GH Update Tuesday 11/22/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/22/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny went to visit Johnny at his home. Johnny let him in and they sparred verbally. Sonny said Johnny should be thankful to be alive; Sonny had learned that someone had tampered with Kate's car on the night Johnny came to her aid and he thought Johnny was the culprit. Johnny accused Sonny of being paranoid and suggested that Sonny had tampered with the car in order to score points with Kate by riding to her rescue. According to Sonny, he didn't need to win points with Kate, because he'd already won the game. Sonny wanted the Zaccharas out of his city. Anthony quietly walked out of his room and eavesdropped. Johnny countered that Sonny needed the Zaccharas to act as a buffer between him and the other mob families. Johnny was confident that the other mobsters wouldn't be as lenient with Sonny's family as he'd been. He then reminded Sonny that they had a truce and asked if Sonny was planning to break it and hang him over the balcony again. Sonny vowed to figure out who tampered with Kate's car and make that person pay. Johnny agreed that was fair. He told Sonny that if he kept pushing him, he was going to give Sonny the fight he appeared to be looking for. Sonny left.

Johnny worked off some steam by lifting weights. Anthony strolled in and advised Johnny to find himself a good woman. Anthony mused that Johnny's last girlfriend attacked them both. He pointed out that he was okay now, thanks to Johnny forcing Steven to help him. Anthony was still curious about what Johnny had on Steven, but Johnny refused to tell. Anthony changed the subject and said Johnny needed to bribe another cop, especially now that Sonny was snooping around again and because Sonny already had a cop informing to him. Anthony was disappointed that Dante survived the shooting.

At the hospital, Luke dozed in the waiting room, while Tracy sat next to him. Lucky rushed in, and Tracy pointed him toward Maggie. Maggie got Lucky up to speed on Aiden's condition. Lucky and Luke exchanged a glance as Maggie explained that Aiden could have died if he hadn't been brought in when he was. Lucky asked to see Aiden so Maggie took him to his room.

Dante went to Crimson to see Kate. They exchanged pleasantries, then Dante asked what really happened on the night she held a photo shoot at Sonny's warehouse. Kate replied that it was all in the police report, then she told Dante that she had to go get ready for a trip she was taking. Dante wondered where Kate's sudden loyalty to Sonny had come from. Kate turned his question around and asked why Dante suddenly felt driven to take Sonny down. Dante claimed he just needed to know if the person who shot him was connected to Sonny and his business. Kate thought otherwise. She believed Dante blamed Sonny for the difficulties in his relationship with Lulu. According to Kate, it was obvious that the engagement had hit a snag and might not happen. Dante scoffed and said as his cousin, Kate should care about finding his shooter. Kate insisted that Sonny would never intentionally harm Dante. Dante was convinced that Sonny was keeping something from him, and he was determined to find out the truth. As he loudly questioned Kate, Sonny walked in and demanded to know what Dante was doing.

Dante said he was just asking Kate some questions – no big deal. Sonny disagreed, if this was an official investigation. Dante thought Kate's photo shoot must have been a cover up and he thought Sonny knew more than he was admitting. Sonny insisted that he wanted to know who shot Dante too. Sonny asked if Dante wasn't supposed to be recovering and spending time with Lulu. Dante didn't think Sonny had anything to do with his shooting, but he wasn't so sure about Sonny's employees. Dante received a text; before he left, he promised that he'd uncover the truth and he told “Connie” he knew she was smart but she needed to be careful not to make dumb choices. Once Dante was gone, Sonny said he had no right to question her. Kate disagreed, because Dante was right about her using the photos shoot as a distraction so Sonny could hide the drugs. Sonny reminded her that the drugs weren't his. Kate wondered if it had been a mistake for her to get involved and if going on the trip would be a bad idea. She wasn't backing out, but she wasn't sure what Sonny expected to get out of the trip. According to Sonny, he didn't expect anything. Kate didn't understand why Sonny wanted to revisit NY when he claimed that he wanted to put the past behind him. Sonny thought they could make new memories there. He wrapped his arms around Kate. Kate said she'd go, but Sonny had to change his coat first, because she had a reputation to uphold. She helped him into a trendier jacket. “Connie Falconeri left the city. Kate Howard is going back” Sonny said with a grin. He took Kate's hand, and they walked out.

Steve and Maggie ran into each other in the hallway. Steve was glad Aiden was fine, but he told Maggie the stunt she orchestrated to have Luke fake a heart attack made Robin question his judgment in hiring Maggie. Maggie felt justified, since it may have saved Aiden's life. She replied that it would be Robin's loss if she let her go and that Steve knew what he was in for when he offered her the job. Steve insisted that Maggie follow the rules. Maggie groaned that Steve had become uptight since Memphis. Steve cryptically replied that Maggie knew why that was.

