GH Update Tuesday 12/13/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/13/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky went to Shadybrook to get an explanation from Elizabeth, who'd checked herself in there. He didn't understand why she copied Siobhan's last act of leaving a message in lipstick on her pillow, then left the hospital. In a snide tone, Liz said it was insensitive, but she had issues. She told Lucky she was staying at Shadybrook as long as it took to get over him. Lucky thought counseling would have sufficed, but Liz felt she needed to be there since what she saw as love, Lucky saw as a codependent mess. Lucky said he could have chosen better words. He explained that he was only trying to do what was best for them and their children. Liz asked if he still felt that she saw what she wanted to see and that rekindling their relationship right now would be a disaster. Lucky didn't respond, so Liz knew he still believed it. She told him if she felt apart because of that, it was her problem, not his. Lucky sighed and said maybe she would benefit from being there if this was real.

Lucky revealed that he thought it was possible that Liz only checked herself into Shadybrook as a last attempt to wake him up and keep him from leaving. Liz laughed derisively and wondered how Lucky ever loved her when he thought she was that desperate. Lucky said he just wasn't sure why she was there and he asked if she was sure it was the right thing. “Are you sure you even care?” Liz snapped. Lucky confirmed that he did and always would, but he had to take some time out to find himself. Liz softened and said no matter what Lucky did, he'd never be able to stop loving her and the boys, because he was too much like his mother. She said Laura taught Lucky compassion and sensitivity and that was why he was struggling with his choice. Lucky maintained that Liz was attempting to hold onto something that was already gone. Liz told Lucky if that's how he felt, she was relieving him of all obligation to his family and that he was free to go. Lucky reminded her that he was doing this so he could be a better father. Fed up, Liz said she and the boys didn't need him because they had her family, Lulu and even Luke, since Lucky thought he made such a good baby sitter. Keeping his calm, Lucky said it didn't have to be like this. Liz said if he was uncomfortable, he should know it felt worse on her end, then she told Lucky he could go now.

Lucky told Liz he knew she was hurting. Liz snapped that she was just tired of trying to love him and trying to convince him that they could be happy together. Lucky argued that she wanted the idea of him, not who he really was. Liz got frustrated and said she got it – he didn't want her, so he could leave, while she got over her “addiction,” as he'd called it the other day. Lucky was reluctant to leave things this way, but Liz said that was too bad, because this was what they'd become. When Lucky didn't move, Liz tearfully told him to just go. Looking despondent, she curled up on her bed and hugged her pillow. Lucky promised to come back in a couple of days to check in on her. He told her he'd take good care of the boys, then he left. As soon as he walked out, Liz sat back up and did a shifty glance around, then went down the hall. She stopped in the doorway of another room. Inside, there was a man about her age who was painting on a canvas.

Lucky took Aiden to the hospital for a check up. He told him it wasn't the same for either of them without Liz there, but they'd always love him no matter what. Lucky kissed Aiden on the top of his head.

Matt was working at the hospital, when Maxie arrived hoping to talk about his disappearance. Matt tried to blow her off, because he was busy, but Maxie persevered and started telling him off. Matt interrupted and said something happened that made him leave and was taking up a lot of his time. When Matt wouldn't share more, Maxie assumed he was cheating on her. Matt finally whispered that he wasn't cheating; he was trying to save a life. He told her he'd done the experimental operation he helped develop, but he claimed he wasn't able to tell her who the patient was, or where he'd been. Maxie told him she knew about the late night phone call he made to the hospital forensics lab. Sounding panicked, she begged him to tell her what he found and why he left and tried to cover it up. Matt asked her to trust him when he said his disappearance wasn't related to Lisa's murder. He would only say it was critical to his future and involved a very important person. Maxie hinted herself having covered something up. When Matt asked about it, Maxie just said that what she'd done was critical to their future and involved an important person too. Maxie and Matt got onto the elevator. Maxie admitted their relationship needed work, but she said she really cared about Matt and would tell him her secret if she could. Matt put his arm around her. They got off the elevator and Maxie asked him again if he was cheating. Matt promised on his scout's honor, that he wasn't. He asked if they were okay and Maxie said not yet. He told her that if the procedure went well, it would look very good in the Woman Behind the Man article Maxie was doing. She smiled as he promised to say how supportive she'd been. They shared a short kiss and Maxie decided that their relationship was in a good place again.

