GH Update Tuesday 10/25/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/25/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly apologized profusely to Shawn. He asked why and she explained that he'd seemed off balance with the fireworks making him think back to his time in Afghanistan. Shawn jokingly asked if Carly had been trying to take advantage of him. Carly smiled and said it wouldn't happen again. “Why not?” Shawn asked. Shawn said it seemed to him that she just wanted some support. Carly was terrified that Franco was going to hurt one of them. Shawn assured her that he was going to make sure everyone stayed safe and that she could lean on him as much as she wanted. Carly told him she just wanted to make sure she didn't cross any lines with him or make him feel uncomfortable. Shawn put her at ease by telling her she hadn't.

Sam told Jason that she didn't think now was the time to make life altering decisions like whether or not to have a baby. Jason said she might be right, because he needed to focus on Franco. Jason thought the only way to rid themselves of Franco for good would be to kill him. Sam refused to give Franco the power to interfere with their lives. She asked Jason what he'd say if she did want a baby now – would he insist that they postpone trying until Franco was dead? Jason didn't want them to go through what Carly did; finding Franco holding their child. Sam thought things were different now, because Franco didn't have the upper hand. Jason was sure there was a clue he was missing. He thought his only choice was to track Franco down and kill him. Sam begged Jason not to give Franco what he wanted, by going after him. Jason didn't see another solution and said he'd already left Franco out there way too long. Sam asked Jason if he thought Franco was in Hawaii. Jason didn't know and didn't think it mattered, but Sam disagreed and said if Franco wasn't there, it meant they could go back to enjoying their honeymoon. Jason said he was sorry, but if he couldn't figure out where Franco was, he wanted her to go back to Port Charles with Carly and Shawn. Sam refused to give up their honeymoon just because Franco sent Josslyn flowers. She said there was always going to be someone who needed Jason, or her, but if they didn't commit to their relationship now, they weren't going to make it. Jason said they made the commitment, but Franco wasn't giving him a choice. Sam said they both had high risk jobs and there was always going to be another danger, but this moment was theirs, and she wasn't going to let anyone ruin it. She knew Jason would have to go after Franco eventually, but she begged him not to do it now. Jason stroked Sam's hair. The phone rang; it was Bernie calling with news about Franco.

Alexis went to the Haunted Star looking for Ethan. “Please be here” she said to herself. Luke walked out and Alexis said it was nice to see him. Luke told her she was the only one who felt that way. Alexis was sorry that his relationship with his family was strained, and for the circumstances that caused it. Luke wondered if she meant Jake's death, his family accusing him of being an alcoholic or the intervention. He asked why she hadn't been at the gathering and Alexis said she hadn't been invited, perhaps because the organizer didn't think she had anything helpful to offer. Luke asked if she thought she did. Alexis thought about it and said was fascinating and frustrating, but he was the only person she'd conspire to commit murder with. She and Luke high-fived and chuckled over their failed plot to do away with Helena. Alexis said in other words, he'd seen her at her worst and didn't blink so she didn't feel comfortable sitting in judgment of Luke. Luke said she was the only one. He offered her a cup of coffee and when she said she'd take it without the scotch, Luke told her about being newly sober. Alexis asked if his family knew and Luke said they either didn't care or didn't believe him. Luke claimed not to be bothered by it, but Alexis didn't believe him.

Anthony, still holding the board Lisa used to attack him, stood on the pier, talking on the phone. He ordered his employee to obtain a large, fast boat for him. Anthony revealed that he planned to dump the cargo he needed to move out in the water where no one would find it. The man arrived and gave Anthony the keys. Anthony asked about directions and learned that the boat was equipped with a GPS system. When Anthony winced in pain, his associate asked if he was sure he was okay, but backed off and left when Anthony glared at him. Johnny arrived and demanded to know what Anthony had done to put Lisa in a robotic state. Anthony shrugged and said that his experiment wasn't a total success. Johnny told Anthony how Lisa temporarily paralyzed him and Anthony told him about Lisa hitting him with the board and shoving him into the water. Anthony said the board had served Lisa well, so he was keeping it just in case he needed it. Anthony told Johnny about Lisa being on a boat with Patrick and Robin and how he planned to use his boat to pick her up. Johnny, realizing that Anthony planned to kill Lisa and dump her body in the water, decided to go to the party boat, despite Anthony's assertion that there was nothing left of Lisa to save. Johnny grabbed the keys from Anthony and took off. Anthony called his men and told them he needed another boat.

