GH Update Friday 10/21/11

General Hospital Update Friday 10/21/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

In a cabin on the party boat, Steve is in a daze, strumming his guitar; Olivia asks what the distraction was. He blows it off as a miscount in his head. They kiss. She still believes something is off and says such. He insists that he's there, with her.

At Jake's Bar, Sonny walks in on Coleman and Kate kissing. He tells Coleman to back off. Coleman tells him it was Kate's idea. Sonny tells Kate that she doesn't get to have a bad day then come in here and play rough with the help.

Maxie and Spinelli are stranded outside of Windermere. Maxie complains that she wants to be on the party boat, with Matt, to prevent Liz from stealing her boyfriend.

Just then, on the party boat, Lisa puts a handkerchief over Liz's face (I guess with chloroform on it) and Liz passes out. She then tosses Liz into the ocean.

In Robin and Patrick's cabin, on the party boat, they are chilling out, enjoying their romantic time together. Robin feels a little guilty for leaving Matt on his own.

At Jake's Bar, Coleman is gloating about his kiss with Kate. Sonny orders a scotch and says he'll pay for Kate's drink. She says she's leaving. Coleman has a little verbal fun with Sonny that Kate gets what she wants, Sonny says he does too and threatens that if she doesn't join him for a drink that Coleman will have a bad day. Coleman giggles and says she would like that.

Olivia talks (briefly) to Steve about her past relationship with Sonny and asks him to open up to her. Steve says it's music in his head that's like an equation that has to be solved and you never know, the next song might be about her and he'll call it She Knows Too Much.

Maxie continues to complain to Spinelli about Liz calling her desperate and clingy. She calls his medical publication a dusty old book and praises herself for considering taking Matt as a model for Crimson. Spinelli sees a light on inside Windermere. Maxie is ignoring him because she's rambling on and on about Matt and Liz. Spinelli tells her there was a light fading on and off inside the gloomy castle.

Steve is on the bed serenading Olivia. He stops; they start talking. Olivia tells him the story of how she got the necklace she's wearing, she called it St. Teresa Revela (Patron Saint of Headaches). They laughed then Steve asks her if there's a patron saint for everything; she says pretty much and should look up the one for pole dancing. They continue their romantic evening.

Coleman serves drinks to Sonny and Kate and walks away making a snide comment about her getting back to work. Kate tells Sonny she wants to skip the drinks and get to what he wants. She asks him how he knew where she was, he said he has people who watch certain places for protection. Sonny asks how her trip was, she says it was informative. Kate asks how his visit with Kristina was and that she's heard she got into Yale and questioned if he paid off the Dean of Admissions. He asks if she really wants to know, she said no but Kristina will hate him for doing that. He says that it got her into Yale and there are worse things a dad can do for his kid. Kate sees Sonny playing with a key chain and says that it seems like he's enjoying his new toy. He says he got it while out of town. She asks how his trip was, in a whisper he says it was informative (to copy what she said earlier when he asked how her trip was). She sees in Sonny's eyes that he went back to the house where he was abused by his step father as a child and asks why he went there. He says to sit on the stairs, to make sure that the door didn't open and to not be afraid if the door did open. He went to think and he bought the house. Kate is stunned.

Continuing their conversation about the abuse Sonny received from Deke, Sonny described what he went through to Kate and that the keychain is a symbol of that past. She tells him that he can't get past it all if he holds on to it. Sonny says he's trying to own it. She says it owns him.

Spinelli and Maximista are now inside Windermere. Maxie checks the phone, no luck. Spinelli starts talking about the evil forces that live there and recalls that Emily died there. Maxie says that talk is freaking her out and asks him to stop. A door opens to a secret passage, they approach the area.

Johnny is on the floor in his penthouse after Lisa injected him with the poison that had put her in a coma months ago. His phone is ringing but he can't get to it, he calls out Lisa's name.

Lisa is outside of Patrick and robin's cabin, listening. Inside, Robin kisses Patrick and heads to the door to get some food (Patrick's tummy growls). She says she'll be right back; she opens the door and walks away. Lisa goes to the door, opens it and enters; she closes the door behind her. Patrick's back is to the door he makes a cute statement about Robin not being able to stay away and turns to see that it is psychotic Lisa.

(We are at the halfway point now, get ready)

At Jake's Bar, Kate tells Sonny it's time for him to move on. He scoffs and says not everyone can like she did and calls her by her given name, "Connie." He says he has kids and can't do that. She says that's why he should; that they need him in the present not the past. Sonny changes the subject and asks her about how she feels for Coleman. She says nothing. He brings up their history of what she does when she wants to piss him off. She says she isn't going to let her past define who she is and he should do the same.