Patrick was also at the hospital on the phone ordering a toy for Emma. Maggie overheard and interjected that Emma didn't want that toy. Patrick was resistant to the notion that Maggie knew what Emma would want when she barely knew her, but when Maggie backed off, he relented and asked her advice. Maggie took the catalog and pointed out a different toy. Patrick admitted that it was a better choice, then he asked her to help him with Robin's gift. Maggie told him to ask her, but Patrick said Robin said she had everything already. Maggie said sorry, but she was clueless when it came to good gifts for adults. She told Patrick he seemed astute, so she was sure he'd figure something out. Patrick was surprised and said he thought she wrote him off as a clueless dad. Maggie thanked Patrick for not telling Robin she called her a battleaxe. She said her opinion of Robin had changed and she knew she really cared about the patients.

Maggie shared that she and Robin had an interesting conversation. Patrick was eager to know what it was about and asked if it was about him. Maggie laughed when he assumed he was the subject and Patrick jokingly asked if Robin told her he was an egomaniac. Maggie admitted that the phrase “cocky surgeon” might have come up. She told Patrick she was impressed when she saw him with Emma, because it showed he had his priorities straight. Patrick said his family was the most important thing to him and he'd do anything to protect them. Patrick told Maggie that he used to go pick up women every Christmas, but now the only thing he wanted was to give Robin the best Christmas of her life. Patrick was hoping to top his birthday gift of tickets to three cities around the world. He said it had been a rough year and he wanted Robin to know things were only going to get better. His eyes suddenly lit up and he told Maggie he thought of the perfect present for Robin. He made a phone call to set things in place, then he boasted to Maggie about his accomplishment. Maggie joked about Patrick having a surgeon's ego and Patrick admitted it was true. Maggie said Robin would probably like it better than the lollipop she gave her when she found her crying. Patrick was surprised and concerned to learn that Robin had been crying.

Robin went to the police station and met with Jason in the interrogation room. She felt bad about going to him when he was under so much stress, but she didn't know who else to turn to. Jason assured her that he would help her. Robin told Jason she needed him to help her disappear forever, or for however long she had left. Jason didn't understand why she'd want to leave her family. Robin cryptically said she was doing this for them and for everyone who kept believing. She was very upset and having a hard time thinking clearly. Robin said she knew it sounded bad, but she'd thought things would be better once Lisa was dead. She was afraid Patrick would blame himself for what happened. She said Lisa was smart and knew Robin's biggest fear. Robin told Jason that Anthony woke Lisa up to get revenge on Patrick for preventing him from killing Jason.

Jason suddenly zoned out. He remembered Sam suggesting that his anger might be a side effect of his surgery and himself yelling. Robin noticed that Jason was having some sort of episode. She touched him and tried to get him to respond to her. Jason came too just as Robin was leaving to get him help. He tried to brush it off, by saying he was just thinking about Franco, but Robin was still concerned. She checked his eyes and asked if he'd been having headaches. “It's nothing bad” Jason said. When Robin questioned this, Jason got frustrated and said he told her it was Franco. Jason was still upset that he hadn't stopped Franco. He told her his anger kept taking over, despite his efforts to control it. Robin knew the feeling and said the same thing happened the night Lisa died. She told Jason about Lisa's attempt to inject Patrick with her HIV infected blood. Robin recalled that she snapped and tried to use the same needle to inject the disease that killed Stone into Lisa. Robin felt sickened by this. Jason knew she didn't go through with it. Robin said he was right, but told him she only dropped the needle because she wanted to kill Lisa with her bare hands. She admitted it made sense for her to want Lisa dead after all she'd done. Jason asked if she needed him to clean something up, but Robin regretfully said it was too late. She reminded Jason of the day, years ago, when she got on the cocktail to keep her viral load down. Robin revealed that although the medication had worked for years, on the morning after Lisa died, she learned that it hadn't been for the last few months. Robin believed that Lisa had switched her medicine with placebos in preparation for her plan to infect Patrick.

