GH Update Tuesday 11/1/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/1/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie admired the romantic setting of her surprise birthday dinner. She removed her date's mask and was disappointed to see that it was Spinelli, and not Matt, who'd put the evening together. Maxie appreciated his efforts, but told him Matt was the man she wanted to spend this night with. She acknowledged that Matt had been a jerk, by blowing her off and getting close to Elizabeth, but she was willing to forgive him for it. She felt that he'd still need to do the Woman behind the Man piece, and help her get back in Kate's good graces, to make up for it. Spinelli practiced balancing a spinning basketball on his fingers, while he listened. Maxie showed Spinelli the designer purse Kate gave her. She wondered why Kate had been so generous, but decided to be thankful for her good fortune instead of figuring out Kate's motivation. Spinelli and Maxie discussed her desire to spend the evening with Matt. Spinelli suggested that he and Maxie were fated to be together. He reminded her that his decision to take her on a midnight picnic instead of to the boat turned out to be a good thing, because it spared her from encountering Lisa.

Maxie watched Spinelli spinning the ball and asked if it felt weird to be able to do that. Spinelli said it was like an out of body experience at first, but eventually it felt natural to him. Maxie wondered why he suddenly gained that talent. He didn't think it was his place to question it, but he thought some of his latent skills were emerging now that his computer skills were suppressed. Maxie admitted to being a bit jealous, since he used to spend all his time thinking about her. Spinelli reminded her that she didn't want it to be that way anymore. Maxie explained that it was just that things between them had changed a lot since their non marriage – he was on his second personality and she was with Matt. Maxie said Matt was a good match for her, but when Spinelli asked how, she couldn't explain it. She told Spinelli he should probably go, because hanging out with her while she waited for her boyfriend made him seem a bit desperate. Spinelli reminded her that she once advised him to fight for what he wanted and he intended to do so.

In the ICU, Matt checked up on Elizabeth. He told her how Lisa had chloroformed her and threw her overboard and how she washed up on Spoon Island and was discovered by Spinelli. Liz got agitated, because she remembered that wasn't exactly how it happened. The woman wearing the clown mask stood in the doorway and overheard Matt promise Liz that the crazy Lisa was gone for good and that she'd gotten what she deserved. The clown left. Matt decided to keep Liz company for awhile and told her not to feel obligated to talk. He lamented that he wanted the “infuriating, glorious” Maxie with him at the party, but he'd told her not to show up. While Liz slept, Matt told her he didn't know what he would have done if he hadn't had her to confide in these past couple months. He told her he'd be back to check on her regularly. Just as Matt left the room, the alarms on the machines went off and he rushed back in and called out for help.

The clown stopped to eavesdrop on Steven. Steve left a sharp message for someone he'd secured a job for. The person was supposed to be there by now, but hadn't shown up. Olivia arrived, looking for advice. She wanted to find a way to dissuade Dante from going to Kristina's going away party, which Sonny was hosting. Olivia explained that Dante had been given a second chance at life and she wanted him to spend this night creating the start of a happy life with Lulu, not getting sucked back into Sonny's web. Steve didn't think Olivia should get worked up over one dinner and he pointed out that Kristina probably wanted her brother to be there. Olivia wondered if Steve was saying she should stay out of it. Steve clarified that it wasn't a good idea to start trusting Sonny, since he might have an ulterior motive. He shared that he knew from personal experience that people would go to great lengths to cover some things up. While the clown handed out candy to some children, Olivia and Steve sat down nearby and talked. Steve told her how worried he'd been when he couldn't find her on the boat. Olivia said she didn't enjoy it either. Olivia wondered if Lisa would ever be found. Steve said it would be best if the psycho disappeared from their lives forever. She brought up the scratches on his face and wondered how she missed seeing him fall into the ladder. Steve changed his story and said a rope hit him. They laughed and talked and Olivia told him how much she liked the musical skills he'd picked up in Memphis. They kissed. The clown shuddered when she saw this and walked away.

