GH Update Wednesday 11/9/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/9/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia tried to get Sonny to leave, but he knew that something was bothering her, so he entered her home anyway. Olivia claimed her dinner wasn't sitting well with her. Sonny was there because he wanted to know if Olivia thought he had a chance with Kate. Olivia said that while Kate wasn't interested in helping Sonny as he was now, she'd jump at the chance to help the wounded child inside of him. When Sonny continued to press Olivia for further details, she snapped that she didn't have all the answers to everyone's problems, though her life would be easier if she did. Sonny countered that she knew Kate well, because they were cousins. Olivia thought Kate had changed so much that she didn't know her that well anymore, but said if she was anything like the person she used to be, she was probably scared of getting her heart broken. Sonny said Kate helped him and he wanted to thank her. Olivia cracked that there were ways to thank women besides sex, wedding rings and bullets. Sonny said he bought her flowers and invited her to dinner. Olivia reminded him that it was a family dinner and although Kate was technically family, she didn't see herself that way anymore.

Kate called Sonny; her car broke down and she needed his help. Sonny told her to lock the door, then he left to go get her. Kate left a message berating Maxie for letting her towing service expire, then she hung up and got out of the car, when she saw someone drive up behind her and come to her car. It was Johnny, which unsettled Kate because she knew he'd left Jake's hours before her. Johnny explained it away by saying he'd been out for a drive after a bad night. Kate rebuffed his offer to help and said she'd called someone, but Johnny persisted and had her pop the hood. He sent Kate to get a wrench and a flashlight from his car. Johnny identified the problem, but couldn't fix it. He told Kate he'd tow the car to his shop and give her a ride. Kate reminded him that someone was coming to help her. Just then, Sonny and Olivia arrived. Olivia and Johnny bantered about which of them was the better mechanic, then Olivia looked under the hood. Kate mentioned that her car was brand new. Sonny tried to dismiss Johnny, but Johnny said he wasn't going while Olivia had his flashlight. To everyone's alarm, Olivia got dizzy and almost passed out. Olivia insisted she was fine, but Johnny took her home at Sonny's urging.

Johnny walked Olivia to her door. She hinted that Johnny was attempting to use her cousin to provoke Sonny. Johnny maintained that it was a coincidence that he happened to find Kate on the side of the road. Olivia casually mentioned that it looked like someone had tampered with Kate's car. Johnny acted mildly interested, but didn't admit to anything. He told her to let him know if she needed anything, then left.

Kate wondered where the tow truck was. Sonny asked why she was in such a hurry and she said he had a life to get back to. Sonny realized she was curious about why he was with Olivia and ribbed her about being jealous. Kate denied being envious of her more blue collar cousin. Sonny brought up her calling him. Kate claimed she only called him because she couldn't reach Maxie, but Sonny teasingly said she needed him. At first Kate said she didn't, but finally smiled and said she didn't know if she did. Sonny became serious and told her he was glad she called. Sonny reminded her of the time they were trapped in a Ferris wheel and passed the time by making out. He suggested that they do it again, while waiting for the truck. Kate was clearly receptive to the idea, but said otherwise. Kate reminded Sonny that he said he didn't want to discuss the past anymore, but Sonny said he was just seizing the opportunity. Kate stopped holding back and they kissed passionately.

At the warehouse, Shawn noticed a body a body floating in the water. Carly assumed it was one of Sonny's victims, but Shawn took a closer look and told her it was Lisa Niles. Shawn called the cops and advised Carly to leave before the cops arrived. He knew she could be brash even while sober and he didn't want her to say the wrong thing. Carly refused to go, because this was the most attention Shawn had given her in days. She tried to psychoanalyze him to figure out why he was so closed off. Carly reminded him that when they were in the panic room, he told her that he missed someone. She decided he'd been hurt and wondered if it was by a woman or someone else. Shawn wouldn't go into details. He said knowledge was power and he didn't want to let anyone get a hold over him. Ronnie and Padilla arrived. Ronnie flippantly expressed his lack of shock at finding Shawn and Carly at yet another crime scene. He began to badger them about what they were doing there; he was suspicious of their story that they'd gone for a drink at Jake's. To take the heat off, Shawn took Carly's hand and told the cops that he and Carly were dating and had gone to Sonny's old warehouse for privacy. Ronnie continued to question them. When Padilla tried to join in, he sent her to call the coroners. Ronnie asked if Sonny knew Carly and Shawn were an item. When they said no, he speculated that Lisa had come to the warehouse to hide out and that Shawn and Carly killed her to protect their secret.