Jason thought there must be some way to reduce her viral load, but Robin said the doctors best efforts weren't working so far. Jason didn't want to give up hope. Robin said his optimism that she'd recover reminded her of the way she'd been when Stone was diagnosed. Robin tearfully said this could be the beginning of her slowly declining; trying different medications, but never finding one that worked, until she was ready to die. She told Jason that Stone said it had been peaceful, once he accepted his fate. Robin felt stupid for working so hard instead of spending time with her family.

Robin had pulled out her old diaries in which she'd written about Stone's ordeal. She was having trouble knowing that she might go through what he had. Jason was stunned when he learned that Robin was keeping this from Patrick. He urged her to tell him, but Robin said she knew Patrick would try to keep her optimistic and she didn't want to put him through the heartbreak of false hope. She vowed to give her family one last perfect Christmas to hold onto, then disappear.

Jason asked if there was any chance she could get better. Robin said that the doctor said there were options. She told Jason that Alan often used that word when he was treating Stone. She'd grown to hate it. Jason thought back to his early days with Robin. He said when they met, he didn't understand what sadness was and that her stories about Stone helped him learn that sadness came from loss. Robin said the sadness never went away. Jason asked why she'd want her family to feel that before they had to. Robin explained that it was easier to lose someone suddenly than to witness their slow decline before their death. She asked Jason if he didn't think it was better that Jake died quickly rather than lingering. Jason said he wouldn't have wanted Jake to suffer, but he would have been grateful to get a chance to spend more time with him and say goodbye. Robin said she planned to say goodbye in her own way, by giving her family one last wonderful moment, then she needed Jason's help to leave. Jason asked Robin not to ask this of him, but Robin begged him to do this for her. In a pained voice, Jason apologized and said he couldn't.

Michael was still at Jason and Sam's house. He became frantic when he heard a crashing sound, got disconnected from Abby and was unable to reach her again. Sam tried to ease Michael's fears, then she got online to help him find the numbers of the people Abby was meeting with on her business trip. Michael admitted he was being a little crazy, but he said when you're in love with someone, you can sense when something's going on with them. Michael's fears grew when he called around and found out that Abby hadn't arrived at her meeting. He decided to go to Chicago to look for her, but Sam told him there were other ways. She looked up the numbers for hospitals in the city and she and Michael started making phone calls. Franco's DVD fell out of its case and onto the floor, but Sam didn't notice. Someone called Michael from Abby''s phone and told him Abby had been walking past a crane, when the load fell on her. She was knocked unconscious and was at the hospital. When Michael told Sam what happened, she decided to go with him to be with Abby. Michael suggested she stay in town for Jason's sake, but Sam insisted that Jason would want her to be there to support Michael.

At the police station, Delores sat across from Dante having a conversation with her husband in a mix of English and Spanish. She was a bit disappointed to learn that his job might keep him out of town for Christmas, but she knew they needed the money. Dante politely turned away to give her a bit of privacy. When she hung up, she explained that her husband took construction jobs out of town, because the opportunities in Port Charles were slim. Dante said she didn't owe him an explanation, but Delores thought it was only fair, since they were partners and she knew a bit about his personal life. She added that he could tell his mom she was happily married and wasn't trying to hook up with him. Dante pointed out that things were bound to be tense between her and Olivia as long as she was accusing her of murder. Delores countered that she was just doing her job.

Dante changed the subject and said her suggestion to run a blood trace paid off and they got a match. Just then, Anthony strolled in and pretended to slip up by calling Dante Detective Corinthos instead of Falconeri. Anthony revealed that Dante had called him into the station, then he took shots at him about his parents being in trouble with the law. Dante countered by telling Anthony that they found his blood on the boat. The police wanted him to explain how it got there when he said he wasn't aboard the boat the night of the murder. Anthony claimed he banked some of his blood for Lisa while she was in the hospital and suggested that she might have taken a vial of it onto the boat. The detectives didn't buy it, but Anthony said he was leaving since they couldn't disprove his version of the events. As Delores prepared to arrest Anthony, Dante received a text from someone claiming they killed Lisa and wanted to unburden themselves by coming clean. Dante said Anthony must be innocent and he and Delores went to investigate. They arrived at a suite and went inside. When they entered the suite, they found a body, shown from the legs down.

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