Tracy went looking for Luke and found him at the Haunted Star, playing with a deck of cards. He told her he was trying to turn a jack into an king even though he knew it was impossible. Tracy told Luke Aiden was going to be okay, which he was pleased to hear. She credited Luke with saving Aiden's life, but Luke said Lucky's intuition saved him. Tracy sighed that Luke couldn't accept that he'd done a good thing. Luke asked if he gained points for that or lost them for his blood alcohol level. He pointed out an open, but full, bottle of scotch. She asked if he was testing himself. Luke said he was living on the edge, because that was the only way he knew how to be. Luke admitted that he did miss the filter that being constantly buzzed provided. He didn't like what he saw now that he was sober. Tracy asked if he'd have driven Aiden to the hospital if he'd been drunk when Lucky called. Luke said he'd never have gone to see Aiden if he'd been drinking. Tracy accused him of dodging the question, but Luke said his answers didn't matter; people believed what they wanted to anyway. Tracy asked if he could blame them. Luke said he was living his own life and didn't want to bring anyone else into it unless they wanted to be there.

Tracy said Luke didn't have to wallow in the situation he'd found himself in. she reminded him that it was Thanksgiving and he didn't have to be alone. Luke sarcastically said now that he was a hero, he was sure he'd get lots of invitations. Exasperated, Tracy didn't understand Luke. He replied that no one should try to and that he didn't understand himself either. Tracy thought he was feeling sorry for himself, but Luke considered this more of a self examination. Tracy told Luke that Lucky would be coming by soon and asked Luke what sort of shape he wanted to be in when Lucky got there.

Luke changed the subject and asked Tracy what was going on with her and Anthony. Tracy said that there was nothing between them, but Luke had gotten a different impression after walking in on them in the romantically decorated hotel room. Tracy steered the conversation back to Lucky, so Luke tried distracting her with a card trick. He showed her a Jack of diamonds and switched it to a king of hearts. Luke told her it was just a trick though – a jack, or a thief of diamonds could never become a king of hearts. Tracy told Luke he'd made progress and she urged him not to throw it away. Luke thought it was it was inevitable for him to backslide. Sounding near tears, Tracy told him she cared about him. Luke responded that he must be doing something wrong, then. Tracy told him he was calculating, unpredictable and irreverent, which were good qualities. She warned him not to add “stupid” to the list, then she walked out in frustration.

Lucky held Aiden and told him they had so many people to be grateful to – Maggie, Lulu, Siobhan and Jake. Lucky thought everything worked out the way it was supposed to and that Luke had been fated to be the one to take Aiden to the hospital.

Lucky went to the lobby and asked Steven if he knew where Elizabeth was. Steven shocked Lucky with the news that she was in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. He warned Lucky that she didn't know Luke drove Aiden to the hospital. Lucky agreed that was for the best right now.

Lulu visited Olivia. Olivia sipped a glass of wine and chatted about the things she was making for Thanksgiving. She'd noticed that Lulu and Dante were going through a rough patch and she hoped that Thanksgiving would bring them closer together. Lulu didn't think a holiday meal would fix their problems. Lulu confided that she was frustrated because Dante had gotten himself assigned to Lisa Niles's murder investigation. Olivia thought he'd done that partially to protect her, but she acknowledged that Dante had never been content to sit on the sidelines. She recounted a story from Dante's childhood in which he'd become furious with her for weeks because when she pulled him out of Little League after he broke his arm. Lulu sighed that now she had to take on that motherly role, and she didn't like feeling like the bad guy for being concerned about him. She informed Olivia that Dante was also working the investigation into his shooting. Lulu felt that he was overexerting himself and she was afraid he'd end up in danger again. Olivia added that it would cause conflict between him and Sonny, too.

Olivia wasn't happy that Dante was a cop either, but she told Lulu that was the kind of person he was. Lulu predicted that she was going to become like the Brooklyn widows. She told Olivia that on the night Dante was shot, she overheard her telling Steve about all the cops' widows in her old neighborhood. Olivia said none of those women regretted marrying the men that they loved. She reminded Lulu that people had to make the best of the time they had, because no one was guaranteed a long life. Lulu didn't think she was cut out for living with the threat of loss every day. Olivia said that was what life was like no matter what; you just had to decide whether you wanted to take a chance. Olivia grew emotional and said if she ever had the kind of love that Lulu and Dante shared, she'd hold onto it with everything she had. Lulu knew she and Dante needed to talk, but she'd been preoccupied with Aiden. She told Olivia about Aiden getting a blood transfusion from her and about his doctor, Maggie. Olivia shared that Maggie was Steve's ex girlfriend and colleague from Memphis. Lulu asked if she was jealous. Olivia wasn't, but she sensed that Steve was holding something back about Maggie and Memphis.

