GH Update Monday 11/14/11

General Hospital Update Monday 11/14/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Luke stops by Sonny’s office. Sonny wonders if Luke is home for good. Luke isn’t sure. Luke wants to make amends to his children, then claims he is not drinking anymore. Luke demands an apology from Sonny for participating in his intervention. Sonny says Luke’s kids wanted the intervention, then says he has never judged Luke regarding his drinking. Sonny brings up Lulu and Dante’s possible engagement. Luke says Lulu is scared Dante could die on the job. Luke asks Sonny if he would have still married Brenda. Sonny admits that it’s been crazy around Port Charles since Brenda left. Luke wants to know if Sonny is still taking his medication. Sonny reminds Luke that he tried to help him. Luke can’t believe he has a grandson – Aiden. Luke jokes that Sonny will need to help with the wedding costs if Dante and Lulu decide to marry.

Lulu is babysitting the boys at Elizabeth’s home. Cameron is riding around the living room on a bike, whereas Aiden is sitting patiently in his pack-n-play. Dante appears at the front door. Lulu is relieved and asks her boyfriend to help her out. Dante says he has something to tell Lulu. Dante announces he’s taking on a case. Lulu mentions Cameron having a sleepover later. Lulu can’t understand why Dante isn’t at home recuperating. Dante insists the case is “low-key”. Lulu figures it is about the warehouse shooting, but Dante says he will be covering Lisa Niles’ murder case. Lulu cannot believe Olivia is a suspect. Nevertheless, Lulu wishes Dante would forget about his job for a while. Dante is adamant that he is getting stronger every day. Lulu proposes the theory that an unknown suspect could have been on the boat. Lulu knows Olivia is innocent, but begs Dante to let it go. Dante brings up their engagement, something Lulu wants to hide from everyone. Lulu remains silent. Lulu makes a comment about a bruise on Aiden’s arm. Lulu uses feeding Aiden as a diversion from any wedding questions. After arguing for a minute, Dante leaves the house. Lulu is holding Aiden when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Luke.

At the hospital, Mac tells Robin and Patrick that he’ll be questioning suspects in the Lisa Niles investigation. Robin and Patrick go over the details from the boat fiasco. Mac is convinced that no one else was on board. Patrick says the time of death is pretty vague. Mac wonders what weapon was used to kill Lisa. Mac tells Robin and Patrick that the police are searching the boat. Robin has a flashback to picking up a wrench. Officer Delores Padilla joins Mac and talks to him about the case. Robin and Patrick say they are going out of town with Emma. Mac thinks Robin is acting suspicious. Robin claims she is telling the whole truth. Mac compares Robin’s evasiveness to her joyriding as a teen. Robin admits she hated Lisa, but didn’t kill her. Robin sees a woman (Maggie) speaking to a young patient in the lobby. Maggie has made a puppet for the girl. Robin intervenes and tells Maggie that she has no business speaking to the patients. Before Maggie can say anything, Steven shows up and introduces Robin to the new pediatrician. Robin apologizes for her behavior, then welcomes Maggie to the staff. Alone, Steven asks Maggie is she’s stirring up trouble already.

Outside of Kelly’s, Johnny runs into Kate. Johnny is sickened that Kate continues to see Sonny. Kate evades Johnny’s questions. Johnny says Sonny is a user and destroys everyone he loves. Johnny cites Claudia as an example. Kate wishes Johnny would move on with his life. Johnny wonders why Sonny married Claudia if he truly loved Kate. Kate refuses to dwell on the what-ifs. Johnny believes Sonny has always wanted to be a mobster. Johnny admits he had an agenda when Kate’s car stalled. Kate realizes Johnny’s intentions is to ruin Sonny’s life.

In the hospital conference room, Olivia and Steven talk about Maggie. Steven relays that he used to know Maggie back in Memphis when she worked in pediatrics. Olivia senses Steven and Maggie have a romantic past. Steven admits that he dated Maggie a few times. Steven and Olivia are unaware Maggie is lurking outside the room. Steven feels awkward talking to Olivia about Maggie. Steven stresses the point that Maggie is in the past, that he’s happy with Olivia. Steven implies he knows a secret about Olivia. Olivia fears Steven knows about the pregnancy test. Steven changes the subject, then says he needs to check on a patient. Steven kisses Olivia.

Elizabeth starts freaking out in her hospital room. Liz begs Jason to get her out of there because Jake is in danger. Matt stands by the door and witnesses Elizabeth’s outburst. Monica follows Matt inside the room. Matt wishes Jason would leave, but Monica sticks up for her son. Matt adds a sedative to Elizabeth’s IV, but she remains hysterical. Elizabeth wants Jason to stay by her side. Once Liz’s fever is down, Matt and Jason talk to her about Jake. Elizabeth wonders why Jason isn’t on his honeymoon. Elizabeth apologizes for her ramblings about Jake. Elizabeth feels stressed. Jason reassures Liz that she’ll be fine. Monica and Jason leave the room. Monica asks Jason if something’s wrong. Jason says everything is great. Jason hugs Monica. Once Monica leaves, Jason pulls out a brochure on sexual assault.

Delores stops Steven outside of Elizabeth’s room. Steven refuses to let Delores interrogate Elizabeth about the murder. Delores agrees to check back later. Steven walks in and finds Matt by Liz’s bedside. After Matt leaves, Elizabeth inquires about the boys. Elizabeth figures Lucky will never return. Steven makes a vow to give Lucky hell for hurting Elizabeth.

In the hospital lobby, Mac finds Matt and asks him some questions about the murder. Matt swears he didn’t do it because he was drunk. Robin and Patrick watch as Mac and Matt talk. Both agree Matt couldn’t have killed Lisa. Nearby, Delores questions Olivia about her whereabouts on the boat. Olivia explains how the boat was having engine problems. Dante shows up in the nick of time and asks Delores to stop interrogating Olivia. Delores storms away from the scene. Olivia thanks Dante for stepping in.

In his office, Sonny waits to hear from Kate. Unbeknownst to Sonny, Jason has returned to the restaurant. Jason is on the phone, yelling about finding Franco as soon as possible.

Lucky is fast asleep in his room in Ireland. Siobhan’s ghost sits down on the bed and talks to him. Siobhan is happy that Lucky came to Ireland for answers. Siobhan says Jake wants to speak to Lucky. Siobhan puts on a red hat, then slams the window shut so Lucky wakes up. Lucky finds Siobhan’s hat on the floor, then there’s a knock on the door. It’s the innkeeper, wondering what all the ruckus is about. Lucky plans on going back to the churchyard. Lucky and the woman talk about her dead husband Jamie. The innkeeper becomes teary-eyed. Lucky hurries out of the room and returns to the churchyard. Lucky looks around for some sort of sign. Lucky feels guilt for not being able to save Jake. Lucky falls asleep, but then wakes when he hears something in the distance. Lucky looks down at the stones and finds a new word has been added – Aiden.

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