GH Update Tuesday 12/20/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/20/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky took Liz home. She admired the decorations Maxie had put up, and Lucky talked a bit about enlisting Maxie's decorating help to make things special for the boys. Liz couldn't believe she hadn't been home since the boat trip. She asked Lucky if he'd stay the night with her. He agreed and said he'd sleep in the kids' room. Lucky went upstairs to relieve the baby sitter and check on their sleeping sons. Liz looked pleased. When Lucky returned, Liz told him she couldn't wait to surprise the kids the next morning. Lucky and Liz talked about the boys' activities while Liz had been in the hospital and Lucky said it had been a joy to have them. During their light chat, Liz casually mentioned that Lucky missed Cam's father son event while he was in Ireland. Lucky knew and said Cam was okay with it. Liz agreed that it wasn't a big deal, since there'd be other events in the future. Lucky looked uncomfortable when Liz began planning an outing for the four of them. He reminded Liz that he was only dropping her off so she could have Christmas with the kids. Liz began to try and convince Lucky that they should spend Christmas together as a family. Lucky dodged the subject by giving her Cam's Christmas list. They reminisced about happy Christmases they shared in the past, such as their first, when Liz gave him an oil painting. Liz pointed out that this was also the first Christmas they'd have where they knew he was Aiden's father. Lucky agreed that they had a lot to be thankful for. Liz wanted the day to be special for all of them. Lucky quickly said he had to go to the mall because they didn't have gifts for the kids. He asked if she'd be okay alone. Liz said she was and Lucky left. Once outside, he sighed heavily.

Shawn sat on the floor of Sonny's restaurant, having a flashback to a little girl screaming “Get away!” Carly touched him and he jumped back and ordered her to leave him alone while he was like this. Shawn asked about Bernie and Carly said he was at the hospital. Carly ignored Shawn's orders and sat down next to him after telling him she didn't take orders when people she cared about needed help. When Carly pressed him for details, he told her how the shooters ran out once they realized Jason wasn't there. Carly realized the shooting was similar to his father's shooting and tried to comfort him, but he resisted her efforts. Shawn planned to call Jason, but Ronnie and the other police arrived before he could. Ronnie shot barbs at them for always being at the scene of the crime and began to question why they were doing there. Carly claimed she was there looking for Sonny. Shawn went into another episode. He was unable to answer Ronnie and jumped when the door slammed. Carly added that Shawn was there to see Sonny too, but Ronnie continued to interrogate Shawn and threatened to test him for gunshot residue. Ronnie noticed Shawn's demeanor and asked Carly what was wrong with him. Carly said he was sick. Shawn pulled himself together and said two men tried to rob the place. Ronnie didn't buy it; he was convinced the shooting was mob related. Ronnie threatened to take Shawn to the station, then he asked Carly for her version. Shawn said Carly didn't see the shooting. Someone closed another door, startling Shawn. Carly noticed and declared that she was taking him to get medical attention. She ignored Ronnie's protests and lead Shawn out.

At the hospital, Maxie rushed in and told Matt she could get them invitations to an exclusive holiday party. Matt nixed the idea, because he wasn't in the mood. Maxie thought they had a lot to celebrate now that they weren't suspects in Lisa's murder. Matt found it odd that Briggs suddenly confessed, then killed herself. Maxie quickly changed the subject and suggested they celebrate Christmas with Patrick and Robin. Matt didn't answer. He spotted Ewen and accused him of escaping from ShadyBrook. Ewen introduced himself as a psychiatrist and said he would have treated Liz if not for her premature departure.

Shawn and Carly arrived. Shawn maintained that he was fine, since he kept it together when the shooting started, but Carly insisted that he wasn't. She pointed out that he could have been killed if the shooters hadn't left before he froze. They walked by Ewen, who took note of their conversation. Shawn said that thousands of soldiers were able to function while dealing with the same issues. Carly reminded him that those people recovered after seeking help. While Shawn wanted Carly to drop it, Carly saw this as a way to repay him for helping her. She reminded him about the dog he had in Afghanistan that was able to help him relax. Ewen perked up when Carly urged Shawn to let a doctor help him work through his issue. Shawn spotted Max and broke away from Carly to talk with him. Max said Bernie was expected to be fine after his surgery and would be discreet about the shooting. Shawn told him the ambush was meant for Jason. Max said they needed to call the boss.

As Matt walked past Ewen, Ewen stopped him and asked him some questions.

Matt was going to be Bernie's surgeon. He told Shawn Bernie would be fine and back to cooking the books in no time. Shawn ignored his comments and thanked him for treating him. Matt bitterly said sometimes medicine worked, just on the wrong people, then he walked away. Carly was appalled by Matt's comments. Shawn told her she could wait for Bernie to get out of surgery. Max was guarding Josslyn and Shawn planned to go take over for him. Carly didn't approve of Shawn brushing his episode under the rug, but Shawn wasn't interested in getting medical help. Suddenly a service dog ran up. Shawn knelt down and started playing with him. Ewen watched, then he purposely made a loud noise. Shawn was so focused on the dog that he didn't notice. Carly walked over to Ewen and marveled at the way Shawn didn't flinch at the sound. Ewen introduced himself to Shawn and Carly and told them the dog worked at the hospital. Seeing Shawn so happy and relaxed made Carly smile. While Shawn played with Clyde the dog, Ewen told Carly that dog therapy helped people with a number of ailments, including PTSD. Soon it was time for Clyde's rounds and Ewen took him away. Carly suggested that Shawn get a therapy dog. Shawn said the waiting list was long and anyway, he didn't have health insurance to cover the cost. Carly's eyes lit up and she smiled.

