GH Update Tuesday 12/6/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/6/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

As Elizabeth sat in her hospital bed, she did her best to convince Lucky that the two of them could make a happy couple. Lucky responded that Liz was ignoring reality. Liz believed that Lucky was ignoring all the good things about their past, but Lucky was adamant that there was no going back. Liz countered that they could go forward. She pointed out that they were different people now. Liz thought Lucky's reluctance was partially because he blamed himself for Siobhan's death. She assumed he'd gone to Ireland to deal with the guilt. Lucky said that wasn't true; he'd lost faith in everything and gone to Ireland on a mission to try and regain it. Liz reminded him that he'd received a message from Jake, saying Aiden needed them. Lucky said the message was about Aiden and his journey, not their relationship Liz cried that they could go on that journey together. Lucky reminded Liz that every time they'd reconnected, it had been on the heels of a tragedy. He said he couldn't repeat their old pattern of savior and someone who needed saving.

Lucky felt that they needed a new start. Liz asserted that Aiden was their new start, but Lucky said he was the only positive thing to result from their last disaster of a reunion. Liz wished Lucky could see that Aiden and Jake's message were reminders that life went on. She took his hand and assured him that he could be happy again if he'd stop punishing himself and embrace it. Lucky pulled away and said he wasn't punishing himself, but accepting reality. He told her the sooner she did the same, the easier it would be on both of them. Sounding less distraught, Liz said Lucky really couldn't stand the thought of them being happy together. Lucky said they tried and it didn't work. A coldness crept into Liz's voice as she accused Lucky of wanted to appear to be a good father, while having the freedom to bounce in and out of his kids lives as he pleased. Lucky disputed this and Liz reminded him that he didn't even say goodbye to the kids when he left for Ireland. Lucky said he told her he was leaving. Liz snapped that he gave her a vague goodbye, then left her to take care of the kids, while he was off on an adventure, just like Luke used to do to Laura.

Lucky argued that he was honoring his wife's last wishes. Liz countered that she knew how an addict's mind worked; she accused him of going on the trip to escape. When Lucky denied running away from anything, Liz challenged him to tell her he hadn't had the urge to drink or pop pills. Lucky admitted to leaving because of his urge to use again and Liz called him a liar. She revealed that Ethan told her the real reason he left. She told Lucky he was pushing her away because he still loved her. Lucky fessed up – he did still love her. Liz renewed her efforts and said she loved him too and needed him, but Lucky told her that was the problem; they were codependent on each other and it wasn't healthy. Liz pointed out that all relationship had a certain amount of codependency. Lucky told her that first loves didn't last for a reason and that they had to grow up and away from each other.

Liz asked if she was supposed to keep hoping he'd wake up one day and want her again. Lucky pointed out that she might realize she didn't want him anymore. Liz asked if that was what he was afraid of. Lucky had come to realize his love for her wasn't a good enough reason to get back with her. He gently said maybe with enough time and help, she'd reach the same conclusion. Liz assumed he meant mental help and she was offended. Lucky said he didn't mean it that way. He explained that loving an addict took its toll. Liz said it wasn't crazy to want her children's father to commit to her and their kids. Lucky said he'd always be committed to Cam and Aiden, but he couldn't recommit to Liz. Liz said just like Luke was there for him, even if it was only in spirit. With tears in her eyes, she turned her back on Lucky. Lucky said he was and would continue to be a hands on parent. He told her he was taking the boys home with him until she was strong enough to care for them.

Liz snapped that Lucky was only parenting when it was convenient to him and that he'd always put his dead wife above his children. Liz scornfully recalled Siobhan's message in lipstick and letter about fairies. Lucky countered that he was honoring her last request, but Liz argued that he did it at the expense of his family. Lucky thought they needed to take a break to figure out who they were. Liz forcefully said she knew who she was – a struggling single mom, depending on other people's kindness. She said she'd be damned if she was going to end up like Laura – going crazy trying to keep her family together while Luke ran off. Lucky screamed that he was not like his father. Liz angrily asked if he wasn't like Luke because Luke was claiming to be reformed and sober, so he could get a free pass for killing her son. Concerned, Lucky warned her that the stress wasn't good for her, but Liz refused to relax. She ripped into him for telling her he loved her, but couldn't be with her, because he had to go find himself. Lucky left. Liz yelled after him that running was what he did best. After Lucky was gone, Liz got out of bed and took a duffel bag out of the closet. She searched through it until she found a tube of lipstick. When Lucky and the doctor got back, Liz was gone. There was a message written on the pillow that said “Can't do this.”

Sam went back to the alley and puzzled over Franco's graffiti. She recalled Spinelli theorizing that it might relate to something Franco created in Hawaii. Jason suddenly appeared and told Sam that by coming back there, she was giving Franco what he wanted. He promised Sam that he was going to find Franco and end this. Sam admitted she wasn't certain it ever would end. Jason didn't think her hanging out in the alley would help. Sam claimed she was only there to track the man who'd been acting inappropriately at Jake's, but Jason told her she didn't need to cover, because they both knew what Franco did. Jason admitted that his inability to help her now made him feel as helpless as he did when he was forced to watch Franco with her in Hawaii. Sam tried to convince Jason that she was okay and that this wasn't his fault.

