GH Update Wednesday 11/16/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/16/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Ethan studied the footprints on the floor. He turned to the painting of Laura and said ghosts didn't leave footprints, however, she was still affecting everyone even though she hadn't been around for years. Ethan wondered if the person or thing that made the footprints was connected to Helena. He decided to try and solve the mystery of the footprints. Someone appeared to be watching Ethan.

Ethan reflected on what his life was like when he first came to town. He'd only heard stories about Luke through Holly. He hadn't come looking for a family, but because he hoped Luke would teach him to be a better con man. Ethan said Laura knew the real Luke and she loved him unconditionally. He hoped that if he ever found a woman like Laura, he'd embrace her, instead of pushing her away. Ethan poured himself a drink and wondered what happened to the Spencers and why they were all failing at finding happiness. He opened the entrance to the secret passage and went inside.

He returned, saying he chased something, but didn't find it. He wondered if it could have been the person who saved Liz, or whether there might be more than one person on the island. Ethan puzzled over what it was that kept drawing him to Wyndemere and said perhaps it was Laura's way of welcoming him to the family. Ethan left. The passageway opened and a barefoot woman walked out. She had long blonde hair and was dressed in a white robe like the one Laura wore in the painting. Her face wasn't shown. She walked over to the painting and stared at it.

Lulu rushed through Elizabeth's house looking for Luke. She left a voicemail for Ethan asking if he knew where Luke had gone. Lulu called Lucky, but hung up when she got his voicemail. Tracy dropped in to see if Luke had visited Aiden. Lulu filled her in and they tried to figure out why Luke would do such a thing. Lulu assumed her earlier tirade might have pushed Luke to take Aiden to prove he could take care of him without harming him. Tracy decided to call the Haunted Star to see if he was there. Before she and Lulu played the message that Lucky left on the machine telling Liz to call him about Aiden.

Lulu found out the spare car seat was missing and realized Lucky must have told Luke about it. She couldn't figure out what would drive Lucky to tell Luke to take Aiden someplace. Tracy thought that Aiden might have had a health emergency, but Lulu didn't understand how Lucky would know something about his immediate health that she didn't. She berated herself for leaving Luke alone with the baby and told Tracy that she was afraid Luke had been drinking.

Lucky fell asleep on the plane, clutching Siobhan's hat. In his dream state, Siobhan appeared next to him and looked at him lovingly. She gently took her hat from him. A dream Lucky appeared and told her he was glad he'd fallen asleep, because it was the only way he'd be able to thank her for helping Aiden. Siobhan said not to thank her yet, because there was still a long ways to go. Lucky asked Siobhan how she knew to leave him the letter. Siobhan told him that her family could sense it when their death was near. Lucky mentioned that the letter said she was going to give him a message. Siobhan reminded him that it never said the message would be from her, just that he'd get a last message from a loved one. Lucky admitted that he didn't go to the church expecting to get a message at all. He still wondered if he'd imagined it all. Siobhan told him that everyone was connected to something bigger than themselves. Lucky used to need to believe that. Siobhan thought he still did. She said the purpose of the dream was to let him see this truth without his anger and cynicism getting in the way. Siobhan told him that the belief system her ancestors believed was used to answer the same age old questions Lucky was asking himself now. She had reached out to help him, because she saw him struggling to find the truth. Lucky wished he'd been better to her, so perhaps she wouldn't have died. Siobhan said everything happened for a reason. Lucky would have to discover the reason on his own, though.

Lucky was terrified about Aiden's health and was uncomfortable with having entrusted him to Luke. He wondered if he was more like Luke than he wanted to admit and said there could be a part of him that wanted to continue on the destructive path he'd started after he lost Jake. He said he'd burned down the family home, taken drugs and ripped Liz's heart out. Siobhan said Liz still loved him, but Lucky said if he was really going to be his father's son, he'd set one more tragedy in motion by hurting her.

Siobhan held her hat and sadly noted that it was tattered and worn and that it was time to trade it in for something better. advised Lucky that he needed to have faith. Lucky said he had faith in his family, Liz and love in the past, but he'd lost it. Siobhan smiled and said faith didn't disappear, it just got tested. Lucky wondered if this meant he was going to be tested until he couldn't take it anymore and went back to drugs. Siobhan sharply told him that you have to soldier on, whether your prayers are answered or not. She said the more you had faith, the fuller your heart would grow. She touched his chest and said right now, his heart was shrinking away to nothing, but there was still hope if he listened. Tears streamed down Lucky's cheeks. He put his hand over Siobhan's and said none of this made sense, but Siohan said it didn't have to.

