GH Update Wednesday 12/7/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/7/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

The overworked and stressed out Maxie was still at Crimson even though it was in the middle of the night. She went off on a caller for phoning so late, then hung up on them before they had a chance to speak. She then placed a frantic phone call to Matt, both scolding him for disappearing on her at a time like this and begging him to call her back. Lulu arrived looking for help. Maxie was in no mood, especially since Lulu's decision to quit had doubled her workload, but Lulu insisted that she needed Maxie's advice.

Maxie was surprised to hear Lulu say she valued her insight. Lulu filled Maxie in on her paranoia that Dante would get killed and how she broke up with him after he broke their agreement that he would work a desk job for awhile. Lulu was frustrated because Dante saw her efforts to keep him safe as an attempt to change him. Lulu wasn't sure whether she should move on or accept Dante's career choice 100%. “Dump him,” Maxie said. When Lulu was startled by Maxie's blunt response, Maxie snapped that that she wasn't going to give Lulu advice, since she was going to do what she wanted to anyway. The phone rang and Maxie ripped into the caller, then into Lulu when she told her she'd been rude. Maxie softened and gave Lulu her sincere opinion. She told her she had to decide for herself whether to give up on someone who really loved her. Maxie fought back tears and said Dante would never desert Lulu if she did something bad. It was clear Maxie was thinking about her own issues. Maxie abruptly said she had to get back to work. She wished Lulu luck, then Lulu left.

Dante caught Delores rifling through the stuff on his desk at work. She said she was looking for the notes on the boat case. Dante reminded her that while they were partners, he was in charge and that he'd place the paperwork on her desk if he felt she needed to see it. Delores said it was obvious Dante didn't like her, and he admitted she rubbed him the wrong way. At first, Delores assumed it was because he was sexist, then she apologized. Delores agreed that she could come off as overeager, but said in reality, she was just interested in making a difference in the city. Dante thought they'd get along fine then. He gave her a piece of friendly advise – stop wearing the uniform, because it made witnesses feel tense. Delores was grateful for the information. She suggested they start fresh by getting to know each other since they were going to be partners. Delores said they could go for drinks sometimes. She was a little surprised when Dante immediately suggested they get together at Jake's that night. She agreed to meet him there after she changed. Dante asked if her husband would mind and Delores said he knew she had to connect with her coworkers. Sounding a bit dejected, she added that her husband was away on business again. Delores asked if his fiancee would mind and Dante said it wouldn't be a problem. Delores left.

Mac told Dante that the forensics were back on the weapon that killed Lisa. Both he and Dante hoped it would be the break they needed. Mac hoped he hadn't done the wrong thing by putting Dante back on duty so soon after surgery, but Dante said he really needed to be working right now. Mac asked what was wrong and Dante said women problems. Mac said he vaguely remembered those. He told Dante to go home and said he'd get the report from the lab himself. After Mac left, Dante called Lulu's voice mail and left a message urging her to give their relationship another chance. “I'm here” Lulu said. Dante turned around, but his joy at seeing her was short lived. She handed him the engagement ring. Dante thought their issues could be fixed, but Lulu didn't think there was any hope of finding a compromise. She told him she'd get her things from his place while he was at work. Dante was surprised she was moving so fast. “I'm sorry!” Lulu cried, but Dante said she was right about getting it over with. They shared a lingering look, then Lulu left. She held herself together until she got outside, then she broke down crying.

