GH Update Monday 10/31/11

General Hospital Update Monday 10/31/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan goes to Wyndemere to return Laura’s painting to its rightful place – above the fireplace mantel. Ethan starts talking to a pumpkin on a table. There is a spooky ambience in the room. Ethan rambles on to Laura’s picture, then lights the pumpkin. Ethan speaks of an old ghost story, one about the history of jack-o-lanterns. Ethan laughs, then grabs a fireplace poker and proceeds to the open passageway. Ethan hesitates by the entry, rambles on to “Jack” some more. Ethan decides to leave the premises, but then hears a noise coming from the secret passageway. Ethan sticks his head inside and something passes by him.

At the hospital, Lulu tells Dante that she has a confession to make. Dante is puzzled. Before Dante can ask Lulu what she means, Epiphany shows up. Epiphany makes it clear that she’s relieved Dante is being released from GH. Dante comments to Lulu that they can make their engagement official now. Dante cannot wait to get home. Sonny shows up just as Dante is packing. Sonny brings up the farewell party for Kristina. Dante is happy to hear his younger sister was accepted to Yale. Lulu is irritated when Dante agrees to attend the shindig. Lulu interrupts and says it might be too soon for Dante since he’s still recovering from a gunshot wound. Dante wonders why Michael is working at the warehouse. Sonny tells Dante to think it over (the party), then closes the door. Lulu follows Sonny to the lobby. Lulu is furious that Sonny put pressure on Dante to attend. Lulu makes it clear that Sonny shouldn’t use the family card anymore with his son. Sonny realizes Lulu hasn’t talked to Dante about her concerns regarding his job. Lulu returns to Dante’s room, then says she needs to be honest. Dante figures Lulu blames Sonny for the warehouse shooting. Dante says Lulu is his family now, that she is his whole life. Maxie walks in and announces it is her birthday. Lulu can’t believe she forgot. Maxie doesn’t pick up on Lulu’s subtle cues. Maxie wants to reschedule with Lulu. After Maxie leaves, Lulu comments to Dante that her friend is unusually happy. Dante is thankful he and Lulu got through their issues before the topic of marriage was brought up. Lulu says Dante is a good person. Dante admits that their love kept him alive. Dante has faith in himself and Lulu. Kristina walks in. Dante and Lulu congratulate Kristina on Yale. Kristina thinks it is strange that she got in mid-semester. Kristina asks Dante if Sonny might have pulled some strings. Dante thinks Krissy should let go of her doubts and enjoy going to Yale. Dante figures Sonny would never be able to get Kristina into the college anyway. Lulu pipes in and says that she and Dante will be at Krissy’s party. After Kristina leaves, Lulu confides to Dante, saying that she knows the event is important to both Kristina and him. Dante thanks Lulu for understanding. Dante asks Lulu what she wanted to confess. Lulu lies and says the loft is a mess. Dante replies that he and Lulu should announce their engagement at Kristina’s party. Lulu keeps her annoyance under wraps.

At Crimson, Maxie is talking on the phone when Sonny walks off the elevator. Sonny knocks on Kate’s office door. Kate figures it’s Maxie. When Sonny walks in, he announces that he wants to have lunch with Kate. Kate isn’t thrilled since she is super busy with work. Sonny figures Kate needs to relax once in a while. Sonny offers to have Kate come for dinner tonight at his residence. Kate disappoints Sonny by saying she has business plans. Kate cannot cancel, Sonny refuses to attend her costume party, so Sonny asks if she can drop by later. Kate isn’t too happy with so short of notice, but agrees to stop by Sonny’s home.

Outside in the Crimson lobby, Spinelli shows up carrying a basketball. Spinelli wishes Maxie a happy birthday, then suggests they go to a sushi bar. Maxie says she already has big plans for the night. Spinelli assumes Maxie is talking about Matt. Spinelli doesn’t believe Matt is still interested in Maxie. Maxie defends Matt, saying he’s been preoccupied with his published work. Spinelli begins spinning the basketball. Spinelli is heading for the elevator when Mac shows up. Spinelli says hi to Mac. Mac is impressed by Spinelli’s basketball spinning. Mac apologizes to Maxie for being in danger aboard the boat. Maxie reassures Mac that she’s fine and that she’s been thinking about Georgie. Mac hopes he can treat Maxie to a birthday dinner. Maxie says she is busy with Matt tonight. Mac emphasizes that Matt should not disrespect Maxie anymore. After Mac leaves, Kate walks out of her office. Kate tells Maxie that she can leave early for the night. Kate adds that Maxie’s birthday gift is in a bag on the center table. Maxie is ecstatic when she opens the bag and finds a designer handbag inside.

