GH Update Wednesday 11/23/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/23/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante came home early and found Lulu covered in flour. She'd unsuccessfully tried her hand at baking. Lulu was a little embarrassed, but Dante was just glad she was there and didn't care about the mess. They kissed. Dante said they could have gone to his mother's dinner, but Lulu was happy they were having a private dinner. Dante picked up her engagement ring; he was eager to tell everyone they were getting married. Lulu was ready to make the announcement and agreed to Dante's plan to host a family dinner to tell everyone. He wasn't sure when he'd be free, and Lulu knew he had to check with work. Dante promised not to let his job get in the way of their lives. Lulu was hoping to find a job, too. While she owned the Haunted Star, she didn't think it would ever open again. Dante pointed out that Luke was back. Lulu didn't want to talk about him. She just wanted to focus on being grateful that Lucky was back and Aiden was okay. Dante put the ring back on Lulu's finger and they shared another kiss. Once they cleaned up, Dante and Lulu began to put the table cloth on the table. It reminded Lulu of setting the table on the night he was shot. She felt ridiculous for letting a table cloth upset her, but Dante assured her that it took time to get over something like that. Lulu replied that she was just glad he was okay. He was too, because he had big plans for their lives together. The station called Dante into work, but he decided to stay with Lulu instead. They kissed passionately and were really getting into it when the fire alarm went off.

Lulu returned from throwing away the burned pie. Dante said he could have done it, but in a flirty tone, Lulu advised him to save his energy for other things. She said they could have ice cream for dinner, but Dante said he could go get a pie from Olivia's. Lulu asked if he was up to it and he was, so he left. While he was gone, Lulu set the table for a romantic dinner with lit candles and wine, just like she'd done on the night Dante was shot. Her fears crept in again and she paced around the room drinking wine. She heard a noise and thought Dante was home, but when she opened the door, no one was there.

Dante was down at the docks near the warehouse. His job called with an assignment, but he turned it down. He suddenly winced in pain and leaned on a crate. Lulu called, but before Dante could answer, a burglar alarm went off and a masked man ran by. Dante chased after him. Eventually the pain overwhelmed Dante. He collapsed and passed out in an alley.

Lulu sat down at the table and idly prodded the turkey, wondering if she should put it back in the oven now that it was cold. After a short time, Lulu finished her glass of wine, grabbed her purse and left.

Sonny ordered breakfast for himself and Kate. When she hadn't come out of her room around lunch time, Sonny peeked in and found the room empty and the bed made. Later, Kate breezed into Sonny's room, carrying an armload of shopping bags. Sonny was miffed that she left without saying anything and he accused her of not sleeping in her bed. When Kate asked if he thought she slipped out last night and Sonny grumbled that it wouldn't be the first time she left him without warning. Kate had gone out and had a breakfast meeting with a client, then done some shopping. Sonny was taken aback that she was still working; he thought this trip was supposed to be about them spending time together and going back to where it started. Kate replied that the problem was that it was starting again and it wasn't good. Sonny felt like Kate was sending him mixed signals about where they stood. While Kate responded, she held ties up to Sonny's chest. Sonny reminded her that he didn't wear ties if he wasn't working, but Kate wanted to expand his wardrobe.

Kate revealed that as Sonny's next door neighbor, she could see into his bedroom. She often witnessed him pacing around the room at night and even early into the morning. She'd heard him pacing from the suite last night as well. Kate had considered going to him, but she decided to stay in her room, then let him sleep in. She theorized that Sonny was exhausted from running from a number of things, including Brenda. Sonny changed the subject, causing Kate to say that his inability to mention Brenda meant he wasn't over her. Sonny scoffed and sarcastically said “Brenda Veronica Barrett no longer Corinthos. Happy?” Kate gently said he didn't seem to be. Sonny didn't understand why Kate kept pushing this. Kate replied that Sonny couldn't just erase someone by signing a piece of paper. Sonny shot back that she'd erased Connie that way. Kate said she changed her name to change her life, but according to her, Sonny was still stuck on the same path he'd been on since he was a teen – trying to run away from his pain. Sonny maintained that he was doing fine and handling things his own way. He said he got out of Bensonhurst and made something of himself. Kate countered that he never got out mentally. Sonny asked if Kate did. Kate felt that she had. She said she told herself that she belonged on Fifth Avenue, not where they grew up. Sonny reminded her that she left a loving and supportive family and asked if she regretted it. Kate said no matter how well intentioned they were, she was always going to run away. She admitted that she gave up a lot, including Sonny, but she took a piece of him with her.

