GH Update Wednesday 11/30/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/30/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky was sitting in the waiting area of the hospital. Maggie joined him and sat down beside him. She was interested in hearing more about the sign that made him realize Aiden was sick. Lucky said he got a message from people he cared about. Maggie jokingly asked if he meant ghosts. Lucky acknowledged that it sounded odd and said he didn't know how to explain it. He told Maggie that while it was strange, he often sensed his late wife's presence and sometimes it felt like she was sitting right next to him. Maggie didn't think it was weird; she told him love created an unbreakable bond. Lucky told Maggie she was connected to Siobhan's signs and let her know that Siobhan sent him to St. Margaret's Well. Maggie chuckled that she was no saint, but Lucky believed it was more than coincidence that his son's doctor shared a name with the church where he received the sign that he was sick. Maggie asked if Lucky thought it was divine intervention and he said he wasn't sure. Maggie didn't think you needed to be religious to believe in miracles. She told him she saw them every day at the hospital. Lucky didn't think he could handle working with critically ill children. Maggie agreed that it could be hard, but seeing some of the kids recover made it worth it. Lucky replied that Aiden and the other children were lucky to have her. Maggie said her patients had taught her to never give up on hope or on people. Maggie went back to work.

Ethan arrived. He was happy to see that Lucky was back. They chatted and Lucky asked Ethan for advice on getting Elizabeth to see that they shouldn't get back together. Ethan had no idea how Lucky should handle it. He said that Liz wanted someone to hold onto, who'd keep her from drowning like her mysterious rescuer on the beach. Lucky asked what Ethan thought about that. Ethan was sure the man was real; he told Lucky about finding wet footprints at Wyndemere. Ethan wanted to find this person and figure out why they rescued Liz only to leave her unconscious on the island.

Ethan offered to take Lucky home so he could sleep off the jet lag. Lucky had tried to sleep, but his thoughts were keeping him awake. Ethan asked if Lucky had received the message he went searching for. Lucky thought so, but he still wasn't sure what it meant. Lucky said he was going to focus on the things he could control, like being a good father and a good cop, while he sorted things out. Ethan laughed until he realized Lucky was serious. He didn't think that was very exciting, but Lucky said while he was a lot like Luke he didn't need things like jewel heists in his life. Ethan thought Lucky was fooling himself and Lucky admitted that he was right. Ethan assured Lucky that it wasn't wrong to want something more in your life. Lucky agreed that he wanted something, but wasn't sure what. Ethan replied that the mystery was half the fun.

At the bridge, Robin continued her conversation with Stone. She told him she heard him, even if it was all in her mind, and she knew he wouldn't want her to be this way. Robin admitted that she didn't know if she was as strong as Stone had been. She sat down and opened the small bag she brought. It contained rose petals from the Thanksgiving centerpiece. Robin told Stone that Maxie brought them and that she needed to have flowers and her family around her that day. She recalled that the bridge she was on wasn't “their” original bridge, for it had been demolished some time back. Some anonymous donor had the bridge rebuilt though, Robin believed it had either been Sonny, doing it for Stone or Jason, doing it for her. Robin slowly tossed the petals in the water and imagined them floating toward Stone, because that was where they'd scattered his ashes.

She told him about Sonny and Brenda, but said he probably already knew. Robin thought it was a shame Brenda and Sonny didn't last, but she knew sometimes love wasn't enough. Mac arrived; he'd seen the lights on at her place and stopped by. Patrick told him where Robin was. Mac was aware that this was a difficult time for her and although he knew she wanted to be alone, he wanted to stay nearby in case she needed some support. Robin asked him to stay and honor Stone and the others who'd died too soon. Mac was happy to. He gently pointed out that Robin seemed to be taking Stone's death especially hard this year and he wondered if there was a reason why. Robin blamed in on stress over work and over Lisa. She said she'd been thinking about how full of life Stone had been and she wondered why things ended up this way. Mac said Stone's death taught him that life was unfair. Mac was still overwhelmed by the disease and he wished he could make things better for Robin. Robin said he did, by being there for her, even when she made a mistake. She felt like she let Lisa destroy her life and marriage. Mac disagreed that things were ruined and reminded her that she and Patrick were still there. Robin cried that Mac just had no idea. Mac said he probably didn't, because he'd spent more time working than focusing on his family.

He sighed that things were a mess, with her and Maxie being part of a murder investigation. Robin argued that after all Lisa had done, her death should be considered the result of self defense. Mac countered that it didn't work that way. Robin said that if life was fair, Stone would be alive and no one would care what happened to Lisa. Mac didn't want to see anyone on the boat get in trouble. Robin suggested he focus on the people who weren't on the boat, but Mac said they weren't the ones who killed Lisa. He realized this wasn't the time or place for that discussion. Robin knew Mac just wanted justice and the truth. She told him he'd taught her to value those things, too. Robin thought he worked too hard though and she expressed her wish that he would get a personal life. Robin teared up and said she hoped that she'd get to see that before she died. Mac looked worried. He hugged Robin and said she wouldn't die because he wouldn't allow it. He and Robin scattered the rest of the petals, then she asked for a minute alone. After Mac left, Robin heard Stone whisper “I see you.”

Carly was nearly hysterical about the package that came for Josslyn. She was convinced it was from Franco and she resisted Shawn's efforts to calm her down. Shawn opened the package; inside were two boxes. The first contained a wind up toy shaped like a baby. The second contained a DVD, which Shawn and Carly watched. Franco appeared on the screen with a message for Josslyn. He told her he was sorry that Jax left her and now she had one less person in her life. Carly leapt up and turned it off. She was certain this meant that Franco planned to kidnap Josslyn. Shawn said Franco could try, but he wouldn't let that happen.