Steve and Olivia are having a fun time in their party boat cabin. He pours them some champagne while Olivia continues to share fun stories of her past. She says she's an open book then asks him point blank, what he's hiding. Once again he tries to move around the direct question but Olivia insists that he tell her something personal. Steve tells her a story about a hot girl that he dated once, the end result, he was making fun of her stripper pole joke from earlier. He says they should get back to Matt's party and that the boat should have been moving by now. Olivia says that he's making excuses to get out of talking; he says he will reveal all as soon as they find the captain of the boat.

Maxie and Spinelli are looking into the open wall leading to mystery inside of Windermere. Spinelli wants to go in, Maxi does not. She tells him that he's trying to distract her so she can't get on the boat as an attempt to try to romance her. Spinelli has a moment of hope that she would allow him to romance her. She quickly corrects this and says that she knows that he read (on the internet) that to help get his cyber memory back he needs to use something / someone to focus on and that something / someone is her. She tells him that she's not trying to hurt him and never wants to hurt him again; that their romance didn't work out. He counters that he's changed, more heroic and is looking for challenges and may never go back to being a cyber genius. They hear a noise down the hall of unknown mystery (where the doors opened into the walls). Both look in that direction, a bit spooked. He suggests they go in to find proof that he didn't make up seeing the light. As he moves toward the opening, Maxie blocks his way and pleads with him not to go in.

Over drinks, Sonny and Kate continue their reminiscing of the old neighborhood and people they knew as teenagers. He points to Coleman and refers to previous history that she goes to "low life" to piss him off. He challenges that they've been getting closer and expresses his assumption that she left town because of it. She says her trip was business and asks why he cares. He says it's in her eyes and that she wants him. She responds with "not if he was the last man on earth." Coleman walks up to refresh their drinks, he smiles and reveals that she said that to him once too. (LOL)

Spinelli asks Maxie what is preventing her from heading to this adventure. She says she does not have time, with that, she closes the secret door. They walk out of Windermere.

At Johnny's penthouse, he's partially paralyzed from the stuff that Lisa injected him with and is trying to stand up.

Robin returns to the cabin with food for Patrick. She knocks and announces "room service." She opens the door but he's no longer in the bed. The shower turns on. She puts the tray of food down and enters the bathroom where she suddenly screams as she is grabbed by Lisa, who holds a handkerchief over her face (like she did with Liz).

Sonny tells Kate it's a shame that if she wanted him all this time they could have had a lot of fun. To which Kate asks where they would have had all this fun with his wife Brenda around. He tells her that he loves Brenda more than anything (with those words Kate took a big sip of her drink); that she (Brenda) loved him but she left and he has to learn from that. Kate asks if he has learned from it. He says he can't keep holding on to people because he gets hurt, even worse, they get hurt. Kate says that they (women / people) love him because they're trying to love him into a better life. He admits that maybe Kate is right and then questions if that's what she did, all those years ago. She says no but she tried and it got her nowhere. He says she was probably right to run. Kate acknowledges that they would have had fun but that she would have eventually become dissatisfied with her life, not his. Sonny moves his hand to hers to adjust her ring and Kate pulls away. He asks why she's always trying to fight it. She says she cares about him but she's not inviting and knows better than to pick up "hot coals." He leans in and sort of whispers his observation; that she still likes to get close to the fire and the heat feels good and then it cools down, then she wants it to get hotter. He stands up and tells her he'll see her later, kisses her passionately, walks to the bar, tosses a bundle of money at Coleman and walks out. Kate blushes; Coleman, behind the bar, takes a shot.

Back at Windermere, Spinelli and Maxie walk through holding a gas can for their boat, in hopes of getting un-stranded. As they exit, the secret door opens up again, someone is there.

Someone is carrying Liz from the water, onto a beach.

On the party boat, Steve and Olivia look for the Captain because the boat should have left long ago. Olivia starts flirting with Steve then notices the engine has been messed with.

Spooky music plays as Robin comes to, she sees Lisa's face and is frightened; In a creepy whisper, Lisa say's, "Hi, I'm glad you could join us." Robin struggles but is tied to a chair; she sees Patrick is on the bed, lifeless. She asks Lisa what she has done. Lisa says that she (Robin) did it; they both did it (Robin and Patrick).

Cast message: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Remember to collect Yoplait Yogurt pink lids and send them in by December 31, 2011.

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