GH Update Wednesday 11/2/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/2/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky thought of Siobhan asking him to grant her last request, then he entered the churchyard. It was the middle of the night and Lucky was jumpy due to the eerie atmosphere. Lucky dipped the rosary in the well, then read the portion of Siobhan's letter that told him to wait for the signs. He sat down next to the well and waited for something to happen.

Jason and Sam's flight left the next morning, but they weren't ready to leave Hawaii. Jason was sitting at the table working on something; he told Sam it was a surprise for her. He went over to the bookshelf where the Franco had placed the robot and zoned out for a second, but told Sam he was okay. They kissed. Sam told Jason she hated seeing him so tense and she asked him to let her help him feel as safe as she did when she was with him. Jason and Sam decided to take a walk on the beach once it got dark enough. Sam wanted to memorize the positions of the stars. In the meantime, Jason said his surprise was finished. He'd made put a hole in a shell she found, then put it on a chain for her to wear as a necklace. Sam asked if Jason remembered the significance of the shell. Jason knew what the shell was a symbol of, but he wasn't a believer in talismans. He put the necklace on her, then they kissed. Sam told Jason she loved him more every day.

In Kristina's room, Alexis and Molly watched while she packed. Alexis, overwhelmed at the thought of Kristina leaving for college, suddenly ran out of the room sniffling. Molly admired a dress and Kristina told her she could keep it. Molly wondered if Jason and Sam were having a perfect, romantic honeymoon. Molly was sick and was disappointed that she would have to miss Kristina's going away party. Molly asked if Ethan would be there. Kristina knew Sonny wouldn't invite him, so she decided to invite him herself. Kristina left him a message, then beamed as she showed Molly the dress she wore in the Dominican Republic. Alexis returned and overheard her. She told Kristina there were 2,369 men at Yale – the best and the brightest and she didn't want her to get held back. Kristina said her whole life would change, except how she felt about Ethan. Alexis gave Kristina a picture of her, Kristina and Molly. The three of them hugged and Alexis sobbed that she was so proud of Kristina and would miss her. A look of fear passed over her face when Kristina said she knew what Alexis and Sonny did for her. She relaxed when Kristina clarified that she meant the love and support they’d given her. Kristina said that while she didn't appreciate some of the things Alexis did at the time, she was grateful for it now. They hugged. Kristina told Molly that while they spent a lot of time complaining about Alexis, she was a great mom. She teased her sister and told her that Alexis was now going to focus all of her attention on her.

Molly gave Kristina a book called “The way Home.” It was a collection of Russian poets that had belonged to their uncle Stefan. Molly said that it would remind Kristina that this was always her home. The sisters hugged and Kristina put the book into a pocket of her suitcase. Molly asked Alexis if it was okay that Kristina was taking the book. Alexis said they knew she had a difficult relationship with her family, but that was eclipsed by how great her new family with her girls was. Alexis realized it was time to go. Kristina asked for a moment alone with Molly, since she was leaving right after the party. Molly asked if she'd be home for the holidays. Kristina wasn't sure, because she had to make up for the months she'd missed. Molly cried that it would be weird not having her there, going on and on about Ethan. Kristina admitted she was a little scared of going. Molly assured her she'd do great, like always. They hugged, then Kristina took one last look around, grabbed her bag and left. The book of poetry accidentally fell out of the suitcase, but Kristina didn't notice it on the floor.

Ethan was at Wyndemere. His phone rang, but he wasn't in the room, so he didn't hear it. Later he and Luke had a confrontation at Wyndemere. Luke was furious that Ethan was there. Ethan explained that he'd come to drop off the painting of Laura. Luke spotted the jack-o-lantern Ethan brought. He didn't approve of Ethan's flippancy and warned him that the house was cursed and no good would come from being there. When Ethan asked why Luke was there, Luke said he was trying to break the spell that the house had on him. Luke claimed to be immune to the dangers of Wyndemere and told Ethan he had history with the house, and with Helena's games, but Ethan didn't. Ethan suggested it was in his genes, like Lucky's addiction. Luke said that the Spencer/Cassadine wars were over and there had been enough casualties. He was adamant that Ethan wasn't going to take part in them. Ethan said Helena wasn't there, but Luke was certain that she'd come back to the house to look for whatever it is she was trying to find. Suddenly, Ethan noticed something moving outside.

