GH Update Tuesday 11/15/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/15/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli was at home, on the phone with Max. He convinced Max to place a risky bet on a sports game. Spinelli was confident that his gamble would pay off, although he couldn't explain why. Once he hung up, Sam arrived. Spinelli presented her with a wedding gift – Chinese take out and a combined dragon and phoenix figurine. Misty eyed, Sam listened politely and held her emotions in, as Spinelli rambled about how wonderful her wedding was and how perfect her honeymoon must have been. He asked for details about what they'd done, but Sam kept it vague and light. Spinelli noticed Sam's cowrie shell necklace that Jason made for her. He asked if she knew it represented fertility and wondered if it meant there'd be a baby around, soon.

At Sonny's restaurant, Jason glanced at the booklet for rape survivors, then put it away. Sonny came out of his office and observed that Jason didn't look very refreshed after his vacation. Jason was eager to get back to work, but Sonny wanted to discuss Franco. He'd learned that Jason had people looking for him. Jason told him about the gift Franco sent to Josslyn as a way of getting Jason's attention. Sonny wondered why no one told him; he asked about Carly and Josslyn and Jason said they were fine. Sonny asked how Sam took it when Carly and Josslyn showed up. He was incensed when he learned that Shawn was there, too. Jason defended Shawn, pointing out that he'd tried to leave Carly behind and that he'd done the right thing by coming and warning them about Franco. Sonny thought Shawn should have come to him, as the boss, but Jason said he put Shawn in charge while he was gone. Sonny was convinced that Shawn was used Carly's vulnerability over Jax and her anger at Sonny to seduce her. Jason shot back that Shawn had been helpful and that Sonny should be grateful. Sonny asked Jason why he was on edge.

Lucky went back to the cemetery. He drifted off and when he woke up, the message in the rocks said “Go home Daddy. Aiden.” Lucky wondered what it could be going on with the infant. Lucky heard crashing noises and began to question his sanity. He eventually kicked all the pebbles that had written out the message. Rocks began to fall from the sky, hitting Lucky's arm. When things calmed, the message reappeared and added that Aiden was sick.

At Elizabeth's, Lulu was still watching Aiden. She said to herself that it was hard to have a loved one leave and not know if they were coming back. Then she noted that Aiden knew what it was like, now that Lucky was gone. There was a knock on the door. Lulu opened it and was stunned to find Luke. Luke told her he'd been in town for awhile, but Lucky and Ethan advised him not to see her. Lulu tried to get him to leave. Luke smiled down at Aiden and told her he was there because he heard he had a grandson. Lulu let him in, but it was clear that she was frustrated with his antics. She didn't believe that Luke actually had an interest in being a hands on grandfather to Aiden.

Luke took a closer look at Aiden and wondered why they'd never noticed his strong resemblance to Lucky before. Lulu said it was probably because they were too busy trying to keep Luke from drinking. She was also upset that Luke, Ethan, Lucky and Tracy had come to the consensus that Luke shouldn't see Lulu. Luke explained that they did it so he didn't bring her any more pain, but Lulu snapped that she wasn't a mindless creature that needed protection. She thought Luke was glad that his family didn't want him to visit her, because it was an easy out for him. Lulu said Luke owed her face time because she was the only one who never gave up on him. Luke said he thought he was helping her by staying away and complained that he could never do the right thing. Lulu accused him of trying to think up another excuse to run again.

Luke asked why she wasn't with Dante, her new family, that she knew she could count on. He also let her know he didn't approve of her going to the Cassadine compound and putting herself back on Helena's radar. Lulu was shocked to learn that Luke had been there, listening to her talk about posing as a cocktail waitress at the brothel where he grew up. Appalled, she asked if he'd been the least bit affected by the thought of strange men groping her. Luke yelled that she never should have gone there. She said she'd wanted to apologize to him, even though she wasn't the one who lied to his family, hit Jake and left rehab. Luke told her that he'd become sober, without rehab.

Lulu made an impassioned speech about quitting her job, buying the Haunted Star and trying to find him so she could convince him to come home and be business partners with her. Lulu told him about enduring nasty comments from Helena about the Spencer family ruining Luke because she was hoping Helena might know where he was. Luke was adamant that Helena was wrong. Lulu told Luke that now that he'd seen Aiden, he should go and get drunk. Luke sighed that he thought he was more complex than she was giving him credit for. Lulu said he wasn't complex, just messed up. Luke said he made a terrible mistake by not visiting her earlier and if he'd known she was there, he wouldn't have come by. Hurt, Lulu sarcastically told her he knew just how to make her feel better. Luke realized that no matter what he said or did, it would be too little, too late. He lamented that every interaction he had with Lulu was tainted by her fear of abandonment. He said Helena recognized that Lulu was afraid that all men left and used it to poison her. Luke thought Lulu was afraid to truly love Dante, because she was afraid he'd leave her. Lulu told Luke to stop comparing Dante to himself and to stop pretending he cared about her personal life. Fed up, Lulu said she'd accepted that he wasn't going to change and she wouldn't ask him to anymore. Cameron called and said he forgot his inhaler. Lulu told Luke to watch Aiden while she went to Cam's friend's house. Luke suggested that he go instead, but Lulu snapped that he said he wanted to spend time with Aiden so he should do it now, before Aiden was old enough to care whether or not Luke was there.

