GH Update Wednesday 10/26/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/26/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly was relieved to be able to tell someone that Jax was alive. Stunned, Jason asked if she'd talked to him. Carly said no, because he didn't want anything to do with her, but she was certain that he had survived the plane crash. Jason thought Carly was doing some wishful thinking, so to convince him, Carly told him about Jax's boat, the Silent Lady, going missing and about there being small amounts of money being withdrawn from Jax's accounts. Jason couldn't believe she'd been keeping this quiet and asked if she hadn't been tempted to find Jax. Of course she had, Carly said, but she knew Jax didn't want to be found and she knew that Sonny would kill him if he knew the truth. Jason doubted Sonny would still want Jax dead, but Carly disagreed. Jason asked how she'd feel if or when Jax returned. Carly would welcome him back, for Josslyn's sake. Jason suggested that Jax might be too hurt to make it home. Carly said she'd couldn't bring herself to Jax's mother, Lady Jane about the crash. Carly hadn't heard from Lady Jane and knew that she would have called if she hadn't spoken to her son in this long. Carly was sure this meant Jax and Jane were in contact were together. Jason was uncomfortable with keeping this from Sonny and Sam. Carly was adamant that she had to protect Jax, so that Josslyn could one day have a relationship with her father. She asked him to please do this because now she didn't have him, Sonny or Jax to lean on all the time.

Jason asked what would happen with her marriage if Jax came back. Carly didn't know, but she thought they were over. Jason asked if she finalized the divorce and Carly said not exactly. She told Jason how Alexis had gleefully handed her the divorce papers and how she'd put them in a drawer. Carly thought divorcing Jax now that he was thought dead would make it look like she never loved him. She also thought staying married was good, because it meant she wouldn't be able to impulsively marry anyone else, without stopping and giving it some thought while she was going through the divorce process. She hoped it would spare her the heartbreak of another failed marriage. Jason said it didn't have to be another failure – she could change her track record by having some faith in herself. Carly sighed that Shawn said the same thing. Jason suggested that she listen. She told him that Shawn also advised her to stop running to Jason with every little problem. Jason agreed that she shouldn't, but reminded her that he'd always be there for her if there was something she couldn't handle. Carly wanted confirmation that Jason believed she was telling the truth about Franco. When he said he believed her, she hugged him and said she loved him. Jason said he loved her too and turned to go inside. Carly called out and reminded him that he didn't promise to keep the secret on Jax. Jason gestured to her to back off, then went into the bungalow. Shawn returned and told Carly he'd taken a walk and gone for a swim. He said it helped clear his mind, so now he was able to help her.

Sonny was at his office. He left a terse message for Spinelli about his failure to deliver the surveillance footage from the warehouse. After he hung up, Kate walked in. Sonny was surprised to see her and said he figured he'd let her make the next move after he'd walked out on her at Jake's. Kate responded by kissing Sonny. He asked what brought that on. Kate said she wanted to see if he was really attracted to her or if her theory that he was trying to seduce her to get over Brenda was true. Sonny didn't want to talk about Brenda, but Kate insisted. She reminded him that he'd ignored her for years, even though they lived next door, until Brenda left and now he was suddenly pursuing her. Sonny asked why this couldn't just be about the two of them, but Kate said he never just let things go and moved on. She believed he wanted to move on quickly to hurt Brenda and show her what she lost. Sonny suggested that he might be looking to Kate to lead him out of the pain. Kate responded that she wasn't going to let him use her as a weapon to punish Brenda for leaving with Jax and said killing Jax was enough punishment for everyone involved.

Sonny said that Jax could still be alive, but Kate countered that it was unlikely that he survived. She pointed out that he hadn't contacted anyone. Sonny hypothesized that Jax might call her, since she took so many mysterious trips to Manhattan. Kate said that her trips were none of his business and besides, Jax would call Carly, not her. Sonny said Jax wouldn't want to contact anyone in town, for fear of Sonny finding out. Kate asked if Sonny had searched for the truth about Jax. Sonny hadn't. He told Kate that he'd had enough of Jax and didn't really care what happened to him. Kate said that since it was unlikely that Sonny had curbed his violent tendencies, he probably hadn't looked, because he was afraid of finding out that Jax was with Brenda. Sonny claimed not to care what Brenda was doing, but Kate didn't buy it and reminded him she knew about him and his vengeful nature. Sonny maintained that he'd turned over a new leaf and wasn't having Brenda watched. Kate found that commendable and Sonny credited her for helping him grow. Kate thought it was debatable that he could grow. Sonny reminded her that she was there, helping him out and asked if she thought she was wasting her time. Kate didn't. She said there was a slim chance that she could help Sonny the man, but helping Sonny the wounded child was a lost cause.