At GH, Steven and Matt are discussing the boat fiasco with Lisa. Steven implies Lisa’s antics are over. Matt stares at the fingernail scratches on Steven’s cheek. They both scan the Port Charles newspaper at the headline of the day – Lisa Niles. Nearby, Epiphany is on the computer, then congratulates Matt on his research paper. Epiphany says there is an APB out on Lisa. A woman dressed as a clown is staring at Steven, Matt, and Epiphany while giving out candy to the little children.

Alexis appears at Sonny’s home, wanting to talk about Kristina’s party. Alexis feels awkward about it, considering Sonny pulled some strings to get Krissy accepted at Yale. Sonny swears there isn’t any evidence leading back to him. Alexis fears Sonny hurt someone to get his way. Sonny says that Kristina should have been accepted regardless. Alexis knows Kristina would be crushed if she knew the truth. Sonny hopes Alexis will let it go, since his ex is known to be a nervous wreck. Alexis brings up Kristina’s admiration of Kate. Sonny defends Kate to Alexis. Alexis leaves the house in a hurry. Sonny is about to pour himself some liquor when there’s a knock on the terrace door. It’s Kate. She is wearing an 80s get-up reminiscent of Madonna. Sonny is amused by the sight of Kate. Kate says she was dressed this same way when she and Sonny first kissed. Sonny recalls the teenage party that they both attended. Kate remembers how Sonny was really drunk, but never got caught. Sonny says Kate’s dress was stunning that night. Kate produces a memento from her teenage years – a Michael Jackson glove. Sonny laughs before Kate says she has to go. Kate is leaving when Sonny remarks that he knew he was kissing her that night.

At home, Robin is sleeping on the living room couch, dreaming about a person with a pumpkin mask and needle in their hand. Robin is startled, waking up scared. Patrick rushes over to Robin. Robin talks about bringing Emma to a Halloween party. Robin also wants to celebrate her cousin’s birthday. Patrick wishes Robin would rest, then insists Lisa is out of the picture for good. Patrick brings up going on a short vacation just himself and Robin. Robin likes the idea of Foxwood Lodge, but asks Patrick to hold off for a week or so. Robin continues to think about Lisa, then asks Patrick if he followed the drug regimen (to make sure he didn’t contact HIV). Patrick and Robin admire Emma in her Cinderella costume. Robin puts a white shawl around Emma’s shoulders. Robin grabs a pumpkin bag from the table and shudders at the flashback of her nightmare.

At the nurses’ station, Steven, Mac, and Matt talk about Lisa. Patrick walks by and eavesdrops on their conversation. Patrick asks Mac if Lisa’s body has been retrieved. Mac is surprised by Patrick’s question. Matt wonders how Lisa managed to wake up. Patrick says Lisa didn’t show any signs of consciousness when he visited her at ShadyBrook. Patrick says Robin is trick-or-treating with Emma. The clown walks over to the elevators and runs into Robin and Emma. Emma is scared by the clown, who hurries onto the elevator. Patrick rushes over to his wife and daughter. Patrick hugs Emma, then says he needs to get back to work. Before Robin can say more, she runs into Maxie. Robin wishes Maxie a happy birthday, and asks her over for dinner. Maxie relays that she has plans with Matt. Robin produces her gift for Maxie – a bangle bracelet. Maxie thanks Robin for the gift, then walks over toward Matt. Matt and Patrick are secretly talking about Maxie’s birthday. Matt says he set up a candlelit dinner for two at the Metro Court. Patrick leaves the nurses’ station. Maxie is about to say something to Matt when she notices a text from him. Maxie smiles, then heads for the elevator. Epiphany and Matt are talking when they hear a beep coming from the ICU area. Matt wonders if something is wrong with Elizabeth.

As Halloween night proceeds on, Maxie arrives at the Metro Court. Maxie walks out to the patio, where a candlelit dinner is waiting. Maxie is impressed by Matt’s romantic gesture. Unbeknownst to Maxie, a man appears behind her, wearing a tiger-like mask. At the same time, Sonny and Kate are thinking about each other, Dante kisses Lulu’s hand, and the mysterious clown can’t stop staring at Steven. At home, Robin is going through Emma’s Halloween candy. Robin hopes Emma wasn’t traumatized by the frightening clown. The doorbell rings at the Drake home. Robin is startled to find a person wearing a pumpkin mask standing at her doorstep.

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