GH Update Monday 11/28/11

General Hospital Update Monday 11/28/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In Maxie’s bedroom, Matt compliments his girlfriend on the Thanksgiving hat she made for him. Maxie kisses Matt in return. Maxie jokes that she and Matt can play role reversals, then hints she has a set of handcuffs for them to use. Matt likes the idea of being shackled to Maxie. They share a long kiss. After making love, Matt brings up Mac’s behavior at Thanksgiving dinner. They both wonder if Mac considers them a suspect in the Lisa Niles murder case. Maxie isn’t happy that the female cop was interrogating her. Matt says he isn’t hiding anything, that he’s innocent of murder. Maxie makes a comment about Lisa throwing Elizabeth overboard that makes Matt cringe. Maxie apologizes, then implies she has a secret to tell him. Maxie tries to change the subject, but Matt isn’t budging. Matt wonders if Maxie’s secret involves Mac somehow. Maxie finally comes clean and says she told a reporter that she and Matt are engaged. Matt manages to smile, but he is visibly shaken up. Once Maxie falls asleep, Matt kisses her on the cheek, then slips out of the apartment.

Patrick enters his bedroom and tells Robin that Emma’s in bed. Patrick brings Robin some pie but she doesn’t feel well. Patrick senses something is wrong with his wife. Robin says she is having a hard time multi-tasking in her personal life. Patrick knows Robin is trying to be “superwoman”. Robin worries that she ruined the Thanksgiving meal. Patrick says Maxie did a great job with Matt’s headdress. Robin can’t stop seeing Lisa’s face and the boat ordeal. Patrick reminds Robin that Lisa is dead, that she can’t hurt them anymore. Patrick and Robin discuss Lisa’s botched plan to inject Patrick with Robin’s HIV. Robin says she would blame herself if anything happened to Patrick or Emma. Robin makes a comment that Lisa keeps on winning even after death. Robin continues to feel stressed and Patrick will do anything to help her. Robin says Lisa brought back the fear of HIV. Patrick reassures Robin that the two of them are strong, that they can get through this. They share a kiss, then Patrick says he has missed Robin. Robin pulls away and apologizes for not wanting to have sex. Robin claims she’s tired, that she wants to take a shower. Patrick is visibly bummed. After Robin’s shower, Patrick returns to the bedroom to say Emma woke up and wanted some water. Robin wishes she could burn the black dress she wore to Matt’s boat party. Patrick apologizes for his earlier behavior. Robin says it’s okay, that she feels exhausted. After getting settled into bed, Patrick brings up going on vacation during Christmas. Robin hates the idea, says that Emma is too young to travel during the holiday season. Robin suggests they go another time. Patrick hopes Robin’s decision isn’t based on fear. Patrick doesn’t want Lisa to keep winning – he wants to focus on their family moving on. Patrick goes to check Robin’s arm bandage, but she pushes him away. Once Patrick is asleep for the night, Robin wakes up and gets out of bed. Robin picks up a jacket and leaves the bedroom.

Jason and Sam are sitting on their bed. Sam is concerned about Jason because of the outburst at the Quartermaine home. Sam knows Monica and Edward are worried too. Jason isn’t sure how he is doing. Sam apologizes for pushing the invitation to attend the Quartermaine Thanksgiving, pointing out she thought it would have been a necessary distraction from this Franco mess. Sam wonders if there will be a free moment from thinking about Franco. Jason wishes he would have killed Franco when he had the chance. Jason goes over all the what-ifs in his mind. Jason feels responsible for Michael being raped. Jason looks at Sam and says he wishes he could go back in time before she was sexually assaulted by Franco. Jason makes it known that he’ll make Franco pay one way or the other. Jason wants the situation with Franco to end now. Sam brings up the fact Jason never followed up with Patrick for his check-up. Sam wonders if Jason’s anger issues are a side effect from surgery. Jason admits he’s mad, but it’s about Franco, not the surgery. Sam wishes she could remember the sexual assault because not knowing is driving her crazy. Sam sits down on the end of the bed and begins crying. Jason wishes he could take away Sam’s pain. Jason reassures Sam that he’s here for her.

Sonny returns to Kate’s hotel room to find her gone. Kate rushes in and glares at Sonny. Kate calls Sonny a “coward” for what he did tonight. Sonny remains straight-faced, then swears he respects Kate. Kate isn’t happy that Sonny wanted to use her as a replacement for after he divorced Brenda. Sonny brings up how he and Kate have shared a few hotel rooms together. Sonny makes Kate laugh when they talk about an old memory involving a delicatessen. Kate remembers how she couldn’t get the smell of pastrami out of her clothes. Kate suggests Sonny go back to his childhood home. Sonny thinks it’s a terrible idea. Kate believes Deke left emotional scars that Sonny keeps carrying with him. Sonny agrees that he has emotional pain, but brings up the fact that Connie (Kate) leaving Bensonhurt hurt him too. Kate says she wasn’t running from Sonny – she wanted to go somewhere better than the old neighborhood. Kate wonders if Sonny won’t return to his childhood home because he’s scared of her reaction. They sit across from each other on the bed. Kate is convinced Sonny is still the little boy locked up in his room. Sonny says if he returns, he’ll be doing it alone. Kate wants to be Sonny’s support system. Sonny admits he would rather be emotionally numb than face his demons. Kate asks Sonny to do this for her. Sonny remains quiet. Kate says she’s still Connie from Bensonhurst, only without the accent. Sonny wonders if there’s still a chance for him and Kate. After getting dressed up for their date, Sonny suggests making reservations in the city. Kate says she already did at a place near the bridge. Kate insists Sonny should go back to the brownstone. Sonny asks that Kate not ask him again. Sonny wants to take things slow. Sonny kisses Kate, then she announces that she has to put on a more formal dress. After Kate leaves the hotel room, Sonny holds the key to his childhood home in his hand.

At the loft, Lulu is scared when she sees Dante gasping from his collapse in an alley. Lulu fears Dante could have almost died. Lulu wishes Dante would stop trying to play hero and watch football instead. Dante implies he hasn’t seen Steven for a medical check-up. Lulu wonders why Mac hasn’t taken Dante off the Niles case. Lulu says she loves Dante, then begs him to take a break. Dante admits he has overextended himself, then rambles on about chasing a masked man in the alley. Lulu is shocked to hear this since Dante hasn’t regained his strength. Lulu reminds Dante that he just had surgery. Dante doesn’t think bed rest will make him better. Lulu worries Dante’s nine lives might have run out. Lulu asks Dante to eat. Dante says he’s sorry for running after the suspect. Lulu reminds Dante that she’s unemployed, then tells her boyfriend he needs to ease back into his job. Dante makes a joke about Ronnie looking stupid running after criminals. Lulu hopes Dante will compromise with her. When Dante stops eating, Lulu thinks the food must taste bad. Dante says he has no appetite. Dante announces he will take a desk job to placate Lulu for the time being. Lulu is ecstatic over the news – she pulls Dante into a bear hug. Lulu thanks Dante for listening to her. They share a long kiss, then Dante mentions going to bed. Lulu makes it clear that they won’t be having sex until he has fully recovered. Dante jokes that he needs hands-on attention. Lulu watches as Dante takes off his shirt. Later, Dante falls asleep in bed with Lulu lying next to him. Lulu kisses Dante’s cheek, then gets up and pours herself a glass of champagne. Lulu picks up Dante’s badge, then takes a sip of champagne.

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