GH Update Tuesday 11/8/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/8/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu went to his loft for the first time since his release from the hospital. Lulu apologized for the mess, but Dante didn't mind; he was just glad she'd been staying there. Dante was disappointed that they hadn't announced their engagement at the party. Lulu explained that she didn't think the party was the right place. Lulu told Dante about Olivia's dizzy spells. Dante called his mother, who told him she was fine. He and Lulu sat down and he told her she was right to stop him from upstaging Kristina by announcing the engagement. Dante sensed that Lulu was having second thoughts about marrying him. Lulu told Dante about the romantic evening she'd planned on the night he got shot. She'd felt bad about not accepting the proposal the first time, so she'd worked hard to make the night special. She cried as she told Dante she'd been sitting in that room when Olivia called to say he wasn't coming home.

Dante comforted her and said he didn't realize how close he'd been to death until after the danger was over. He felt terrible about Lulu having to live through the uncertainty. Dante knew that he couldn't go back and fix that night, but he said they could make new memories. He asked for the ring and Lulu took it out of her purse. Dante told Lulu he couldn't wait to marry her, then he placed the ring on her finger. They kissed. Dante believed that their love was strong and that it would help them get through anything. They kissed again and Dante wanted to take things further, but Lulu stopped him and said he needed to regain his strength first. Dante was crushed when Lulu decided not to stay the night, so he could focus on resting instead of her. He was able to persuade her to stay, but Lulu insisted that she sleep on the couch. They kissed passionately.

Lulu watched Dante sleep. She kissed his forehead, then grabbed a bottle of champagne and poured herself a mug full and drank it.

At Jake's, Sonny told Kate he didn't want to reminisce about his teen years, because although he'd had good moments with her, overall it had been a painful time for him. Instead, he wanted to focus on the future. Kate asked why Sonny kept saying he saw Connie when he looked at her if he didn't want to dwell on the past. Sonny said he was just remembering the beautiful girl who grew into a beautiful woman. Kate thought Sonny still had some things to work through. She brought up Sonny buying the house where he grew up and she theorized that he'd done that as a way to control the pain he'd been through, there. Kate said Sonny relentlessly pursued things and people, but didn't know how to keep them once he'd acquired them. Sonny agreed that this was true and that it always resulted in him losing the thing or person he wanted. Kate wondered why Sonny hadn't gone after Johnny when he left with Carly. Sonny was confident that Carly knew better than to get involved with Johnny, unlike Kristina. Kate wanted to talk about Sonny getting Kristina into Yale, but Sonny asked that they focus on each other instead of talking about family.

Coleman walked over and put a song on the jukebox. Sonny and Kate didn't care for it. They looked at Coleman, who grinned. Sonny unplugged the jukebox and asked Kate to dance. They slow danced while imagining they were hearing the song that played during their first dance. Sonny leaned in to kiss her, hesitated, then kissed her cheeks and chin, to build the anticipation. When Kate tried to kiss Sonny on the lips, Sonny said he was calling it a night and ending the date. Kate wondered if they were going back to his place, but Sonny said they needed to take things slow. Kate pointed out that they already knew each other very well, but Sonny wasn't swayed. He wanted to be sure about things first. Sonny whispered that it had been a strange night and seeing Carly with Johnny had put him in a bad mood. He told Kate that if the two of them took things further, he didn't want it to be fueled by him being in a mood. Sonny offered to walk Kate out, but she opted to stay and finish her drink. Sonny kissed her hand and said goodbye. Kate pressed the spot Sonny kissed against her lips and went over to the bar. Coleman let it be known that he didn't appreciate Kate using him to get Sonny's attention and he wanted the two of them to find another bar. Kate liked Jake's and planned to keep going there, even if Coleman was jealous. Coleman said Kate really was an ice queen and that she was only hot in bed. He told her to finish her drink and get out.

