GH Update Tuesday 11/29/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/29/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was Thanksgiving night. Olivia dropped by the hospital with two large bags of leftover food for Steve. He was grateful and apologized for having to cancel dinner. Olivia understood and said it wasn't like he blew her off after getting a better offer. Just then, Maggie walked in. Spotting Steve from behind, she told him she'd gotten dinner for the two of them from a restaurant. Steve turned around and Maggie realized that Olivia was there too. Maggie seemed impressed that Olivia made all that food for Steve. She shared that she wasn't a good cook and her one attempt to make a birthday dinner for Steve ended with a visit from the fire department. Steve plastered on a strained smile as Maggie cheerfully reminisced about this and about his love of cornbread. Maggie joked that Steve used to live off of cornbread and she'd even bought some for him from the restaurant. While Olivia smiled at the story, it was clear that she wondered why Steve hadn't mentioned it. Maggie got called away.

Lulu woke up on Dante's couch. She appeared to be worried as she looked around the room. She saw Dante asleep in bed. She drank some wine and began to pour another glass when she noticed that Dante's breathing sounded ragged. Lulu quickly put on her jacket and rushed out the door.

Olivia and Steve took a break and were hanging out on a couch when Epiphany walked over. She was irritated that Steve wasn't working and annoyed that Olivia left her food on the check in desk. Steve tried to smooth things over by offering Epiphany some of the food. Olivia suggested they put it all in a conference room for the staff to share. Epiphany opened up a bit and shared that she used to celebrate holidays, but she had no use for them after the death of her son Stanford. Besides, she had no time to eat because she was gathering all of Lisa's records for the police. Epiphany told Steve and Olivia that it was for the murder investigation. Lulu raced in and told Steve there was something wrong with Dante.

Lulu returned to Dante's along with Olivia and Steve. Olivia ran over to Dante, waking him up. She was convinced that Dante was too pale and promised him that Steve would take care of him. Dante resented the intrusion and demanded to know what was going on. When Olivia told him what Lulu said, he snapped at Lulu that he told her not to tell anyone he collapsed. Olivia was horrified about Dante collapsing. Dante reminded Lulu that he'd already explained the reasons for his labored breathing to her. Olivia wanted to call an ambulance, but Dante refused to let that happen, because if he got admitted, he wouldn't be able to work. Olivia ordered him to think about Lulu instead of his job. Dante said that he thought about Lulu all the time. Olivia lectured that Dante needed to show Lulu some respect and show respect to the life the two of them were planning.

Steve gave Dante a quick check up and declared him fine, except for being a bit congested. He gave him a prescription and advised him to take it easy and get lots of sleep. In a flippant tone, Dante said he was getting sleep until everyone barged in. Lulu quietly said that was her fault for overreacting but Steve said he approved of her being cautious. Dante said he appreciated everyone's concern, but he could still do his job and he was taking a desk job for awhile, so he didn't want Lulu or Olivia talking to Mac about his health issues. Olivia tried to keep hovering, but Dante firmly said goodnight. Olivia kissed him on the top of his head. Lulu insisted on giving Steve and Olivia cab fare. They took it and left. Lulu and Dante shared a long embrace, then cuddled on the couch. He apologized about Olivia almost mentioning their engagement in front of Steve. Lulu said it was her fault for getting Olivia worked up. Dante had calmed down about it. He smiled and said she could just wake him up next time and that while Lulu overreacted, he was glad she cared about him. Out of curiosity, he asked Lulu why she took a cab instead of driving. Lulu lied and said she was just too upset to drive. They hugged and she looked over his shoulder at the bottle of wine she'd been drinking. When Dante fell asleep again, Lulu poured the wine down the drain.

Robin sat in a dark room at her home staring at a picture of herself and Stone. When she climbed back in bed, Patrick sleepily asked where she'd been. Robin made up an excuse and encouraged Patrick to go back to sleep. Patrick said she could tell him the truth. He explained that he heard her get up and that he knew she was having a hard time. Robin joked that now she knew Patrick had been awake all those times he stayed in bed while Emma cried during the night when she was a baby. Patrick smiled and said he'd been dead to the world those times. Robin hated that phrase – the thought of being alive but disconnected from everything around you. She said it was sort of like Lisa was. Robin said she pictured Lisa every time she closed her eyes and she kept thinking about the way everyone doubted her when she accused Lisa of targeting her. Patrick felt bad that he'd ever doubted Robin, but Robin didn't hold it against him. Patrick wished Lisa had never emerged from her coma. Robin wondered what being in a coma was like. Patrick hadn't thought about it but he knew there were studies that showed that coma patients could hear people talking to them. Robin recalled that Michael remembered hearing his parents talking to him while he was in a coma. She thought it would feel awful to be trapped in your own body.