Sonny was taken aback when he discovered an adolescent version of himself in the closet at his childhood home. Sonny regretted not having burned the place down years ago, then told the boy he had to go, because he was a from the past and didn't belong here. The child told Sonny that he was him. Sonny called him a brat and said he wasn't him anymore. Sounding slightly uncertain, Sonny did his best to convince the boy that he was feared and respected now and was no longer that scared child. Sonny accused the boy of judging him and said he didn't know anything. His voice broke as he berated his young self; calling him too worthless to help his mother or himself. Kate stood in the doorway behind Sonny, silently watching with a pained expression. Sonny stepped closer and loomed over the boy. “You make me sick and I don't ever want to see your scared, pathetic little face again” Sonny yelled. “Disappear! Now!” Sonny screamed at the child, who vanished. Kate tentatively called out to Sonny. When he realized she was there, he hugged her. Sonny told her that even though the place was empty, the painful memories were still there. Kate told him that although he'd always carry his pain, he didn't have to let it define him. Coming here, she said, was the first step in facing his demons and the things he hated about himself. “There are no demons” Sonny said. Kate agreed and said there were only sad memories of his childhood. She suggested they go and said Sonny could always come back later. Sonny swore he'd never return. He took a last glance into the house and young Sonny reappeared and said “Yes you will. You still need me.”

Sonny and Kate went back to the hotel and he poured her a drink. Kate wanted to talk about his experience, but he changed the subject to her Bensonhurst shopping spree. Kate indulged him for a minute, then said she found what she was looking for, but did he? Sonny said he hadn't, because he'd gone on the trip hoping to reconnect with her, not with his old memories. Kate suggested they had to work through the past in order to see if there was anything worth pursuing in the present. Sonny told her that there was. He leaned in close and they shared a soft, passionate kiss, before making their way to the bed.

At Jake's after Sam calmed down, she told Michael that the attacks had hit home with her. Michael asked if she'd ever been victimized and Sam admitted that she had, due to her poor taste in men before she met Jason. Michael offered her some supportive words. Sam felt like she could have prevented some of the abuse by recognizing the danger signs. Michael asked if she'd been hurt recently and if she was keeping it from Jason. Sam turned away and said no; it was just her past bothering her. Michael shared that Franco's return had stirred up some bad feelings about his rape. Sam asked if he'd ever been able to overcome it. Michael said Abby's support was helping a lot. He loved her immensely and was glad she was safely out of town and out of the attacker's reach. Sam said Michael had protected Abby, but he couldn't go after the attacker. Michael told her Abby said the same thing and while he understood their reasoning, he wanted to do all he could to keep Abby safe. He asked Sam if she thought Jason wouldn't do whatever it took to protect her from harm. Sam acknowledged that Jason would take action, but she warned Michael that sometimes your loved ones would get hurt no matter what you did.

Jason was still in the alley trying to discover why Franco added a white circle to the graffiti. He remembered Franco telling Jason he would have been better off if he'd died in the crash, because he wasn't honoring his “gift.” He suddenly flew into a rage and knocked over a pile of trash, while he yelled that he wondered if Franco thought he wouldn't love Sam after what he'd done to her. His outburst scared Spinelli, who'd just arrived. Jason asked Spinelli to help him figure out what the circle meant. Spinelli suggested they start at the beginning. He recalled that Franco believed he and Jason were in a competition. Jason said Franco wanted Jason to be like him; unable to feel. He targeted Jason's loved ones in order to make him feel guilty. Spinelli unknowingly put his foot in his mouth by wondering why Franco hadn't hurt anyone Jason loved this this time. Jason screamed at him, then said Franco did enough. Spinelli encouraged Jason to give him more information about Franco's latest reappearance. He mused that the wind up baby Franco sent to Josslyn had a deeper significance. Jason lost his patience with Spinelli's theorizing and demanded that he leave. Spinelli gently said he was worried about Jason. Jason said he was fine, so Spinelli left. Jason remembered shooting at Franco at his art exhibit in Los Angeles. He wondered if Franco was somehow watching him in the alley and he loudly dared him to come get him.

Johnny and the dancers chatted at Jake's. Johnny had gone to check on the latest victim of the attacker in the hospital; she was still in bad shape. He felt bad because he couldn't do more to help them all. Ranelle told him paying their expenses had been a huge help, but Johnny still thought it wasn't enough.

Diane and Pres were seated at a table. Pres kept looking at Johnny. He was sure Johnny had a story to tell that would be perfect for his paper and he told Diane to go talk to him. According to Diane, talking to the women was the better option, because they'd be more likely to open up.

