GH Update Thursday 12/22/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/22/11

Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

In their New York City hotel room, Dante suggests that he and Lulu should get married tonight in New York and ring in the New Year as husband and wife.

At General Hospital Robin is daydreaming, recalling her marriage vows to Patrick when Monicaís voice brings her back to reality. Monica tells her the board has cleared her of any involvement in Lisa Nilesí murder and they want to reinstate her as Chief of Staff effective immediately. Robin says she canít accept.

Shawn goes to see Jason at his penthouse, but Jason isnít there. He offers his sympathy for Samís loss in Abbyís death. He observes that both she and Michael have been through a lot. He says he understands why Jason is so focused on finding Franco because ďthat animalĒ needs to pay for what he did. Sam is afraid Shawn knows Franco raped her.

Jason and Sonny talk in Pozulloís. Sonny apologizes for not being there lately and for losing his focus after his breakup with Brenda. Jason says he couldnít have known what Jason was dealing with because he didnít tell him. Sonny asks him to tell him.

Carly lets herself into Michaelís apartment and finds him going through things on the floor. She wonders if he and Abby had a fight. He tells her she is gone so she thinks he means Abby left him and asks what she can do. He says there is nothing that anyone can do and that he messed up bad. He tells her that Abby is dead and that he killed her.

In their hotel room in New York, Lulu tells Dante that they had an emotional day and that getting married tonight may seem like a great idea now in light of having just paid respects to Danteís lost comrades, but it might not seem like such a good idea tomorrow. He says he has no reservations about waking up tomorrow married to her. She asks him why not New Yearís Eve or Valentineís Day. He tells her they are in New York City at Christmastime and nothing could be more perfect. She says their families would want to see them get married. He says he will call his mother and they can do it tomorrow. In the meantime, he will find a church

In Jasonís penthouse, Sam asks Shawn if Franco did something she isnít aware of, and Shawn says what she does know would be enough. He mentions Franco targeting Michael and Josslyn as well as putting cameras in Jason and Samís beach house during their honeymoon. He is apparently unaware of the rape. He tells her about the ambush and Bernie being shot, but assures her that he is fine now. She asks how he is doing and he says that as she can see, he walked away with out a scratch. She observes that sometimes the damage goes deeper than the eye can see.

At General Hospital, Robin thanks Monica for her confidence in her, but she has come to realize that she is not the right candidate for the Chief of Staff position. She says things changed and priorities became clear. Monica says if it has anything to do with resentment about being asked to step down, the board never doubted her ability to do the job. Robin tells her that she didnít take it personally, but after stepping down, she realized that she had been like a ghost in Emmaís life. Monica is relieved and agrees that time with Emma is precious and Robin shouldnít have to miss it. . Robin thinks Monica should be permanent Chief of Staff. Robin asks Monica if she has talked to Jason lately and Monica says she checked on him last night to see how he has been doing since his tantrum on Thanksgiving. She says he seemed out of control the way he was after his first accident. Robin says something is obviously not right and that Jason needs to come in for a post-operative check-up.

In Pozullo's, Jason tells Sonny he just needs to re-learn how to control his anger. Sonny wonders if it is possible with Franco out there. Sonny tells Jason he needs to get help before someone he loves gets hurt. He says he has been down that road and doesnít want Jason to go down it. Jason appreciates his concern but suggests Sonny turn his attention to Michael. He tells Sonny that Abby died and Michael had to go to Chicago to identify her body and bring her back to Port Charles.

In Abbyís apartment, Carly wonders why Michael didnít call her, observing that he shouldnít have to go through it alone. He tells her Sam was with him. He blames himself for having her sent to Chicago. He blames himself for her having to pass the construction site. He blames himself for distracting her with his phone call. Carly holds him and tells her that they are all what-ifs and that he is just torturing himself. Michael looks for a picture that Abby had cut out of a magazine of a place covered in Lavender as far as the eye can see. He says Abby thought that must be what heaven looks like so he wants to scatter her ashes there.

