GH Update Monday 10/24/11

General Hospital Update Monday 10/24/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the Hawaiian bungalow, Sam awakens from the living room couch. Sam sees that Josslyn is fast asleep in the pack-n-play. Carly thanks Sam for getting Josslyn to sleep. Carly and Sam make a toast with their beer bottles. Carly wonders what the trick is that Sam used to get Josslyn to sleep. Carly tells Sam that she’s good at this. Sam asks how Carly is coping without Jax. Carly says Jason will always be there for Sam and their child. Sam has concerns about having a baby. Carly reassures Sam that all parents make mistakes. Carly adds that Jason would make an excellent father. Sam brings up Jax again. Sam feels bad when she tells Carly that she drove Jax away. Strangely, Carly agrees with Sam. Carly wishes she and Jax could have co-parented. Carly raves about Jax, but admits he could be arrogant at times. Sam wants to know if Carly would give Jax another chance if he turns out to be alive. Carly doesn’t answer, instead asking Sam the same question about Jason.

Outside, Jason and Shawn can’t find any sign of Franco. Shawn implies that a mess is waiting for Jason back home. Shawn updates Jason about Dante and the warehouse shooting. Jason is impressed that Shawn made a bomb as a diversion. Jason thanks Shawn for looking out for Michael. Shawn wonders if Jason plans on working again for Sonny. Shawn says that he and Sonny are civil toward one another. Jason says trust needs to be earned for Sonny. They discuss business, then Shawn asks Jason if he’s okay with being Sonny’s enforcer. Jason says getting into the mob was a way to escape the demands of his family. Shawn implies his childhood wasn’t the best. Shawn says Dante will make a full recovery. Shawn sticks up for Michael, saying he knew something was off at the warehouse. Jason knows Michael won’t go to Argentina like Sonny wants. Shawn relays that Ronnie has been snooping around the warehouse, and that the Zaccharas are most likely behind Dante’s shooting. Jason is surprised that Sonny extended the truce with Johnny. Jason asks Shawn to continue working for Sonny.

Sam and Carly are talking when they hear noises outside. Sam grabs an oar, then the two head outside. Jason and Shawn explain that it’s only fireworks from a festival on the beach. Carly thinks Sam and Jason should go to the festival, but the couple declines the offer. Sam and Jason return to the bungalow. Carly wonders if the fireworks triggered a PTSD episode for Shawn. Shawn talks about the war and a woman who died in his arms. Carly is visibly concerned about Shawn. Carly is holding onto Josslyn’s Rufus. Carly comments that Shawn is hard to understand. Carly wants to get to know Shawn better because he helped her with Josslyn. Shawn wonders if Carly likes him. Inside, Jason relays to Sam that Bernie is still looking for info on Franco. They admire Josslyn sleeping. Sam brings up the fact that Jason saw her sleeping next to Josslyn. Jason says Sam is a natural. Sam says Carly gave her some good advice regarding motherhood. Sam thinks the universe is giving them signs about having a baby. Jason asks Sam if they should wait to have a child.

In his room, Matt makes a toast about himself. Matt drinks champagne, then looks for another bottle. Matt’s phone rings – it’s Maxie. Matt tells Maxie that he can’t hear her. After hanging up, Matt finds a napkin with his portrait on it. Matt realizes Elizabeth drew it. Matt rambles on to himself, opening another bottle of champagne. Matt leaves the room to look for Liz. Matt stumbles around and finds Elizabeth’s shawl on the floor. Matt returns to the room and says another toast in his honor. Matt puts Liz’s shawl around a glass of champagne.

In the engine room, Olivia is outraged when she sees the condition of the engine. Olivia says the reason the boat stalled is because the engine is leaking. Steven makes a joke. Olivia asks Steven to get her the toolbox. Steven compliments Olivia on her necklace. Olivia says Steven is a pretty private guy. Olivia mentions she can learn a lot about a guy by checking under his car hood. Steven tries changing the subject. They share a kiss. Steven and Olivia return to their room. Olivia swears she isn’t drunk, that she’s only experience seasickness. Steven has Olivia lay down on the bed. Steven leaves the room for a minute. Olivia hurries out of bed to fix the engine. When Steven returns, he finds that Olivia is gone. Back in the engine room, Olivia begins having a headache. Olivia makes a prayer to St. Theresa, then manages to get the engine to start running again. Olivia leaves the engine room and calls out for Steven.

A man carries Elizabeth to shore, then lays her body on the beach. Elizabeth is unconscious. The man leans over Liz as she comes to. Elizabeth spits up water, then notices the stranger run toward a cave. Elizabeth opens her eyes and starts crying.

In Patrick and Robin’s room, Lisa tells Robin that she has given Patrick a sedative. Robin wonders what Lisa’s agenda is this time. Lisa says she doesn’t feel any emotions whatsoever. Robin can’t understand how Lisa got out of her coma. Robin urges Lisa to leave town once and for all. Lisa goes on about Patrick’s visit to see her at the hospital. Lisa wishes Patrick could be sent to prison, but changes her mind at the last minute. Patrick wakes up and wonders how Lisa is there. Lisa compares herself to Lazarus rising from the grave. Robin starts screaming, so Lisa covers her mouth. Lisa implies that Emma isn’t safe with the nanny. Robin is hysterical. Patrick demands that Lisa release Robin. Lisa makes it clear she doesn’t want Patrick anymore. Lisa produces a hypodermic needle. Patrick talks about visiting Lisa, then tries to reassure her that he’s done with Robin, that he really loves Lisa. Robin is crying. Lisa says she isn’t the old version of herself anymore. Instead, Lisa declares she is done with Patrick, then proceeds to walk over to Robin. Patrick begs Lisa to stop. Robin wants Patrick to be strong for Emma. Patrick tries to change Lisa’s mind, but she sticks Robin with the needle. It dawns on Robin that Lisa isn’t injecting her with poison, but extracting HIV. Robin doesn’t want Lisa to inject Patrick with HIV. Patrick swears he isn’t frightened by Lisa. Patrick raves about Robin’s bravery. Robin manages to untie the rope around her hands and feet. Robin grabs Lisa from behind. They struggle to gain control of the needle.

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