Delores entered the bar in street clothes and with her hair out of her bun. Johnny's face lit up and he went over to flirt and ask her to have a drink with him. Delores dismissively asked if the two women he was with weren't enough. Johnny told her about them being dancers and him having shut down the club to protect them from the serial attacker. Delores alarmed to learn about the attacker and wondered why she hadn't heard about it before. Johnny replied that the cops would rather harass him than protect women who were strippers.

Coleman let Sam know about Franco's latest message and she and Michael rushed out to see it. Pres took note of what they were doing.

In the alley, Jason flashed back to all of his encounters with Franco. He remembered Franco telling him to play nice because he was in charge. Jason stared at the circle and said “A circle has no beginning; it has no end!” Sam and Michael walked up and saw the circle. Jason told them Franco was taking it full circle by going back to where they first met. He reminded them that he first met Franco when Franco witnessed a murder while posing as a homeless man. Jason was certain Franco was there and was going to confront him. Sam wanted to go, but Jason insisted that he go alone. Pres walked out, saw the graffiti and started salivating over running a story on Franco being back. Jason ordered Pres to stay out of it and when he refused, Jason grabbed him and roughed him up. Sam and Michael screamed for Jason to let him go. Jason vowed to go after Pres if he interfered then threw him to the ground. Pres got up and slunk away.

Diane made her way over to the dancers and put them at ease by joking with them about her strip poker escapades, then asked them what a typical night was like for them.

Johnny tried to smooth talk Delores into leaving with him. “Not gonna happen” Dante said as he walked in. He and Delores walked away together. Dante questioned her about why she was with Johnny. Delores said he approached her. Dante said sure and told her she looked pretty good for a woman whose husband was away. Delores responded that he was being very protective for a man with a fiancee. Dante said he didn't have a fiancee. Pres rushed over to Dante and said Jason assaulted him and, he wanted to press charges.

The worried Maxie left another voice mail for Matt. She told him she knew he'd called the hospital lab and she was pretty sure she knew what he was looking for. Maxie was desperate to talk to him about what happened. Maxie spotted Mac walk in. she quickly put on a show; pretending not to notice him and acting as if she was having a light conversation with Matt. Mac told her he knew no one had heard or seen from Matt. When he asked if Matt had disappeared because he was involved in Lisa's murder, Maxie angrily told Mac he was innocent. In a fatherly tone, Mac told Maxie that she didn't have to keep anything from him. Mac was curious about Maxie's reasons for disposing of her clothes. Maxie claimed she had to, because they got ruined. He reminded her that Lisa disappeared before Maxie got on the boat, which could work in her favor. He admitted he shouldn't be there right now, but he needed her to tell him if she was hiding anything. Maxie asked if he was speaking as her dad or as a cop. Mac pointed out that he knew Maxie had reason to want Lisa out of the picture. He hugged and kissed Maxie and reminded her that he'd always be there for her. Maxie's eyes filled with tears and appeared to want to admit something, then she quickly composed herself and said she didn't have anything else to say. Mac agreed to drop it. He told Maxie that while he could protect her, she wasn't in a position to protect anyone. He said she needed to tell Matt if he wasn't back by tomorrow, he was putting out an APB on him.

Lulu went to Dante's and started packing her things. She stopped and sadly played the voice mail he left her earlier, then put the rest of her things and a bottle of wine into her box.

Sam and Michael worried that Jason was walking into a trap, but they couldn't convince Jason not to go by himself. As they said goodbye, Dante came up and told Jason he was under arrest. Jason said he couldn't go to jail; he had to go find Franco. They filled Dante in and plead Jason's case, but he refused to let him go. Dante attempted to place Jason in cuffs and Jason started a minor scuffle trying to stop him. Dante reacted by pulling his gun. Michael asked if Dante was out of his mind and reminded him of what Franco had done. Dante said he couldn't let Jason go. Jason had no choice,so he let Dante cuff him without a fight. As Jason was led away, he told Michael to take Sam home and make sure she stayed there. Michael told Sam he'd give her a ride, then call Alexis to represent Jason, but Sam said she wasn't going home.

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