Steven and Olivia talked in the hospital conference room. She was stunned when he gently told her he knew she was pregnant. She told him he was wrong and asked if he really thought she'd keep something like that from him. Steven responded that it wouldn't be the first time she hid a pregnancy. Olivia said that her pregnancy with Dante was different – she'd been a scared teenager and Sonny wasn't father material. She assured him that she'd never hide a child from him, because unlike Sonny, he saved lives instead of taking them. Steven said okay and that he hoped it didn't sound like he was judging her, since he understood why she didn't tell Sonny. Olivia said she could tell Steve looked relieved now that he knew there was no baby. Steven replied that a baby would change everything. Olivia used Patrick as an example of a person whose life changed for the better after becoming a father, even though he initially didn't want kids. Steve said it didn't happen like that for everyone, because not everyone was meant to be a parent.

Patrick entered the hospital carrying Emma and her stuffed bear. He wondered where everyone was, then sat Emma down in the waiting room and told her he was going to go look at the schedule and see who was working tonight. Maggie walked over and introduced herself to Patrick, then she joked around with Emma and made her smile. Patrick had brought Emma in because she had a stomach ache. Maggie took her for an exam and when she brought Emma back, they were both smiling and eating suckers. Maggie sent Emma to play and told Patrick that she thought Emma faked a stomach ache to get a little extra attention. Patrick asked if she thought his five year old was manipulating him. Maggie said there was no shame in it and sometimes it took an outsider to see the truth. Maggie put Emma in a wheelchair and entertained her by racing her through the halls. When she got back to Patrick, he picked Emma up and said it was time to leave. Maggie was a little disappointed, since she was having fun with Emma. Patrick politely said he was pretty sure racing wasn't allowed in the hospital. Maggie kept her tone light because of Emma, but said that was because the chief of staff was a battleaxe. Patrick replied that being the COS was hard work and Robin did a great job. He added that he knew, because she was his wife. He turned and walked out, leaving Maggie looking embarrassed.

Jason returned home after going for a ride on his motorcycle. He found Sam out on the balcony staring up at the stars. Both were having trouble clearing their heads. Sam explained that she used to be able to center herself by finding the north star, but it wasn't working this time. She said that trick had been the substitute for having family and friends to lean on for a long time and she really missed it now that it didn't work anymore. Jason reminded Sam that he was here for her. Sam knew. She leaned against him and said she wished things could go back to being simple again. Sam decided to take a walk. It was late, so Jason wanted to accompany her, but Sam wanted to be alone. She also refused his suggestion to have a guard tail her from a distance. Sam brushed off Jason's concern by saying the worst had already happened to her, then she left. Carly called Jason and told him about the package.

Abby stopped by Jake's. Johnny was there with some of the dancers from the club. He and Abby talked and she found out that he'd shut down the club until the person who'd been attacking the dancers was found. One of Abby's friends added that Johnny was still paying them despite this. “Aren't you a nice guy”Abby said in a disbelieving tone. Johnny said anyone except Sonny would agree. Johnny saw a patron walk up and slap one of the dancers on the behind. He immediately grabbed the man and threatened to hurt him if he did it again. The man backed off and Johnny sat down at a table. Coleman was impressed by how Johnny handled things. He gave the dancers an approving glance and said that Johnny and the girls were free to stay as long as they liked, then he went back to the bar.

Abby was surprised at how much Johnny cared. Johnny explained that he was a fixer. He looked down and noticed a picture of Lisa on the front page of the newspaper on his table. Johnny put the bowl of pretzels directly on top of the picture and noted that sometimes this trait came back to bite him. Abby asked Johnny if there was anything he could do to catch the attacker. While they talked, the camera focused on a man who was facing the bar and wearing a dark hoodie. Johnny was willing to try and take care of things. Abby was satisfied and got up to go home to Michael. The man at the bar left just as Sam walked in. Sam told Abby she was investigating the attacks at Michael's request. Coleman walked over with a fistful of dollar bills in hand. He greeted Sam, then suggested that Abby and the other dancers turn on the jukebox and perform. Abby said nice try. After Coleman walked away, Sam wondered if Johnny would let her go undercover at Vaughn's. Abby didn't think it was a good idea, but Sam wanted to make sure no one else got victimized. The man who caused trouble earlier stumbled out of the bar and Sam decided to follow him.

Jason went to Carly's and he, Shawn and Carly watched the remainder of the video on the laptop. Jason seethed with rage as he listened to Franco ramble about a father's mistakes and promise that he'd be there for Josslyn. He slammed the lid of the laptop down and asked if Shawn tracked the package. It was mailed in Port Charles. Carly showed Jason the toy. As she fretted over Franco's plans to take Josslyn, Jason flashed back to seeing Franco carrying Sam to bed and to his toy monkeys. He angrily swept his arm across the table, knocking the laptop several feet across the room. Jason quickly apologized. Carly asked Jason what was wrong and he said nothing. She warned him that he couldn't let Franco see that he was getting to him. Jason said there was nothing else Franco could do to him, but Carly countered that he could take Josslyn. She told Jason he couldn't let Franco kidnap the toddler.

Sam entered the alley, but the man she was following wasn't there. She spotted some freshly painted graffiti identical to the writing that was in Franco's hideout. The hooded man watched Sam from behind.

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