Michael and Abby were the first arrivals to Sonny's. Michael told Abby what a great cook Sonny was. Abby shuddered when Sonny made the offhand comment that he hadn't killed anyone yet. Michael quietly reminded her to be nice. He and Sonny went into the living room and chatted about his relationship with Abby. Michael shared that things were good now, but there had been some rough patches. He told Sonny about one of Abby's friends from Johnny's strip club getting roughed up after a night out. Sonny offered to handle it, but Michael declined, because Abby wouldn't like it and he didn't want to go behind her back. Sonny agreed that he was right and said tonight was about Kristina and family. Michael said the family might have a serious problem. He was apprehensive because Dante knew there was something deeper going on at the warehouse the night he got shot. Sonny wasn't concerned because he wasn't involved. Michael told Sonny that Dante reached out to him as a brother. Sonny agreed that family was important, but said Michael needed to remember that Dante was a cop. Michael was upset because he wanted Dante and Sonny to get along, but he knew Dante blamed Sonny for him getting shot again and for the tension it caused between him and Lulu. Sonny assured Michael that he would deal with his relationship with Dante and let Lulu handle her own issues with him.

Michael asked Sonny what they were going to do about Dante. He hated lying to his brother. Sonny said that was why he wanted Michael to leave town, but Michael thought that would make Sonny look guiltier. Michael struggled, because he felt Dante had a right to know what happened, but he didn't want to implicate everyone who helped covered up the fact that someone planted drugs in the warehouse. Abby joined them and Sonny shared that the drugs that had been planted in the warehouse were gone, and now they could all move on. Abby asked if that included Johnny. Sonny said no one had anything to worry about.

Lulu brought a change of clothes to the hospital for Dante. She was taken aback when she saw him holding the clothes he was wearing when he got shot. He quickly apologized and set them aside. Lulu had second thoughts about going to the party, because she feared that he was going to question Sonny, but Dante promised that this night was only about Kristina. He took off his gown to get changed and Lulu noticed his scar. She gently touched it and Dante took her hand. He couldn't wait to put the ring on her finger tonight at the party. Lulu didn't think that was a good idea to upstage Kristina like that, but Dante thought his sister would be happy to know she was getting the best sister in law ever. Olivia came in, snapping pictures, because she was so happy Dante was getting out of the hospital. Dante asked what happened on the boat, but Olivia didn't want to talk about it. Olivia was excited that she could finally tell people about the engagement. Dante told her they were going to hold off, but Lulu said they were going to tell everyone at the party. Thrilled, Olivia pulled them both into a hug.

Lulu and Dante went to Sonny's. They cuddled on the couch, then Dante went to get a drink, leaving Lulu with Sonny. Sonny noted that Lulu said she wasn't going to come. Lulu said she was there, because Dante wanted to come. Sonny asked if she was still sure she wanted to marry with Dante, knowing he was going to be risking his life on the job every day. Before she could answer, Dante, Michael and Abby walked in. Dante thanked Abby for calling 911 when he was shot. Abby credited Michael and Carly with taking care of Dante. Lulu added that it must have been scary for Abby, finding Dante like that. Olivia walked in from the kitchen and declared Sonny's food “pretty good.” Sonny countered that it was the best. Olivia had brought food of her own and looked at Lulu and said she needed help carrying it in. Lulu left with Olivia. Sonny sent Abby to help out too, which left him alone with his sons. Sonny sighed that it was great with the three of them being there. He wished Morgan was around, but he was glad Kristina would know she had a good family. Dante asked if that's what they were. Michael looked nervous. Sonny said Alexis was afraid something would happen tonight, but everything was fine. “Right?” he said, looking to Michael and Dante for confirmation. “Right” they both replied, but it was clear that things were a bit tense.

Lucky dozed off. He awoke with a start and was surprised to find a message written with pebbles. It spelled out “GO.”