Robin and Lisa struggled over the syringe filled with Robin's HIV positive blood. Lisa won and shoved Robin, sending her flying across the room. Patrick yelled out in concern for Robin as Lisa taunted him about her plan to inject the blood into him. Lisa told Patrick he should thank her for this gift of getting to carry Robin around inside him. Patrick maintained that he wasn't afraid of Robin's blood. As Lisa prepared to inject him, Robin leapt onto her and threw her to the ground and forced the syringe toward Lisa. Lisa broke free and rushed out, leaving the syringe behind. Robin started to freak out, but Patrick calmed her down. Robin asked if Patrick had been pricked by needle. Patrick said he hadn't, thanks to her, but Robin insisted he go on antivirals anyway. Robin loosened the ropes on Patrick's wrist, then told him to handle the rest. She told him to call her uncle Mac, then grabbed the syringe Lisa dropped and went in after Lisa, ignoring Patrick's pleas that she stay in the room.

Matt, who was already drunk, poured himself two more glasses of champagne and clinked them together. He talked to himself about the two women in his life – Maxie who didn't seem to care about his accomplishment and the “smart and sweet” Elizabeth, who appreciated his triumph. Maxie called and excitedly told him she was right outside the boat and needed his help getting on board. While she talked, Spinelli listened with a dejected expression. Matt, slurring his words, told Maxie the party was over and she was too late. He hung up on her.

Maxie was clearly hurt, but she told Spinelli she and Matt must have gotten disconnected. Spinelli gently said it sounded like Matt didn't want her company. Maxie blamed Liz for that and said she'd brainwashed Matt into thinking Maxie was a horrible girlfriend. She was determined to get on the ship and set things straight. Spinelli didn't think Liz had any ulterior motives when it came to Matt. Maxie disagreed and continued to rant about Liz. Spinelli apologized, because this wasn't how he'd hoped the night would go. Maxie told Spinelli that he was focusing on her in order to get his cyber skills back and she supported that, then she wondered if Spinelli had been lying about having issues with the computer to get closer to her. Spinelli denied that he'd do something so underhanded. She said she recognized that he wasn't fully himself, but even the real Spinelli couldn't take her on a romantic picnic. Spinelli was surprised to hear she found the night romantic. Maxie let him know she still wanted Matt despite that, because Matt was the guy that she felt that she should want. She ordered Spinelli to get her on the boat, or else she'd jump out and swim to it.

Elizabeth was passed out on the beach. She temporarily regained consciousness for a second, before passing out again.

Carly and Shawn watched the fireworks. She asked if he was okay or if he wanted to go inside. Shawn said he was fine, but would go inside if she wanted to go. Carly said she was fine, too. While Carly looked at the sky, Shawn kept glancing over at her with a small smile. He told her about Pele, the temperamental goddess that the celebration was for. Carly thought she sounded like fun. Shawn continued that Pele drove the other gods mad, so they exiled her. She sailed to that island, and created the volcanoes, planning to use them for revenge, but she decided to forgive instead. Pele was also nurturing. Carly and Shawn agreed that they liked her. As they smiled at each other, Jason came out and told them that Franco had checked into a Toronto hotel under the name C. Firth. According to surveillance footage, he'd been in the hotel less than an hour ago. Carly was skeptical, which made Sam accuse her of looking for an excuse not to go home. Shawn was willing to accept the proof Jason had received and decided to go for a walk on the beach. Sam was relieved when Jason told her he was staying in Hawaii. Jason talked to Carly and Sam went inside to check on Josslyn. Carly was convinced that Franco had sent Josslyn the lei as a sign and she begged Jason not to let Sam talk him into staying in Hawaii. Jason pointed out that Franco sent Josslyn something before and not followed up on it, but Carly thought this was different. Jason preferred that Franco come to him outside of Port Charles, so Carly and the kids wouldn't be in harms way. He explained that wanted Sam to go home, for her own safety, but she didn't want to. Carly said that was because she'd convinced herself that everything was okay. Jason said there was a time that Carly would have lied about Franco to keep him away from Sam. Carly said she'd grown up since then and was okay with the marriage and knew Jason would always be her best friend. Jason agreed that he would be. Carly admitted that she and Sam would probably never like each other, but they would respect each other for his sake. Jason believed her. Carly said she was always honest when it mattered. To prove this, she confided in him that Jax was still alive. However, she was adamant that Jason couldn't share this news with Sam or anyone else.