In Chicago, Sam explained that she couldn't confide in Jason about the rape because he felt responsible for it. Michael offered to be there for her if she wanted to talk. Jason, who'd been outside listening, walked in. He gave Michael his condolences and said he'd call Carly with an update. Michael asked him not to, because Carly would want to try and fix things that couldn't be fixed. Michael told Jason that Abby's death felt like a nightmare he couldn't wake up from. Michael left the room and Jason told Sam he'd done some checking and learned that Abby's death was a freak accident. Sam admitted she'd suspected Franco. Jason told Sam that Alexis must have pulled some strings to get him out of jail. Sam was glad, because she'd been more worried about him being locked up than she'd let on. Jason had noticed. He asked Sam how she was. They hugged and Sam opened up about missing Abby. Carly called Jason and told him about the shooting. Michael returned. When he heard that there was trouble with the business, he urged Jason to go take care of it. Michael thanked him for not telling Carly about Abby. Michael told Sam she should go too, but Sam refused to leave him at a time like this. Jason hugged them and left. Michael knew telling Carly and the others would make her death feel more real. Sam offered to help by calling Abby's friends. Michael pulled out Abby's planner, then started crying because it was filled with plans she'd made for them that they'd never get to carry out.

Michael talked about how Abby liked to think positive, how she was open minded and accepting and how she had big dreams. Michael wished she'd had the chance to pursue her dreams to get back into ballet and to travel. He thought about it and told Sam he knew how Abby would want to say goodbye.

When Jason got to the restaurant, Ronnie and the other investigators were still there. Ronnie tried to get information about the shooting out of Jason, but Jason maintained that he didn't know anything. The cops didn't find any evidence so they left. Max walked in and told Jason it appeared that the Soleitos were behind the ambush. Jason couldn't figure out why that family would go after their organization. Max suggested they might be looking to expand their territory. Jason took full responsibility for not realizing they were being set up and said he should have known.

Sonny and Kate returned to their hotel room, laughing about the window Sonny broke. Kate shivered and Sonny teased her about being cold. He turned on the fireplace then rubbed Kate's feet to warm them up. Sonny told Kate he was grateful that she'd urged him to go back to Bensonhurst and face his past. He offered to help her face her past as repayment. Kate smiled and asked how he planned to do that. Sonny kissed her deeply, then joined her on the bed. After the kissing ended, Kate smiled and said this felt different; for the first time she felt that the darkness that Sonny surrounded himself with was lifting. Kate leaned against Sonny and took her hair out of its holder. She smiled and asked him if he was kissing the tough Connie or Kate, the businesswoman. Sonny grinned and said he liked both women because they challenged him in different ways. They kissed again. Sonny suddenly lifted himself off of Kate and put a stop to things. Sonny said being together felt right and he thought that they should wait and take things slowly. Kate agreed and said they should make sure this was what they both wanted before going to the next step. Sonny asked if she was hungry. Kate was craving pizza from a specific shop in Brooklyn, but she knew they didn't deliver to Manhattan. “They will,” Sonny said, as he got his phone and prepared to pull some strings. Sonny noticed he had several missed calls from Shawn and Max. Kate urged him not to return them, but Max called again and caught Sonny up to speed. Sonny told Max he was on his way back to Port Charles.

Liz was in a great mood as she lit candles on the mantle. There was a knock at the door and she invited the person to come in. It was Maxie and she was furious. Liz thanked Maxie for decorating, but Maxie immediately ripped into her for manipulating Lucky. Maxie scoffed that she'd actually been rooting for Liz and Lucky to rebuild their family before this. According to Maxie, Liz was laying a guilt trip on Lucky and was too self centered to care that it could drive him back to drugs. Liz told Maxie to leave. Maxie accused Liz of playing on Lucky's love for his children. Liz denied doing that. Maxie said Liz knew Lucky's history with his mother and used his weak point to lure him into staying with her. Lucky walked in just as Maxie accused Liz of faking a breakdown to trap him. Liz told Maxie she was inventing things. Lucky asked Maxie to leave. Maxie left and Lucky realized she was right. Liz tearfully said she checked into ShadyBrook because it losing Lucky hurt so much. Lucky told her to admit that she lied. Liz confessed she took advantage of the situation and said that she hadn't known what else to do. Lucky told her she could have been honest, but Liz told Lucky he wasn't even being honest with himself. Liz said she was sorry, but she'd done it to get Lucky to listen, because she couldn't stand losing him again. “We are a family and we need you!” she said. Lucky told her this was about them, not their sons. Liz admitted that she'd made mistakes in the past and hurt Lucky terribly. She begged him to forgive her. Lucky looked overwhelmed. He said he'd tried to convince himself that he could be a good family man, but he had to stop pretending. Liz tried to change his mind and told him that they loved each other. Lucky wondered about the health of a love that made them lie to each other. Lucky apologized for making her think they had a chance. He firmly said that there was no hope of them getting back together. Lucky appeared to be on the verge of a panic attack. Breathing heavily, he said he had to get away from this house. Liz asked what about her and the boys. Lucky said he'd come back and explain things to the kids tomorrow. Liz grabbed Lucky's arm as he attempted to bolt from the house. She touched his face and cried for him not to run away from her. Lucky rubbed her shoulder and whispered her name, then he left.

A montage set to a sad song about saying goodbye played. Kate looked disappointed as Sonny left. Once he was gone, She pulled herself together and put her hair back in its holder. Michael cried as he held a piece of Abby's clothing. Jason stared at Bernie's blood on the restaurant floor and it was clear it was weighing on him. Liz cried while looking at a picture of herself and Lucky, then took it out of the frame and turned it face down. Lucky went home and got his mail. He read a postcard that said “I hope you found what you were looking for.” He flipped over and found a picture of St. Margaret's Church on the other side.

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