward remembers Lila making the house happy at Christmas because she loved the holidays. Edward says Lila was going to give him monogrammed cufflinks for their last Christmas. Monica is wearing the bracelet that is the last thing Alan ever gave her, saying Alan said he was going to add another one every year until she had a band up her arm. Tracy sarcastically snaps that they know how to lighten the mood. Monica tells her that the joy of Christmas is in making other people happy. She says maybe Tracy will get a soul in 2012. Edward and Monica go to see what the cook has prepared. Tracy asks Alice to run an errand for her to Harrington’s jewelry store.

At the Drake house, Patrick apologizes for making Robin cry. She tells him it is the most wonderful gift she has ever received in her life. Robin says its Patrick’s turn. He wants to open the one right in front of him but she says Emma won’t want to miss seeing him opening her clay bunny. Patrick is disappointed that he now knows what Emma made. Robin gives him a video recorder. Emma comes running into the living room.

At Elizabeth’s house, Ewan tells her that Cameron’s response of taking it out on the person closest to him is normal. She sarcastically thanks him for the psych 101 tip and asks him why he is there. He says she reached out. She counters that it didn’t mean he could come to her house. She says this is unprofessional and he doesn’t know her or anything about her. He tells her that it is good that she is getting angry even if it isn’t him she is really angry with.

Lucky goes to St Margaret’s church in Ireland to pick up where he left off before Aiden’s illness. He picks up Siobhan’s rosary and begins to talk to the unknown entity. He says he was looking for a sign the last time he was there and got one that saved his son’s life so maybe the entity does exist, but he doesn’t know why it chose to save Aiden and not Jake. He says he needs something to believe in and a direction to follow.

At the church in New York, Dante asks Olivia if she called off the troops, but she doesn’t answer him. Lulu comes into the chapel in her one shoulder white dress and asks if they are ready to get the party started. All Dante can say is. “Wow.” Olivia says there are some traditions that have to be honored before they can start the ceremony. Olivia loans her an old amulet on a new blue ribbon to cover all the bases. She gives her a red and white bouquet and turns on a recording of “the Wedding March.” Dante and Lulu make their way to the front of the church.

At Robin and Patrick’s house, Patrick video records Robin and Emma putting cookies and milk on the mantle for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Patrick is surprises at how comfortable Robin is in front of the camera. Robin says she wants Emma to be able to remember all the fun they had this Christmas. Patrick looks forward to many more and someday Christmas with grandkids. Patrick puts the camera on automatic and sits with Robin and Emma. The three of them wave at the camera and say “Merry Christmas.” Robin hears sleigh bells so they all get up and go to the window to look. Robin points to a red light in the distance and tells Emma that it is Rudolph’s nose.

In the chapel in New York, Tommy begins the ceremony. Dante and Lulu repeat their vows in the simple ceremony. They realize that they don’t have rings to exchange, but the always ready for anything Olivia thought they might not and bought a set for them. She gives the rings to Dante who puts one on Lulu in continuing his vows. Lulu does likewise. Tommy starts to proclaim them married but Lulu stops him to add her own words to the vow. She tells Dante that he has changed her and taken her fear away. Dante says his own vows to her too and Tommy pronounces them married. Olivia cries, runs outside, and yells, “They did it!” A church full of Falconeris follows her inside, cheering. Tommy intercepts them, hugging his extended family.

At the Drake house, Emma falls asleep on the sofa, exhausted from the excitement of seeing Santa in the distance. Robin is proud of the way she tricked Emma. Patrick says it really was Santa; she just has to have faith in Christmas miracles. He tells her that if there will ever be a miracle it will happen on Christmas Eve. At that moment, Dr. Makeba calls Robin’s silenced phone.

At the Quartermaine house, Monica ns Edward return to the sitting room and Tracy announces that there are presents under the tree. Monica picks them up and sees that one is for her, one for Edward, and one for Tracy. Tracy asks who bought her a present and both Monica and Edward deny it. Tracy concludes that none of them bought presents this year. They all open their gifts. Tracy’s contains an invitation to a New Year’s celebration at Metro Court with a note that says, “You’ve got the rock, I’ve got the setting.” She takes a small black velvet satchel out of the box and finds loose diamonds within. Edward finds in his box a pair of cufflinks exactly like the ones Lila planned to buy him. Monica’s box contains a bracelet exactly like the one Alan was going to buy her. Neither gift came with a card. Tracy says Santa’s elves must have made them. Alice returns and Monica asks her who left the presents. Alice doesn’t know. She takes Tracy aside and reveals to her that Harrington’s was already closed when she got there so she was unable to buy any of the presents.

At Elizabeth’s house, Ewan invites Elizabeth to let him have it. He says that may help her avoid taking out her anger on her kids or misplacing her anger at her ex. She tells him he is wasting his time. He gives her a present and she asks him what kind of shrink gives presents to his patients. He says the kind that share a hobby and she is not his patient. He tells her to open it. It’s a small canvas and paint supplies. He tells her he hopes she calls him when she is ready to talk, wishes her merry Christmas, and leaves.

In Ireland, Lucky hears a noise behind him. He turns around and asks if they are there to shore up his faith or shatter it.

At the Drake house, Emma sleeps on the sofa, Robin puts finishing touches on the tree, and Patrick surveys his kingdom. Patrick holds a sprig of mistletoe over Robin’s head and kisses her.

At Elizabeth’s house, Aiden awakens and Elizabeth happily picks him up. Cameron comes downstairs and tells her he loves her.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy smiles as she re-reads her card and watches Edward, Monica, and Alice toasting with eggnog.

At Jason’s penthouse, Jason watches Sam staring at the little ceramic phoenix and dragon on the mantle. He goes up behind her and holds her.

At the church in New York, all of the Falconeris celebrate Dante and Lulu’s nuptials.

It snows over New York City.

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