Jason remembered Franco telling him that he was in charge and that Jason had to “play nice” if he wanted answers. He turned and fixated on the graffiti, determined to figure out Franco's next move. Sam told Jason he was right – obsessing over this meant Franco would win. Jason was adamant about solving Franco's code. Sam urged him to go Jake's with her and relax like they were normal for a minute, but Jason said he had to go take care of this. Sounding worried, Sam asked if he'd be back. Jason gently touched her arm, then left.

Carly let Shawn into her home. He arrived carrying a satchel filled with his things. Carly seemed surprise that Shawn was packed so lightly, since he was moving in until Franco was caught. Shawn insisted that he had everything he needed, then he told Carly it was time to set the ground rules that would keep her and Josslyn safe. Carly wondered if Shawn knew this was a home, and not a military base, the way he was barking out orders. Shawn vowed to do whatever it took to stop Carly from putting herself or Josslyn in the line of fire again. Carly grinned and accused Shawn of being so gruff because he didn't want to admit this was more than a job to him. Shawn maintained that it was just a job – he couldn't be her friend and her bodyguard. Carly reminded him that they'd been friends at Thanksgiving. She teased Shawn by flirtatiously draping herself over the couch and calling him “Mr. Butler,” but he wasn't amused. Carly laughed and said she'd try to follow his rules if he lightened up. In a stern tone, Shawn tried to impress upon Carly that she and Josslyn were in a dangerous situation. Sounding defensive, Carly asked if he didn't think she knew how dangerous Franco was. Frustrated, Shawn replied that she should start using some common sense. Carly scoffed and asked if Shawn was going to tail her everywhere, even in the bedroom. Shawn snapped that he would if that's what it took to protect her.

Carly laughed that Shawn probably wished she was obedient and docile. Raising his voice, Shawn demanded to know what he had to do get Carly straight. Michael walked in and ordered Shawn to be more respectful to his mom. Carly tried to get Michael to relax. Michael spotted Shawn's bag and found out he was moving in. Carly told Michael Franco was targeting Josslyn again. While Michael was concerned for his sister, he suspected Shawn was using Carly's vulnerable predicament as a way to further insert himself into her life and leaving Jason to deal with Franco. Both Carly and Shawn denied this. Carly took Michael aside and reminded him that Shawn saved Josslyn's life by making sure she wasn't on Jax's plane when it went down. She was also adamant that she didn't need a man in her life. Carly told Michael that he would show Shawn the same respect she showed Abby. Michael argued that Shawn was supposed to be her bodyguard and not her boyfriend, but Carly said it was none of his business.

Michael gave up and said he'd just worry about protecting Abby from the attacker. He snidely told Shawn he didn't have to worry, because his girlfriend Ranelle hadn't been hurt yet. Michael had sent Abby out of town so she'd be safe while he went after the attacker. Carly got upset when she learned Michael's plan and both she and Shawn advised against it. Shawn added that Michael should lay low and stay off Franco's radar; he told Michael that he knew how Franco's mind worked. Michael reacted badly to Shawn's advice. He snapped that Shawn didn't know how Franco thought, then he stormed out of the house. Carly decided Shawn should know the whole truth, so she told him about Franco having Michael raped and Jason arriving too late to prevent it. Shawn was embarrassed that he'd put his foot in his mouth, but Carly said he didn't know. She swore him to secrecy. Shawn vowed to protect Carly and her kids, and Shawn thanked him for being there. Shawn went to upgrade the security system. Carly picked up his coat and walked toward his bag. She put the coat down and answered the door. It was Jason. Carly told him she was worried about Michael. She told him about Shawn's gaffe and Michael's decision to hunt down the attacker. She said he was just like his father when he got angry and she wasn't sure what he'd do. Jason promised to talk with him.

After Jason left, Shawn installed something for the security system. Carly told Shawn she'd put him in the room next to Josslyn's. Shawn chuckled that he'd be able to sleep then, since unlike Carly, Joss didn't snore. Carly watched him work, while munching on what she thought was a candy bar. Shawn told her it was a protein bar and Carly made a face and handed it to him. Shawn wanted one of the ground rules to be respecting each other's property. He also asked Carly to put her shoes away, because he didn't want to trip over them if he had to run downstairs in the middle of the night. When Carly scoffed about him not being able to maneuver around shoes, Shawn said she should set a good example for Joss by cleaning up after herself. Carly asked if he was saying she was a bad mom. Shawn thought she was a great mother, but she could be a little neater. “My house my way” Carly said, before playfully tossing a shoe at him and heading upstairs. Shawn took off his shirt, revealing a tank and began to do pushups. Carly walked back down and watched appreciatively from a distance.