Their chat was interrupted when Delores showed up to question Olivia about the night Lisa died. Lulu thanked Delores for giving her a ride to the hospital earlier. Delores accepted, but hinted that Lulu should go. Lulu decided to stay anyway. Delores was collecting the clothes that the guests had worn on the boat. Olivia had already sent her dress to the cleaners. Delores questioned this in a sharp and suspicious tone, prompting Lulu to interject that Delores was being rude and suggest that Olivia refuse to talk without a lawyer. Olivia assured Lulu that it was okay. Delores brought up Olivia trying to fix the boat and said it sounded like she was a woman who wouldn't let anything or anyone get in her way. Delores asked what tools Olivia used to work on the engine. Olivia decided Lulu might be right about her getting a lawyer. Delores continued to press her for details. Dante arrived and was annoyed that no one had told them they'd found more evidence in Lisa's case. Delores snapped that if Dante wasn't up to keeping himself informed, he should take the sick leave the department offered him. Delores tried to resume her interrogation, but Dante put a stop to it and told Olivia not to say anything without a lawyer. Delores glared at him and left.

Dante wondered what Olivia said, but Olivia insisted that she hadn't said anything she didn't say at the hospital. She left to check on her pies. It was revealed that Lulu had texted Dante to come help his mother. Dante acknowledged that he and Lulu needed to have a talk about their issues. Dante could tell how nervous Lulu got whenever the discussion turned toward moving forward and announcing their engagement. He was terrified of losing her and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that didn't happen. Lulu corrected that he'd do anything except quit his job, although she'd never ask that of him. She explained that she didn't know how to adjust to knowing he was putting his life at risk every day. She'd been so consumed by those thoughts that she'd been forgetting the little things that made her love him. Lulu had come to realize she needed to change her perspective. She loved Dante and couldn't imagine being without him, so she was going to stop trying to picture her life without him in it. They kissed. Olivia walked in and was delighted to see that they made up. She asked if this meant they would announce their engagement at Thanksgiving. Dante told Olivia he'd been hoping he and Lulu could have a private celebration. Olivia understood and joked that she'd just have to tough it out with Steve.

Delores went to Johnny's to talk to him about Lisa. Anthony perked up at her arrival and announced that as a cop and a woman, she was just what Johnny needed. He urged Johnny to play his piano for her. Johnny sent Anthony on an errand to pick up his medicine, to get him out of the way. Delores revealed that someone saw Johnny in boat on the night Lisa was killed. Johnny suddenly decided to take a shower. He flippantly invited Delores to join him, but she shut him down. She said she'd wait and take a look around while he got cleaned up. Johnny said that was fine and that she might even find something she liked. While Johnny was gone, Delores idly played a tune on his piano. He returned, shirtless and called her “Officer Delores.” When she asked how he knew her name, he said it hadn't been hard to find out the name of the “hot new cop.” Delores wasn't amused. She said they could conduct the interview in the station instead, so Johnny would take it more seriously, and told him to be there Friday at 10 AM. Johnny, who appeared to find her annoyance entertaining, agreed. Delores left. Johnny repeated her name and said it was almost music to his ears.

In NY, Sonny showed Kate to her hotel room. She reminded him that there were no expectations and he assured her that they were taking it slow. Sonny kissed Kate's cheek, then she went inside and he went to his room. She heard a knock on a door that was inside her room. She opened it to find Sonny, who divulged that he'd actually rented a suite, so they had adjoining rooms. He invited her over to his side, then explained that he only meant they could share a drink. Kate playfully pushed him out of her portion of the suite and they said goodnight to each other.

Steve apologized for being so harsh with Maggie. Maggie wondered why he brought her there, when he was still so uncomfortable with what happened with Memphis. She wondered if he'd done it so he could keep her quiet. Steve replied that he got her the job because she was the best pediatrician he knew. He warned her to fill out her hospital paperwork and stay out of trouble so she didn't get fired before she was officially hired. Maggie smiled and said she'd try. Anthony watched them talking from a distance. Tracy returned and asked Maggie for an update on Aiden. She was pleased to hear that he was doing well. She thanked Maggie for what she'd done. Maggie got onto the elevator. Tracy spotted Anthony and tried to avoid him, but he cornered her and asked threatening questions about whether her family knew what she'd done. Anthony let it be known that he planned to spend a lot of time with Tracy under the mistletoe during the holidays.

Luke looked at the Jack of hearts, then he picked up the open bottle of scotch just as Lucky walked in. Luke's back was to the door and he didn't see him. Lucky quietly turned and left when he saw Luke holding the container. Luke put the cap back on the bottle.

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