Robin still didn't feel like Lisa was gone for good. Patrick believed that the memories of the pain Lisa caused would fade in time, but Robin wasn't so sure. Robin felt that Lisa's decision to terrorize them wasn't 100% her own. She said that Lisa and everyone else were who they were as a result of their experiences, interactions and personal defects. Patrick kissed her arm and told her that she didn't have any defects, but Robin disagreed and reminded Patrick that Lisa tried to use one of Robin's defects as a weapon when she attempted to inject him with her HIV + blood. Robin cried that Lisa exploited her deepest fear. Patrick tried to reassure her, by saying Lisa failed and that the two of them were still alive and going strong. Robin said she was trying to be strong, but she knew that sometimes people get sick and they die.

Patrick comforted her with a hug and told her he knew it was the anniversary of Stone's death. Robin said she would have told him. Patrick knew. They both admitted they hadn't handled Robin's past with Stone well early on in their relationship; Patrick had been jealous of what they had and Robin had shut Patrick out and lead him to believe Stone was the love of her life. According to Robin, she was grateful for the life she had with Patrick now. Patrick felt the same way, but Robin countered that he couldn't be grateful for all of it. She felt guilty that he had to deal with her HIV. Patrick said Stone did everything in his power to protect Robin and now Robin was doing that with him (Patrick). Despite Patrick's words, Robin still felt like she was hurting him. Patrick said she wasn't, but sometimes you hurt your loved ones. He brought up the way he hurt brought up the way he'd hurt her by cheating on her with Lisa.

The subject of Lisa bothered Robin and she didn't want to talk about it. Patrick kissed her and said it would be okay. He changed the subject by asking if she'd gone to the AIDS wing when she left earlier. Robin had. She'd wanted to go someplace else as well, but she'd been too tired to. Patrick was willing to help, but Robin said this particular thing was about Stone and it was something she had to do on her own. Robin said she got a chance to have a life, while Stone died at nineteen. Patrick wanted to understand what Robin was going through, but Robin didn't want him to ever have to deal with what she felt. Robin got up to go take care of things while Patrick stayed behind.

Emma woke up and Patrick took her downstairs and lied down on the couch with her in his arms. He glanced over to the coffee table and noticed the bags containing the outfits he and Robin were wearing on the night Lisa died. After he put Emma back to bed, Patrick went down and picked up the bags and put them into a larger bag.

Carly heard a noise. She armed herself with a fireplace poker and began to check the house. She heard another noise and raised the poker above her head, but before she could hit the figure, Shawn screamed out that it was him. Carly flipped on the light and demanded to know why he was sneaking around her house. Shawn explained that he was just making sure everything was secure. Carly panicked thinking Franco might be coming for Josslyn. Shawn assured her that wasn't the case. He said he'd stayed behind after making sure she and Josslyn made it home safely, then checked the shortcut that lead to Sonny's house. On his way back, he'd noticed something moving in her home and gone to investigate. Shawn had concluded that it was just a shadow. Carly grumbled that Shawn wouldn't tell her if there was a threat. She'd learned that Franco really had been in Hawaii and she was angry that Shawn hadn't told her until recently. Shawn said he and Jason were trying to protect her, but Carly countered that as Josslyn's mother, she had the right to know Franco's whereabouts. Furthermore, she was also upset that Shawn was sending mixed messages. She was fed up with him reaching out to her as a friend on some occasions and treating her as nothing more than an assignment on others. Shawn said he couldn't be in friend mode and guard mode at the same time. He said that was why he didn't get drunk with her in Hawaii. Carly said she thought it was because she only had tequila. She recounted the story he told her about ending up in a stolen car with a girl when he drank tequila as a teen. Shawn explained that the other reason he was reluctant to open up is that he didn't want her to have dirt on him. Carly reminded him that he knew sensitive things about her, but Shawn said that was different, because his life wasn't in her hands. Carly wondered why he'd say that just after saying things were safe. Shawn's instincts told him that danger might be nearby and he was going to do anything he could to prevent another tragedy.