Spinelli goes to Crimson in response to Maxieís call. She tells him that Sonny is back in town so he needs to shift hi focus back to getting Sonnyís 20 million dollars back before he loses some body parts. Spinelli is touched by her concern but he assures her that he has everything under control.

At Pozulloís, Jason gives Sonny the details of the construction accident that claimed Abbyís life. Sonny wonders why Abby was in Chicago. Jason tells Sonny that someone has been beating up women that worked at Vaughnís, so Tracy sent Abby on a business trip to protect her. Sonny wonders if it was really an accident since it occurred in rival territory. Jason says he checked it out and it was definitely a random accident. Sonny laments that Michael has already been through enough. Sonny puts together that Jason sent Bernie and Shawn to the meeting because he was going to Chicago. He says Jason should have told him that and spared him from thinking Jason was losing his mind. Jason says that doesnít excuse the fact that he didnít see that it was a set-up.

In Abbyís apartment, Carly begins to put things away so Michael wonít have to worry about doing it later. Michael wonders how it is fair that Abby died. Carly says it isnít fair and it doesnít make sense how some people have decades together and other people donít. Michael surmises that Carly misses Jax. She says she loved him and admits that she misses him every day. She says she regrets that it ended badly and that Josslyn is growing up without her father.

At Jasonís penthouse, Sam notices a broken DVD with Francoís tag on it. She looks in her DVD case and finds it empty.

Jason goes into Sonnyís office behind Pozulloís and looks at a framed picture of Michael. He tearfully flashes back to conversations with Michael about Michaelís prison experience.

At General Hospital, Monica tells Robin that Jason came in for a check-up but was distracted by Elizabethís crisis. Robin says Jason told her he has been having minor headaches and that at one point he was so distracted that it seemed he didnít hear her talking to him. Robin thinks he needs a CT scan. Monica asks Robin to keep working on Jason because Robin and Sam have much more influence on him than she does. Monica gets on the elevator. Robin calls Brenda and leaves a message that she needs a favor.

At Abbyís apartment, Carly tells Michael that he and Abby loved each other and he will always have the wonderful memories that they made together. He says that might help someday but right now all he can do is miss her. Carly finds the picture Michael was looking for. Sonny comes in through the open front door. Carly leaves them alone, advising Michael to let the people who love him take care of him. As she goes out the door, she whispers to Sonny that Michael needs his dad.

At Crimson, Maxie tells Spinelli that it is a shame that all the clothes on the rack will go to waste because they were for the woman behind the man shoot that has been put on hold. Spinelli wonders if Matt backed out. She says he didnít back out but he couldnít care less about it because his attention is focused on Elizabeth. She tells him that she was at the hospital discussing Christmas plans with Matt and then when Elizabeth walked in, Matt just stared at her. Spinelli asks her if she will be alone for the holiday. She said she was considering going to Robin and Patrickís house, but Matt will be there and she doesnít want to ruin Christmas by fighting with him. Spinelli invites her to spend the day with him. He had planned on visiting his grandmother in Tennessee but she will be on a trip to the Bahamas. He says he was just going to find a small tree, rent a hotel room, and spend the day listening to the Christmas channel on the radio. She tells him it has to be a big tree and the Metro Court wondering what he would do without her. She says he will have to spend Christmas with her, adding that she doesnít have anything better to do anyway.

Dante and Lulu return to their hotel room in New York. Lulu says she told him it was hopeless. He says nothing is hopeless and suggests that Lulu call Maxie for help. Lulu thinks thatís a terrible idea. She asks if Olivia has an in with a priest since she spends so much time in church. Dante doesnít think so. Dante remembers a kid he grew up with is now a priest and wonders if he can fit them in.

Sonny sits and talks with Michael at Abbyís apartment. Sonny said Abby was a good woman and strong. She was never afraid to speak her mind. Michael said Abby didnít like Sonnyís business but she always liked him.