Lulu wasn't wearing her engagement ring. She looked at it, just before walking into Dante's room. Lulu discovered that Padilla was there and ripped into her about badgering Dante until he told her that he invited her. Dante was eager to find out why he'd been shot, but was frustrated because Padilla's investigation hadn't turned anything up. Padilla snapped that he should ask his father, since it was his warehouse. She turned and left. Lulu surmised that the real reason Dante was going to the party was because he was already going back to work. Lulu was upset that he wasn't taking more time off to recover. Dante felt that he had to work on the case now, before the trail was cold. Lulu thought he should let it go, then. Dante knew this was tough on Lulu. She told him she didn't like it when her boyfriend almost died. “It's fiancÚ,” Dante corrected her. He promised to make things up to her and propose properly. Lulu called him out on changing the subject. Dante informed Lulu that Michael appeared to know something about the case and he wanted to shield him before he got hurt. Lulu said Dante wanted to protect Michael, bust Sonny and solve the case, while recovering, but solving the case wasn't going to solve all the problems. Lulu didn't think Dante realized how many problems there were.

Dante knew Lulu had been traumatized by him being shot, twice. He tried to reassure her that things like that didn't usually happen to cops and that Luke had lived a more dangerous life than he did. Lulu believed that her mother's mental break was caused by trying to help Luke live a normal life. Dante said his biggest concern was going to be Sonny, which didn't comfort Lulu, because Sonny wasn't going anywhere. Lulu knew Dante loved being a cop. Dante agreed. He felt great knowing he was protecting people and upholding the law and told Lulu that the only thing that felt better was loving her. Lulu said she loved him too, but she looked uncertain when Dante shared that he planned to announce their engagement at the party.

Sonny was at home, holding a costume glove and reminiscing about Kate. Diane let herself in. She told Sonny that she'd been a part of a discussion panel during her book tour in Italy. Brenda heard about the panel and she and Alec stopped by to congratulate Diane and they talked about Sonny. Sonny wasn't interested in what Brenda said, but Diane shared her story anyway. Diane gushed about how happy and relaxed Brenda seemed to be now. She assured Sonny that Brenda wasn't pining for him and announced that she'd done the right thing by leaving him. Annoyed, Sonny told Diane to leave, but she smiled and said she was just getting started. Sonny wondered why Diane would risk her employment by telling him these things that he didn't want to know. He concluded that Jax had enlisted her to taunt him about Brenda's happiness as a parting shot. Diane reminded Sonny that he'd killed Jax. Sonny denied responsibility for the plane crash and pointed out that no one found a body. Diane told him she wasn't on a mission from Jax – she was telling Sonny about Brenda, because she'd heard that he was out of control because she left him. Kate walked in, but didn't make her presence known. Diane ordered Sonny move past what happened with Brenda and stop using it as an excuse to lash out.

Diane said she'd warned Sonny that marrying Brenda was a bad idea and that he should realize that it was a good thing that Brenda and Alec made it out of his life unscathed; she also urged him to admit to being glad Alec was gone. Diane thought it was strange that he didn't bond with Alec and said he'd never let biology stop him from bringing a child into his life before. Sonny strongly denied Diane's accusation that he never wanted Alec around. He turned and noticed Kate. She apologized for not calling and explained that she left her bag. Diane greeted her warmly and told her about her book tour. Sonny sniped at Diane about getting back to her job as his lawyer. Diane told him she was starting a new career as a gossip columnist and said it was a more respectable line of work than defending him. She stunned Sonny by handing him her letter of resignation and saying that she wished she could say it had been a pleasure to work for him. Diane said and Brenda had found new ways to be happy and express themselves. “When will you?” she asked Sonny. Diane left.

Kate blocked Sonny's attempt to pour himself a drink. She told him alcohol wouldn't take away the pain he felt from losing someone vital to his life. Sonny countered that Diane was just an employee and he didn't care that she was gone. Kate reminded him that he'd said similar things about Brenda. Kate thought Sonny's pain went all the way back to losing his mother, because he hadn't been able to protect her. Sonny suggested that he wasn't that noble, but Kate said she knew him. She knew he wanted to shut down and drink away the pain. She leaned in close and firmly, but compassionately told him that it happens; people leave. Sonny added that sometimes they came back. He tried to kiss her, but she stopped him. Kate didn't want to be a stand in for Brenda and she didn't want him to kiss her out of gratitude for smoothing things over with his kids, or to prove he could. Sonny asked if that meant kissing was off limits. Kate lightly kissed his cheek and forehead. That wasn't what Sonny had in mind, but he could live with it. Sonny asked if he'd see her later. Kate smiled and said maybe. He asked how big of a deal her cocktail party was and Kate told him he was the one person she'd duck out early for.

