GH Update Wednesday 12/21/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/21/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie went to the hospital looking for Matt. Elizabeth walked up and slapped her across the face, telling her to stay out of her life. “Haven't you done enough to hurt my family?” Liz snarled. Maxie shot back that she cared about Lucky too much to watch Liz trick him into reuniting with her. Ewen happened to walk up. He busied himself at the front desk, but listened in on the argument. Liz and Maxie blamed each other for the downfall of Liz and Lucky's relationship. Liz maintained that she and Lucky were still dealing with the fallout from Maxie's intrusion years ago. Maxie shot back that Liz destroyed the relationship when she cheated on Lucky with Jason and Nik. Liz believed Maxie had gone out of her way to turn Lucky against her. Maxie told Liz she'd been cruel to Lucky when she faked a breakdown and checked into ShadyBrook. She added that it was a heartless thing to do to a man whose mother had a legitimate mental illness. Maxie told Liz to leave Lucky alone. Liz accused Maxie of doing this to get back at her because of her friendship with Matt. They started to snipe at each other over Matt, with Maxie accusing Liz of using him as a backup man, and Liz saying Maxie was jealous because she couldn't comprehend Matt's career.

Matt walked up and asked what was going on. Liz said Maxie was trying to ruin her life and Maxie argued that it wasn't her fault Lucky found out Liz faked a breakdown. Liz told Maxie to prove it. Maxie smugly said she didn't have to, because Liz admitted it to Matt. Liz was stunned and Matt asked why he told Maxie. Matt stammered that he didn't. He explained that he was just venting, because he was concerned about what she was doing to herself. He told her how he'd talked to Lucky and told him he didn't think it was a good idea. Maxie taunted Liz, wondering why she wasn't at home, trying to manipulate Lucky. Matt told her to stop. Liz said she wouldn't apologize for fighting for her family. Maxie pointed out that she lied. Matt stood up for Liz, saying she'd been through a lot recently and while he didn't approve of her methods, as someone who grew up without a father, he supported her trying to hold her family together. In an attempt to get Matt on her side, Maxie blurted out that Liz slapped her. When this was met with silence, Maxie assumed Matt thought she had it coming. Liz took a shot at her and Maxie responded that she hoped the kids grew up and found out the Liz was the reason Lucky left. Liz. Matt tried to get Maxie to stop, but Liz urged her to go on. She told Matt it was good for him to see the hateful person Maxie was. Maxie said at least she was honest, instead of playing the victim. Liz told Matt they needed to talk, but it would have to wait. She left to get her paycheck, then go home. Matt tried to talk to Maxie, but she wasn't interested. She threatened to slap him if he said one word, then stormed off.

Lucky was at Liz's with the kids. He held Aiden and told Cam that he was leaving town tonight. He explained that his search for something had been interrupted and he had to resume it. Cam gave Lucky a gift – a red scarf. Lucky told him he was sorry he was leaving and asked Cam to look after his brother. Cam asked why Lucky couldn't stay and get back together with Liz. Lucky told Cam that both he and Liz loved him, but it was better for them to just be parents. They hugged and said I love you, then Cam went upstairs to play. Lucky told Aiden that he used to judge Luke harshly when he left, and now he was doing the same thing. Lucky said you leave because you have to, not because you want to. Ethan stopped by and Lucky told him he was going back to Ireland. He didn't think he was any good to anyone until he could figure out what he wanted for his life. Ethan said Lucky's timing was pretty bad. Lucky was afraid that staying for awhile would give Liz and the boys false hope.

Lucky and Ethan had both received a happy message from Lulu telling them about the engagement. Lucky decided not tell Lulu he was leaving, because he didn't want to bring her down. Ethan asked what he should tell Luke if he came back. Lucky said to say he loved Luke and that he finally understood him. Lucky explained his reasons for leaving. He said a part of him knew all along that Liz was faking her breakdown. Lucky told Ethan Liz justified her lie by saying she thought they could be happy if she could get through to him. He said that the two of them couldn't seem to let go of each other. He admitted that he'd fought to win Liz back every time she tried to move on and now she was doing the same thing. He said the love they had would drown them if they didn't break free. Lucky asked Ethan to keep an eye on his sons and find a way to contact him if they needed him. Ethan agreed. Lucky also advised Ethan to be careful at Wyndemere. Ethan told Lucky about Alexis hiring him to be the caretaker. Lucky thought it was a bad idea for Ethan to be spending time there. Ethan told Lucky about the mystery woman who was hiding out at Wyndemere. He found it intriguing and wanted to stick around and make sure Helena didn't get to her. Ethan grinned and admitted she was pretty and that he'd never heard her speak. Lucky laughed and said the whole thing sounded weird. He warned Ethan that he might be falling for a con. Ethan decided to stay positive and keep an open mind, despite Lucky's misgivings about the woman, the house and Helena. Lucky told him to take it from someone who nearly found out too late, and remember that not everything was a game.

