GH Update Wednesday 12/14/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/14/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky was at the hospital waiting for Maggie to give Aiden a checkup. After awhile, he stepped into the hallway and asked a red-headed nurse, who slightly resembled Siobhan, to see if Maggie was running late. Matt happened to be walking by. He stopped blindsided Lucky by confronting him about his treatment of Elizabeth. Matt felt Lucky had been extremely insensitive to rebuff her feelings for him, while she was recovering from pneumonia and under stress due to Aiden's illness. Lucky defended his choice, saying he only told her the truth. Matt asked Lucky if he knew how difficult it was to find such an intuitive and compassionate woman. Lucky asked if Matt had feelings for her, and Matt responded that she was his friend and Lucky was treating her like garbage. Matt felt that Lucky had left Liz to raise the children alone. Matt told Lucky to stop using Liz as his emotional punching bag. Lucky warned Matt that being Liz's rescuer was a full time job. Matt told him to go to hell, and he walked away.

Patrick was alarmed to learn that Robin had been crying at work, because that wasn't like her. He pressed Maggie for details and she revealed that Robin had been reading some test results while she wept. Patrick called Robin; his concern grew when the call went to voice mail, because Robin always stayed within reach for Emma's sake. Maggie suggested that Robin might be upset over a patient and she told him that she still teared up over the loss of her first patient. Patrick shot that down, because Robin had been working on the administrative side of things, instead of treating people. Maggie theorized that the stress of the murder investigation was taking its toll on Robin.

Maggie checked out Aiden and declared him healthy. She asked Lucky about the sign he received that saved Aiden's life. Lucky wasn't sure how to explain it and was considering that it might have been his subconscious mind. Maggie pointed out that Lucky's subconscious didn't know Aiden was sick. Lucky looked down at Aiden and said the origin of sign was a mystery, just like the mystery of why some people got to live while others died. Maggie told Lucky about the first patient she lost; a child named Isaac. She believed that once a person touched your heart, they'd always be with you in some way. Sensing that Lucky needed to be alone, she left. Lucky took a moment to pull himself together.

As Lucky and Aiden left, he noticed the nurse he spoke to earlier drop her hat. It was just like the one Siobhan used to wear. He got her attention and she thanked him and left. It was obvious that the incident made him think of his late wife.

At Shadybrook, Liz came upon a man doing a painting. He had a machine on that played sounds of the ocean. The man noticed her and invited her in. Instead of entering, Liz lingered in the doorway. He asked if she was lost and Liz said they were all a little lost, otherwise they wouldn't be there. She said maybe hopeless was a better term. The man didn't believe in hopelessness; he told Liz they were all a bit helpless and were there looking for a little help. Liz said it was getting late, so she should go back to her room. The man encouraged her not to let time bind her. He convinced her to come inside and offered her a cup of tea. She accepted, saying she'd take a cup if it wasn't too much trouble. The man psychoanalyzed Liz and theorized that she said things like that a lot, because she didn't want to be a bother. He guessed that she liked honey in her tea, but went without because she didn't want to inconvenience people. Liz admitted that he was correct. She made small talk by asking him questions about his time at Shadybrook. When he commented on her inquisitive nature, she apologized for being rude and said she should be leaving since it was late. The man advised her to live in the moment and make each minute as exciting as it could be, instead of fretting over each hour or year. Liz replied that while that was poetic, as a single working mom, she couldn't afford to be so spontaneous.

The man talked to her a bit about the Australian tea he made for her, then he suddenly asked how many children she had. Liz hesitated, then said two. The man picked up on her sadness about this and she told him about Jake. Liz got upset and started to leave, but something startled her and she froze for a second. Once she composed herself, the two of them chatted about painting and Liz shared that she used to paint a lot. The man offered that he usually painted pictures of the ocean. Liz said she used to love the water, until she nearly drowned. As she began to talk about the man who saved her, Matt arrived. He asked why she was there and the man said she was just keeping him company. Liz and Matt left. Matt was confused about why Liz checked into Shadybrook without talking to him. Liz said she had enough of talking after her conversations with Lucky. Sounding a bit hurt, Matt said she seemed at ease talking to that stranger. Liz observed that there was something about that man that seemed familiar. Matt didn't think it was a good idea to spend time with him since she didn't know why he was there. When Liz replied that she didn't know why she was there, Matt admitted he thought she was doing it to make Lucky feel guilty. Liz was irritated that everyone thought she was manipulating Lucky. Matt bluntly said it was because she she usually did. Matt told Liz that checking herself into a mental hospital was over the top. Liz sighed that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Matt found it disturbing that Liz was jumping through hoops to win back someone who didn't deserve her. Liz had enough and ended the conversation. Matt apologized if he was offensive, but said he was saying this out of concern for her. Matt left and Liz looked out her door and into the room across from hers. She noticed the man inside glance up at her, then go back to painting. Liz went up to his door and peered into the window to get a closer look at him.