Luke asked Alexis to play a card game, but she turned him down, saying she needed all her extra money to pay Kristina's tuition to Yale. Luke asked if Sonny was helping and Alexis nervously asked why he was asking. She feared that Kristina had found something out and asked if Ethan had confided in Luke about something Kristina said. Luke said Alexis was paranoid and that was why she was a bad accomplice to plan a murder with. Alexis told Sonny she was feeling guilty. She admitted to having Sonny pull strings to get Kristina into Yale. Alexis's imagination was in overdrive, picturing Sonny having people bribed or beaten to get Kristina in. Luke suggested she tell Kristina the truth and get her back into PCU. Alexis flatly refused, because a Yale degree would open more doors for Kristina. She deemed the sleepless nights, owing Sonny a favor that might ruin her life and knowing she could no longer look down on Carly without being hypocritical, worth it. “Your Cassadine is showing” Luke quipped. Alexis worried that Kristina would figure out what happened. She wanted to talk to Ethan, because Kristina always confided in him. Luke said Ethan was preoccupied with a project of his own right now. He advised Alexis to stop feeling guilty and to move on. Alexis pointed out that that way of life didn't seem to be working out to well for him.

Patrick freed himself, then called Mac to ask for help. Suddenly, Matt drunkenly stumbled into the room. Patrick tried to find out if he'd seen Robin, but Matt was incoherent. Patrick gave up and rushed off in search of his wife.

Robin walked the hallways looking for Lisa, armed with a meat tenderizer. She ran into Steven and filled him in. Steven told Robin to go find someplace safe while he looked for Olivia. Robin scoffed that there was no place that was safe until Lisa was dead. She and Steve parted ways. Robin and Patrick ran into each other caught each other up on what they'd been doing. Patrick had called home to check on Emma. She was fine. Patrick insisted that he handle Lisa, since he'd brought her into their lives. He took the mallet and told her to go to the saloon. Robin eventually agreed. They said I love you to each other, and Robin told Patrick to stay safe. Patrick went to find Lisa. He discovered the first mate and checked her pulse. Realizing the woman was knocked out, he left her continued his search.

Robin went into the saloon and called out for Liz and Olivia. She wondered where everyone was. Robin recalled all the times Lisa had threatened her and her family, then she pulled out the syringe filled with her blood and vowed that Lisa would never hurt them again, then went in search of her.

Maxie told Spinelli he didn't have to wait for her. As Maxie made her way onto the boat, she broke the heel of her shoe. Lisa watched as Maxie fixed it with double sided tape. She found a private room and burst in, expecting to find Matt and Liz together. Maxie began to search the room. She opened a closet door, then screamed when the captain's body fell out

Steve went to the engine room, then left after seeing that Olivia wasn't there.

Matt ended up at the bar. He loudly told off a lamp that was in his way, then poured himself a drink. Matt grumbled that he should have told them all to go to hell, then admitted that he didn't want to say that to everyone. As he poured himself another drink, he noticed some movement. Thinking it was Liz, he walked toward whoever he saw.

The wrench Olivia had been using was shown on the floor of the ship.

On the island, Spinelli found Liz lying on the ground and raced over to her.

Lisa noticed the boat that she thought was coming to rescue her. She waved it in, then attempted to leave the party ship. Robin spotted Lisa and attacked her. Robin came toward Lisa with the syringe and Lisa said she didn't have it in her, but Robin countered that Lisa had no idea what she was capable of. As they struggled, a montage of all their other fights played. Lisa shoved Robin into a metal staircase and she fell. Lisa walked over and looked down at Robin.

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