Shawn put on his jacket and Carly walked him to the door. Shawn realized he should have called or rang the doorbell instead of just letting himself in. In a flirtatious tone, Carly urged him to try being unpredictable sometimes. Shawn said now wasn't the time for that, but Carly insisted that she was being serious. She told Shawn she usually liked bad boys but would make an exception for him. As Shawn was leaving, he discovered a package addressed to Josslyn. Carly immediately suspected Franco.

Elizabeth woke up in her hospital bed and was thrilled to see Lucky there, with Aiden in his arms. Lucky felt bad that he hadn't been there when she was admitted to the hospital, but Liz knew he had no way of knowing what happened. Lucky was going to leave so she could rest, but Liz wanted him to stay for awhile. She said she was afraid this was all a dream and that she'd wake up to learn he was still in Ireland and Aiden was still sick. She asked Lucky how he knew. Lucky said it was a long story that could wait. Liz asked if Lucky would be there tomorrow and he said yes. Sounding content, Liz said Lucky had done what he needed to do and now he was back in town where he belonged. Liz talked about how much Cam had missed Lucky. Lucky said he was going to visit him in the morning, but right now he wanted to go get some rest. Before Lucky left, Liz made it clear that she thought the children needed him in the house full time. Lucky wanted to be there for the kids, but he didn't think the two of them should get back together. Liz wasn't swayed and she continued to urge him to give their relationship another chance. She said Lucky just needed a little faith, because miracles could happen.

After Liz left, Lucky fell asleep. She dreamed that Lucky returned with Cameron and Aiden and surprised her by revealing that he wanted to give their relationship another chance. Lucky took Liz's hand. Liz woke up and realized she was holding Epiphany's hand instead. Epiphany said Liz must have been having a great dream. Liz announced that it wasn't a dream, but a glimpse into her future.

Lucky dropped Aiden off in the pediatric ward. He ran into Maggie as he was leaving and stopped to thank her for saving Aiden's life again. Maggie gave part of the credit to Luke and told Lucky about her having him fake an angina attack so she could sneak into the lab and run the tests on Aiden. Lucky replied that he was grateful to them both if that's what it took to save Aiden. Maggie was curious about how Lucky knew Aiden was sick. Lucky still wasn't sure what to believe, but he told her about traveling to the place of miracles in Ireland at his late wife's request.

Olivia and Steve returned to the hospital. She asked about his honest opinion about how she'd behaved with Dante. Steve joked that she treated Dante like he was five. Olivia got defensive and said she'd stop nagging him when he stopped acting like he was five. Steve assured her that she was a great mother. They hugged, then Steve thanked Maggie for covering for him. Lucky was startled by Maggie's name. She told him it was short for Margaret, after a saint and asked Lucky if it meant anything to him.

When Steve's shift was over, he and Olivia went to the conference room for dinner, only to find Epiphany clearing away the empty dishes. She told them that the staff had been thrilled to have a nice meal and that the cornbread went especially fast. After Epiphany left, Steve mentioned his disappointment about missing out on the food. He said he loved Olivia's cooking. Olivia smiled and asked if he loved it more than Memphis – the city overflowing with beautiful women and cornbread? They hugged and Steve said he loved it when Olivia got territorial. He promised that she didn't have to worry, because he'd never leave her with what she was facing. Olivia looked confused.

Robin went to the bridge where Stone's ashes had been spread. She was carrying something in a small paper bag. Through tears she told Stone she needed his advice. She admitted she lied to Patrick, but she felt it was best that he believe that she was only at the AIDS wing because that's where she felt close to Stone. Robin talked to Stone about how wonderful he'd been and how he lived life to the fullest. She wished that he was still around to be an advocate for AIDS and to warn people that it was still a serious disease that couldn't be managed with pills forever. Robin said she'd worked hard to find a cure, but now that wouldn't happen. She sobbed that there was so much she wasn't going to get a chance to see.

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