Ethan was unable to figure out what he'd saw, but he was sure he didn't imagine it. Luke glanced at the picture of Laura and said he shouldn't be there, looking at her and at his past and the damage he'd done. Luke said the past repeated itself; now Ethan was being pulled in by Wyndemere and Luke had seen the same disappointed look that the painting of Laura had on Lulu's face. Ethan said he'd never see it again if he kept avoiding Lulu, but he thought she'd be okay, because Dante was a good guy. Luke said even good guys can accidentally cause pain. Ethan asked if he was saying he never loved Laura. Luke said he loved her, but he was selfish and that love could make you destroy the thing you found most precious. Luke thought Ethan was in danger of making the same mistakes when he fell in love. He told him that despite your best intentions, when love came you'd still hit the wall at 120 mph. Ethan asked if life was just a hit an run to him now. Something or someone appeared to be watching Ethan and Luke.

Ethan thought Luke painted a bleak picture of life, but Luke maintained that he was calling it as he saw it. Ethan asked what about Tracy and Luke said he was giving her the divorce she wanted. Ethan told Luke hat Tracy and his kids had wanted him. Luke changed the subject; he ordered Ethan to leave and threatened to drag him out if necessary. Ethan said Lulu was terrified, because she didn't believe love and happiness could last. Luke told Ethan loved waxed and waned like the moon and sometimes it disappeared. Ethan didn't think it mattered that love was temporary, because life was temporary, but love should be appreciated because it made people feel alive for awhile. Luke used to feel that way, but didn't anymore. Sounding hurt, Ethan said Luke had love once and Lulu was proof of that, while he (Ethan) was proof of a mistake Luke made. Luke assured Ethan that he was more than a reminder of a mistake, but Ethan thought sometimes Lucky and Lulu only saw him as a reminder that Luke hurt their mother. Luke said his love with Laura was perfect, so he had to ruin it to prove he didn't deserve her. Luke didn't know why he didn't prove himself worthy instead. Luke said what he had with Ethan's mother was important too. It helped him feel less trapped. Luke said Laura knew about his affairs, but she never kicked him out. It made Luke feel loved unconditionally. Ethan seemed disgusted that Luke abused such a powerful gift. Luke said he did it because he didn't want to feel like a fly trapped in amber and if Ethan was lucky, one day he'd feel the same way. Ethan thought it was horrible that Luke told him how painful love was, then hoped he found it. Luke explained that love would find Ethan anyway, so he wanted Ethan to be cautious when it happened, and not make Luke's mistakes. Ethan didn't want to be cautious; he wanted to fully give into love when he found it. He noted that Luke's advice used to be a lot better. Luke figured alcohol had blinded him to the truth, but now that he was sober, he saw things clearly and he was compelled to give both sides of the story. Ethan closed the entrance to the secret passage, then told Luke he couldn't have it both ways.

Fed with Luke's bleak outlook on life, Ethan said he heard enough of his philosophy and seeing the effect that Wyndemere and Laura had on Luke. Ethan announced that he liked Luke's perspective better when he was a drunk, then he stormed out. “So did I, Dodge” Luke said with a sigh. Luke left. The secret passage slid open again and the camera panned up to show the painting of Laura.

Alexis went into Sonny's and panicked because he was alone in the living room. He explained that she was late; the others got hungry and were in the kitchen. Alexis was on edge about having to say goodbye to Kristina. She told Sonny she'd even gotten lost on the way to his place. Sonny asked where Kristina was and was dismayed to hear that she was outside talking to Ethan on the phone. Alexis pointed out that Kristina would be starting a new life without Ethan soon. She told Sonny that she was afraid for a second that Kristina knew the truth about what Sonny did to get her into Yale. Sonny reminded Alexis that she asked him to do it and that she still owed him a favor because of it. Alexis said fine, but she hope Kristina never found out the truth. Kristina walked in.

lulu and Olivia chatted as they carried food into the dining room. Lulu was alarmed when Olivia felt faint and almost collapsed.

Jason and Sam hugged and kissed. Sam was excited to hear that Jason was planning another surprise for her. She then challenged him to a romance-off. They each had an hour to find a romantic gift for the other that cost $20 or less. Sam left. Jason hesitated when he walked past Franco's robot, then he left too. The robot was revealed to be a surveillance camera. Franco sat in an undisclosed location monitoring footage bungalow from his laptop. He watched Jason leave.

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