GH Update Monday 11/7/11

General Hospital Update Monday 11/7/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Jake’s, Johnny and Carly start kissing to everyone’s surprise. Sonny breaks up the embrace while Shawn watches in disgust. Carly asks Sonny to move out of the way. Carly wishes Sonny would leave her and Johnny alone. Johnny says Sonny treats women like garbage. Shawn intervenes on Carly’s behalf. Kate walks in and stares at the scene in front of her. Johnny walks over to Shawn and his date Ronelle’s table. Kate badmouths Carly. Carly isn’t impressed. Nearby, Johnny talks to Ronelle. Coleman interrupts their chat. Johnny wants another drink. Sonny thinks he and Johnny should take it outside. Kate and Carly continue to argue with each other. Kate calls Carly trailer trash, then Carly says Kate will always be a girl from Bensonhurst. Kate thinks Carly is obsessed with Sonny. Shawn wishes the women would stop bickering. Sonny begins yelling at Johnny. Carly announces that she is leaving. Carly walks up to John and asks him to accompany her. Sonny makes it clear Shawn isn’t doing a good job of guarding Carly. Once Carly and Johnny leave, Sonny watches as Kate and Coleman flirt. Sonny confronts Shawn about not stepping in when Carly and Johnny kissed. Shawn says he’s off the clock. Kate is laughing loudly. Shawn apologizes to his date. Ronelle tells Shawn that it’s clear he likes Carly. Sonny is visibly irritated by Kate and Coleman’s rapport. Sonny grabs Kate’s hand and walks her over to the jukebox. Sonny says he hates Johnny. Kate doesn’t want to think about Johnny or Carly. Kate suggests picking a song that they first danced to. Sonny wonders if Kate is playing games with him.

Carly brings Johnny to the marina. Johnny thinks Carly is jealous of Shawn and Ronelle’s romance. Carly brings up Josslyn’s birthday which is a painful reminder for Johnny. Johnny says he still holds people responsible for Claudia’s death.

In Elizabeth’s hospital room, Matt asks his patient how she’s doing. Elizabeth says her chest is a bit raw but otherwise feels better. Liz asks if she’ll make a full recovery. Elizabeth brings up the stranger who saved her life. Matt thinks Spinelli is the one who should be getting the thanks. Elizabeth is adamant someone carried her to shore. Matt says no one was there other than Spinelli. Matt figures Liz had a near-death experience, that her visions can be scientifically explained. Elizabeth doesn’t understand how she could have gotten herself to the beach. Matt says the adrenaline rush was all Elizabeth needed to save herself. Matt starts making fun of Elizabeth’s imaginary rescuer. Matt tells Elizabeth that she needs to thank Spinelli. Liz changes the subject and asks about Lisa. Matt says Elizabeth doesn’t need to worry about Lisa anymore. Elizabeth worries about her children, but asks that Matt not contact Lucky. Liz lets slip that Lucky is in Ireland, then goes on about Siobhan’s dislike of her. Maxie shows up and interrupts their conversation. Maxie brings up the boat party, then complains about Elizabeth. Matt defends Liz, which infuriates Maxie even more. Matt thinks Maxie only cares about her Crimson article. Maxie says she’s hurt because Matt didn’t celebrate her birthday. Matt says Elizabeth is his priority right now. Liz pipes in, making Maxie almost lose it. Matt produces a bracelet but instead of giving it to his girlfriend, he hands it to Liz. Maxie hurries out of the room. Matt apologizes for what he did. Elizabeth calls Maxie selfish, then says Maxie and Matt are complete opposites. Matt wonders if giving the bracelet to Liz was a big mistake. Matt isn’t sure he can play the jealousy angle. Matt talks about liking a girl in sixth grade. While Liz listens, her face gets clammy and her fever spikes. Matt begins panicking.

In the Irish churchyard, the innkeeper warns Lucky to leave as soon as possible. Lucky wants to respect Siobhan’s wishes. The woman says the churchyard is bad luck. Lucky says it’s imperative that he stay there. The innkeeper swears old spirits are running around at night. Lucky isn’t very superstitious. The woman asks if Lucky believes in God. Lucky confides that Siobhan had a premonition about her death. Lucky doesn’t want to let Siobhan down. Lucky says someone left him the message “Go” in a pile of stones. The woman claims she didn’t leave the message. Lucky is confused by its meaning. Lucky senses Siobhan wants him to stay. The innkeeper asks that Lucky finish up his quest as quickly as possible. Once she leaves, Lucky looks around the churchyard, wondering what Siobhan’s message is for him. Lucky reads her letter again, hoping for some sort of sign. Lucky wakes up in the darkness. The stones are now reading “Go Home”. Lucky hears howling in the distance.

Spinelli is searching his laptop in the PI office. Spinelli keeps spinning his basketball. Max and Milo walk in, hell-bent on getting some answers for their boss. Max says Sonny is mad about the money. Spinelli promises to find it soon. Max says Jason can’t protect Spinelli right now since he’s away on the honeymoon. Spinelli is visibly scared. Milo pulls Max aside and asks if Sonny would kill Spinelli. Spinelli is on the computer, betting money on a sports game. Max can’t believe Spinelli won. However, Spinelli makes it clear that he didn’t save enough of the profit to pay Sonny back. Max and Milo high five each other when Spinelli’s team wins again. Before leaving, the two men tell Spinelli that he needs to come up with Sonny’s money soon. A minute later Maxie barges in and kisses Spinelli. Spinelli senses Maxie and Matt had a fight. Spinelli tells Maxie that she won’t use him to make Matt jealous.

Jason is stuck in a locked room with a TV screen attached to the wall. When Sam comes on the screen, Jason starts yelling Franco’s name. Jason watches as Franco approaches Sam’s shower stall. Sam suddenly faints and Franco wraps her body around the shower curtain, then carries her to the bed. Jason is about to lose it. Jason yells “No!” at the screen. Jason starts banging on the door, but no one can hear him. On the television, Franco stands over Sam, then unbuttons his shirt. Franco pauses, walks over to the camera, and covers the screen so Jason can’t see anything. Jason screams that he’s going to kill Franco. Jason has tears in his eyes. Jason is praying when a monkey appears on the screen. Jason starts crying.

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