Lucky thought he'd have to learn to embrace his faith if it turned out that Aiden really was sick and this trip saved his life. Lucky was tired of being in pain. Siobhan told him there was a path for him to lead and that the answers he was looking for were on the faces of his children. Lucky told Siobhan he'd miss her. Siobhan smiled and admitted that was part of the reason she appeared to him. Lucky wondered if he'd get another visitation if he went back to the Well, but Siobhan said she couldn't guide him every step of the way. Siobhan told him to finish what he started and said one day he'd understand what that meant and would thank her for it. Then it was time for her to go. She asked him not to forget her. The dream Lucky looked over at his sleeping self. When he turned back, Siobhan was gone.

Lucky woke up. Siobhan's hat had disappeared and he was now holding a burgundy napkin.

Luke had Aiden in his car and was trying to build the courage to drive him to the hospital. Luke adjusted his mirror and was startled to see a copy of himself in the car. The manifestation of Luke's conscience reminded him that bad things happened when he mixed kids and cars. Luke said he hadn't seen his conscience in a long time. It replied that he'd been trying to ignore it, but it was time they had a talk. Luke said to himself that he didn't have time for soul searching right now, because he had a sick child to take care of. The two sides of his mind struggled with whether or not Lucky should have put him in charge. His conscience reminded him that he'd had a bottle of liquor earlier and asked him if he drank any of it. The projection of Luke's mind pulled out a score sheet and awarded him points for being able to drive past the section of the road where he'd killed Jake.

Luke's inner voice told him he'd forgotten an important anniversary. Luke tried to drown the voice out with music, but it continued to needle him until he remembered that it was his wedding anniversary to Laura. Luke knew Laura didn't forget, but he was certain she would forgive him for not remembering. The projection told Luke it was wise that they didn't tell Laura he killed Jake. Luke went back and forth with himself over whether Jake's death could have been caused by anyone, or if it happened because he was drunk. Luke said his drinking didn't cause the accident and that he'd only gotten sober to prove a point to his family. Luke's conscience continued to annoy him, by doing things like hanging outside the car as he drove and making noise with various objects like buzzers and bells. He pulled out a pamphlet to the 12 step program and began to read them. His conscience acknowledged that Luke had gotten the pamphlet and studied it hoping he could use it as a way to reconnect with Lucky. The first step was admitting you were powerless over your addiction. Luke filled in that you also had to admit your life had become unmanageable. His conscience told him the prize for understanding that was his new grandson.

Luke had no use for the step about a higher power. They came to the step about making amends. Luke felt that killing Jake was his greatest mistake and that he could never make it up to him. He said he'd tried to make amends to the people who counted; his family. However, Luke was conflicted about whether he'd put forth enough effort in trying to make things right with them.

The projection asked Luke if he wanted Lucky to fail at the 12 step program. Luke firmly said no; he wanted Lucky to succeed in everything he wanted to do. Luke accepted that it worked for Lucky, but he (Luke) didn't want to pretend that he was sick when he didn't believe he was. Luke swerved to avoid something. The manifestation of his mind became frantic and Luke told himself to calm down, then he asked why he was there. His conscience said it was forcing Luke to look at all the sides of himself – good husband, bad husband, father, rapist, killer, con. Luke's mind told himself that he was tired because he kept changing who he was. Luke argued with himself over whether he was responsible for Laura's mental illness. Aiden started crying and Luke worried about whether he'd be able to help him.

Luke wrestled with whether he'd done the right thing staying away from Lulu. The projection asked Luke why he'd even gone to Liz's house. Luke looked back at him and yelled that he wanted to see Aiden – his flesh and blood. His mind ordered him to keep his eyes on the road before he killed another child.

Luke's conscience questioned whether he'd taken a drink tonight. It listed Luke's faults and said he'd driven everyone away. Luke clung to the hope that Lucky calling him meant there was hope for their relationship. His conscience screamed at him that he couldn't fix every mess he made, then it disappeared. Luke took his eyes off the road and glanced around the car for his copy. When he turned back, there was a vehicle coming toward him. Luke screamed.

Lulu and Tracy rushed into the hospital and asked a nurse if Luke had brought Aiden there. The woman checked and said the boy wasn't listed as a patient. Lulu and Tracy turned and saw Luke walk in alone. They demanded to know where Aiden was and what he'd done.

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