Steven sat at Elizabeth's bedside, watching her sleep. Ethan arrived with flowers. They talked about what Liz endured at Lisa's hands and Steven said the cold hard shell that Lisa had become attacked Liz because she was in the way. Ethan picked up on the description of the new Lisa and asked if Steven ran into her before she disappeared from the boat. Matt appeared and told Ethan she'd been murdered; killed by a blow to the head with a tool. Ethan wondered how Liz managed to survive being chloroformed and tossed into the water. Matt told him about Liz's mystery rescuer who pulled her from the water and placed her on the shore of Spoon Island. Matt was certain that it had been a figment of her imagination. Steven shifted nervously as Ethan said they must all be happy that Lisa was gone for good. Steven and Matt agreed when Ethan said that the world was better off without her running around. Ethan asked about suspects and learned that everyone on the boat, except Liz, was on the list. Liz woke up, but she was still feeling tired. Steven and Matt left Ethan with her.

Liz asked about her sons and Ethan said they were fine. She wished they were with Lucky and grumbled that Siobhan was still managing to manipulate him from beyond the grave. Ethan urged her to think about her boys, since they were what was important. He asked if she realized how lucky she was to still be alive. Liz told him she knew she would have died if not for the person who saved her. She assured Ethan that the man was real. After this scene, a barefoot man was shown from the torso down. He walked into Wyndemere and stared at the portrait of Laura.

In the hallway, Matt told Steven that he wanted Liz to get a second set of x rays. Steven had read the first ones and asked if Matt was saying he wasn't capable of reading them. Matt just knew Steven had a lot on his mind right now and wanted to double check. Steven acknowledged that he had been preoccupied and that Olivia had been acting a little weird. Matt knew the feeling and blamed it on the boat ride, but Steven said that wasn't it. Matt said he was picking up the slack for Steven, while he was having difficulties and hoped Steven would do the same for him if necessary.

Lucky fumbled around with his phone. Suddenly the leaves began to fall and when he turned back the message “HURRY” appeared. Lucky called Liz's house. Luke picked up, surprising Lucky. Lucky frantically asked if Aiden was okay. Luke told him he was fine, apart from a bruise on his arm. Lucky touched the sore spot on his own arm, realizing it was a sign. He told Luke to take Aiden to the hospital, immediately. Luke didn't understand, but Lucky was adamant that Luke just do it. Luke wondered if he should call the ambulance, prompting Lucky to ask if he'd been drinking. Luke swore he wasn't and said he was only under the influence of regret right now. Lucky told him where to find a spare car seat and told him to take Aiden to GH.

Lucky raced back to the inn and packed his bags. The innkeeper asked what the rush was and he told her he got his sign and that she should keep looking, because she might get hers, too. Lucky said he had to hold onto his sign and go home now, because it might prevent him from losing another son. He left.

Lulu returned to Liz's and was alarmed to find that Luke and Aiden were gone.

Ethan told Liz he wasn't quick to discount her experiences on Spoon Island. He'd been spending a lot of time there recently and he knew that it was a strange place. Liz asked why he'd been going there, and Ethan explained that he was trying to learn more about Spencer history. Ethan asked what she thought about Laura. Liz said she was an amazing mother and was compassionate, loyal and fierce. Liz loved her and shared that it had been difficult to see her after she broke down. Liz said Laura acted like she'd seen things that no one else understood. Laura was fine now and living in Paris, but she'd always be fragile from now on. Liz thought Ethan should reconsider visiting Wyndemere. She told him her best friend died there and she cheated on Lucky with Nik there. She thought the place was a magnet to darkness.

Spinelli was excited at the though that Sam could soon be carrying Jason's baby. Sam quickly changed the subject to their business. Spinelli told her that his computer skills still hadn't returned. Sam assured him that they would come back. Spinelli said that at first, he'd been afraid of disappointing the people who depended on his computer skills, but now he'd learned new things. He demonstrated his ability to spin a basketball on his fingers. Sam was impressed. Spinelli told her he'd be self sufficient soon and would move out as soon as possible. Sam wanted Spinelli to stay. She said he was a part of her and Jason's lives and they liked him living there. Spinelli thought the necklace Jason made showed that Jason wanted to live alone with Sam. Sam didn't think Jason felt that way. Spinelli believed he be a third wheel, but Sam said she and Jason discussed this and things didn't have to change just because they were married.

Sonny asked Jason why he'd spoken to him so sharply. Jason said there'd been a lot going on and while Sonny didn't have to like Shawn, it couldn't be denied that he helped while Sonny was out of control. Sonny told Jason he'd (Sonny) had to deal with a lot, all around the time that Jason was out commission due to the accident. Jason told Sonny he was there now and ready to get to work cleaning things up. Sonny said he knew it must have been hard for Jason to leave his honeymoon and dive back into his job dealing with people like him and Anthony. He told Jason that the good news was that everything was fine and that there were no messes to clean up. Sonny said his kids were doing well and Kate had helped him through some rough times. Sonny said maybe he and Kate would end up with a good relationship like Jason and Sam had.

After Sonny left, Jason read the booklet on rape recovery.

Once Spinelli left the room, Sam opened the fortune cookie from the take out. It said “Love will take you places you never thought possible.” Shaken, she dropped the fortune.

Ethan went back to Spoon Island. He entered Wyndemere and chatted with Laura's painting, then said he was there to find Liz's mystery man. Ethan noticed the wet footprints on the floor.

The innkeeper went to St. Margret’s Church. She talked to her dead husband and wondered if his heart was still her's. She noticed that Lucky had left Siobhan's things behind and she gathered them up to mail them to him. The wind began to blow and when she turned around she saw a message in the stones that read “Still yours” and she cried tears of joy.

Lucky boarded a plane and looked at the bruise on his arm.

Aiden had a matching bruise on his arm. Luke loaded the baby into the car seat and told him that kids and cars weren't his favorite combination, but this had to be done. Aiden fussed in the backseat while Luke tried to summon the courage to drive him to the hospital.

Lucky stared at the mini bottles of alcohol and prayed that Luke and Aiden would be okay.

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