At the harbor, Johnny assured Carly that he didn't blame Michael for Claudia's death, because he wasn't the one who pushed her to her breaking point. Carly thought Johnny blamed her. Johnny didn't. He held Sonny and Anthony responsible for mistreating Claudia and he blamed himself for failing her. Johnny told Carly that Anthony justified his poor treatment of Claudia by saying there was a secret about her that Johnny didn't know. Carly didn't think there was anything Johnny could have done to save his sister; it was difficult enough to save yourself. Johnny didn't believe in lost causes in the past, but he did now and he thought Carly might be right about people only being able to save themselves. He turned and slowly walked toward her. Nervous, Carly stepped back. Johnny appeared to lean in for a kiss, but Shawn appeared on the scene and asked if there was a problem. Johnny told Carly she'd already been with Sonny and she'd be wise not to fall back into old patterns, because it could kill you. Johnny strolled off.

Carly called Shawn out for following her. Shawn had been concerned; he lectured her about going off alone with Johnny, especially after she'd been drinking. Carly maintained that she could handle herself, but Shawn said it was his job to protect her and he intended to make sure she made it home safely. Carly wondered why he'd do that. Shawn maintained that this was strictly business. Carly tried to figure out why Shawn was emotionally distant with her and not his date Raynelle (who was black). Carly suddenly surmised that the reason Shawn couldn't handle what was going on between them was because she was white. Shawn was appalled and said it had nothing to do with race. Carly asked what about Raynelle, the stripper. Shawn liked Raynelle because she was smart and easy to talk to and he didn't pay attention to her race or profession. Carly told Shawn he couldn't deny that there was something deeper between the two of them (Carly and Shawn). She complained that she didn't know exactly what he was thinking, because he wasn't a great communicator. Shawn apologized. Carly couldn't figure out if Shawn was player or if he really was that much of a gentleman. Shawn thought it was wrong to mix business with pleasure and said even if he didn't, Carly was drunk and he'd never take advantage of her. He reminded her that she was also married and the relationships with the other men in her life (Jax, Jason and Sonny) were messy and complicated. Carly angrily told Shawn to stop acting like he was interested in her if he wasn't. Shawn told her that she wouldn't want to be involved with him anyway. Carly demanded that he look her in the eye and tell her he wasn't attracted to her.

Teary eyed, Jason paced his cell and worried about Sam. The monitor turned on and showed a hula girl figurine holding a ukulele. Jason demanded to know what Franco had done to Sam. Jason searched the room for a way out.

Franco sat barefoot on a couch playing a ukulele.

The door to Jason's cell suddenly swung open. Jason left the room. Once he was gone, a pair of bare feet were shown walking into the cell. Franco's face was never shown. He held a can of spray paint.

Jason raced into the bungalow and found Sam asleep in bed. He frantically woke her up and asked if she was okay. Sam felt fine and was completely unaware that anything untoward had happened. The last thing she remembered was entering the shower and she was under the impression that Jason, not Franco, had been in the bathroom with her. Jason continued to urge Sam to tell him what she remembered. She remembered feeling dizzy and thought she remembered Jason being in bed with her. Jason's eyes filled with tears and Sam begged him to tell her what was going on. Jason gently told that Sam that he hadn't left her the note and that it had been Franco in bed with her.

Olivia prepared to take a pregnancy test, when Steve showed up. She quickly hid the test in the couch cushions. They chatted about the party and Olivia told Steve how grateful she was to him for getting Dante back on his feet. Steve notice that Olivia looked pale. He thought she was still stressed out over what happened on the boat. Olivia told Steve he was right. Steve wanted to help her by talking about it. She agreed, but went to get some left overs for him to eat, first. Steve got a call and told the person that they should have been at the hospital by now. He said to let him know when they got to town, because he had to prepare some people for their arrival. He hung up and sat down. Steve rearranged the throw pillows and found the pregnancy test. He put it back in its hiding place when he heard Olivia return. Steve lied and said he got called into the hospital, so he wouldn't be able to stay for dinner. Olivia understood. Steve told her it would take all night, so he'd call her tomorrow. He left.

Olivia poured a glass of wine and read the instructions for the test. She caught herself before she drank the wine. A knock on the door interrupted her. It was Sonny.

Kate finished her drink and hurried out of Jake's. Johnny had been waiting outside the bar, out of sight. He followed her.

Shawn didn't look at Carly. Something in the water caught his attention and he suddenly ordered her to leave. Carly followed his line of sight and gasped.

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