Sonny asked if she was here because there was something real between them, or to ease her guilt for pushing him over to the dark side when she stood him up years ago. Kate scoffed and said Sonny was already working for Joe Scully then and would have joined the mob no matter what she did. Sonny countered that they'd never really know what could have happened, but that was in the past. Sonny unnerved Kate by calling her Connie. He asked if there was a chance for them now. Kate reminded him that the last time they were together she was almost killed. She thought he was being too casual about that. Sonny said he wasn't being casual; he wanted to explore what they had. Kate said they'd done that already. Sonny said they were different now, but Kate felt that the same obstacles were still there. Sonny said they could try and overcome them, which frustrated Kate. She accused him of hearing what he wanted to hear. Sonny asked if there was any harm in them spending time together. “The possibilities are endless” Kate replied, as she softened. Sonny asked if she was afraid her boyfriend Coleman or the mystery person she visited would object. Kate said if Sonny must know, her trips were strictly business that had to be handled privately.

Sonny asked if that was anything like her keeping her relationship with Coleman private. Kate asked what his obsession with Coleman was. Sonny said he wasn't concerned about him and could beat him in a fair fight. Kate reminded him that he hadn't fought fair with her boyfriends in the past. Sonny told her that all of those guys were bums, just like Coleman. Kate said Coleman and the guys from her past all made her laugh. Sonny grinned and said he had the last laugh, because none of those guys were successful. He told her what they were doing now and Kate wondered why he was keeping tabs on them. Sonny said she was the one who said that was where all the hurt and pain started. Kate felt it was more like where the violence and anger started. She told Sonny that if he wanted to revisit this, she never wanted to share violence and anger with him again. She turned to leave, but Sonny said he wanted an answer first, about whether this was real. Kate leaned in close as if she was going to kiss Sonny and said whatever it was, it would start with them being friends. She told him they could have dinner in her office. Sonny surmised that she didn't want to be seen in public with him. Kate didn't respond to this. She told him she'd have her assistant call him to set up an appointment, then she left.

Sonny studied the key fob he'd made from the closet door.

Kate went somewhere and unlocked a closet. She gently touched the wedding dress hanging inside.

On the Island, Spinelli was eager to help Elizabeth, but he wasn't sure what to do. He sensed that there was someone else on the island, but didn't see anyone.

Maxie screamed because her hands were covered in something that looked like blood.

Patrick found Robin lying on the deck. She jumped when he called her, thinking he was Lisa. Robin ordered Patrick to stay back because she was bleeding and his wrists were still raw from the ropes. Robin hated that Lisa was capable of driving her to being so enraged. She found the syringe, still filled with her blood and told Patrick about fighting Lisa. Patrick put the syringe in his pocket. Robin explained that she dropped the syringe because she wanted to kill Lisa, not infect her. She felt terribly about wanting to take someone's life, when as a doctor, she was supposed to help people. Patrick tried to calm her and told her that Lisa was gone now, but Robin didn't think she'd ever be gone for good. Steven walked up. He was still looking for Olivia. Patrick noticed three claw- like scratches on Steve's face and asked what happened. Steve had no idea; he hadn't realized the cuts were there. He realized his sister Elizabeth didn't know about Lisa either, so he left to go find her and Olivia.

Robin looked for Lisa in the water. Patrick was certain she was gone, but Robin was skeptical. She told Patrick that as Lisa's targets, they were partially responsible for what happened. Patrick corrected her and said he was his fault. Robin pointed out that they were too far out in the water for Lisa to think she could swim to shore. Patrick wondered how she got on board in the first place. Robin figured she must have boarded before they did. Robin wanted to make sense of what Lisa did and figure out her next move, but Patrick was adamant that they stop talking about her.

Patrick saw Ronnie and Mac's boat coming toward them. Robin was having trouble remembering what happened between her fight with Lisa and Patrick finding her. She struggled to recall how she ended up several feet away from the stairs, where she'd landed after Lisa shoved her.

Olivia and Steve found each other. Olivia was very shaken and she clung to Steve when they hugged. He asked if she was okay and she said no. Mac, Ronnie and some other cops boarded the ship. Mac asked about Lisa. Neither had seen her, but Steve said Lisa probably left when she saw their boat coming. Mac asked how. Mac told them to stay put until he told them otherwise, then went to see Patrick and Robin. Ronnie asked about the others and Steve told him no one had seen Liz for hours.