Lisa's body was placed on a stretcher. Ronnie announced that Carly and Shawn would have to go down to the station and make an official statement. When Carly protested, Ronnie made a snide commet about Carly being married, then he wondered what happened to Jax's body.

Patrick attempted to sneak into his house unnoticed, but Robin caught him and asked where he'd been and why his shoes were wet. Patrick said he'd gone for a walk and gotten sprayed by someone's sprinklers. Robin shared that she was worried when she realized he wasn't in bed. Patrick apologized and said his priorities were to love and protect her, even though he'd faltered in the past. Robin assured him that he was doing a great job now and that they were putting the past behind them. They agreed that life was good now and that they'd never let anything or anyone come between them again, then they laid down on the couch together. Robin wished they could skip work tomorrow and spend the day with Emma. However, she felt that things were too hectic right now. Patrick thought they should take a weekend trip. He reminded her that tomorrow was not guaranteed, so you had to make the time for family now. Robin agreed to do it; she was excited about the three of them spending time together. They started joking around about the bet Patrick lost and Patrick began to tickle her. The fun ended when one of the stitches in Robin's arm popped. Patrick thought he could take care of it, but Robin was adamant that she go to the hospital. She was terrified at the thought of him or Emma having to live with what she lived with. Patrick replied that they already did; it was a part of their lives. Robin apologized; she knew she sounded irrational, but she was still on edge after what Lisa did. Robin relaxed and she and Patrick laughed and talked for a second. They agreed that they hoped they'd still have this kind of relationship 50 years from now. Robin left.

Patrick sat down with the paper. Lisa's disappearance was front page news. He glanced over to the couch and noticed Emma's birthday decorations and a spot on the couch stained with Robin's blood.

Steven went to Jake's. Coleman realized that he was unnerved about something. He guessed it was about a woman and urged him to open up. Steven cryptically said that he'd made a choice that unexpectedly had life long consequences. Coleman told him he knew about complicated women and said his last ex, Kate, seemed cold in public but in private she was all heat. He likened her to Lisa. Steve looked shaken at the mention of her name. Coleman started talking about Lisa having slept with Steve, when Matt arrived. Coleman brought up Lisa's obsession with Patrick, then he walked away. Matt joined Steve. He was dejected because Brockman, a patient he was treating, died before he could try out the new cancer treatment on him. Matt was also feeling responsible for Elizabeth getting hurt at his party. He told Matt none of them would have been on the boat if he hadn't guilted Patrick into throwing him a party. Steve told him it wasn't his fault. Both men had several drinks, then they got called into work.

Robin arrived at the hospital and found Matt and Steve there. They explained that something was wrong with the scheduling. They'd both been called in on their night off. Padilla walked up and told them about Lisa. The cause of death hadn't been determined, but it seemed likely that she'd been killed.

Sam was devastated when Jason told her about Franco kidnapping him, drugging her and forcing him to watch as Franco carried her from the shower to the bedroom. She broke down in tears when Jason told her the last thing he saw was Franco taking his shirt off and covering the camera. She went into denial and tried to convince Jason and herself that it hadn't happened. He responded by quietly vowing to kill Franco. Jason encouraged Sam to get dressed so he could take her to the hospital. Sam said no. She couldn't bear the thought of anyone else touching her and begged Jason to help her to the shower. She felt dirty and desperately wanted to feel clean again. Jason said okay and he held her close. Once in the shower, Sam asked Jason for a minute alone. He went back into the bedroom and cried. Sam vigorously scrubbed her skin and sobbed. Jason returned and wrapped Sam in a towel, then held her while she wept.

Jason and Sam went outside and curled up together on a lawn chair. Sam thanked Jason for keeping the promise that they'd always end the night looking at the stars. Jason told her he knew they made her feel safe. Sam said he made her feel safe too.

Shawn and Carly talked privately at the warehouse after Padilla and Ronnie left. His hand was still clasped around hers. Carly thought it was telling that Shawn chose to tell the cops they were dating. Shawn was adamant that it didn't mean anything and said his only goal was to protect her. “Then why are you still holding my hand?” Carly asked. Shawn quickly let go. Carly told him they were going to have to keep the ruse going for the cops benefit, or be caught in a lie. She grinned and told him she always got what she wanted and now he was stuck with her.

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