Shawn was in Josslyn's room, holding the toddler. Although it was her bedtime, she was wide awake. Shawn told her she reminded him of another little girl he used to know. As Shawn talked to her, Carly walked in. she knew Shawn was keeping something from her and urged him to tell her. Shawn told her about Jason getting arrested for assaulting the former mayor, Pres Floyd. Carly didn't like Pres and figured he had it coming, but she worried that Franco might come for Josslyn now that Jason was in jail. Shawn promised to keep that from happening. Shawn advised Carly not to go see Jason at the jail, since he had Sam and his lawyer to help him, but Carly said she needed Jason and she left to go see him.

Shawn spent some quality time with Josslyn and read her a bedtime story. He told the child that he'd missed having moments like this.

In the interrogation room at the jail, Jason and Robin talked about her plan to leave her family. Jason maintained that it was unfair to do that to Patrick and Emma, but Robin believed it would be best to spare them the pain of watching her slowly die. Jason urged her to stay optimistic, but Robin said she knew her test results didn't bode well for her future. Robin asked Jason to put himself in Patrick's shoes and consider whether he'd want to watch Sam slowly decline. Without hesitation, Jason said he'd want to be there to support Sam, no matter what. Robin knew Jason wouldn't stick around if he was the one who was sick. Jason pointed out that Patrick would blame himself if Robin suddenly disappeared, then he asked her to consider Emma's feelings. Robin likened her decision to leave Emma to Jason's decision to give up Jake. Robin recalled that she was a bit older than Emma when her parents disappeared the first time. She explained that it was hard, but she had happy memories of them to get her through it.

Robin didn't want Emma's good memories of her to be pushed out by the memories of her getting sick. She told Jason how disappointed Emma was because she was too tired to participate at Thanksgiving. Robin was determined to make Christmas perfect so Patrick and Emma could have one last great memory. Jason took her hand and reminded her of the time the two of them went to the bridge and contemplated jumping because Robin had lost a friend to AIDS and was afraid she'd be next. He told her to consider all the things they got to experience because they hadn't jumped. Jason said it still wasn't time to give up. The conversation lightened and Robin learned that Jason was the one who had the old bridge rebuilt. Jason didn't like it, because it wasn't the same as their bridge, but at the same time, he thought it was fitting, because it symbolized the impossibility of going back to those old times. Jason told Robin she'd changed his life back then. Robin said Jason did, too. She said said Jason would always be her friend and that it was because of him that she was able to find love again with Patrick. Jason told her she should be honest with Patrick if she loved him. Robin wouldn't change her mind, but she asked Jason not to say anything to Patrick. Jason promised that he wouldn't, because that news had to come from Robin. Just then, Carly burst in.

Carly saw Robin and immediately accused her of dumping her problems on Jason. Carly and Robin continued to argue until Jason leapt up and screamed “enough!” Robin and Carly were concerned about Jason's out of character outburst. Robin asked if he'd been having headaches and whether he'd been in for a checkup. Jason admitted he hadn't bee seen by a doctor since the honeymoon. Robin urged him to call Patrick. Jason told Robin to take her own advice. Robin left and Carly began to bash Robin for being selfish, until Jason blew up at her again. Carly confessed that she was afraid for Jason, since he'd been losing his temper a lot recently. She pointed out that he never answered Robin's question about the headaches. Jason said they weren't serious. When Carly questioned this, Jason sharply said they didn't hurt as badly as the ones that he had during his blackouts. Jason claimed he was fine, but Carly insisted that something was wrong. Jason got frustrated and said Franco was his problem. Carly wondered why Sam wasn't there. Jason explained that he wanted her to stay at the Penthouse with Michael. He told Carly about Michael being there when he received Franco's latest message. Carly was upset that Michael was getting entangled in Franco's game, but Jason assured her that he was safe at the penthouse.

Sam and Michael were on a plane headed to Chicago. Michael felt guilty for sending Abby to a place where she got hurt and told Sam he couldn't bear to lose her. Sam offered him some comforting words. Michael told her that he was liable to attack a doctor if Abby didn't make it, just like Jason attacked Pres. Michael thought it was odd that the normally calm Jason reacted that way and asked Sam if she thought it was a side effect of the surgery.

As the plane landed, Michael shook with fear. Sam took his hand and told him Abby was going to be fine.

Robin went back to the hospital and ran into Patrick. He gently told her he knew she was crying earlier and asked if she was okay. Robin stammered about how much she loved Patrick and searched for the words to tell him what she wanted to say. Patrick got paged, ending the conversation. He told her they would pick it up later and left.

Carly went to Jason and Sam's and looked for Michael. She walked past the DVD Franco sent.

Jason had flashbacks to Franco taunting him about hurting Sam and Michael.

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