Robin told Mac about Lisa tying her and Patrick up and attempting to inject him with her blood. Patrick put the syringe into Mac's evidence bag.

Officer Padilla searched the boat and found Maxie and the captain's body. She pulled her gun and ordered her to move away from the body.

Mac gathered everyone into the saloon and questioned them. No one had seen Lisa leave the boat. The inebriated Matt was passed out on the couch. Steve worried that Lisa had done something to Liz, but Olivia encouraged him to stay positive. Padilla lead Maxie into the room. Matt suddenly woke up. Padilla told everyone that someone had stabbed the captain to death. Padilla and Ronnie were suspicious of Maxie. Maxie was very rattled, but said her hands were covered with nail polish, not blood. She'd dropped her purse and broken the bottle, when she found the captain's body. She explained that she'd opened the closet to look for Matt and the captain fell out. Robin asked how she got on the boat and Maxie told her about the ladder. Everyone realized anyone could have used it to get on or off the boat. Matt asked where Liz was. Mac added that he wanted to know where Lisa was, too.

Spinelli was relieved when Liz said his name. He told her that they were the only two people on the island. Liz remembered someone carry her ashore and wondered who it was. Spinelli helped her to his boat.

Alexis went to Kelly's and was startled to see Luke behind the counter. He asked if she was stalking him. Alexis said she wanted pie and he told her to serve herself. She joined him and he told her that he had a room upstairs. It was dark and dank; Luke had considered conning Carly into putting him up at the Metro Court, but he figured he deserved his current sparse arrangements. Alexis advised him to go ahead and get some enjoyment out of blackmailing Carly, then live in denial in a five star environment. Luke said he could live in denial anywhere. Alexis pointed out that after “recent events” he shouldn't live in denial. Luke mused that that was a tactful way to describe killing a child and the resulting witch hunt his family went on. Alexis said that was a skill she developed as a lawyer. Alexis asked if he was there hoping to run into his family. Luke was laying low, trying to figure out what to do next. His ultimate goal was to end up on a beach with a virgin drink.

Alexis said the two of them were like the grasshopper and the ant. The grasshopper lived in the moment and fled responsibility, while the ant was a hard worker and planned ahead. Luke balked at the idea of being a drone, working for the colony. He liked being a grasshopper, jumping from adventure to adventure. Alexis said she always wanted to try out that lifestyle. Alexis finished packaging her pie and turned to leave. Luke asked how the story ended. She replied that the grasshopper's family tried to put him in rehab, and when he refused they abandoned him. Luke asked if she was trying to say he'd lost his family for good. Alexis thought they loved him and wanted him in their lives. Luke didn't know if that was true anymore. He had enough of talking about his problems and suggested he give her advice instead. Sonny brought up the favor she owed her ex, Sonny. Alexis recoiled and said she'd prefer he not call Sonny her “ex”. It was “icky” to her. Alexis didn't think Sonny would ask her to do anything illegal and said she'd refuse if he did. Luke urged her not to rule out breaking the law if she could profit from it. He advised her to take a walk on the wild side. Alexis regretted the times she'd done that. Sonny reminded her that she was a Cassadine. He didn't understand why fierce and fearless women settled down once they had kids and told Alexis she was more fun before she became a mom. Alexis looked appalled.

At the pier, Johnny called his employee and told them to make the boat disappear for good. Later, he received a phone call letting him know it was done. Anthony suddenly appeared behind him. Johnny asked where he'd been and Anthony said he could ask the same thing. “I won't tell if you won't” Anthony said in a sing-song voice. Johnny and Anthony went to Johnny's garage. Johnny wanted to see Anthony's wound, but Anthony said he was fine. Johnny was annoyed that Anthony hadn't followed his order to stay put, but Anthony said they had different methods and different goals. Johnny noted that Lisa really hurt Anthony. Anthony called Johnny a paradox for showing concern for him at times, and being nearly ready to kill him other times. Johnny told Anthony not to get used to him caring and that he could have left him to bleed to death on the pier. Anthony reminded Johnny that questions about Anthony would lead to questions about Johnny and Lisa. Johnny grumbled that once again, he was forced to clean up Anthony's mess. Anthony said he wasn't the only one who had a mess. Johnny questioned Anthony about what he saw him do, but before Anthony could respond, he collapsed.

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