In their Hotel room in New York City, Dante hangs up his phone and tells Lulu that it is all set; he will perform the ceremony. She is surprised, but he detects a lack of enthusiasm. She admits she got a little sad because it is notí exactly what she imagined her wedding day would be. He says he is an idiot for not thinking to contact her family and says he will cancel with his friend so they can get married in front of her family later. She says she isnít on good terms with her father, Lucky is a mess, Nik is in Greece, and Ethan is running around Wyndemere so they arenít exactly available anyway. She agrees that the two of them are all that matter. They hug.

Carly goes into her house talking on the phone and shuffling through a pile of mail. She tells the person on the phone to deliver one of the Christmas trees at Metro Court to her house. She makes her way into the living room and tells the person to hold of on that tree delivery as she sees Shawn already putting the finishing touches on another tree.

At Abbyís apartment, Sonny warns Michael to prepare himself because the holidays, with everyone in happy moods, will be tough for him. Michael asks Sonny how he deals with holidays. Sonny doesnít recommend doing what he does because he drinks a lot and goes off his medication. Michael says numbing the pain with alcohol sounds good right now. Sonny says it doesnít work because you eventually sober up. He says Michael needs to ride out the storm and feel what he feels and that only time will heal the pain. Michael says he needs a distraction to take his mind off missing Abby. He suggests becoming more involved in the business while Jason is involved with Franco. Sonny says nothing has changes; Michael cannot work for him. Michael asks how Sonny can think nothing has changed.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Sam asks if he is alright and he says it is. He asks about Michael; she says he isnít picking up and opines that she should have insisted that he spend the night. Jason says Michael would do what he wants to do anyway. Sam doesnít think Michael should be alone. Jason tells her Sonny I s going to be with Michael. She tells him Shawn stopped by to touch base and wants Jason to call him. She reveals that she knows Bernie was shot and the bullet was meant for Jason. She asks him if he was going to keep that from her. He says Shawn talks too much and it wasnít his place to tell Sam. Sam says he isnít mad at Shawn because Shawn didnít do anything wrong. She holds up the broken DVD and asks if he watched it.

At Abbyís apartment, Michael tells Sonny that one minute he was talking to Abby, making plans, and the next minute she was gone. He says in that instant, everything changed and he will never be the same. Sonny tells him that the plans he was making for Abby had nothing to do with the business and it isnít something that Abby would have wanted for him. He says Michael knows Sonny is adamant about it. Michael asks Sonny to go so he can make arrangements for Abby. Sonny asks to help, but Michael tells him no. Sonny sits down and says he will be right there while Michael does what he needs to do. Michael opens the front door. Sonny tells Michael that Carly gave him good advice. He says shutting down is the worst thing he can do. Sonny leaves.

At Jasonís penthouse, Sam tells him they cannot get crazy over the DVD because it isnít true; she isnít pregnant. It is just another way for Franco to mess with Jasonís head. Jason doesnít want to talk about it. Michael calls Sam and says he needs her. He asks her to come over. She looks over at Jason, who obviously needs her too.

In their hotel room in New York City, Dante asks Lulu if she is sure they are going to do this, even with the lack of family. She says he is her family now. He tells her she will have Falconeris coming out of the woodwork to welcome her into the clan. He says they will have the best life ever. She canít wait to start. They kiss. As he begins to undress her, she realizes she has nothing to wear tomorrow to get married in. He tells her they can find something in the morning but right now, clothes are optional. He takes off her shirt and they lay on the bed, still kissing.

At Crimson, Spinelli is sitting in Luluís former chair writing on a steno pad. He asks Maxie what she thinks of oyster stuffing. He says one of his friends has offered to prepare a Christmas goose with all the trimmings. Maxie concludes that friend probably wants something. Maxieís phone rings and she predicts that it is Kate calling to cancel Christmas. She answers the phone to Matt, saying she wasnít expecting to hear from him. She tells him not to cancel his plans with Robin and Patrick. She tells him they both were wrong. They forgive each other and Maxie suggests she meet Matt at Robin and Patrickís house right in front of crestfallen Spinelli.

At General Hospital, Robin calls someone whose number she got from Brenda Barrett. She asks if she can send a set of labs for that personís review for a second opinion on a patientís course of treatment.

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