In Bensonhurst, Sonny approached his childhood home. He paused and visibly shuddered as he relived the beatings he received from his stepfather. Sonny gathered his strength and entered the brownstone. “Welcome home” he said to himself. Sirens blared outside the window and a cop suddenly burst in and held Sonny at gunpoint, thinking he was an intruder. Sonny replied that he owned the place. The officer relaxed. He assumed Sonny was a developer and urged him to go ahead and knock the place down. The cop had grown up in the neighborhood, but he didn't recognize Sonny. Sonny asked why the man wanted the place destroyed. The officer said that a psycho named Sonny Corinthos grew up here. Sonny turned his back and let the man talk. The officer told him how Sonny had been a savage fighter as a child and teen. He remembered Sonny's mother and stepfather fondly and was under the impression that Sonny had been the one beating his mother. Sonny listened with tears in his eyes as the man spoke about how kind and fragile his mother had been. The officer said Sonny beat his mother nearly to death, then had Deke executed to keep him from pressing charges. “Nice, huh” the office scoffed. Sonny turned around and said it sounded like justice to him. He called the officer Jimmy and said he was surprised he didn't recognize him. They exchanged snide remarks, with Sonny looking down on Jimmy for still being a beat cop after all these years and Jimmy countering that Sonny was a criminal who was embarrassed to admit his own name. Sonny said Jimmy shot his mouth off and said some things he shouldn't have. Jimmy threatened to haul Sonny into the station and Sonny said he'd sue the station and get him suspended. He asked Jimmy if he wanted to go home to his family and give them that as a Christmas gift. Jimmy snarled that Sonny could have him shot, like he did Deke. Sonny claimed he was a legitimate businessman who didn't shoot people. He added that if Deke did get shot, he had it coming. Sonny said he used to kind of like Jimmy, because he fought fair, so he was letting him leave. As Jimmy walked out, Sonny called after him that Deke was a bad person. Sonny remembered being beaten again. He faced his past and told Deke he hoped he suffered and thought of him as he died. Sonny hoped Deke begged for mercy the way he and his mother used to. He called out to his stepfather and said he didn't have to beg anymore, because he was on top now and Deke was dead. Sonny yelled that it was over and done now. He suddenly heard crying and looked into the closet, to see himself as a young boy, huddled inside sobbing. The adult Sonny teared up, then wiped his eyes.

Diane and the former mayor Garrett Floyd arrived at Jake's and ordered drinks from Coleman. Both were in a great mood. It was revealed that he was now the owner/editor in chief of the Port Charles Press. Due to the unfortunate press surrounding Garrett Floyd, he was now using the name Pres, short for his middle name Prescott. He hired Diane to write a gossip column for his paper. Coleman asked how it felt to be digging up dirt instead of hiding it. Pres loved his new job.

Sam returned to Jake's and sat down at the table with the dancers from the strip club. They discussed Abby, who'd gone out of town for a few days. Sam told the women she needed their help catching the attacker. Pres turned around on his barstool and leered at the women. Diane realized his attention had drifted elsewhere and suggested a game of strip pool. Pres chuckled that Diane was full of surprises.

Sam asked if the man who'd harassed them at the bar could be the attacker. The blonde woman replied that she'd been attacked from behind. Ranelle added that the police didn't care anyway. Sam knew that, but she was committed to getting the attacker off the streets. Michael rushed in and brusquely asked the women if they remembered anything yet. Sam reminded him to be more tactful, but Michael was still on edge. Coleman brought them drinks on the house, but the women turned him down since they were leaving soon. Coleman asked Ranelle if Shawn was her boyfriend. When she said no, Coleman started flirting with her. Michael made a snide remark about it and Sam took him aside and said he was freaking the women out by shouting at them. Michael was worked up because Abby's friends were being hurt and because Abby could still be a target, even though she stopped stripping.

Sam went off on Michael for thinking that that women in certain careers deserved to be attacked. Michael pointed out that he never said that and didn't feel that way. Sam calmed down and apologized. Michael asked what was going on with her. Sam said she was fine, just upset about the way he spoke to the women. Michael agreed that he was out of line. He explained that he was having a bad day, due to arguing with his mom about Shawn moving in. Michael told Sam what Shawn said to him about protecting himself from Franco. His pain and anger poured out as he began to talk about what it was like to be hurt by Franco solely because he wanted to get back at Jason. Michael said you couldn't even own your pain, because it wasn't about you. Sam suddenly reached over to the pool table and threw the rack across the room. Michael asked what was wrong.

Coleman led Jason into the alley to show him that an addition had been made to the graffiti. There was now a white “O” added to the black letters “NO2CCAH5.” Coleman said it had to have been added in the last hour. Jason thanked Coleman, who went back inside. Jason remembered one of his confrontations with Franco. Franco had vowed to get rid of all of Jason's loved ones and leave Jason with a mirror that would reflect who he really was.

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