In Ireland, the innkeeper was dismayed that Lucky still planned to visit St. Margret’s Church. Lucky wondered why she felt so strongly about it. The fearful woman was reluctant to go into detail, but she implied that there were ancient forces at the church that shouldn't be bothered or spoken of. The innkeeper noticed the rosary and asked about it. Lucky told her that it and the other items belonged to Siobhan's ancestors. The woman replied that Siobhan's family history with the area meant she should have known better than to send Lucky there. Lucky showed the woman the wooden cross, which seemed to shake her. He noted that she had one just like it in her pocket and asked what it was for.

Lucky read her a portion of Siobhan's letter – it said he should use the cross to hide him from the “wee folk” without waking the “Watchers.” Lucky asked who the Watchers were. The lady told him they were the guardians of secrets. Lucky wasn't a believer in the supernatural. The woman hoped that would keep the Watchers from bothering him, but she warned him that they might go after him to prove a point. Lucky told her about Siobhan's request that he dip the rosary in the well. The woman explained that it wasn't really a well; it was a hole in a wall made by lightning. People would place things in the hole and wait for a message from a loved one. Lucky understood the appeal. The woman told Lucky he should focus on the people who were still with him instead of trying to hear from those who were in the past. Lucky knew the lady was trying to warn him, but he said he wasn't afraid of his wife's memory and if she had a message, he wanted it. The woman told him he might get more than he bargained for. She left. Lucky wondered if she was right. Something howled outside the window, startling him. Lucky gathered the items Siobhan gave him, then went to the church. He reached out to open the gate, but got spooked by a noise and pulled his hand back.

Matt and a nurse stabilized Liz. He decided to stay with her for awhile and told the nurse to check on her every fifteen minutes after he left. Matt reached into his coat for a pen and suddenly remembered Maxie's birthday when his hand touched her present. He brushed it off and made some notations on Liz's chart.

Maxie was dejected because she'd been texting Matt every fifteen minutes and he hadn't gotten back to her. Spinelli offered that he was probably called to help an emergency case, but Maxie moped that she hated this birthday. Spinelli handed her a gift. It was a charm bracelet, that he chose because the star charms reminded him of her. He told her that she was the star that guided him and touched his heart. Maxie nearly kissed him, but caught herself at the last minute.

Johnny returned to his garage to check on Anthony, who was shivering under a blanket. Johnny was concerned that the wound in Anthony's side might get infected. Johnny mused that Anthony might get lockjaw from the rusty nail, then said the silence would be nice. Anthony warned Johnny to be nice, because he had dirt on him, but Johnny reminded his father that he knew he'd woken up Lisa. Anthony suggested that they get a doctor from Mercy that they'd worked with before. Johnny told him he wasn't available; the going story was that he'd committed suicide. Johnny had someone else in mind.

Johnny entered the hospital and saw Olivia and Steve, but kept his distance and they didn't notice him. Olivia told Steve she had to go get ready to go to Kristina's party. They kissed and Olivia left. Johnny went over to Steve and told him he needed him to treat someone; the situation was “sensitive” so the person couldn't come to the ER. Steve said things were always sensitive in Johnny's line of work. Johnny shot back that the same applied to Steve's job – people died in hospitals all the time. Steve refused to help, saying he didn't work for the mob. Johnny said he was going to tell Steve a story that he thought would change his mind.

Johnny went back to the garage with Steve in tow. Anthony told them the wound burned. He added that he hoped Steve wasn't as rude as some of the other doctors. Johnny ordered Steve to fix Anthony. Steve gave him antibiotics, then told Johnny that they'd never speak of this again. Steve warned Johnny that people died in hospitals, but they die on the street too. Johnny offered to pay him, but Steve didn't want Johnny's money. Steve left. Anthony was curious about what Johnny said to get Steve to treat him. Johnny just smiled knowingly.

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