Dante and Lulu cuddled in a hotel bed in New York City. Both were very happy that they were together again. Lulu told Dante he was what she wanted, for the rest of her life. They kissed. After they got dressed, Lulu said she wanted to go shopping for a gift for Olivia. Dante told her she didn't have to worry about making a good impression on her, because Olivia took her side in every fight she and Dante had. They wondered what their marriage would be like, and they reminisced about the night they first met. They shared another kiss, and Dante told Lulu he wanted to show her something. They left, then returned in a somber mood after visiting the World Trade Center 9/11 memorial. Dante told Lulu about visiting the WTC with his mom as a kid. He knew several police officers and firefighters who lost their lives there. Dante said that he'd like to believe he would have helped with the rescue efforts if he'd been on the force at the time. Lulu asked if he was testing her to see if she could cope with the thought of him dying. Dante said no; the memorial for those who died as heroes was meaningful to him and he wanted to share it with her. Dante thought the families of the fallen first responders got comfort in knowing they died doing something that mattered.

Dante said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but not if she'd be destroyed by the fear that he'd die. Lulu said being at the memorial made her emotional. She wondered if the people would have done anything differently if they'd known it was the last day of their life. Dante said no one knows when they're going to die so they have to make the best of the moments they had. Lulu added that they had to focus on living instead of on losing each other. She and Dante kissed passionately. Lulu said she was pessimistic by nature, but she'd finally gained the perspective of knowing it made no sense to worry about bad things that might happen. Dante promised that they'd be there to support each other. Lulu said she was proud of Dante and that she'd be sure to cherish every moment with him. Dante said if she really meant that, why wait? He asked her to marry him tonight.

Sonny joined Jason at the restaurant. He was concerned because Jason didn't react when he walked in and told Jason that his distraction was a problem. Sonny thought Jason's preoccupation with Franco was jeopardizing the business. Sonny said he wanted Franco dead too, but he wasn't going to sacrifice everything to make it happen. Jason pointed out that he never asked Sonny to. Sonny told Jason he had to shut down his emotions. “I can't!” Jason yelled. Sounding distressed, Jason confided that he couldn't control his anger anymore and that he couldn't remember the things he did while he was in a rage. Jason reminded Sonny of the night they first met, when Sonny told him his problem wasn't being brain damaged, but that he had anger management issues. Jason said he'd been able to stay calm over the years when Sonny lost his cool, because he wanted to repay Sonny for helping him see his issues as normal and manageable. Sonny gently said Jason didn't owe him anything, but he owed it to himself to work through his problem.

Jason said they needed to come up with a way to retaliate against the Soleitos. He added that he couldn't figure out why they'd target him. Sonny reminded him that Gino Soleito had been friends with Anthony. He suggested that Anthony may have pulled some strings to get the family to carry out the hit. Jason said if so, Anthony probably set it up without Johnny knowing. Sonny wondered why Jason wanted Johnny to be innocent. Jason said he just knew Johnny didn't want a war. Sonny asked Jason if they could win in a war against the Zaccharas. To Sonny's dismay, Jason said no. Sonny suggested that they continue to pretend that the truce was still in effect until the organization was stronger. Sonny asked if Jason could give it his full attention. Jason said he'd do his best to kill Anthony if Sonny told him to, but he couldn't promise that he'd succeed. Sonny told Jason he had to get out of his head and focus. Jason sharply reminded Sonny that Sonny hadn't just been able to snap out of it when he was hallucinating and destroying things. Sonny said Jason helped him and he was trying to return the favor. Jason countered that Sonny was just trying to manage him. Sonny recalled that he had said the same thing to Jason in the past. He told him that he now understood what Jason had to deal with all those years.