Sonny asked what about the piece she left behind. He reminded her that they promised to be together forever other everlasting love, but Kate left because she was afraid. Kate said she was never afraid of him. Sonny had been afraid and had been waiting for the bomb to drop. Sonny said he always felt like anyone who got close to him had an ulterior motive and wanted to take something. He told Kate that when she left, she took his faith with him. Kate pointed out that he'd been able to love other women, like Brenda and Carly. Sonny said he'd kept the faith he had in her locked up inside. Kate realized they were making progress and said it was like the place where he'd been locked up as a child. Sonny was near tears, but he started guarding his feelings again and tried to change the subject. Kate stopped pushing him. She took his hand and said there was something they needed to do before this got out of hand. Kate took Sonny back to his childhood home in Bensonhurst. He stared silently up at the door and Kate leaned her head on his shoulder, told him he had to face it and handed him the key.

Jason was on edge because he'd gone to all of Franco's hideouts in town and come up empty. He went to Kelly's to talk to Shawn about it. Shawn was concerned that Jason was letting Franco get him so angry that he couldn't think logically. Jason was consumed with finding Franco and teaching him a lesson. He stormed out, just before Carly and Josslyn walked in. Carly said hello, but Jason kept walking. Carly stated that she used to think Jason could handle anything, but now she wasn't sure. She and Shawn admitted to being worried about him. Carly got Josslyn settled into her playpen, then she smelled food cooking and realized Shawn had cooked. Carly told him she'd already ordered a delicious meal that was on its way. Shawn challenged her to a taste test – his dinner vs. the catered dinner from the Metro Court.

Monica came home and was startled to see Alice setting the table for a formal dinner, because she'd been expecting their usual Thanksgiving pizza. Edward walked in and said he'd decided they were going to have a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner. He was overjoyed that Jason was going to be joining them and he wanted the dinner to be special. Monica, however, was concerned it would make Jason feel uncomfortable. She was terrified of doing anything that would scare him off. Michael walked in, prompting Tracy to make a snide remark about him letting himself in. Michael shot back that he was family. Edward and Monica were delighted that Michael could make it. Abby wouldn't be there, because she was helping a friend move. Tracy was in a sour mood because Luke hadn't returned her call; she had snide remarks for every comment everyone made. Michael didn't think it would be a good idea for Luke to come if Jason came. Tracy countered that it didn't matter if the “thug” was offended. A delivery man arrived with a bouquet of flowers for Tracy. She was disgusted to see that they were from Anthony. The enclosed card reminded her that he planned to blackmail her into spending time with him.

Edward told Michael that his job at ELQ was still available if he wanted it. Monica reminded Edward not to push things with Jason or Michael. Alice walked in carrying Tracy's flowers; she'd found them in the trash. Monica wondered where they came from and who threw them away. Tracy spat that they were nauseating. She went into the foyer and called Luke to invite him to dinner again. After she hung up, Edward joined her and commented that she was still pining over that “reprobate.” Tracy apologized for being cranky, but Edward replied that she seemed normal to him. Sounding very contrite, Tracy asked for Edward's help. She told him that she'd unknowingly funneled tainted cash into ELQ and now she was being blackmailed. Edward chuckled and confessed that he knew all about Anthony blackmailing Tracy because she took Gino Soleito's money. Tracy immediately knew Skye had told him. Thanks to Skye's tip, Edward had moved most of his assets into a sheltered account that the SEC couldn't touch. Tracy, however, was on her own, Edward said. He told her she got herself into the mess and she'd need to get herself out of it.

Jason came home and found Sam sleeping on the couch. He gently touched her, which startled her. Jason apologized and asked if she'd been okay alone last night. He hadn't come home the night before, because he'd been looking for Franco. Sam had been fine. When she learned that he hadn't found Franco, she suggested that he was lying low, because he'd already struck a blow in Hawaii. Jason said Shawn said the same thing. Sam looked panic stricken, thinking Jason had told Shawn about the rape. Jason assured Sam that he hadn't told anyone. Jason broached the subject of Sam getting some help, but she sharply replied that she would decide how to handle things on her own. Sam got dressed to go to the Quartermaine celebration, although it was clear she wasn't in a festive mood. Jason said they didn't have to go; they could hang out with Spinelli and watch football. He was surprised when Sam told him that Spinelli was at his grandmother's house. According to Sam, Spinelli was avoiding Jason because he felt bad that he couldn't recover Sonny's money. Jason didn't understand – he thought Spinelli had his computer skills now that he was back to normal. Sam snapped that you didn't just recover when something traumatic happened. Realizing he struck a nerve with Sam, Jason walked over and tentatively touched her shoulder. She shuddered at first, then leaned against his chest and he pulled her close. Sam admitted that she felt lost. Jason wanted to help, but Sam said she didn't know what she needed.

