GH Update Monday 11/21/11

General Hospital Update Monday 11/21/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Matt are goofing around in the Crimson clothes room. Matt says Mac just texted him about coming in for questioning in regards to the Lisa Niles murder investigation. Maxie wants to find Matt a suit for the “Woman Behind the Man” ad campaign. Matt jokes that he should wear scrubs for the photo shoot. They continue to look at racks of clothes. Maxie wants Matt to get recognition for his medical achievement. Matt assumes Maxie wants to get credit as well. Maxie apologizes for being so preoccupied with work. Maxie undresses in front of Matt. Maxie puts on a blue gown and turns around to find Matt in black boxer briefs. Matt jokes that all he needs is a hat. They share a kiss before trying on more clothes. Maxie worries what Kate will think of the mess. Maxie is horrified when Kate walks into the room. Kate makes it clear she isn’t pleased with Maxie. Kate demands to have the mess cleaned up, then storms out. Maxie and Matt pick up clothes from the floor. Matt kisses Maxie’s neck. They fall to the floor and begin laughing. They end up making love on top of a pile of clothes. Matt says he has missed Maxie. Matt admits that the “Woman Behind the Man” idea was a good one. Maxie panics when she notices the blue gown is wrapped around a chair wheel. Maxie knows Kate will freak out. Matt manages to get the dress loose. Matt tries on a Cartullo suit.

Kate is in her office working when she calls out for Maxie’s assistance. Maxie is not at her desk. Sonny shows up; he can tell Kate is in a cranky mood. Kate wonders where Maxie went. Sonny brings up going away together. Kate insists she has a deadline to meet. Sonny presents Kate with a gift. When she opens it, Kate finds a pink bikini. Kate teases that the destination is clearly not Alaska. Sonny suggests leaving today. Kate cringes when Sonny mentions the Dominican Republic. Kate refuses to be Sonny’s “consolation prize” when he is divorced from Brenda. Sonny swears that Kate isn’t Brenda’s replacement. Still, Kate declines Sonny’s offer to go away.

Shawn arrives at the Jacks home with breakfast from a local eatery. Shawn receives a text from Carly about an invitation to Thanksgiving. Shawn tells Carly that he will accept her offer. Carly is surprised by Shawn’s enthusiasm. Shawn admits they need to keep up appearances for the cops. Carly wants to know if Shawn’s kindness is all an act. Carly thanks Shawn for opening up about his past. Jason barges in the living room. Jason inquires about Josslyn. Shawn leaves the room. Jason announces to Carly that Franco was indeed in Hawaii. Jason figures Franco was never in Toronto. Jason says he and Sam found a dead girl in Hawaii. Carly is certain Franco will return to Port Charles. Carly wishes Jason and Sam would have returned home. Carly knows Franco won’t be found. Carly is still enraged that Franco was responsible for Michael’s rape. Jason starts yelling at Carly. Jason blames himself for the Franco mess. Jason apologizes for flipping out to Carly. Jason warns Carly to be careful. Carly says she doesn’t blame Jason for Franco. Carly knows Sam will remain by Jason’s side no matter what. Jason notices one of Franco’s little cameras next to Josslyn’s toys. Jason tells Carly that the gadget is Franco’s. Shawn returns to the room. Shawn brings back a picture from Josslyn for Carly. Carly relays about Franco’s appearance in Hawaii. Shawn admits he already knew – Jason called him earlier. Jason hurries out of the Jacks home. Carly is visibly irritated with Shawn. Carly wonders if Shawn is “on duty” or not. Shawn avoids the question. Carly says she’s grateful Shawn told her about his dad, but wonders why he did. Carly fears Shawn was only following Jason’s orders. Carly wants to know if Shawn feels awkward around her. Carly is tired of Shawn’s mixed messages. Shawn admits he cares about Carly and she is more than a job to him.

Jason is in Sonny’s office, calling one of Franco’s supposed telephone numbers. Jason yells into the phone and leaves an angry voicemail message. When the call disconnects, Jason pushes the phone away.

Sam is standing on the balcony at home, lost in thought. A man walks up behind Sam and grabs her shoulder. Sam turns and pushes Michael toward the balcony ledge. Sam apologizes to Michael. They return to the living room where Sam tells Michael that she’s sorry for scaring him. Michael jokingly thanks Sam for not tossing him off the balcony. Michael senses Sam is a bit jumpy because of what happened in Hawaii – Carly showing up unannounced. Sam is relieved Michael doesn’t know about the sexual assault. Michael says he needs to speak to Jason, then explains how Abby’s stripper friends have been roughed up outside of Vaughan’s. Michael wishes Dante would take care of it. Sam pipes in that she’ll look into the matter. Sam says she will contact the women. Michael brings up Brandon, Abby’s abusive ex. Michael talks about how prison life changed him, then speaks of Carter raping him. Sam asks for Michael’s opinion on something – is it better to remember an assault or not? Michael thinks it is better to face it head on. Sam makes it known that the man will pay for assaulting Abby’s friends. There is a knock at the door – Monica. Monica is happy to see Michael. Monica invites Michael for Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael says he and Abby will try to stop by for dessert. Michael leaves after giving Monica a hug. Monica asks Sam to come to Thanksgiving with Jason. Monica wonders why Sam and Jason are back so soon. Sam says Jason needed to go to GH for a check-up. Monica updates Sam about Liz’s condition and how Jason’s hospital visit calmed her down. Monica says Sam should be Jason’s top priority.

Jason returns to the penthouse and looks at a cell phone picture of Franco’s graffiti. Jason finds Sam inside. Jason suggests going for lunch, maybe a walk. Monica returns to the room. Monica talks about Thanksgiving. Jason is all for declining the offer, but Sam intervenes and says it’s a great idea. Sam is looking forward to spending the holiday with family.

Sonny returns to his office. Diane is waiting for him. Sonny assumes Diane wants her last paycheck. Diane relays Bernie already paid her. Sonny wishes Diane would leave him alone. Diane figures Sonny is bitter about her resignation. Diane admits the real reason she is there is to drop off Brenda’s divorce papers. Diane is shocked how calm Sonny is. Sonny admits he is still mad Brenda walked out on him and left with Jax. However, Sonny wants to move on with his life. Diane criticizes Sonny for going after Kate again. Diane implies that either him or Kate could end up dead. Diane asks that Sonny give Alexis the papers once he’s done signing them. Alone, Sonny glares at the divorce papers.

Kate returns to her office and signs for a package delivery. Kate sees that it is from Sonny. As Sonny is signing the divorce papers in his office, Kate calls him. Kate wonders if Sonny will be sending a gift an hour. Sonny demands to know if Kate has opened her latest present. Sonny announces he just signed the divorce papers. Kate realizes the Dominican Republic trip is off. Kate remains quiet. Sonny asks if they should go to the island. Kate opens the box and finds a scarf. Sonny implies the island is “where it started” for him and Kate. Kate hurries off the phone and walks into the clothes room where Maxie and Matt are still hanging out. Maxie worries she doesn’t have a job anymore. Kate says she’ll give Maxie one last shot. Relieved, Maxie hugs Kate.

Sonny leaves his office and finds Jason has returned. Jason is in a bad mood. Jason wishes he could find Franco. Sonny brings up his plans to bring Kate into the city. Jason replies “that’s nice”, which implies he is preoccupied with something. Sonny says he signed the divorce papers. Sonny asks if Jason is okay. Jason wants to locate Franco as soon as possible. Sonny thinks Jason will feel better once Franco is dead. Jason implies that he won’t feel free even after Franco’s death.

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