Sonny said he originally took Jason under his wing to help him out, but Jason ended up helping him and covering for him until he couldn't anymore this summer after the accident. Sonny said he'd hurt a lot of people and while he didn't care about some of them, he still felt terrible about what he'd done to Robin. Jason mentioned that he'd talked to Robin recently. Sounding hopeful, Sonny asked if she mentioned him. Jason said no, but he thought she'd be receptive if Sonny reached out. Sonny didn't think it was a good idea, because he knew Patrick hated him. Sonny turned the conversation back to Jason's struggles. He told him that if he got through his problems, Jason would, too. Jason disagreed and said this was different. Sonny urged Jason to tell him what was wrong. Jason reluctantly opened up. He told Sonny about the cameras Franco planted in the bungalow in Hawaii. Jason castigated himself for not sending Sam home with Shawn and Carly. He told Sonny about leaving the house unguarded while he went to buy Sam a gift and how Franco kidnapped him. He said that that was when he had his first meltdown. Jason kept what Franco did to Sam to himself. He did share that Franco left clues that lead him and Sam to the body of a woman. In an attempt to make Jason feel better, Sonny said at least Franco didn't hurt anyone he loved. Jason said he should have been able to stop him. Sonny replied that they always wanted to protect the people they loved, but they were lying if they thought they could do it all the time. Sonny urged Jason to stop beating himself up, because he was playing into Franco's plan. Sonny realized Jason was holding something back. Jason tried to end the conversation, but Sonny reached out and asked him to let him help.

Liz ran into Ewen as she was leaving, and she was shocked to learn that he was a doctor. She confronted him about lying to her and Ewen said he never lied; she just assumed he was a patient. He added that her habit of assuming things was complicating her already problematic life. Liz disagreed and accused her of misleading her. “Not a pleasant feeling is it?” Ewen asked. Liz said it was a good thing they never had that session. Ewen replied that he'd tried to get to know her, because she was assigned to him. Liz realized that Ewen had information on her from the start. She accused him of pretending to be a painter to get her to open up. Ewen said she was making assumptions again and that he meant everything he said the other day. He recommended that she sign up for some therapy and offered to see her as an outpatient. Liz snapped that she didn't need therapy and if she did, she wouldn't let him treat her. Cam called and said Lucky was getting ready to leave. Liz rushed home.

Matt saw Maxie leaving the hospital and got her attention, but she was still furious at him. She said he was lucky she hadn't been able to find Robin, because she was sure Robin would have taken her side, because she knew the meaning of loyalty, unlike him. Matt tried to smooth things over and said he didn't think she deserved to get slapped. Maxie wasn't impressed, because he hadn't said it when Liz was there. Matt explained that Liz was going through a lot. Maxie tried to ignore him and started texting Robin, so Matt took the phone. He told Maxie that Christmas was his favorite time of the year and he didn't want to spend it fighting with her. Maxie softened and said she used to love Christmas until her sister died. She told Matt she guessed she was starting to like it again. Maxie shared that Mac loved decorating for the holiday. She said her favorite thing was the magical feeling she got on Christmas morning. Matt told her his Christmas wish was to spend the day with her.

Liz got home and found Ethan sitting on the couch. She was crushed when Ethan told her Lucky was already on his way to the airport. Ethan offered that he thought Lucky wanted to avoid hurting her. Liz thought it was more likely that he wanted to avoid hurting himself. She sadly told Ethan he'd been right – Lucky needed to get away from her. Ethan said he hadn't meant it, but Liz admitted that faking the breakdown made her the lowest of the low. Ethan gently said Lucky didn't think so. Sounding hurt and full of disbelief, Liz said it couldn't end like this, because that would make Lucky the bad guy. Lucky had to come back and tell her he'd always love the girl she used to be. She looked to Ethan for confirmation. Ethan said Lucky knew they both had to share in the blame. Liz said she was the one who lied and cheated to keep the family together. Ethan asked her to picture what would have happened if she'd succeeded in trapping Lucky the way Laura trapped Luke. Liz asked if he was saying history would repeat itself and the love would eventually become so painful she'd lose her mind. Ethan said it didn't have to be like that. Liz said he was right and asked him to stay with the boys for awhile. She got her coat and left.

At the airport, Lucky noticed a woman reuniting with her kids.

Matt and Maxie got into a playful game of keep away with the phone. Matt convinced her to spend Christmas with him. Maxie spotted Liz walk in. She saw that Liz looked down and told Matt she could probably use a friend. She warned him to remember that Liz was only using him, though.

Liz found Ewen and admitted she needed help.

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