Sam looked for a hostess gift to take to dinner and found a bottle of wine. She asked where it came from and Jason said Carly gave it to him. Sam felt like she'd brought this on herself by being so determined to prove Carly was overreacting about Franco. Jason told her to stop punishing herself. Jason decided to cancel with the Quartermaines, because Sam was upset, but Sam wanted to go because it would be a positive distraction. While she went to get her coat, Jason called Bernie and pressured him to find Franco. Jason was adamant that he had to end this.

While Shawn and Carly debated the merits of catered and homemade food, Michael called Carly. He'd stopped by Carly's on the way to the Quartermaines and wondered where she was. Carly was surprised he was there and he explained that he was hoping to keep Monica and Edward from being too overbearing to Jason. When Carly told Michael that she and Josslyn were at Kelly's with Shawn, it was clear that he didn't approve, but he didn't complain. He told Carly to have a good time, then they ended the call. Carly said she knew Michael was a little mad, but she was pleased that he called. She and Shawn agreed that he was a good kid.

Shawn, Carly and Josslyn had dinner and Carly announced that it had been the best Thanksgiving meal she'd ever had. Once Josslyn was asleep, Shawn and Carly reminisced about their childhood Thanksgivings over pecan pie. Carly's adoptive mom was a bad cook and her holiday meals were made by a family friend. Shawn's mom always made pie using the recipe Shawn used today. Shawn had lots of happy holiday memories, but things weren't the same after his father died. Carly loved the pie and Shawn said he'd give her the recipe on the condition that she didn't sell it at the restaurant. He reached over and gently brushed a crumb off her lip. They shared a moment that was interrupted when Josslyn started to cry. Shawn quickly went to the kitchen to wash dishes. Later, Shawn asked Carly to stay when she got ready to leave. Carly said she had to get Joss home to bed, but Shawn said she could sleep just as well in playpen. Carly was pleased that he asked her to stay and told him to put a song on the jukebox. Shawn played the same song he and Carly had danced to before. They two of them slow danced. Someone watched them through the window.

Jason and Sam arrived at the Quartermaines. Edward fawned over them and the bottle of wine they brought. He called Alice in to come get it. Alice excitedly asked if Luke was there and Monica said he wasn't welcome there. Tracy sat silently stewing while all this took place. Edward said he hoped Jason, Michael and Sam would be back to celebrate more holidays. Sam said that would be nice. Tracy suddenly lost it. She berated Jason for not responding to Edward and called Sam a gold digger. Jason yelled “shut up!” at the top of his lungs and sternly ordered Tracy not to talk to his wife that way. Monica and Michael tried to calm things down, but Tracy persisted and asked if Jason was going to shoot her if she didn't be quiet. She spat that she was sure Monica and Edward would be happy to cover up her murder for him. Sam graciously let it go and said she felt like part of the family now that Tracy had insulted her. Seething, Jason walked out and Sam stopped Michael from going after him. Monica and Edward glared at Tracy, but she thought they should admit that Jason wanted nothing to do with them. Sam took Michael aside and asked if any of Abby's friends were able to give a description of the guy who attacked them. They hadn't. Michael said what Sam was doing was risky and asked if she and Jason were fighting about it. Sam said no. Michael assumed they had been, because he'd never seen Jason get so angry as he just had.

Jason went to the foyer and called Bernie, who told him they hadn't found a lead on Franco. Jason banged his fist on a table in frustration.

The Quartermaine household and guests sat down for an uncomfortable wait while the meal cooked. Edward realized Alice was stalling because she hoped Luke would show up. He sent her to tell the cook to hurry up. Sam tried to break the awkward silence by complimenting the flowers that Anthony sent Tracy. Tracy made a snide comment about Sam liking them because they'd been in the trash. Michael and Monica tried to make small talk by asking polite questions about Sam and Jason's honeymoon, not realizing it was a sore subject. Monica innocently said she was surprised it was so easy for them to return. Jason couldn't take it anymore. He leapt up and raced back into the foyer. Sam assured Monica that she hadn't said anything wrong, then went after Jason.

Jason told Sam that the police didn't find the body of the woman that was in Franco's room. Sam felt terrible because she didn't report Franco for the rape and because she washed away any evidence that a crime occurred. She lamented playing into Franco's trap. Monica walked in just after Jason told Sam he wanted to leave and she begged Jason to stay. Dinner was served and Edward insisted that they bring back Lila's old tradition of singing before the meal. He told Sam that she was wearing Lila's ring, so now she was part of the family. Everyone else sang “We Gather Together” while Jason and Sam watched, looking bewildered. Jason looked at Sam, then he suddenly angrily grabbed the table and flipped it over, sending the food crashing to the floor. Everyone watched in stunned silence as Jason charged out of the room. Sam went after him. “I guess he wanted pizza after all” Alice said.

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